The World Liberation Drive

Brad “El Pinche Gringo” Barber, December 27, 2020

Dear George,

Here are my notes from day one of my journey I’m taking to liberate the world through my pain.  It was the most magical day and I wrote it down because I should.  If you want to publish it that would be cool, but otherwise, I just had to write it all down.  What a day!!  And  I’m very tired so it may be sloppy. I left home for two weeks to see what happens and feel as good as I can.  I’m not well but very happy with the rest.  The music is all that makes me feel ok besides a few other intimate moments in my life.  So I drive.

I hope you’re well.

With love and light,



Dear Brad,

ingenious. I love travelogues and you have topped it by turning it into a precious metal thriller of cosmic proportions. I just read it once but have to read it a second time to understand it fully. It will take me some time to prepare the publication but I hope I will be ready today.

What makes me so happy for you is that you have undertaken this trip against the pain and with the pain as this is indeed an experienced liberation. You are making your mark on the universe and it will have huge ramifications.

Enjoy the rest of the ride and I am looking forward to the next sequels of your travelogue.

With love and light




By Brad “El Pinche Gringo” Barber 

I couldn’t take it anymore sitting at home.  I had been getting outside quite a bit, but I had to do something epic.   The pain I experience in this process is too much.  Ever since my tumor surgery and the adrenal crash, it’s been worse than death.  And I tried that in the hospital.  Peanuts compared to this pain.

On my follow up last week with the neurologist, who I was sent to go see again by my ENT (who fixed the brain leak and cleaned up years of sinus infections), he said he couldn’t think of anything else that might help me and that I should maybe look into trepanation, though he wouldn’t recommend it personally.

Great!!  I already knew they wouldn’t have any answers with ascension maladies, but I like hearing their ideas.  Drilling a hole in my head was actually one of the better concepts I’d heard.  I’ve been given every medicine for nerve pain and migraines.  I’ve been given more morphine than a soldier on the battlefield and it doesn’t work either.  But sometimes I hope there’s help on this playing field. 

The only thing that has helped me for years has been music.  And I mean really good music.  Only stuff where the musicians are in tune with what’s happening even if they can’t explain it properly.  I know what’s happening and have read almost all of Dr. Stankov’s work thoroughly multiple times.  I can’t explain it perfectly and I’ve been through it all personally to most degrees.   Most of the music I use is deep bass-heavy metal thrash or progressive style mind-altering music that shakes my core when played as loud as possible.  

Since my old mule (truck) was falling apart, I had to spring for a new ride just to get my listening laboratory functional.   And boy do those new speakers work just right.  I feel sorry for the families next to me at the stoplight, but I can’t take it.  It hurts so bad.  How can a head hurt this bad for 27 years, and especially the last three?  Where’s the drill bit when you need one?

Then George decides to report what I already knew and could feel as the waves and intensity notched up every day and week.  Sweet!!  It’s going to get more intense.  What a Christmas present and Holiday Cheer!

The Next Ten Days Of Massive Downloads of Source Energy Will Transform Humanity Forever *

Who knows what exact day anything happens, but if you were in my shoes, you’d be wishing it were in 10 days too.  The band Tool has a great album called 10,000 Days by the way.  One of the ones that’s helped the most over the years.  Let’s pray for the under on that bet.

I really love my wife and family but I had to get into my car for as long as possible.  My good friend and wife just had a baby, and they live down in Mordor (Los Angeles), so I decided to drive and go visit family and friends all over the West Coast for two weeks and get as much healing as possible on my way to see one of my best friends as a new father.  Or at least feel as well as possible for this outrageous window of time.  Every molecule of my body is buzzing so intensely I’ve given each cell in my toenails pet names.  

I’ll remind everyone of my last article in which for some stupid reason, I am the only person on Earth to call the bottom of the silver market and the outcome of the Presidential election at the same time.  The Protocols of the election as written would say that it would be purposefully unelectable in a perfect way so that the Fraud would be able to continue unabated.  That’s the plan at least and executing it to perfection.  You know, I love all the people who put all their hopes in Trump, but did you see the people he pardoned last week?  O, dear lord.  They’d sell your Grandma for a nickel.  Obviously, the further outcomes depend on what happens from here on out and with some quantum entanglement, but I know their intent.

Cutting Through the Protocols of the Elders of Zion

It’s pretty disturbing how accurate the words I put in there about the election are.  I didn’t predict an outcome, I just predicted the Protocol.  The exhilarating news is that means that it’s time for full destruction of the US.  Does anyone in Laos have a spare bedroom?

My new mule (truck) is named Pepe “The Pale Rider” Chavez and it was time to take the ashen horse for a cruise to Mordor on my dedicated World Liberation Drive.  My mule is black because that’s so much cooler than white or ashy.  In honor of my new ride, here’s my article that called the bottom of the gold market in 2015.

Pale Rider Heralds Apocalypse

I just have to start my cruise journey with a trip photo.

That’s a little mountain town called Frisco just outside Denver where I went to high school.  I got drunk and climbed that mountain one time after skipping my only day ever from school with the “Dude-Bros.  It was the only day in the history of my education that my parents showed up at my school to see if they could take me out early to go to the hot springs for the day.  So funny.  But a pretty place.

So I puon “Altered State” by Tesseract and left my boyhood playground.  The rhythms from these guys take me to beautiful places.  I’ve played a million songs on drums and I can’t play this guy. Written so rhythmically intense it’s near impossible to get all four limbs to do what he does unless you near mastery to some degree.  

While cruising over the Continental Divide for the second time in an hour, so many thoughts wandered through my head.  But much of my attention is on the impending explosion in the metals market that is set to explode along with the obvious ascension topic.  The Central Banks pulled off one more cycle down after a global buy signal hit in November by using the vaccine news on ambush four Mondays in a row, but they never broke the low in silver which is what I predicted to have happened or be happening two weeks later in September. 

And now, the chart of silver miner HL shows the pressure about to unleash on the world.  And remember, I’ve used silver as a metaphor for the return of Christ, so to speak, as it has the energy I’m looking for.  Just read my other article, please?  It will help if you don’t know what the hell I’m saying here.  Christ is rigged worse than the metals market.

Hecla has just broken through a trendline that goes back decades.  If you’ve’ watched markets, this is an explosion taking place.  Huh?  An explosion of Christ?  Bitchin’.**

As I wrote in my article, all of mother Earth’s assets would start to go nuts.

Here’s generally what all uranium stocks are doing:

And rare earths:

And the same goes for natural gas stocks and oil and fertilizer and etc. etc.  People can make a ridiculous amount of money if you know this stuff, but that’s not the point.  And I know one thing very well, money doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t have your health.  

So as the first Tesseract album came to a close, I saw Bitcoin continuing its launch as I said it would.  And now it’s been advertised to the world by investing legends and accepted by the very evil everyone seemed to used to detest.  Now, suddenly, JP Morgan is ok because they promote Bitcoin?  Nice going Bitcoin guys.  You’re so cool to be accepted by the cool kids.  Can’t wait until Elon Musk starts buying.  I didn’t say I didn’t own any.  I recommended it at 12.  I didn’t have a penny to my name at the time to buy any with two new kids.   That really sucked as I missed the first leg to $1200.

Bitcoin is fulfilling the Lord of the Rings Prophecy as everyone is watching the wrong things now while the hobbits sneak in and get this taken care of.  It also fails the King Arthur test, which is something like The Land will not be Well until the Land and King are one.  I prefer the Monty Python version.

Then things started to go strange as I turned to Steamboat Springs (Colorado).  I put on Tool’s album “Fear Inoculum” and Spotify started to short out.  Their albums are so good on road trips.  And LSD trips I’d guess, but I’m already a living hallucinogen.  

The songs kept cutting out and skipping to different songs.  Mind you my new mule has no concept of the existence of a CD player.  I thought my wife was messing with me and logging into my account and changing songs from home.  That is actually a pretty good idea.  But she said no when I texted her.  I didn’t think too much of it as the internet was spotty, but then my whole catalog was deleted that was downloaded and I had no connection.  So I had to listen to the few budget tunes left on my phone until I had internet again to redownload my whole catalog, which I did.

I made it to Steamboat and saw one reminder of an America I used to know.

That’s so sweet.  But the rest of Steamboat looked like the rest of corporate America now.  And I sped on through.

I continued the Tesseract brigade with their early album One.  Heavy rock and some screaming, but OMG what an album.  The middle 26 minutes is so brilliant.  Acle, who writes the stuff, must be an alien. 

Then, it happens again.  Songs start cutting out and switching to random songs I’ve never heard of.  I got mad thinking someone hacked my account, or it was my wife again.  But this time the bell rang.  Someone was trying to get my attention.  I only caught on because I actually liked the random song being played.  It was New Agey but the bass was so deep that I felt really good.   And with God’s scenery all around me in the high mountain desert of Colorado heading into Utah.  Wow!!

I have had a million synchronicities and messages from beyond, but I haven’t flat out been contacted since my soul orgasm in 2011.  I could feel the being(s) around me then and they whispered in my ear so lovingly as I was sent into the energetic stratosphere, “We’re here for you.”  They had to say that then or I never would have made it through all this.  Then when the old Mexican lady in a shitty Buick rolled down her window right after and said, “God wants you to see a miracle,” I’ve never looked back.  Maybe it was a shitty Pinto.  My brain hurts.

I got the message and tried an experiment with what was happening.  I thought I’d watch the next songs that came on and see what transpired after I tried to play my own music again.

This was the craziest sequence I’ve ever been a part of and that’s saying something.

Here is the first song that was played.  Keep in mind, I’ve never heard of any of the following bands or songs.  So who is the message from?  

OK.  I about shat myself when that came up.

Then that song cut short and another one came on.

At first, I’m like Fuzzerizer is back after 4 months.  Ok?  Then instantly I thought of the gold market having been in a correction for four months since August.  But when did Fuzzerizer write this and what the hell?  Then I about lost it when I saw the next title as I had to wait through a very average song.

Ok.  Now Fuzzerizer is back after 4 months from sleepless August nights when the gold correction began?  WTF?  If I hadn’t expected something like that it would have been different.

Then this one took me a second.

All of us in the metals market are trying to ascertain the next massive wave beginning and where it will end in 2021 before taking a break.  Obviously on this timeline, but that’s all I have at the moment.  Though I feel otherworlds more than this one.  But silver will most likely hit between the old high of 50 and a new “Christ” high of 75 or so.  I instantly knew I was being told the price of silver and that it was truly back.  Use all the metaphors you want here.  But it says 60 nine.  Is that 60 or 69?  Notice how the time sequence plays out perfectly too on the clock.

Then the next tune said “Halifax” and I know there’s some meaning there but haven’t dug in yet.  Then, the last tune was “Lexicon Drive.”  Then it all shut off and my regular Spotify cell phone worked fine all the rest of the way to Park City, Utah to visit Mom first on the World Liberation Tour.

I was thinking about it all and wondering about the 60 nine as I blasted Tesseract’s album “Polaris,” and then I looked down at my dash as I was on cruise control This is way too messed up and the only time it happened the whole trip on a flat road like I was on. 

My truck was going 69 on a flat road and you can see the cruise was set to 70.  After I took the pic, it all returned to normal but held for five minutes or so.  

So basically, to sound normal, I was just told that the silver market, after resting for four months, is going to rally to 69 and I’m guessing late Spring next year  (see also Georgi’s comment ** below). That would go in conjunction with the other part of my previous article where I said the Treasury market will have one last rally before all debt blows sky high worldwide.   I mean Bitcoin rallied to $25,000 on the 25th to get everyone’s attention so what’s a few odd messages through a Toyota Tundra about the metals market?  I could feel the presence though.  I also could have made it all up but I know I didn’t make up the part about the neurologist telling me I might want to drill a hole in my head.  And where the Hell does one come across Fuzzerizer?

Within twenty minutes of all that taking place, I received a phone call from my father’s old business partner.  He said he had a random solid offer to buy something we own together (with my father who is severely incapacitated) and that it would clean up exactly everything I need to be cleaned up to move forward in my life with helping to bring forth the greatest shift in human history.  There’s no way that just happened.  I’d cry if I had a tear left. 

I decided to finish the first leg of my journey down into Park City, UT with one of the best albums to be released in quite some timeNorthlane “Live at the Roundhouse.”  That singer has the greatest energy I’ve ever seen live.  And the drummer is a mutant.  Fitting their last album is called “Alien.”  Tear my face off and take me home, fellas.

And it’s just day one of many on my envisioned quest to free the world through my drive through my pain around most of the entire Western United States.  Let’s see what else happens.  Silver looks to blow the doors off in January.  That’s just confirming everything else we discuss.

Maybe the paper gold markets will break as well.  The new super virus was announced first in the UK and South Africa.  Both central hubs of the gold market’s function.  I think there’s a wee problem someone’s not disclosing and it’s not just the Scamdemic.

So I’ll close off the first leg with a mellower style song that is complete magic.  Our Game by Yaima.  These lyrics are incredible.  


This is Our Game now.  As Northlane screams so vividly, You’ve tried to kill me, but I’M STILL HERE!!!!


George’s comments

* Since December 25th, the source energies unleashing the individual and collective soul catharsis as predicted by myself for this Shift started with full force. I know the quality of these energies as I have experienced them quite a few times, the first time shockingly when I was 21 years old (in 1972) and had no clue what was happening to me. The best way to describe these energies is that they dissolve the emotional body and in this total meltdown the old personality structure is also being dissolved. It is the most painful psychological process a human being can undergo as the unvarnished truth buried deep in the personality structure emerges high with ruthless honesty and one is scared to death about the true image of himself/herself – what one truly represents and has declined to admit for eons of time and numerous incarnations.

This is the collective shock I expect to happen in a few days from now on when these mighty energies of revelation reach the necessary threshold. Ultimately, this shock will lead to the liberation of the individual from the collective shackles of the old Orion society when the soul catharsis subsides. But it has to hit humanity first with its pitiless brunt. This is the most succinct description of what I expect to happen in the next few days while Brad is still on his journey to liberate the American hearts and redeem them with his pain.

** Chart Technical Analysis of the Hecla Mining Chart

Dear Brad,

I just studied the HL chart (Hecla mining) and analysed it with my chart-technical method which I developed based on the UL. It doesn’t always work as all charts are rigged in the last years but when left to the corrective power of the universe, as is the case nowadays, it is very precise in predicting future trends.

When you go to 2010 you will find on the chart a leg, a knee – I call it a springboard plateau where the chart gains momentum at a high level for quite some time and builds a kind of plateau with ups and downs for at least half a year. During this time the chart gains force in a static way and then peaks, it jumps almost vertically all of a sudden as in 2011 when the economic crisis 2008 reached the bottom as we know well and the economy collapsed on numerous lower timelines.

This was the economic crisis I predicted years ago, together with many other critical experts and it didn’t happen only on our ascending timelines but it happened on numerous descending timelines in 2011 till 2013-14 when we accomplished the first planetary ascension as reported on my website.

Now we are ascending the last batch of timelines and we have a repetition of the same situation as 10 years ago. We have again a plateau of the silver chart that was built at approximately the same levels as in 2010 and the market is gaining momentum as you also predicted in your latest article. Hecla has just broken through a trendline that goes decades back as you mentioned. This is the second proof that the chart will skyrocket in 2021. I only want to give you my feedback on this particular chart as I know it is essential for your analysis of the silver market.



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