Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 16

The Full Activation of the Turnstile Gate Mechanism 

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, October 2, 2020

On September 1st, I published a special message of the Elohim explaining in technical terms my role as the Cleanser-in-Chief of Gaia and Humanity. They introduced a special term “the turnstile gate mechanism” and explained it as follows:

“It is a novel, unique multidimensional cleansing gate of cosmic proportions, which my Elohim soul has created within my personal fields especially for the purpose of cleansing Gaia and humanity as the most toxic planet and population in this multiverse… For this purpose my personal multidimensional fields that encompass the entire earth and much more have the structure of a honeycomb web and are able to absorb like a sponge an unlimited amount of dark energies on a global and multidimensional scale across all timelines, parallel Earths, and realities. As soon as the dark energies are absorbed, they are being immediately sent to the Source, respectively to the void one way, where they are further processed and recycled into Light.”

With this turnstile gate mechanism, I am in the position to cleanse and transmute unlimited amounts of dark energies. This energetic capability explains my preeminent role in the ascension process of Gaia and humanity and the incredible achievements we have accomplished throughout all these years as human avatars who are designated Ascended Masters and Logos Gods since 2013.

Amora is supporting me in this activity in multiple ways, at multiple levels, which even we are not able to comprehend with our limited human minds. We must only live with the toxic fallout from this gargantuan cleansing activity that regularly devastates our bodies. And this holds true for all the light warriors of the PAT.

For all those readers, who have still subscribed to their “human powerlessness” that the former evil masters of this planet have inserted into their genes, I would like to quote a statement of a recent message I read yesterday:

“You are a powerful Universal Angel. Why do you continue to deny to yourself and others your Universal Angel skills?”

False modesty is an open invitation to further enslavement. Only when all humans realize at the deepest level that they are powerful creator beings – some of them more, other less influential, but nonetheless creators as there is nothing else in All-That-Is but infinite Creation – will this planet and its population ascend into the Light. Any human accusations of a hypertrophied ego are simply the dialectical dark side of their ongoing enslavement.

On February 20, 2014, 12 days after I arrived in Canada and after we have been hit non-stop by exhausting cleansing cc-waves with excruciating headaches and body pain, the Elohim came finally with a special message elucidating one more time what we are actually doing on behalf of humanity and Gaia and why our last incarnation is one interminable running the gauntlet.

The Elohim message below explains exactly what is currently happening since the opening of the Equinox portal and why all the PAT members have had such a hard time.

It is correct to say that

the turnstile gate mechanism is

the motor of the planetary and human ascension.


February 20, 2014, The Elohim

Amora: Yesterday I was sensing so many varying energies all around us, and even differing energies, coming into our personal space, that I decided to ask the Elohim what was happening with them and our situation. The following is the message I received.

“Greetings, we are the Elohim!

These are the many energies, flowing through the turnstile gate that you have encountered on this sacred day in the Now, the energies of the old Earth, the energies of want and need, the energies which beg great demand and attention. These impulses of the Old Earth employ force, push acceptance, and insist on recognition: ‘Do you see me?’, they cry out. ‘Pay attention to me!‘, they insist. These energies are indicative of the now forgotten Earth, the Earth of Old, of yesterday.

The turnstile is newly activated today and as these cumbersome energies, feelings and expectations rise, out they go, as the New Earth, our newborn Gaia of the Fifth Dimension, receives and propagates the natural rhythm of All-That-Is. And through the natural rhythm and sacred silence the divine energies of All-That-Is flow in! Feel the flow of all-encompassing acceptance and arrival of the purist of form and the perfection of inclination!

Your space becomes the turnstile itself, where a one-way gate pushes lower vibrational expressions away to their designated appointment, and where space is created for the higher and smoother expressions of the fifth dimension. Here is where All becomes clear!

The turnstile is engaged again this late evening, to pull away and replace even the fifth-dimensional energies with the finely attuned waves of the next higher dimensional expression, the sixth dimension.

We know you are challenged by your engagement from the upper fourth dimension through the lower sixth dimension. Your work upon the space is almost complete and to which you both have made clear gains! The current choices you are facing, serve to ground you until your physical bodies are ready to move to a higher level of skill. Furthermore, you are indeed the creators of the turnstile mechanism itself, used to remove, completely and finally, all rampant and superfluous energies that no longer belong. Shortly the preliminary phase is over and the intermediary phase begins where you will begin further training expansion.

Simply qualify all energies and the intention they hold within their atomic structure. If an energy demands attention, it is not compatible with the fifth- and now sixth-dimensional spectrum to which you are assigned.

(This definition holds true also for all humans who demand attention, be they politicians, media stars, family members or friends, they are of very low vibrations and are not compatible with the 5D and 6D. These are narcissistic personalities and energies and they are going under now with the beginning of the Big Change.)

Cleanse the area free. Do not let in any energy that does not support the upper fifth-dimensional construct level of compatibility. This is a new expectation for your critically important achievement.

All circumstances align in perfection and all relationships shall flow with seemingly uncanny liquidity.

All is well in this now moment and we are here to support you within our loving embrace. We remain by your side, now and forever.  

We are the Elohim.”


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