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Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 11, 2021

Tomorrow Trump will visit Alamo at the Mexican border to allegedly inspect one last time the border wall he built. Alamo is a place of great symbolic importance for all American patriots.

At the same time, the swamp begins with his second impeachment.

What a perfect timing for Trump to invoke in Alamo, in a passionate speech to the American people, the Insurrection Act and begin with the help of the military with the arrests of all the corrupt and evil politicians that committed treason by endorsing the fraudulent election of Biden.

As this fraud was committed through an international plot with the participation of Italy, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, and probably some more NATO allies, including neutral Switzerland, where the dark globalist cabal has its headquarters, this declaration will also trigger the biggest international political crisis in modern history. After all, these countries committed an act of war against the American Republic and its sovereign – the American people. Countries have gone to war with each other for much less.

What better dramaturgy than this one? If I were the director of this drama, I would have written the script in exactly the same way. Who knows? Maybe I have done it at the soul level…

Actually, Trump has no other choice but to do precisely what I suggest here, as otherwise the cabal will go after him and he and his family will not survive it. At the same time, the American people will be fully enslaved by the cabal and its leftist mob, as these humans have no chance to ascend and have always been stooges of the ruling cabal. In fact, the big tech giants in possession of the cabal have already begun to clamp down on the freedom of speech of all critical individuals in a massive way.

However, this will never happen as this is not part of the Divine strategy for the current End Time. Trump and the military behind him will be very successful.

With the beginning of the mass arrests in the USA, also the fake MSM must be taken under full control by the military in order to begin immediately with massive revelations on all levels as to explain to the people the purpose of this military regime and to take away the fears of the people, they might end up in a military dictatorship. The revelations must be so sweeping and shocking that the masses will be overwhelmed and almost paralysed and this will facilitate the work of the new military government to arrest all suspects and deport them. If I were a military strategist, I would do it this way.

This is the unfolding of the earthly drama as I predict it for this week.

Soon thereafter, however, the Interdimensional Shift must come as what the military regime intends to accomplish against the criminal ruling elite is not even a fraction of what must occur on this planet for its human population to be fully liberated. This can only be achieved by Divine Intervention.

It is the point in time when we, the ascended masters and the new spiritual leaders, and teachers of humanity must enter the scene and transform this shabby earthly drama into the most beautiful fairytale with a neverending happy end.



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