The 5D Healing Centre of Light in Diano Marina Appears at the Equinox Portal, September 21, 2020

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 21, 2020

This afternoon when we went to the beach the three of us experienced the most amazing spectacle ever. In the beginning, it was a beautiful white cloud formation and what we failed to capture was the existence of a special horizontal layer that separated the clouds above the sea horizon as if this was the boundary between this 3D reality and the 5D city of light emerging above the Mediterranean sea in the south-east direction from Diano Marina/San Bartolomeo, exactly where we have regularly seen crimson-violet rays coming from the sea at sunset since several months.

It took a few hours for this cloud formation to evolve into a staggering city of light under our close observation and intentional creation with our thoughts and focused emotions:

When it got cooler on the beach we went home to change our clothes and came one more time to the sea promenade where we could admire the full display of the healing centre of light in front of our eyes. We sat at a cafe with a view of the sea and this is what we saw and enjoyed for another half an hour.

The city of light was full of consciousness even though we couldn’t establish any telepathic contact with the higher-dimensional beings there. They wanted us only to engrave in our memory the image of this 5D city of light. The reason for that is that the coming days will be very hard as I shall explain soon and that we should not lose hope and remember vividly our beautiful creations and goals that are bound to transform very soon this planet and its confused, fear-stricken population by eliminating the coronavirus scamdemic spook forever and offering a dazzling new perspective of humanity to enjoy eternal life in the 5th dimension after the ascension.

This is the kind of fairy tales that are now coming true.


The City of Light is Here

Hi George!

I had an interesting dream last night… I was standing in a never-ending line with a childhood friend of mine and with some other people from my past, waiting to get into what appeared from a distance as some sort of amusement park. .  .i keep telling everyone that I didn’t want to be there, as they assured me it was worth the wait.

So I looked at the magazine I was holding, and in it were the most beautiful photographs of magnificent gardens filled with colorful and fragrant flowers, huge mansions, aviaries, birds and butterflies of brilliant colors. I told everyone “I want to go there!!” and walked away.

Someone approached me with a parchment letter sealed with a wax insignia. I opened it and it read:

“Dear Golden Girl,

I have traveled to many places (naming all of the beautiful places), but there is nothing like this!!

Signed, George and a phone number”

I woke up and knew that it was you (not George Clooney!! ?) calling me to your dazzling healing center… thank you!

I have seen it just as you have posted it… spectacular!! However, not in 3D as the smoke has been so thick for weeks (in California), and the sun and moon have been blood red… it looks and feels like the end… I keep looking for the locusts!!

The interesting part is that for me, living in nature is that I see and feel the City of Light despite what the outer circumstances may appear…

That being said, I have the foreboding feeling that the worst is yet to come. . a huge natural disaster as you confirmed in your message today… all is as it should be…

Happy Fall Equinox, see you in the City of Light!

Love and Light,


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