How the Old Matrix Is Now Crumbling Big Time

The Most Revealing Interview an US President Has Ever Given

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, November 30, 2020

If you have any doubt that the old matrix is now crumbling big time, watch this interview with Trump on Fox News, the same TV sender he already decried as “unwatchable”.

Just consider for a moment, the President of the USA, allegedly the most powerful man on this planet:

1. Complains that his country is not a democracy but a banana republic where elections are being rigged on a massive scale and all the state apparatus seems to participate in this gargantuan crime against him and the will of the people.

2. The US judges and courts are corrupt and not only reject to see the ubiquitous evidence of massive election fraud but also decide to delete this evidence.

3. The national institutions, such as the FBI and DoJ whose duty is to investigate such crimes, are so corrupt that “they are missing in action” and accept willingly this fraud while preparing for the new fake president as they have slavishly always done in the past.

4. The US president, the “most powerful man on this earth”, has no control over any of these institutions and is unable to move them to do their job. In fact, they are collaborating in a nation-wide conspiracy against him.

5. The same is true for many of the elected representatives of the President’s party, the GOP. They actively participate in the rigging of the elections against their own president. The Judases greet.

6. Therefore, the President of the US is a real joke and has absolutely no power and this is also true for the presidency.

Why then strive to win the White House and perform expensive democratic elections?

Does it make any sense to support institutions that have never represented the will of the people?

Why delegate your power to unethical corrupt politicians and institutions and not take your destiny into your hands?

The overwhelming majority of the US citizens agree with their president that the elections were rigged and that their votes count nothing in their country, they once believed to be a beacon of freedom and democracy. They are now shocked to realize that they do not live in a democracy but in a big oligarchic banana republic as the latest polls show, although the US polls are just as rigged as the elections, as fake as the MSM, and as corrupt as the judicial system of this rotten country.

But the popular hearings on the election fraud that now sprout like mushrooms after rain across the USA give us a very convincing and representative image of the collective mood of the awakening masses, which we shall guide very soon towards their ascension, as this video shows:

Trump and Giuliani participate in hearing on voter fraud in Pennsylvania (Nov. 25)

Conclusion: Now everybody can see that the American people, and subsequently the entire humanity, have always been a mass of stupid goyim, many of which have sacrificed their lives in numerous imperial wars to destroy other innocent countries and preserve the No 1 position of the USA as the Empire of Evil on this planet and as the core seed of the NWO the cabal has always strived to install in order to oppress even more humanity and prevent its ascension. In vain!

Ironically, the same president who now bitterly laments that he is a victim of the deep corruption in the Empire of Evil, over which he presides, has contributed most to this reckless policy with his stupid, egotistic slogan: “MAGA – make America great again” at the expense of all the others.

We call this “Service-to-Self” and this attitude has to vanish from this planet if its population has any chance to ascend.

This is what the people are now beginning to realise but only very reluctantly while still indulging in their favorite blame game – e.g. making other countries, such as China, Russia or Venezuela responsible for the homemade corruption and for anything that has gone wrong in the USA (remember the Bulgarian joke about the crooked dick who blamed the pubis hairs for not being able to penetrate?) – as these two well-known alternative outlets perfectly exemplify:  and

The conundrums, inconsistencies, and idiocies on which this reality has always been based are now exploding in the face not only of the US president but also in the stunned faces of all the citizens.

It is time for them to begin thinking quickly and take their destiny into their hands, not by saving the rotten deep state – be it the USA or any other national state – but by realizing that they, and only they, are the sovereign creators of their reality and therefore do not need any national institutions to determine their lives as the current lockdown due to a non-existent epidemic exemplifies in a horrible manner.

Just as there are no viruses in Nature – this is a profound and insidious illusion of fake science – it is the greatest illusion of all that humans need institutions and politicians to control and arrange their lives in order to survive.

Because humans are immortal and do not need to do anything to survive. Just enjoy their lives.

This is what we shall prove first with our ascension when the global shift comes.

Oh, humans, get this truth and change quickly if you do not want to drown in the vortex of the upcoming sweeping changes and revelations.

Begin with this simple and shocking truth: This earth has always been a prison planet, a Gulag, and the national deep states – the local dungeons.

Therefore, the only possible way for you, the people, to attain your freedom is to abolish the national states. This is not the NWO of the cabal, this is the springboard to becoming cosmic beings.

This is what is happening now with breathtaking pace in the USA and this national deconstruction led by the president is the necessary conflagration – the fire of purification – that will very quickly encompass the entire world.

It is a well-known fact that the fish rots from the head down and that is why the head has to be removed first, in this case, the overhead of the national state.

Then, everything else will fall into place.


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