On Intellectual Encephalomacia and the Structure of Fear of Spiritual Newcomers

Neil Douglas and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 11, 2020


When they become angry at me I know that I have hit the right point. I rejoice in it! They have been pretending love, compassion, sympathy, understanding, and I am exposing them to their very core. Without knowing what they are doing, they are doing what I want them to do.

They are in my hands. Anybody who gets angry at me is caught by me. Now he will be in a whirlwind. I will churn him, I will haunt him. Sooner or later he himself will throw his clothes off and stand naked in the sun. That’s what is happening. When they are angry at me they are really showing that they have been exposed.


On Intellectual Encephalomacia and Catherine Austin Fitts et al.

September 10, 2020

Dear Georgi,

I am writing to you in regards to your recent correspondence with Ms. Catherine Austin Fitts.  I am both a follower of your website for a few years now and one who has listened to Ms. Fitts on a number of occasions through various interviews freely available on the internet.  I am neither a paid subscriber to the Solari Report or in any other way affiliated with Ms. Fitts, personally or professionally.

With this background in mind, I convey to you that I absolutely cannot begin to fathom why you would you take the time out of your busy schedule to disturb the mind/emotions of an individual (who is by all accounts a decent and truthful human being) that may not be as consciously aware of higher spiritual realities as you?  Surely you know that the majority of the surface earth population at this time are not attuned to anything beyond this physical dimension unless it revolves around their own religious dogma, and therefore would consider your revelations of higher realities to be fantastical if not heretical?  Though many are starting to wake up to the most glaring corruption/criminality on the earth plane, I do not find it commonplace that people are talking about the reality that exists beyond our currently limited physical senses.  Sometimes if you probe a little bit, you may find that the typical person has had some type of paranormal experience in their lifetime, usually with the spirit of a loved one who has passed or perhaps having once seen a strange sight in the sky. But beyond this, however, I do not often encounter the level of awareness that I personally would like to see emerge at this time in our collective evolution.

Therefore, would you not agree that awakening to higher truths is a process and a personal one at that? And does not the awakening process come from within rather than without, stirred by a deep dissatisfaction with our present reality?  Should we not then embrace and applaud those who are using their particular area of expertise to speak their truths as they understand them in this current reality?  Certainly, Ms. Fitts has done much to reveal to the public the endemic corruption within the U.S. government and Wall Street, which in turn has helped others to increase their own level of awareness.  Is this not a good thing?  At the risk of being labeled a lapdog, I will say here at this point that I, for one, am grateful for her consciousness-raising contributions to the collective.  It is clear that Ms. Fitts is doing good work in the world today and her heart is most certainly in the right place, whatever her religious beliefs/spiritual knowledge or level of attainment.  All are doing the best that they can at their own level of spiritual awareness.

So then, we return to the original question of why you would wish to torment those who are trying to good in the world, in their own ways, such as with Ms. Fitts, Paul Craig Roberts, or even ‘the Saker’?  If you want to stir things up a bit, why don’t you go after the paid liars in government, science, academia, or media who are deliberately spreading/ supporting false information on a daily basis?  Perhaps you don’t wish to deal with the inevitable blowback from the creatures in these agencies/organizations and their gang-stalking thugs, and you’ve decided that the folks in the ‘truther’ community are safer targets?  And if you are indeed an aspiring (ascended) master teacher, Herr Doktor, how do you expect that you can convey your truths to others when you are expressing the bedside manner of an industrial-sized crane with a large wrecking ball attached?  Would Moses have been better served if God had broken the stone tablet of the Ten Commandments over Moses’ head?

People must be allowed to evolve spiritually (and intellectually) at their own pace as they are so guided internally.  And no true divine master would ever condescend to a potential initiate due to their lack of understanding, especially one with a good heart.  You would do well to show a bit more compassion in your communications; beware when accusing others of being ‘soft in the brain’-for in doing so you may be at once hardening the very fibers of your own heart.

Collective evolution/ascension is just that – it is a collective/team effort, and we all are needed-not just you and your team.  There are many masters, many teams, and many participants at all levels.  Together, we all share the same goal and are all ultimately on the same team. And so, it is my hope that you will endeavor to speak in a more kindly manner to your other teammates in the future.

Thank You,

Neil Parry


Dear Neil,

while I agree with most observations you made I couldn’t find a plausible reason why I shouldn’t have published this article. By the way, I had no intention to publish any article at first, and if you have read it, there were turns and twists in the plot that ultimately made this publication necessary.

Your assumption is that this article might have hurt Catherine. This is too human a perception and exactly the opposite is true – this was the greatest opportunity in her life to learn something really precious and I will not delve into what as she must find it herself. And please observe, nobody has been harmed. By the way, Robert Dupper ( the man I dubbed humorously as “Catherine’s lapdog”) was quite appreciative of the article which I sent to him as a link:

“Thank you both for this excellent co-authorship, which I hugely enjoyed. There is so little to laugh nowadays:


With love and light


and Robert responded as follows:

“You are welcome, George, keep up the good work.”

He has a sense of humour – you do not seem to enjoy any humour. When I attune to you you have a lot of unresolved issues. By the way, I used to engage in this kind of discussion 8-9 years ago when the lightworkers were at the beginning of their LBP. Now, nobody does it anymore as my people are high above this kind of too human behaviour. Come in a few years after you have made the necessary progress to understand what I am saying and we can talk one more time. I am tired of such unyielding discussions with amateurs who aggrandize themselves to give advice to the master without having achieved anything in their lives. Or if I am wrong, please show me your achievements and I may change my opinion.

With love and light


PS: I forgot to mention the most important fact: High-esteem is the most common basic human fear in spiritual newcomers and frankly the most unpleasant and distasteful streak of all. I have written a lot about basic human fears, find it and read it, you will learn a lot. High-esteem is also the chief source of human ignorance, which in turn leads to false and unjustified accusations which are merely fearful projections.

If you have bothered to read my website more carefully and diligently, you would have known that I have written hundreds of articles exposing the deep ruling cabal in the USA and the West and very rarely deal with the alternative thinkers. You can use the log function to easily find them or the search function with the following keywords: Obama, Bombama, Hillary, Killery, Hellary, deep state, fake MSM, presstitutes, the Empire of Evil, etc.

Here is my personal advice to you: Next time you write to me, make sure that you are better prepared and not shoot hastily from the waist as you may shoot yourself in the foot as this happened now.

Two more comments as you are a classical case that triggers my thought process:

1) Most of my argumentation is entirely scientific to the highest standards and it leads naturally to a transcendental point of view. You must have missed the scientific part. This was exactly my argument against the Saker. Uneducated people always miss the scientific part which as I wrote to Catherine is the 500-pound gorilla in the room. This is called selective perception which is very common among most new agers who have not reached the expanded awareness I advocate. If one rejects me purely on my esoteric view, then he follows his prejudices and limited thinking and discards the scientific part which is the greatest achievement of all time in the history of humanity. This is what Catherine did, this is what all alternative thinkers do because they have no scientific background and not because they reject my spiritual ideas, this comes second out of false beliefs and convenience. If you read my website for several years you must have gotten that, otherwise you have a serious issue with your cognitive abilities. I mention this as you didn’t mention it with a single word in your letter to me.

2) I am an educator and an enlightener. I consider the alternative thinkers the most important part of humanity behind us, the PAT, and when we are gone, they will assume the role of the leaders. I have written a lot about that. I do not consider most of the new agers to assume any leading position as they lack the personality structure to become such. Not as long as they are in a physical body. What will happen in the 5D is anybody’s guess. That is why I pay great attention to such thinkers and approach them from time to time selectively and only after I have carefully studied their works. I never do it at random as you accused me and always hope that at some point they may open. My last interaction with such alternative thinkers lies as far as I remember 2 years ago. I wanted to test one more time how they will respond when they are confronted now, under the barrage of the new energies from the Source, with an expanded world view that explains the world events better than their limited agnostic methods.

This is legitimate field research and I have no understanding why you are so rejective of this endeavour. It only shows how fearful your personality structure still is and why you are inclined to be protective of other blind and sleeping human groups which have to awaken very soon, one way or another, they have no grace time anymore. Have you thought about that? If not, it is time to begin doing so in order to understand my role as an educator and psychologist. In other words as a master.

By the way, if you have carefully studied the lives of other true masters, you would have easily found that this is what they do – they challenge the limited false beliefs of the people. I recommend you to read the works of Osho who lived in the USA and was even more aggressive and dismissive of the Americans and their prejudices, stupidities, and limitations than I do on occasion as I frankly do not care much about this rotten dark country and its very stupid and debased population. I lived in Canada lately, which is slightly better than the USA,  but my homeland is Europe, from where the light will come (although the Old Continent has so many issues to resolve first), and America must first go under and this will begin this year.

I hope this renders sufficient clarity on this issue and raises the discussion to the necessary high intellectual level, I missed in your letter.


Dear Georgi,

I just completed the reading of your reply to Neil Douglas and posted it to the FaceBook Universal Law of Nature closed group site. Is this coincidental or perfect synchronous timing to the subject matter contained therein? In the last few days, I have posted the following admonitions to the lazy academics of the Evil Empire on my Personal Facebook Site.

I struggled a little bit to decide whether such an invective might be appropriate at this time but my Higher Self and Soul-Inspired Intuition urged me on. You are quite correct. The grace period has ended. You have posted a voluminous account of the agnostic preponderance of the tyrants in our midst and attempted to engage with modern-day academic charlatans who offer no resolution to humanity’s plight. I fully affirm your reply to Neil Douglas.

My FaceBook posts of the last few days to wit:

Sept 7th Musings of an Existential Nature on the Eve of Ascension OR A Consciousness Awakening Towards A Beckoning to the Stars …….

The American Educated – Professional Class and Their Vested Intellectual Confinement Which Is Demonstrably Presented by Their Inability to Rise to the Soul’s Whisper IS to put it mildly, DISHEARTENING. I need not put forth any more reasons for substantiating the evidentiary rationale for coming to such a CONCLUSION AS the historicity and chronicle of posts on this same page PROVES THAT CONTENTION IN SPADES.

Whether they be Scientists, Medical Physicians, Lawyers-Politicians or any other Sector of the Intelligentsia, a marked propensity to stay within the confines of an Agnostic Mindset Rules THEIR LIMITED COMPREHENSION. Spirituality is rendered as fodder for the foolish WHEN IN FACT, the Agnostic and Self-Imposed Stranglehold on their DIMINISHED Consciousness HAS BROUGHT HUMANITY TO AN EXISTENTIAL CATHARSIS AND RESULTANT CONSEQUENCES ALL THE WHILE FACING THEIR OWN POSSIBLE EXTINCTION. ……PONDER …….

This indeed may be my last FB entry. ?❤️?



Why the Paradigm Shift Has to Come ASAP

by GEORGI STANKOV posted on SEPTEMBER 7, 2020

A Case Study of Intellectual Encephalomacia of Alternative American Pseudo-Intellectuals

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov and Catherine Austin Fitts


8 Hours Ago

My Turn,

Musings of an Appreciative Nature for a Warrior Octogenarian In Our Midst.

It is the curse for this generation of educated dolts who predominately Inhabit the USA and succumb and cower to the Evil in Our Midst. The time will come and it is approaching soon WHEN you, both male and female precipitated by a catharsis of acknowledgment and revelation WILL shrink to your knees for your duplicity, cowardice, and gross irresponsibility in defiance of even a modicum of courage to serve and defend HUMANITY. https://brandnewtube.com/watch/this-fraud-is-now-blindingly-obvious_17uG1jJdsRcitiZ.html

With love and light,
Patrick Amoroso


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