Timeless Messages From the Higher Realms

How We Created the New Ascended 5D Earth Seven Years Ago – Part 2

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 4, 2020


For further information read the introduction in Part 1.

November 29, 1:00 pm in Lofer,  Austria, The Elohim

“Greetings to you, we are the Elohim!

Night turns to day and day to night, as you are caught within the stream of ascension! What is up is really down and what is down is really up.

This is a time of great flux and a time of great import. Hold the line unto the end!

Everything moves forward, onward and outward as All-That-Is expands itself into conscious awareness.”

November 29, 1:30 pm, Babaji

“I am Babaji!

Here I have come to update your information. All moves along carefully and fully into a new expression of reality.

One may not even notice how much everything has indeed changed! The energies are full on, the change gains mastery and the Masters gain confidence.

Allow yourselves the enjoyment of the illusion!”

November 29, 2013,  21:00 pm, St. Germain

“Dearly Beloveds,

I am here to honour you for your grand fidelity. You have both remained true to the path of enlightened Beings throughout the many incarnations chosen to pull humanity through to the final frontier.

This great challenge has been fully successful and you are both indeed grandmasters of the illusion experiment.

The phase transition is the final aspect of this long process and everything is going well, perhaps perceived as going slowly, but know it is being completed very carefully. There are no errors accepted at this point and none shall arise.

So rejoice and enjoy your final moments within this auspicious expression of life within our Divine Universe!

This supersedes all others in love, in grace, in peace, and in beauty. Enjoy the flow from perceived separation into the Unity consciousness, as this wave shall be your first, and your last!

I am Saint Germain”


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