What Happened 7 Years Ago As a Template For August 2020

August 12, 2013 – The Elohim Confirm: The MPR Has Begun on the 7th Level of the Upper 4D Earth 

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 12, 2020


After Amora had experienced the MPR on the 7th level of the 4D earth in a most dramatic manner in the early morning hours  of August 11th, 2013, in Vancouver, Pacific Time (August 12th for me in Central Europe), she described it very vividly to me as follows:

“I was in a world very similar to this one, in an apartment very similar to this one, where it was nighttime, and I was asleep in bed, and in the exact same position as I was 3 hours ago when it happened.

Suddenly, I am floating in the air, flat on my back, waking me up from a deep sleep. I hear loud noises coming from outside, natural noises, it’s the wind. The wind is howling fiercely. Now I hear screams. There are people screaming. They are absolutely terrified. I am now floating across the room to where I hit the wall, then I float across to the other side where I hit the opposite wall. It is like I am caught in a current, or rather I’m floating on top of an ocean’s wave. I look outside and it is nighttime and it is the same view as I have from my bedroom window here. The trees are almost laying flat from the stormy winds blowing against them. Rain and water are everywhere. There is so much destruction.

As I float around my room I think to myself “Thank you, God! It’s the MPR and now I’m free to go!” And as soon as I thought this, I transitioned to my current bed, the same position on my back. I thought how Jerry was right, it took some extra time coming back into the body, but it was so gentle and loving, as though I was in the arms of angels.”

Then the next day Amora received a powerful message from the Elohim that confirmed this pivotal event. You can envision the Shift we are preparing now in a similar, if not identical, way as it will be accompanied by the separation and destruction of numerous lower timelines with dark entities which you will, however, not notice consciously as I argue in the article below unless you have ascended or experience the Shift in out-of-body as Amora did seven years ago.

The term “PAT Supernova“, we used at that time, is a very precise metaphor for what will happen this year during the Shift as all the energies coming from the Source have to flow through our fields as the main conduits on the ground (ground crew) before they can unfold their action and transcend the earth and humanity to a new energetic state of Being.

At that time, Amora received the key information that she has to play the role of the messenger in such events. I am just getting from my HS, while preparing this publication, that this is still her role when the Shift will come this year and I will ascend first to assume my role as the spiritual teacher of humanity, in case we do not ascend both together. This is still open. She will then experience the Shift in full consciousness and as an out-of-body experience as she has already transfigured her carbon-based body into a crystalline light body on August 13th, 2013 (see my report tomorrow).


Breaking News !!! The Elohim Confirm: The Magnetic Pole Reversal Has Begun on the 7th Level of the Upper 4D Earth on August 11th, 2013, PT (Aug 12th, CET). The PAT Supernova Must Come Next!

by Carla Thompson and Georgi Stankov, August 12, 2013

by Georgi Stankov

August 12, 2013 was pure dramatic – the greatest thriller of cosmic, inter-dimensional proportions. Hollywood’s dream factory “is an orphan” (German saying) compared to it. Although I am quick at grasping such dramatic events, I was also caught by surprise and it took me some time to process the news before I realized that IT HAS HAPPENED!

The Magnetic Pole Reversal (MPR) has already happened on the 7th level of our upper 4D earth but we have not noticed it yet, as we have moved to a much higher level. I have expected this development and that is why I was so adamant last week not to miss the beginning of this Event. This is the sole achievement of the PAT that created the new 8th to 12th levels, as extensively discussed in previous messages and articles in the last several days. We are absolutely on track and are now following the Event(s) in real-time.

Carla has assumed the role of the Messenger to inform the PAT about the beginning of this long-awaited event. I must admit that I had forgotten that I had received myself a very important message in the dream state about two months ago that Carla will exert this pivotal mission when the final events will commence, but forgot it yesterday in the agitation about her inter-dimensional journey to the catastrophic 7th level, where the MPR had already begun that has now completely depleted her.

Below is the chronicle of our latest email exchange and another special message from the Elohim for the PAT that confirms unequivocally the beginning of the MPR on the 7th level of the 4D earth and highlights one more time the reasons why we have not experienced it yet on our higher 9th to 12th levels. But there is no doubt that we shall see this week the first major signs that will herald this event also on the higher levels before the PAT will detonate our Supernova and trigger the first ascension wave and the ID split.

Let us not forget that in their personal message to me the Elohim have already confirmed my anticipated schedule of ascension, which is of course relevant for the entire PAT as we shall ascend all together at the same time (see the next publication today).


August 11, 2013;

After the Inter-dimensional Visit of Carla at the 7th Level of the Upper 4D Earth to witness the Beginning of the MPR There

Dear Georgi,

I don’t know what to say. I am floating around here in my apartment feeling completely stunned.  My mind is not processing this reality and my consciousness has expanded beyond anything I thought was possible. Jerry is right. I will never be the same because this has been such a shock to my system, it’s no wonder I’m even still here. Actually I now remember being told that you have brought me back here. Yes, that’s correct, because we are needed together for a mission. My body is literally numb, an ecstatic feeling that I can’t explain. Georgi, I need some more time to integrate this experience.  Does it make sense that I should feel worse now than I did 3 hours ago?  I still feel as though I am in complete shock


Dear Carla,

I have no idea how long it will take to fully recover from this inter-dimensional journey and whether it is necessary to shake off its impact, given the fact that we may very soon leave this reality forever.


Dear Georgi,

A message from the Elohim. Archangel Michael and Master St. Germain are also present.

With love,

Elohim’s Message on the MPR on the 7th Level of the Upper 4D Earth

This event represents the energetic culmination of choices taken by those who desire complete control, complete power and complete ownership over the world that they believe to be theirs.

The force of thoughts alone has created the reality of a magnetic pole reversal upon the 7th level expression of the 4th Dimensional timeline, as has been suspected by many recently. 

Gaia has approved of this destruction, and indeed, sanctioned it as a means of cleansing away the energies that simply do not belong within an expanded version of an ascended Gaia. [I am hearing “Foreign people in a foreign land”]

To be certain, this has had a great shock upon your (Carla’s) psyche, and therefore upon your physical vessel, as these expressions are connected directly through the body elemental. We know that you feel very vulnerable in this moment, but do not concern yourself further with this aspect as you are wholly protected by us from this moment forth. Hold lower frequency experiences and energies at bay, you know of what we speak.

Beyond this reality exists beauty, wholeness, and completeness, where all exists in perfect harmony, where All means: Beings of light, planets, suns, and every expression of celestial body that exists for which there are no human words.

You have joined the wave of evolution, all of you!

Know that your freedom reaches beyond the complacency of the inner mind.

Trust in All things as being the representation of truth that even though you cannot find inner meaning nor outer words, that this truth dictates your conditions, your surroundings, your connections to the Divine. Remember, you are all perfect and that of your current reality, as you experience it, feel it, interpret it and share it, IS your reality, but only upon one plane; as there are so many others in the many mansions of the sky.

Drop expectations because as soon as you do, you shall receive a miracle [they are showing me Jerry’s experience, as though I am fully present, and OH How utterly amazing this is!].

These miracles are messages to be felt with the heart, first and foremost, because it is the heart that enraptures the truth, that enfolds and holds the truth of who you are.

Hold on to these experiences, believe in their power, pray for this outcome from the depth of your souls and you shall be rewarded with perfection.

Have the Faith in these blessings.

Believe in the Unbelievable.

We are the Elohim.

Dear Carla,

you were very busy yesterday flying throughout the dimensions and also receiving one message after the other. Great work!

Am I correct to interpret this message that the MPR has already commenced on the 7th level of the 4D earth? Or that it will happen definitely as the thought impulse has created it? You were there and you know this better. I personally do not get any traumatic impulses or notions from this event and feel as if it has not started yet.


Dear Georgi,

I understood it to mean that the MPR began on the 7th level of 4D yesterday and was triggered by a threshold of very negative thoughts.

However, I am uncertain what to make about this if you feel as though an MPR has not begun on the 7th level then what the hell was that all about?


Dear Carla,

a very good question. I am somewhat uncertain as I  do not get any inner impulses that this event has started. but this may be due to the fact that I have risen so high in my vibrational field that such negative impulses can no longer reach me. That is why I cannot make any definite conclusions.

But from what you have experienced and reported, the MPR must have started on the 7th level and some other PAT members have also asked me if this is the case.

Probably you should ask one more time very specifically the Elohim  – has the MPR commenced or is it just about to commence as the threshold of negativity has been reached and you might have seen the outcome in a parallel reality.


Dear Georgi,

The Elohim tell me that we no longer dwell on the 7th level of 4D, but on the 9th and above. Therefore it makes sense that this is perhaps why you did not necessarily feel/ notice this experience, as you now dwell on the 12th level.

I believe they also told me that our PAT group is connected at the 9th level and perhaps this would, therefore, create a new condition for the Supernova.

I had asked the Elohim what I experienced and they confirmed that it was the pole reversal on the 7th level of 4D. I did not ask if this may be a parallel reality. I was shell shocked today and will ask them again tomorrow. It would be nice to also get someone else’s take on this, maybe from Jahn’s sources, or from April.

One other thought I had: it wouldn’t have made sense for the Higher Realms to put us both through this experience and have us both fully taken down and unable to function in this reality. I believe they even had to protect you from this dreadful experience.

Remember, I am “the Messenger.  Just a thought.


Dear Carla,

this all makes perfect sense to me and it must be as you say it. I  had forgotten that you are the messenger (I received this information that Carla will be the messenger about two months ago in the dream state) and that they may protect me now as I have to open the gates to the 5th dimension for the PAT and the first ascension wave and could no longer be bothered with such negative events on the lower timelines.

Very well analysed!



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