A Consensus of Agreement

Patrick Amoroso, Nic, Natasha Kitchen, January 23, 2021


Dear Georgi,

I at first must apologize for not getting back to you as promised. My anticipated nap of usually a two hour duration was prolonged into a full five hours. Since our last communication, I was able to review the latest Simon Parkes video in advance of your posting and actually listened a second time in its entirety for I knew that what he was mentioning about the delay had clearly resonated between us in our marathon email exchange during the clearly recorded and staged Biden inauguration.

I came to a very similar conclusion. The inability for the Trump military loyalists to act in one final sweep to arrest the entire complement of the cabal obviously had to serve a higher spiritual evolution for the predominantly young soul nation of the USA. This fear of inaction actually affirms my theses in the disquisition, “The Disgrace of the American Patriots.” Fear cannot be allowed to undermine the greater transcendental evolution of awakening souls under any sanctioned cosmic drama initiated by SOURCE. To accept such an existential impasse would only result in continuous non-ascending timelines where interruptions would be endless.

Your insight into the intricacies of this ensuing 3D Drama is clearly correct in all of its existential, transcendental, and spiritual manifestations. The PAT has clearly fulfilled its SOUL CONTRACT by descending with our last incarnated soul fragment in a redemptive service to a wayward civilization at great cost and personal sacrifice witnessed before all of sentient creation.

This account is now recorded in the Akashic Records for an eternity to wit: Once upon a time in a world far removed from SOURCE, a small remnant of Light warriors of the First and Last Hour gave of themselves in an incarnated earthly form an immeasurable LOVE to a civilization at the precipice of its extinction. All of creation is in AWE of this selfless, collective effort in service to SOURCE and sentient life.

Georgi, I would greatly appreciate it if you could add this commentary as an addendum to your disquisition.

With love and light,



Hey Georgi,

A few comments on your latest article The Usual Delay of the Ascension Scenario Propels Us to Much Higher Favourable Timelines.

First off, most excellent article.

It also resonates with me too. Thanks for the big picture view, I did not see it that far as you have described.

So the dirty bomb intuition I had seems to be credible. The intuition I had had was very clear, I literally felt the presence of the dark ones, hence why I wrote you that I felt it was very credible….

Now, regarding the neutralized dirty bomb by The GF / PAT: Have you heard about pipe bombs that were supposed to explode during the Capitol “invasion” event? I did not research this in detail but if this was true, could it be the same GF / PAT intervention neutralizing those as well?

A word about the Astral currency now: I remember when you first posted the very first article on the Astral currency back in 2016 I believe, when I read it at the time, I had major energy rushes down my spine. I think I even sent you an email to report it back then. Anyhow, I just opened the link to that article again (link from your latest article) and by the time I read 2 to 3 words, I felt a similar energy again.

I will go read that long Astral currency article all over again…

And so voilà Georgi.

Keep us PAT posted.

Regards from frozen Canada,



Dear Nic,

thank you for your validation of my interpretation of the events around the inauguration day. I read about these pipe bombs but it didn’t seem credible to me and I dropped it. But I know from past events that we can disable any weapon and there were a lot of reports years ago on the Internet that UFOs of the GF have disabled nuclear rockets in the past just to show that they are in control. I assume these reports have been deleted from the Internet. Besides one can always move to a timeline where an explosion does not happen.

Here is a new video from Brad Johnson from Vancouver that also discusses how to approach these political events, namely to discard them as the music is playing at other levels:


The astral currency will definitely come as a concept and it can be realized in many ways, but the core ideas have to be observed. In order to fully understand its function you also need to read this article:


Have a wonderful day.

With love and light



Hello again dear Georgi,

I meant to email in the last day and a half but got busy with family life. Your synopsis of the events on the timelines is of course, perfectly clear, as usual.

By the night or two before Jan 20th, I too was sensing foreboding feelings as you and others were. I couldn’t in fact *see* the arrests and exposure of Biden and his goons happening. Ultimately, it is the simple human mind that “wants” to see proofs of corruption and a great reveal, as though it’s an accounting of points in a game of some sort.  There is a much larger picture in the works… The Universal Law.

As you outlined in your last post, we have always been here to act as the thrust to this ascension and to cleanse the last and lowest timelines of deep fear.  That said, we’ve accomplished that and so much more! Our work is done and the continued antics of the young Souls is not our business to mind. This 3D timeline is resting at the perfect place for these Souls to continue their learning.

Our focus and wits, as you’ve said, must now be critically poised and directed for our own Soul work as a great Monad and for our Creative power and manifestation in this galaxy and on our new timeline with New Earth…

Hopefully, we can now finally reunite our last Soul fragment with the others to get on with the next leg of our work and service.

Love and light,

Natasha, Canada


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