Announcement: The Universal Law Is Present on Instagram

Thankyou Moni!

Our long-standing PAT member Moni (Monica Marulanda), currently in Norway, has informed me today that she has created a new Instagram account dedicated to the Universal Law. She has named the Instagram account:


Moni intends to publish regularly selected quotations from the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law. The aim is to reach new readers who have not heard anything about the Universal Law, to attract their attention, awaken their curiosity, and stimulate them to read more about it on our website. 

She was planning to open this Instagram account some time ago and I fully supported her. However, the time was not ripe yet and somehow this endeavour failed because of some inexplicable technical reasons. Now that we are fully in the flow, Moni was able to open the Instagram account very easily and informed me today.

I think that this is a very good way to expand the dissemination of the Universal law to the broad public in view of the upcoming big changes when the people will awaken in droves and will flock to us for more information and answers to their urgent questions no other expert or authority will be able to answer.

I would recommend all the PAT and all my readers to visit this new Instagram account on the Universal Law, get acquainted with it, and eventually recommend it to friends and relatives who are on the verge of their sudden awakening but can, in the beginning, process only so much at a time.


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