Timeless Messages From the Higher Realms

How We Created the New Ascended 5D Earth Seven Years Ago – Part 7

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 9, 2020


Please observe that the creation of the new ascended Earth – Gaia-5 – was completed in the first 10 days of December 2013, in time for the opening of the major stargate 12.12.13. Factor this period of the year in your minds as similar dramatic events will occur this year around the same time.

December 10, 2013   4:00 pm,  Germany, The Inner Earth Civilisations Announce their Ascension from 5D to 6D and 7D

Note, Amora: The sun is setting and the western sky is filled with living magenta pink and tangerine hues. Suddenly, a stunning rainbow appears in the east, pushing straight up toward Heaven and all the Angels of Light.

We decide to go for a walk into the fields and are greeted by representatives of the many civilizations within the Inner Earth. There are: the Telosians, Lemurians, Hyperboreans, and Agarthans. The Galactic Federation of Lightship is above us.

They tell me: “It is done!” They are also now ascending from the Fifth to the Sixth Dimension and from the Sixth to the Seventh Dimension. All are full of such gratitude for us and our light work on the surface earth that enabled their ascension to higher dimensions. They are weeping tears of Joy.

They tell me:

“A great celebration shall be had, as soon as we (Amora and Georgi) enter Inner Earth after the ascension. That this event has been waited for, for a long, long time and thousands of years for the Telosians. That this event, the Ascension, shall in celebration become the foundation of the Unification of All Inner Earth Civilizations.”

There is an air of infinite reverence all around. After several minutes I turn and walk away. They all turn and walk with me, back toward the village. The reverence remains.

December 10, 2013,  5:00 pm, Germany, Adama of Telos

“Dearly Beloved,

it is with great honour that I confirm, that the 5D Holograms for Mother Earth are now complete and ready for Soul occupationYou have both done a magnificent job. The ascension has begun for those who are transitioning through the death experience, but soon, those who shall ascend, shall do so through transfiguration.

You both shall join me first in Telos, and I shall escort you to a place where all major celebrations take place when we have auspicious events to enjoy. It is here that all civilizations shall have the opportunity to express their own tribute to you and those of the very first transfiguration phase.

We are in deep joy in this moment and so look forward to meeting you very soon. With love and peace from my heart,

I am Adama “

December 10, 2013   1:00 p.m.,  The Elohim: It is Complete

Greetings!  We embrace you with love!  We are the Elohim!

The pure light of the Central Sun floods on to Gaia through the opened portals of transcendence. This moment marks the final initiation event, the photon light which carries new activations of light issued by the Divine Will of God/ All-That-Is, for the ascension of all expressions of Life within this Universe! (Please observe that the earth is the linchpin of the concomitant ascension of this galaxy and universe and affects a myriad of civilisations and sentient forms of life. N.B. George)

Each and All expressions are able to now receive and fully integrate/ insert the necessary foundational light codes for next level of expression to each element, each soul. Preparing the canvas for the painted picture, one must first prepare the “wash”, the foundational colour to a watercolour painting, that becomes the background, the pre-ground, to which the foreground may later be applied, engaged, surmised.

The current vortex (stargate 12.12.13), which you have entered within the past 8 hours, holds such high vibrational torsion, that care must be taken to not self-exert. Do anything with only minimal energetic out-flow, because your energies must be preserved now to the final end – the time of the fifth-dimensional transfer and insertion

Know that you have reached the summit. Feel the low oxygen and giddiness of this spectacular moment! It is your reward today for a long hard-won achievement!

We embrace you with love, with gratitude, and with the joy of deep reverence and remembrance:


December 12, 2014, Germany,  The Council of Twelve From Telos

“We are the Council of Twelve from Telos.

We come to explain that all alignments within the Ascension process are in full swing and perfect in every and all ways.

There are elements within the process that are limiting forward expansion as required, but simply result in a different path to the arrival of the Golden Age.

There is absolutely no need for alarm as all moves within the expectations of the peoples of Agartha. We are ready for our own arrival upon the surface and look forward to many successful undertakings thereupon, working with the Ascended Masters of Terra Earth (Supra-Planet). (The planned arrival of the Agarthans and Lemurians on the surface earth was then postponed in 2014 and we still need to know the reasons why.)

We embrace you on this day and tell you how much you are honoured, as you continue to support this endeavor with great love and purity of heart, for which we are truly and deeply thankful to you both.”

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