The Mass Awakenings of December 2020 and the Need For New Role Models

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, November 30, 2020

It didn’t took very long for the Arcturians to come up with a solid confirmation of the ascension scenario around Winter Solstice which I shared with you in several articles this month.

I knew it and I expected it as I was in constant telepathic contact with my brethren from Arcturus, where a soul fragment of mine dwells in the 9th dimension and urged them to bring additional clarity to me and my readers.

Today, they announced the upcoming mass awakenings of humanity after I explained to you in detail the energetic processes leading to this evolutionary leap of mankind, which I have heralded to humanity more than 2 decades ago.

It took really quite some time to reach this threshold as many delays and changes in the original ascension scenario were necessary throughout all these years, precisely because these expected mass awakenings of humanity didn’t happen earlier. I have written a lot about that. Too much were most humans dumbed down by this toxic reality and the dark ruling cabal, and the longer it took, it seemed as if the more dumbed down they got. I am still wondering if this is an optical illusion or a real fact – most probably both according to the dialectical nature of All-That-Is.

There can be no mass awakenings without the experience of the new spiritual leaders who will be the new role models of humanity. We are these new spiritual leaders, make no mistake about that and start preparing for your mission that will begin this year and will continue for eternity. Without such role models, this confused humanity will not know where it goes when the old matrix will fully collapse and it has already begun to crumble big time. I have written so much about this topic that I will leave it by that.

Only one word to our new mission – it is not new at all as we are the architects of the ascension process from the very beginning as all the energies from the Source that drive this planetary process are being received by us as huge power stations and then transformed and transmitted to the rest of humanity.

My retrospective energy reports since early August on our efforts leading to the first planetary ascension on May 28, 2014 deal exactly with this mission of ours as the light warriors of the first and the last hour – the honorable PAT.

All the changes that have happened on this planet at the latest since the first Harmonic Convergence in 1987 till the Last Harmonic Convergence on December 21, 2020, when the planetary shift will occur, have gone through our bodies and fields at the expense of immeasurable personal pain, suffering, and sacrifice as this website gives testimony.

Therefore, it is more than logical that we shall also be the blessed ones to receive very soon our positive karma as divine dispensation. And this can only mean our personal ascension. Hence enjoy your personal shifts as I do now because there is nothing else left to do.

And now savor today’s message of the Arcturians thanks to the tireless light work of Daniel Scranton.

The Mass Awakenings of December 2020 ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Channeled by Daniel Scranton, November 30, 2020

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We are very satisfied with the progress that we can feel you all making, as you continue on there during this very challenging time that you have on Earth. We are seeing more and more people awakening every single day, and they are a part of a mass awakening that was guaranteed to be a part of this calendar year that you have been in. More time spent by oneself means a greater likelihood for the expansion of consciousness.

You have had time to reflect there on Earth, and it is really starting to pay off amongst the unawakened who have begun to wake up. Now comes the part where they start looking for guidance, validation, and confirmation. You all have been providing the rest of humankind with your energy, your vibration, and the higher level of consciousness. You have been contributing to so many and in so many ways there on your world, but as this calendar year winds down, and you begin to explore the possibilities for 2021, you are going to find yourselves in higher demand.

Now is not the time to hide your light; now is the time to shine your light. People are looking for you. People who are just waking up will not know the things that you now take for granted, and trust us when we say that you have more to offer than you think. Because you live in the vibration you live in all the time, you don’t think it’s a very big deal to be where you are, spiritually. You get caught up in what you haven’t been able to accomplish yet spiritually, when you really need to be focusing on what you have already accomplished and what you have to give.

If you can start focusing on your strengths, you will light up even more to the newly awakened, and you will be able to be of greater service because of that willingness, a willingness to simply be who you are. Show this world what you are made of. Let people feel the love that you all channel every single day, and let them flock to you, because now is the time to step up and be the leaders that you were always meant to be in this lifetime.

The mass awakenings that will occur in your month of December are going to be staggering and beautiful to behold. And we just want to prepare those of you who can be of greater service so that you are ready to play the roles of the healers, the guides, and the leaders in this movement of ascension that you are right now accelerating with that willingness to go within and explore every aspect of your consciousness.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”


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