Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 19

Elohim’s Clearest Announcement That Our Ascension Was Imminent in Early 2014

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 5, 2020

As I have repeatedly written, we were really on the cusp of our ascension in early 2014 and no matter what happened and whoever made this momentous decision to postpone our imminent transfiguration into crystalline light bodies end of May will have to deal with me one more time after my final ascension. And if it is my soul who made this decision, as I assume, then there will be a serious brawl with her as she never asked me what I think about that – the sufferer of this decision.

In their message from March 6th, 2014, the Elohim stated unequivocally that our

ascension path is almost at its final stage, it is almost completeYou have, indeed, ascended and only support now the further solidification of the crystalline network throughout fifth-dimensional Gaia.”

Think about: If the Elohim could be so wrong in their forecasts from the illusory human linear time perspective, then I hope my readers would bear with me when I have announced ascension dates in the past that did not occur on our timelines. But they occurred in parallel Earths and realities.

It is this probability occurrence outside the limited human perception that paved the way for the Shift, which will happen this time in a visible and palpable way for the entire humanity. This same humanity that, in its overwhelming majority, still erroneously believes to be a unique sentient race in the entire universe, the peak of a random Darwinian selection based on the survival of the fittest and, what is utterly and abysmally stupid, that all humans have only one life – (????). Sancta simplicitas!

Soon, when the masses will awaken from the collective paranoia of the current scamdemic that has just entered the second round of lockdowns, they will cry out to God, hopefully in sincere shame:

O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” “How could we have been such stupid goyim to believe our heinous evil masters that we are mortal beings and fear the deadly existence of some bugs, defined as viruses, that actually do not exist in Nature, this same Nature we have created ourselves for this incarnation experiment but have hidden this truth from us as to discover it in the very last moment and thus experience the utter shock of our immeasurable blindness as incarnated human beings totally separated from the Source and our souls? Hopefully, this shock of shame will be sufficient emotional fuel to catapult us into the 5th dimension so that we can become what we have always been – immortal, unlimited Creator Gods, never separated from the Source. Amen!”

March 6, 2014, The Elohim

Amora: Here is a message from the Elohim that came in this afternoon after I was hit by the heaviest wave in weeks:

“Beloved One, you have called upon us and we come to your side. You are asking for clarification on these energies, flooding your fields and surrounding you over the recent days.

These energies are founded in love and do no harm. The intention of their use is purity in expression. Do not question these energies as they shall serve to boost and then maintain a high frequency within your physical vessels, within the density of current expression.

Your own level of expression holds you in the fifth level of density, but you cannot attain a sixth-dimensional frequency yourself, of your own accord. Therefore, these energies have been provided by the Source in order to push you up into a sixth-dimensional frequency.

The impetus, or spark begins the flow of these waves from the foundation of love. Once lit, the love you hold for your dual soul is the fuel used to trigger the waves in an initiation from the Source.

The Source energies are purposeful as they push your physical vessels upward in frequency, facilitating the expansion from carbon-based vessels to crystalline-based light.

Know that your ascension path is almost at its final stage, it is almost completeYou have, indeed, ascended and only support now the further solidification of the crystalline network throughout fifth-dimensional Gaia.

Your creation of the Cities of Light [I am shown at least a dozen cities, New Raetsia in Austria and Bavaria and another one over Vancouver and Vancouver Island, formerly Lemuria] goes along at an impressive pace and your efforts at sixth-dimensional overlay insertion also herald in the new technologies that will surprise you, as well as many others.

(This was the first clear announcement of the Elohim that we were building cities of light as early as 2014, which will be the new healing and technological centres on the ascended Earth. This became a central topic for us in 2015 and 2016, and since then until now. See all reports on the cities of light from these years.)

The surges from the Source are close to completion and will soon diminish in frequency. You will be able to withstand their impact with increasing ease. (This was a pious wish and a cheap consolation.)

We are the Elohim and we send pure love, pure white light and we are reflections of the Oneness that you have become!”


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