Ascending Gaia as Logos Gods – Part 4

An Encouraging Message From Adama Announcing Our Planned and Then Postoponed Ascension in Early 2014

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 20, 2020

This message from Adama given on January 4, 2014 is remarkable for a number of reasons. First, it confirms the close connection of Amora to Agartha, where she has an important incarnation. That is why she stays in constant contact with the Inner Earth in order to pave the way for the merging of the higher dimensional Inner Earth with the ascending Surface Earth when the planetary shift will happen. This event is scheduled to occur in the course of this year and we feel strongly the Lemirian and Agarthan connection these days.

I have published quite a few messages reflecting this close connection of Amora to Agartha and Lemuria, especially because the latter is the prototype for the new ascended Gaia-Five which we also describe as New Lemuria. This name has been particularly reserved for the city of light in Vancouver, Canada.

Secondly, Adama confirms that my mission involves, apart from being the new spiritual teacher of humanity and bringing the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law to the people, the establishment of interdimensional portals and connections to numerous other civilisations and sentient worlds in this universe. This is being achieved through my direct connection to the Source.

In a previous message, the GF confirmed that both Amora and I are coming directly from the Source:

As an explanation of who you are, it is already known to you that you are Elohim of the First Light. This means that your Souls come from the original God-spark, the initial/ first expansion of Light that created All-That-Is.

However, we have different areas of activities: Amora is deeply connected to Gaia and dedicated to the unification of all her civilisations. I am instrumental in the ascension of Gaia and her incorporation into the new living universe of multiple civilisations with advanced sentient beings which Gaia entered in August last year.

The planetary ascension of Gaia can only happen if all her numerous low vibrating timelines are separated and new higher vibrational timelines are constantly created and populated with new souls as walk-ins. The cleansing of ascending timelines and the destruction of lower timelines is the fuel for the ascension of Gaia according to the propulsion multistage rocket principle as discussed on numerous occasions. This is the core of our light work as the PAT.

And here is the very personal and optimistic message of Adama who didn’t know at that time that the ascension plan would be radically changed later in that year (May 2014) so that the planetary ascension and the merging of Agartha with the Surface Earth he so optimistically announced on January 4, 2014, would be postponed for further 7 years and will occur this and next year.

January 4, 2014, Adama of Telos

“Beloved, I am Adama, of Telos and I come to you now to support you in this moment of sadness and misgivings. (Amora was sad because of our separation after she returned to Canada, which however lasted only a month as I arrived in Canada on February 8, 2014. She was also sad because her inner connection to Agartha has intensified after we built Gaia-5 and were advanced to Logos Gods. For Amora, Agartha has always been her true home.)

Please know that everything you have experienced and remember to have experienced, has indeed occurred.

You meet with us, myself and the Agarthan Councils, every time you fall asleep. You have also met with us in your waking state, nothing is of your imagination. You meet with us, whether you remember this fact, or not. You are in training now for your final entrance into our world, when you shall not return to Mother Earth’s surface, at least as you know it now.

(This statement of Adama is very significant as it clearly says that Amora (and I) would ascend first in early 2014 as it was initially planned and then would wait in the higher realms until Gaia also fully ascends, that is to say, when Surface Earth would ascend with its population before coming back on it as spiritual teachers and leaders. This scenario was discarded in May 2014 as I shall publish tomorrow and we decided to stay with Surface Earth to the very last moment, till the visible global shift occurs and to take care of all the details of the ascension process that was considered to be in great jeopardy at that time without our energetic presence on the Surface Earth. This is a very important historical document and we shall talk much more about it in the coming days.)

Your dual soul continues to attend to the details of the final separation, including removing and clearing all inter-dimensional attachments, which must be released prior to any further forward movement toward full ascension of our beautiful home. He also visits us, with you, during his dream time, even though you each sleep at opposing time frames, this matters not.

You see how this transition is so gradual? It accomplishes two things; first, a slow introduction to the fifth-dimensional realm actually facilitates your acclimation into a world, which is so different from where you currently dwell, not only of a higher vibration, but one of utter peace, complete joy and full acceptance based on the honest and genuine principles of unconditional love and harmony. Is this not so very different from your current life experience? (You can bet on that!)

The second reason why this transition may be considered by you as being slow, as you may call it, is because you are indeed, still needed upon the surface of dear Mother Earth. You are the most brilliant light upon Gaia’s surface in this moment! Do you know of your power? Do you know of your light?

I do know that your present living reality, as you experience it, is limiting in the sense that it feels as though it is constricting you, compressing your expression. You must clear out your living space, so the energies may flow freely. You are feeling constricted because you feel the energies in your space cannot flow. My dear, you are very energy sensitive and yet this is also a beautiful gift with which you have been blessed.

I understand your concern that you have not yet ascended as you had anticipated. My dear Carla, this phase of the ascension is perhaps the most difficult, because it is the most intense from an energetic point of view, the most intense from an emotional point of view, and it is a difficult time when your mental strength must remain at an all-time high, all of which affects your physical body, which is undergoing transfiguration and bi-location on a daily basis!

It is no wonder you feel so disconnected, because you are, now, disconnecting completely from your dominant reality as you shift over and make your attachments to your next dimensional reality, the fifth-dimensional reality of Telos and the Inner Earth!

I sense your deep desire for comfort and companionship through the physical presence of your dual soul during this transition period. There is no harm in seeking out this blessed experience and have no concern about potential difficulties arising from such a venture as everything shall be divinely guided and heavenly procured. (Which is exactly what happened when we look back upon these seven years.)

Your determination to follow through to the end of this process demonstrates to all of us, here in Agartha, of the great power you hold within your Being and the greatness you hold as an Ascended Master. Many ascending ones walk away at this very critical point, because they are not willing to put forth the necessary effort to create their spiritual freedom.

By the way, everything I have said to you today, about you, can also be said to and of your dual soulHe is highly instrumental in the ascension process and is also needed still within the third and fourth-dimensional expressions to complete the inter-dimensional separations on every parallel earth.

We love you both and are ready and eagerly awaiting your arrival into our world following your full transitions and completed adaptations! 

I am Adama and I will remain by your side until we meet again, face to face!”


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