The Irony of Destiny

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, December 6, 2020

For many decades we live in a surreal world, where we, the light warriors of the first and last hour, the only people who truly know what is happening on this planet, have become stranded Robinson Crusoes on the fringes of society, ostracised, ridiculed and defamed for our expanded, superior transcendental ideas by the masses of blind inmates of the current insane incarnation asylum called earth.

The rejection comes from the family, from our best and not so good friends and acquaintances, at the societal level, especially if one has the “audacity” like the author to publish and popularize his spiritual ideas on the internet and even try to enter a constructive dialogue with some of the ignorant, blind, agnostic alt-thinkers whom we deem to be potential candidates for our illumination – precisely for what we have incarnated on this toxic planet from the highest dimensions of this multiverse where we are unlimited creator gods and remember that contrary to the human zombies we have come to save.

This is the greatest sacrifice of all a highly evolved soul can make out of pure love.

The dark sick body of the human population wanted to reject the few healthy cells of light warriors as foreign bodies in order to preserve the state of sickness as the only normal living condition. Needless to say that this was against the divine plan for the End Time – to ascend humanity and its small planet to the 5th dimension and ultimately heal these sick incarnated human beings.

Hence the confrontation was inevitable…

Unfortunately, the moment we became truly awakened after our individual soul catharsis, after the descent of our souls in our bodies as this will also happen on a broad scale during the global shift end of this year, we decided that we must convince all the other people to also open their eyes to our bright new perspective. Somehow, we believed that we needed their approval for the new world we wanted to create for us… and also for them. Thereby, we neglected the fact that we have the approval at the soul level from all the participants in the current illusory drama and hence do not need their consent at the ego-mind level of these slumbering ones.

As you can all testify, the results were disastrous. While we were barely tolerated by our environment in the past because of our energetic uniqueness as star seeds, now we were confronted with a blanket rejection and outright hatred. The more we tried to convince the slumbering others, the worse it got. This was the quickest way to infest or even jeopardize our personal lives and curtail our mission. Why?

Because when we went through our soul catharsis and began to raise our frequencies, we automatically left this dark consensual reality behind us and were no longer dependent on it. We became new human beings and we could now create in a sovereign manner our new reality that reflects this new state of being. This will become even more evident after the shift.

All change comes from within. Precisely for this reason, it is energetically impossible to change the others for the better, only because you have seen the truth and have understood that the others live in an illusion and therefore you must redeem them. They have to change from within first before they can voluntarily join you in your light-filled dream.

That is why it is absolutely pointless to try convincing blind, closed, low vibrating incarnated human personalities of the advantages of your expanded transcendental world view. You are only doing that because you have not yet fully overcome your fears and are not able to go your pathway of soul evolution completely alone without the necessity of having the approval or the participation of the others in order to feel more secure.

This is also the fear origin of the guru syndrome that is so popular among the new agers and nobody embodies it so perfectly as Kira Raa, while less and less enthusiastically supported by her companion Sri Ram Kaa, the self-proclaimed wisdom teacher (watch here).

Any form of spirituality is entirely a personal affair and before you use this argument against me, let me assure you that I have never propagated my personal spirituality or sought followers, but have only the objective of introducing the Universal Law and its new Theory of Science and Gnosis to humanity as it is transpersonal wisdom that all humans need to acquire if they want to evolve and ascend.

This theory is completely independent of my personality as it is objectively true and its validity and success have nothing to do with my daily spiritual and energetic mission as the captain of the PAT and Logos God. This is the cardinal difference between the new Theory of the UL and the numerous irrelevant new age teachings that rather forge more confusion among the followers than promoting the clarity of the Divine Mind and the scientific truth of the threefold flame of life of the soul.

Of course, any solitary pathway of spiritual evolution demands first and foremost the rejection of all forms of social life that have been created by all those entities around you at this moment in time, and in the past, and are thus an expression of their low vibrating, fearful, and hence dark nature. It is not possible to awaken slumbering fearful humans as long as they are fully embedded in their social structures of fear because they feel comfortable there, even when they have to struggle a lot in their society of scarcity in order to survive. That is why the rug must be pulled away from under the feet of all humans during the upcoming global shift so that they can begin to evolve.

In the initial phase of our awakening, we did not realize yet that we can only convince the rest of humanity of the advantages of our version of ascended Gaia by creating this version for ourselves without the initial approval or even participation of the others. The time would come when they would also open their eyes under the guidance of their souls and would eventually see all of a sudden the beauty of our creation. This is what will happen after the shift by the end of this year.

Hence, there is no point in entering endless, fruitless discussions with the dark faction of humanity, first to make them aware of their own darkness before bestowing them with more bright perspectives of life that are based on your cosmic truth.

This is precisely where the president and all his men stand now and do not get it, however at a much more rudimentary level.

Parallel to the speed of their awakening, these individuals are beginning to understand less and less what drives the mentality of the dark faction of the American society that willfully rigged the election and destroyed the republic in their eyes. Before that, they were very comfortable with these people and even considered them their friends.

All the alt-thinkers belonging to the walk of life such as Steve Bannon & Co are currently in the same situation where we stood when we first began to awaken and wanted to take the rest of humanity with us only to deepen the energetic abyss between us and them. Like us years and decades ago, the newly awakening people still do not understand the energetic mechanisms that are currently changing humanity beyond recognition and believe in empty political proselytism and in saving the republic. This same republic, which has always been a dungeon for all the people, so that the stupidest thing you can do is to begin your liberation in spirit by reinforcing the walls of your dungeon.

Even heroism plays a big role all of a sudden – the Americans a nation of heroes?! That I don’t laugh. Where were the heroes who opposed the numerous criminal wars of the Empire of Evil? They are still nowhere to be seen after the anti-Vietnam war movement faded away without any results.

When one watches the current discussions in the US alt-media, one immediately gains the impression as if the number of American heroes grows exponentially with the speed with which this Empire of Evil is crumbling these days. It reminds me of the number of participants in the French Resistance that steadily grew each year after the end of WW2 thus defying all laws of biology. This anomaly was only surpassed by the big number of Nazi collaborators in the Vichy Regime that immediately dropped asymptotically towards zero after WW2.

The newly awakening masses do not yet realize that the dark enemies of their fictitious republic, who rigged the latest election (although all elections in the USA have always been rigged), live in a perennial revolt of the ego-mind against the leading role of the soul because they have also not yet acknowledged the omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence of their souls. Psychologically, the agnostic American patriots are not much different from the dark ruling cabal of the deep state, and for a very long time, happily commingled with their current adversaries.

Currently, we witness the separation of the two worlds:

1. The dark faction of humanity that controls all the state institutions, also known as the deep state, and has numerous stooges among the leftist masses whose declared goal is the total oppression of the rest of the human population and the establishment of the NWO. What these derailed humans do not know is that this was the plan of the evil ETs from the Orion/Reptilian empire whose goal has always been to prevent the ascension of Gaia and humanity about which they knew from the very beginning when they began to enslave the earth’s population. Their dark human minions simply followed these sinister reptiloid plans without questioning them as they believed this would benefit them and had no clue that this is the quickest way to the perdition of their souls. They simply comply with these sinister plans according to their prevailing reptiloid genetic make-up and have no chance to ascend anytime soon.

These people, first and foremost the elite, live in perpetual aggrandizement. Psychologically, they are driven by the pathological god-like syndrome of fallen angels. This is the key psychological trait that makes them seek full domination and control over all the other incarnated human beings on this planet. This is the driving force behind the NWO they want to install with fake epidemics and rigged elections on these ascending timelines.

These dark ones have been, however, much more ruthless on lower descending timelines where global nuclear war was the preferred means of choice from their arsenal of total human destruction. We have seen it during our bilocation to such timelines of total destruction and have reported on numerous occasions. After all, the first planetary ascension happened almost 7 years ago and since then we are actively separating lower timelines of destruction according to the multistage rocket propulsion principle.

2. The second rapidly growing group consists of all the alternative thinkers who are the spearhead of the slowly awakening behemoth – the ascending majority of the current human population (I exclude the few light warriors from this discussion for the sake of clarity.). This faction has, for the first time during the current drama around the rigged election, assumed the role of the moral opposition in the USA against the web of lies, deceptions, and outrageous crimes against the will of the people, which the former have established on this earth through an oppressive political system, fake MSM and corrupt inefficient legal system, being the opposite of true justice as all humans perceive it intuitively when they allow their souls to guide them.

The paradoxical situation in the USA is that for the first time this faction of truth has taken partial control over the old political matrix of lies and deception through a president and all his men, which in reality are but a few. And the most faithful ones, such as General Flynn and Steve Bannon, Trump fired under a bad influence as he himself has no convictions and follows no true moral and ethical principles. Thus he weakened himself substantially in the WH, in the alleged centre of power, while gaining broad support throughout the country.

The current rigged election by the dark faction, about which he knew in advance but couldn’t prevent because he was so weak as an executive power, aims at eliminating this anomaly in their long-established political domination and the recuperation of the old rigged order that guarantees their elite position. Just check all the dinosaurs, Biden, “the president-elect”, has already gathered around him in his new administration that will never have the chance to begin functioning…

In fact, the two factions of the human population in the USA, and by default in the rest of the world, have always been irreconcilable – they are like water and oil that cannot be mixed. Currently, the awakening faction of the people around the president defines themselves as “patriots fighting against the globalists”. Until now they believed that by sticking to these politically inept labels as a working hypothesis, they could transform the society while embracing uncritically the old corrupt and oppressive system of the national state, including all the rotten three-letter secret services (20 0r so in number), and the discombobulated un-justice system and work together with the greedy corrupt unethical politicians from both parties in a dysfunctional legislative.

They misjudged the fact that this all-pervading dark political matrix of the deep state was deliberately established by their evil opponents to prevent such reformist attempts and believed that it is sufficient to have a hapless president on top of this pyramid of false power to safely indulge in the treacherous illusion of controlling the political situation for a while and winning the battle for the republic.

Both parties used in their propaganda war the same false empty slogans of the past promising to save the nation, mostly at the expense of the rest of the world. I do not need to list them all here as the news media are full of them. Thus they unleashed even more destruction at home and havoc in the rest of the world.

Of course, Trump immediately became the main target of all the insidious attacks of the losing dark faction in their effort to regain their power – Russiagate, character slander, impeachment, you name it…

This is the political situation we are witnessing since Trump became president 4 years ago. It is now reaching its culmination point of rabid confrontation before this Gordian knot can be solved by the upcoming global shift.

Now for the first time, we witness a total reversal of the social picture where the establishment, the US president, and all the President’s men, supported by the vast majority of the population that has experienced first hand the current election fraud and have given testimony in the thousands, are decried by the MSM as conspiracists and censored by the big tech companies in the social media when trying to reveal the facts. The denial of the massive election fraud in the USA is carried out by all the fake media of the deep state, and supported by the corrupt politicians from both parties, especially by the many treacherous GOP senators and congressmen, including Trump’s General Attorney William Barr, who is now officially declaring that he has no evidence that the elections were rigged, while it is piling high to the sky.

This is the declared tactic of all the fraudsters to sit out this big lie and twiddle their thumbs until their senile kleptocrat candidate Biden takes over the presidency, only to immediately resign and pave the way for the NWO as this idiot himself admitted in a recent interview. However, this will not happen…

I predicted already before the election that it will be rigged on a grand scale and that it will not remain hidden from the public. Now the majority of the American citizens and many people abroad who are watching this American Tragedy are beginning to experience what we have been confronted with throughout our whole lives. As a result of the opening of their chakras, in the first place of the threefold flame of life of the soul that will fully blossom during the global shift on Dec 21st, they are beginning to see the truth for the first time and are disgusted by the behavior of the dark faction of humanity as never before.

At the same time, the dark faction of humanity represented by the fake MSM, the deep state establishment, the corrupt justice system, and the leftist stooges from the democratic camp do not see any fraud, a crime, or even high treason according to current legal standards, because they simply do not want to see it. This is not part of their mentality as they will not ascend and will have to continue exploring their karmic lies and treacherous crimes in numerous dreadful incarnations on lower 3D timelines until they finally learn their lessons and acknowledge the truth of the soul.

Currently, they only want to recuperate their lost power and nothing else matters to them, even at the expense of amputating their brains and mutilating their vision. So pathological is their striving for power that they will even “sell their mother”, to quote a Bulgarian saying, in order to achieve their heinous goals driven by gargantuan fears.

Welcome to the weirdest period of the End Time that will peak with the upcoming global shift.

We witness in the current political battles in the USA the same sociological and psychological phenomenon through which we all have gone and have suffered a lot before learning our spiritual lessons: You cannot convince any dark human being, fully enmeshed in his karmic evilness collected in numerous incarnations, of the beauty of your truth you have acquired after opening all your chakras and raising sufficiently your personal vibrations to be able to perceive this higher dimensional truth of All-That-Is.

All truth is higher-dimensional, just as all darkness is a low-frequency 3D phenomenon of total distortion of cosmic truth. These two energetic phenomena are completely incompatible and can not co-exist as they will always create a condition of total destructive interference. Therefore, there is no possibility for these two groups of human beings to commingle at the societal level and exchange educated opinions in a civilized manner. This is what we observe now in the USA around the election fraud. There is no possibility for dialogue anymore but only the separation of the two worlds – the ascending one from the descending one when the shift will come on December 21st.

This is what currently Rudy and his lawyer colleagues are now realizing in a painful way, no matter how many sincere efforts they undertake to present the facts and reveal the obvious truth or show how deeply incensed they are by the reckless criminal behaviour of their opponents.

That is why Trump and all his president’s men will fail to convince any judge to investigate the election fraud, or any corrupt politician to fulfill his duty as a member of the legislative and declare this election fraudulent and reverse the results – give the stolen victory of Biden to Trump.

It is also a futile effort to change the mindset of the presstitutes from the fake MSM and convince them to acknowledge the overwhelming facts of massive fraud on the ground that are now fueling the outrage of the American population to unprecedented levels and preparing them for the upcoming shift at the emotional level.

The USA is a tinderbox that can explode at any moment, punctually with the global shift as now all the rotten institutions of the deep state are failing big time and the republic cannot be saved. It was never meant to be saved as when the shift will come, the first thing we as ascended masters and the new spiritual leaders of humanity shall do is to eliminate the national state as the source of most evil on this planet.

Then the true liberation of humanity can begin.


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