Timeless Messages From the Higher Realms

How We Cleansed the Collective Monad of China and the Rest of the World From the Dark Pecuniary Tradition of Avarice, Greed and Manipulation

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 2, 2020


On June 29, 2014, I encountered totally coincidentally a Canadian man whose son was doing business in China and was expecting to earn a lot of money by signing an important contract. This actually never happened as the Chinese only wanted to get hold of his invention without paying him anything. This invention had the potential to facilitate the spying of the state on the Chinese people and I had already decreed that it shouldn’t happen before meeting this person.

I was struck and repelled by the greed of this man, whom I met for the first time, and this caused such a violent alchemical reaction in my emotional field of total rejection of this person and the business plans of his son in China. This included the typical behaviour of greed and avarice that such business deals entailed on this toxic planet. I was fully aware that modern China had also fully embraced modern capitalism and materialism with all its vices and negative aspects and included this country in my total emotional rejection of the entire evil and debased way of life on this toxic planet.

We had just received the violet-blue-gold-pink flames of creation from St. Germain and the Elohim and were also informed by the latter of their creationary power. We had begun to use them in our invocations and these flames were now fully employed in the cleansing of the Chinese collective monad through my extremely powerful and unexpected alchemical reaction in my emotional fields that was triggered unwittingly by this greedy Canadian. This we learned from the Elohim the next day.

I was personally overwhelmed by the power of the alchemical reaction, which this casual encounter with this hitherto unknown person whom I never met after that triggered in my emotional fields. At the same time, I also experienced a massive download of source energies that always accompany such a cleansing and alchemical reaction, causing the obligatory excruciating headache due to a cc-wave.

I was very much surprised by this sudden and unexpected reaction on my part about an issue, in which I believed to have no stakes at all, as China was not on my radar at that time. I considered this country to be a crucible of very young and unripe souls that were not capable of developing any true morality, ethics, and spirituality and therefore would not participate in the global ascension process; therefore, I was not interested much in China at that time.

Later on, I changed my opinion as I better grasped the overarching imperative of the Higher Realms not to leave anybody behind on all ascending timelines, but in 2014 we were not there yet. At that time, Canada and most of the North American continent was a veritable desert of soulless empty shells of human beings, it was really scary to feel this void of soul essence at the collective level. I have reported on this dreary experience on several occasions in the past.

This lack of soul essence was the result of the constant destruction and severing of numerous lower timelines of the earth in the course of the accelerating planetary ascension that began with full force in May and June the previous year (2013) when I first met Amora and proceeded with a growing pace in 2014. We were constantly changing timelines and experienced quite a few magnetic pole reversals with total destructions on lower timelines in a conscious manner before we could move to higher safer timelines. This shows you how all these years were as dramatic as this year of 2000 that marks the culmination of the ascension process.

The alchemical reaction that commenced with the cleansing of the collective Chinese Monad erupted suddenly on the evening of June 29th and continued the whole night and the next day when the Elohim gave a message to Amora and explained what was happening. Their message sheds more light on the power of this particular alchemical reaction that began with China and then encompassed the human vices of avarice and greed of the entire human population:


The Elohim Message, Amora

Many greetings to you, beloved Ones, We are the Elohim!

The violet-blue-gold-pink flame is now fully resident and permanent within your fields.  

These are the four most powerful rays upon the Earth plane at this moment in time, and combined together as one unit results in the realization of a perfect causal body connection to All-That-Is.

With your combined fields, one of masculine-dominant orientation, and the other of feminine-dominant orientation, a pan-connection occurs to all current earthly expressions, masculine and feminine respectively, where you then share your causal fields with those ascending light warriors who may not fully meet the energetic requirements to the ascending worlds.

This recent event (my encounter with this greedy Canadian man), the invocation and sacred flooding of your fields with the gold-violet flame, was a predetermined blessing for the end time. It is a necessary event, because of the nature and quality of its sacred power. The power of this flame, in terms of creation and purification, can only lead to an all-encompassing and all-pervasive fire necessary for the pen-ultimate pinnacle and completion of this phase.

There has been cleansing once again, cleansing this night (of June 29th), from the multi-dimensional aspect, from a multiple timeline aspect, from the divine masculine and divine feminine aspect as well as the electro-magnetic fields of all causal energetic fields from each representation.  

This cleansing has been of such a huge import. It has released concepts of financial greed, monetary avarice, and subsequent control and enslavement. It has set in place the seeds of containment for the sacred and long-awaited stewardship for the new abundance, coming to all middle and upper 4D timelines, and new parallel mother planets. This energy is needed to recreate true abundance, where human sovereignty shall flourish instantly.

Great levels of achievement create resounding success on every level, no matter where one looks!

While this cleansing began with the entire society of this country [China], and where these tasteless representations of greed and avarice reside and flourish, it remains simply a clear reflection of all human behaviour, no matter where it is found.  

The countrymen of this group (the Chinese elite) feel, they are a step “above the rest” of the world and this may be true from the point of view of their ancient recorded wisdom, but a new kind of modern man has risen, tainted by financial instruments that only serve to delete the ancient teachings of humility, peace and cooperation.

This country may be able to re-direct its path toward the light if some younger influential individuals gain influence but they must each also reject the old ways, in solidarity, in order to overcome the current rulers, and make a genuine evolutionary leap within their society. This decision has yet to be made upon a lower timeline than yours, where you reside now, but you have set the stage for these soul monads to make the ultimate choice.

(With this statement the Elohim laid the foundation for the creation of the Chinese website of the Universal Law by Mark and Wendy that changed significantly the destiny of China on many ascending timelines.)

A new day dawns and we love and honour you both, beyond measure.

We are the Elohim.


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