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The Elohim Explain My Mission as the Cleanser-in-Chief of Gaia and Humanity

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 1, 2020


In their message yesterday, the Elohim explained the nature and power of the alchemical reaction. The alchemical reaction is closely associated and always triggered by a massive cleansing action. The cleansing of Gaia and humanity by the PAT has been an ongoing topic in all our discussions and reports and this website gives testimony to that. The entire planetary ascension is based on our cleansing of human dross and the darkness of this planet and the use of the alchemical reaction.

The alchemical reaction which I employ for many years was reinforced in 2013 by the introduction of the so-called “turnstile mechanism“. This mechanism was explained by the Elohim as follows: It is a novel, unique multidimensional cleansing gate of cosmic proportions which my Elohim soul has created within my personal fields especially for the purpose of cleansing Gaia and humanity as the most toxic planet and population in this multiverse. Unique challenges demand unique and bold solutions.

The Elohim explained to us that my personal multidimensional fields have the structure of a honeycomb web and are able to absorb like a sponge an unlimited amount of darkness on a global and multidimensional scale across all timelines, parallel Earths, and realities. As soon as the dark energies are absorbed, they are being immediately sent to the Source, respectively to the void one way, where they are further processed and recycled into Light.

Thus, my multidimensional Elohim fields operate as a turnstile mechanism that allows the flow of energy, in this case, of dark energies only in one direction – out of the earth and into All-That-Is  – where they are accordingly processed and turned into higher vibrational energies again according to the law of conservation of energy. All-That-Is is a closed entity – this is the first axiom of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law.

Parallel to this sucking of huge amounts of dark energies and dross from humanity and Gaia, a global alchemical reaction occurs that cleanses these structures mainly with the violet flame of transmutation, but also uses all the other sacred flames.

Tomorrow, I shall illustrate how this works with a concrete example. I will report how I personally cleansed the collective monad of China in the summer of 2014 and prepared the ground for the transformation of this biggest and very dark country through a powerful alchemical reaction. This cleansing later manifested in the creation of the Chinese website of the Universal Law by our PAT members Mark and Wendy three years ago, for which I am very thankful to both of them.

In this message, we asked the Elohim what is the motivation behind the decision of my soul to burden me with this inhuman cleansing of human dross now for more than 3 decades, which has been a recurrent topic in my energy reports. This is what we learned from the Elohim:


Elohim Message, Amora

“Greetings Dear One, We are the Elohim,

The intensity of cleansing felt by your dual soul Georgi is a reflection of two processes: The first is the propensity of his fields to automatically draw in, like a magnet pulls in iron filings, any stray energetics that have been deemed to be not for the highest good of Humanity.

This flow of negatively charged emotion is also processed in advance or following any actual event (opening of portals, stargates, ascension leaps, etc.) because it is done in stages/phases; to simply clear it all at once would be too great an overload for his physical vessel.

So while he feels it in this “now”, the event has not actually occurred yet.

We know of his disdain for such floods of cleansing. We are actually mitigating the intensities, so as not to completely overload him and his vessel.

His soul knows that this is his contract, his mission, to release these energies to the light, the light of Source, as a direct conduit to SourceIt is the purest and most succinct manner to release great surges in low vibrational expressions within All-That-Is.

As it is in his mission, it shall continue until he is lifted into the new expression destined for his soul.

Question: Can he adjust his mission?

Answer: His soul has made a clear decree that as long as he is upon the Earth, he shall fully engage his cleansing fields unto his departure.

Question: Is there any possibility of mitigation?

Answer: There has been a divine dispensation, an override to this situation, for Source to mitigate / assist in the mitigation of these energies from now on.

Question: How long do we stay?

Answer: As we do not have any concept of time, nor can we project the outflow / unfolding of events in a chronological order as you see them: therefore, we are not able to determine this from our point of understanding.

All occurs in the Now and you are also experiencing the finality within another expression of time and space or frequency.

We can say that it is true, however, that the frequency difference between ascension being “not done” and “done” is almost in a perfect alignment, a complete attunement one to the other. It is not long now as most issues are resolved and the flower has almost fully blossomed.”


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