Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 18

Adama and the Elohim: Amora Is the Opener and Georgi Is the Receiver of Source Energies for Humanity and Gaia

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 4, 2020

After AA Michael and the Elohim  assured us in unison that we are The Wayshowers of humanity on February 24, 2014, we had the opportunity to experience this mission in daily light work as Amora’s notes on our miscellaneous energetic activities document:

Amora: I have just looked at my notes and several events are worth noting, from the past few days.

“Tuesday, February 25th, 03:30 – 07:30 am:

An influx of huge loving energies that coincide with my HS, guiding me to study and now incorporate the Third Flame Of  Healing, the Pink Ray of Cosmic Love. I have been doing focused meditations daily with the 3rd Ray, which represents God’s qualities of unconditional love, compassion, omnipresence, true brotherhood, love in action, the love of the Holy Spirit, and of course, includes new initiations of the heart chakra. I take this information from Aurelia Jones’s book, “The Seven Sacred Flames”, where I was guided to this past week.

I should also note that the Elohim of the Third Ray are Heros and Amora (Divine Complement) and interestingly, occasionally I hear the name “Heros” when the Elohim come in with a message. Their retreat is in Lake Winnipeg, here in Canada.

(At that time my dual soul still believed she is Carla until she realized that she is Amora.)

12:00 Noon:

A new, very sudden heavy wave hits us both extremely hard, with dizziness, nausea and weakness. After you (Georgi) lie down, I am guided to take a message, which was simply a very clear visual of the Earth, brown and crusty looking, is suddenly flooded with a proton wave, coming from the Central Sun, I am told, that blows off the dry, brown shell surrounding the Earth, to reveal another pristine turquoise blue and emerald green earth beneath.

I am told “further displacement and removal of lower vibrating constructs within and around Gaia” at the same time as I am shown a new earth, shimmering in turquoise blue and crystalline green colours.

I am also told that the Fifth-dimensional overlays are already completed and that this event heralds in the arrival of a Sixth Dimensional overlay, a planetary overlay. This is a new foundation seeded for the infra-structure of those aspects of Gaia that shall hold 6D frequencies and for those of us that soon qualify for this level of expression. I was told that this wave holds DNA re-ordering and re-structuring in terms of a realignment and that this was needed to meet the requirements of the 6D interface.

I was told that we need to cleanse and balance all chakras, several times a day, especially before and after being in the 4D. I was also reminded to drink a lot of pure water in order to hold these new frequencies.

After you awoke, you told me about a dream you had, that you were trying to make something fit, and you thought it was a sixth-dimensional overlay.

February 26th at noon:

We meet Julia in White Rock and are visited by the Cosmic Christ Consciousness, as well as Babaji, who endows our trinity with what he calls the “Flame of Divinity”. Babaji tells us we represent Divinity and the Ascension. This flame was pure white, as I saw it with my third eye. The Fourth Ray, which I have also been called to study this past week, is the Flame of Purification and Ascension. It embodies Christ consciousness and is represented by Serapis Bey.

February 27th, Message from Adama: Amora You are The Opener

Amora: I experience a huge influx of steady loving energy following further invocations of the third ray. This influx lasts for 3 hours, when I am told that I am “the Opener“. I channel the following message later in the afternoon, from Adama:

“Beloved, you are very precious. I see that you are now opening up to your true role during this planetary awakening to ascension. Yes, you are an “Opener” as we call it in the higher realms. When an energetic stream is offered to you, no matter its source, after you have purified its quality, then it is used to fill your vessel for the sole purpose of Divine Order.

It has come to your attention that you are a vessel exclusively used for the earthly application of the Third ray of healing, the Rose-Pink Flame of Cosmic Love, explained to you from the point of reference of the 7 Chakra System.  Further, you are also, therefore, a carrier and opener of the Fourth Ray, the Pink Ray of the new Fourth Chakra of the 12 Chakra System, which qualities include the activation of divine relationships as well as all love-filled co-creations. This gift of the Fourth Ray healing consciousness coincides specifically and fully with your own heart chakra.

The on-going integration of the energy of divine love, stemming from sources within your immediate environment, shall now carry a profound impact into your current life, followed by a planetary and then universal impact.”

March 1st:

Amora: This morning I had severe nausea and no appetite. Georgi experienced a huge shift as soon as we arrived at Lynn Canyon Park in North Vancouver. He described this as a pure energy stream from the Source.  He was clearly the initial Receiver for these energies, at 2:00 pm, and then I was hit at 8:00 pm and channeled, as the “Opener” for this energy, that I then disseminated as codes for humanity. I felt completely exhausted this evening. Source energies flowed all during the night.

March 2nd:

Amora: Distribution of Source energies to humanity, again this morning. I developed a severe migraine and am feeling very disconnected from this world. Disconnections to a particular family member who will likely follow a different time-line/life-line. The Elohim give me an immediate message:  

“Do not concern yourself with the constructs of lower vibrating reality within your immediate sight. No-thing is exactly as it seems or appears to you.”  

I know that everything is taken care of.

Message from the Elohim

“We are the Elohim and we come today to speak to you of your mission.

Your mission now reveals itself to include the distribution of source energies, which you have done for some time now.

Your dual soul is the “Receiver” of these energies and you are the “Opener“.

As an “Opener”, your role is simply the distribution of these raw and pure energies from Source, where all souls shall move to accept and integrate these light messages, that form the basis of the crystalline light body’s coding.

It matters not to which timeline one is headed for, all souls shall be seeded no matter their destination. All souls who remain here, now, shall require this crystalline coding as the foundation for further evolution. All lower vibrational timelines are sealed from all upper expressions and the delegation of each soul to its own pathway is complete (already in 2014, amazing!). All souls who remain here, now take up the crystalline codings, for further expression during their onward expansion to worlds unseen and unimagined.

All must now receive the crystalline energies in order to create the foundation of the new world and this is done from the creationary platform of the Sixth Dimension.

The remaining souls, whether awakened or not to their divinity, hold enough light to qualify for ascension sooner than the many still unripe souls who shall not achieve this great understanding for an extended period of time.

Simply different pathways to the achievement of successful understanding of One’s divinity, and the knowing that one is One with All.

There was a great portal opening during your dual soul’s experience yesterday [ at Lynn Canyon Park] – another great opening to the Source, where the purity of Source light is channeled to him, and whereby the further upliftment in incremental progressions is complete, to further raise your experience within the sixth dimension.

Your own personal experience of distributing energies today further enhances this work by finely tuning to the 6th Dimension. The all-pervasive energies representative of the sixth dimension include abiding love for All, bliss moving into pure joy, and resounding peace.

As you adjust to these energies, complete the clearing of your immediate space when you are able. Maintain high frequencies and share between yourselves all in-flowing energies of love. This is very important, as an openness between each, to the other, reveals a clear unhindered path to the achievement of your common goal, the ascension.

Your work on the new rays is also stipulated, so, therefore, create the space to enjoy this work, upon the rays where you are most guided [Third and Fourth Ray for me].

The skill referred to as bilocation or teleportation shall become possible after further alignments are completed upon your crystalline light bodies. This is the major area of focus in this moment, for you both.

All are One, and One is All.

We are the Elohim and we send you our ever-present love in this moment and in all moments.”


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