What Happened 7 Years Ago As a Template For August 2020

August 10, 2013 – Waiting For the MPR to Happen on the 7th Parallel Earth, 7th Level of the 4D Earth

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 10, 2020


In the year 2013, the idea of the multidimensionality of All-That-Is and in particular of the earth did not exist as a concept. I began introducing this concept as early as 2012 with the tw0-earth-model and the three-earth-model as an explanatory principle of how the ascension will practically unfold.

This topic is as actual today as at that time, however, the multidimensional approach is not really understood and considered by the entire new age community because they follow their “flat-earth” world view of linear time when they talk about ascension. That is why they are unable to grasp the current dynamics of the ascension process in its entire vertical and horizontal complexity as they are first, completely ignorant of the theoretical aspects of human cognition and second, because they do not directly and consciously participate in the transmission of the source energies of transmutation and ascension as we, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, do on a daily basis

I must admit that my initial presentations of the Earth as consisting of many parallel Earths or timelines, a term we, later on, preferred to use, were somewhat static. But in the course of our discussions and personal experiences with parallel Earths and the catastrophes they suffered, our ideas began to evolve to truly multi-dimensional, highly dynamic perceptions. This learning by experience reinforced by theoretical scientific disquisitions is unique in the entire world history and spiritual literature and this website gives testimony to the steep learning curve of the PAT as an open-source group.

In early June 2013, when Amora first visited me in Germany, we received the initial information from the Elohim that seven new parallel Earths were built. This happened end of May 2013 during a series of massive downloads on several subsequent days, shortly after we came together and began to merge our fields and Merkabah.

This information was completely new to us and triggered a chain of theoretical and transcendental considerations in our minds as this website gives testimony. However, we were still inexperienced as to how these parallel Earths would evolve and how they would be eventually destroyed, thus rendering the fuel for the ascension process.

We asked a lot of questions to the Elohim and finally on August 2nd, 2013 we received a message containing technical and quantum physical information on the Magnetic Pole Reversal (MPR) as the principle mechanism of severing and destroying lower vibrating catastrophic timelines during the ascension process. This was a complete novelty for us:

The Elohim: The Quantum Physics of the Magnetic Pole Reversal

“Greetings, we are the Elohim,

You inquire about an event, which portends as your future but know that in order for this event to occur, the Magnetic Pole Reversal, certain specific conditions must stipulate in the first instance.

A magnetic-energetic threshold must first be reached, whereby the electrical load of subatomic matter/particles must build first and foremost in order for subsequent steps to initiate.

A threshold of sub-electrical waves then move/engage to create and hold the signature/ frequency of the magnetic pull which triggers an alignment within the particle spectrum, creating a magnetic attachment to/via bonded energies.

Bonding occurs immediately upon connection of frequency layers or waves and the infinite nature of All-That-Is recognizes its role in immediate re-configuration of previously stressed lattices found at the heart of every atom.

In conjunction with this bonding potential, a full escalation of action potential leads the way of the trigger mechanism. These actions fully and clearly lead the way among all energetic processes required to achieve the magnetic pull and resultant magnetic pole reversal.

The achievement of these thresholds occurs in an organized manner as All-That-Is expands with purpose, even though it is a creative event and sometimes considered “haphazard”. There is truly a deep order to creation, as what may appear to happen by chance is really simply created by intelligent design.

Gaia herself is now driving the speed and unfolding of this entire process as it has become the final frontier of self-cleansing and self-adjustment prior to her ultimate release into her fifth-dimensional expression.

(Gaia ascended to 5D during the stargate 12.12.12 but, like everything in All-That-Is, this ascension is a continuous process that includes numerous steps and grades. The ascension of Gaia continued unabated in 2013 as the seamless chronicle of ascension on this website testifies. This is valid also for the current final phase of the planetary ascension in 2020. N.B. George)

We embrace you All on this day!

We are the Elohim!”

This technical information of the Elohim on the MPR helped me a lot to explain the planetary ascension process theoretically by developing my propulsion multistage rocket model of ascension in September 2013:

The Propulsion Multistage Rocket as an Explanatory Physical Model of Ascension

Then on June 8th, 2013, we experienced the most devastating MPR that destroyed the first two parallel Earths, levels of the 4D Earth. I have reported about this dreadful experience that has been imprinted indelibly in my memory as it was the naked horror of the entire dying humanity flowing as energies of pure animalistic angst through my personal fields and physical body. We were at that time on a trip to Austria and I reported immediately to the PAT:

Breaking News – It’s Happening Now

I knew already at that time the theoretical importance of this personal knowledge and experience and its sweeping consequences for the ascension process which we create with our thoughts and ideas. Therefore, I wrote two days after this terrifying experience my first multidimensional model of planetary and human ascension:

A Simple Multi-Dimensional Model of Ascension

This model was based on the assumption that when the separation of the souls occurs through the creation of new parallel Earths or timelines, the population on each timeline is replicated fully but most entities are soulless physical bodies, which I designated with zero. Later on, I introduced the dynamic concept of new ensoulment with walk-in souls after we gained vast personal experience with walk-ins in our families and acquaintances.

This process is now running at maximal pace and this is how ascension and human evolution are happening in leaps and bounds in front of our eyes, rather in front of our third eye, if it is open to see. We are creating the new parallel ascending Earths all the time, then as well as now, by taking piggyback the entire human population, most of them as empty holographic images.

Thus we make it possible for the countless souls in the higher dimensions who are eagerly waiting to participate in this greatest cosmic adventure of all times to incarnate in these empty human physical vessels and raise significantly the frequencies of these ascending timelines as also recently mentioned by the Arcturians. These energetic processes have been extensively discussed by myself and the PAT in the years after 2013.

You remember that we created a completely new physical Earth on March 27th, 2020 after we eliminated the multidimensional rogue Atlantean clique that attacked us and thus severed all Atlantean timelines that can be also considered as destroyed parallel Earths:

Melchizedek Acknowledges the New Study and Spiritual Centres in Italy and Our Lightwork

This has happened on several occasions, the most dramatic one was in November 2017 when the physical earth was obliterated by the creation of a black hole in CERN and then completely restituted with a new physical replica the same moment as we, the incarnated starseeds, did not want this planet to end in this disastrous way. The Elohim confirmed this to us after we recovered from this shock that devastated our fields and physical bodies for almost a week.

I am referring here to energetic events that powerfully shape the ascension process of Gaia and humanity and about which you will not read or hear anything in the new age literature, and this is actually the only platform that was supposed to inform the enlightened people about what is truly happening on this planet while the rest of humanity is in the deepest slumber.

By the 10th of August 2013, we knew already about the destruction of 6 parallel earths that were first built end of May 2013. Later on, their number began to grow, first to 12 parallel Earths or levels of 4D Earth. On October 11th, 2013, one day after the powerful portal 10.10, the 12th level of the 4D Earth was sealed by a MPR as the Elohim told us:

The Elohim: The Magnetic Pole Reversal (MPR) Took Place on October 11, 2013, on the Last 12th Level of 4D Earth. Next Comes Ascension.

This day, Dear Ones, marks the occurrence of a significant event on the 12th level of the fourth-dimensional expression, as you have chosen to describe it.

This event [ at 1:11 p.m. PST] was indeed a geophysical event initiated by supramagnetic fluctuations within the atomic bodies of all elements.

As supramagnetic hypertensions exceed allowable parameters, there begins the overload and there begins the institution of the balancing response. All is of balance in All-That-Is, once a parameter overload is reached, the establishment of rectifying patterns fully engage to overcome this imbalance.

This event occurs to contain choices made by those in positions of power, where abuse of this power leads to great irreversible damage to the fabric of the time-space continuum.

The nuclear event must always be contained so as not to flow through to other precious levels of Creation, and hence remain untouched.

The fourth dimensional level 12th is now sealed, for all time.

The last great energetic expansion (the September 21/22 Equinox) brought with it the creation of functional overlays whereby timelines and parallel realities co-exist ‘almost’ together (This energetic situation has remained and expanded to the present day. N.B., George).

Junctions align where the flow of light is maximized, creating new exchanges with the other. These exchanges represent purely creational windows where every conscious expression of light is able to join in the beautiful outward expansion into God-perfection.

Notice we have said “every conscious expression of light”, for the chaff has been separated clearly and cleanly.  Mal-intent is no longer supported. The Creation supports truth, love and light along its energetic pathways, and there is no other.

Many have risen very high above the collective, in awareness, and you (Amora) and your dual soul (George) have connected through the inner planes at the Sixth dimension. Intentional creation is the playground here!

Energies are flowing, the Sun is shining and All Good Things shall come to pass!

All is Well!

We Are the Elohim!”

Take this message and explanation of the MPR on October 11th, 2013 by the Elohim as a template for what happened after the nuclear attack on Beirut on August 4th and the subsequent historical Decree of the PAT as we felt very depressed and depleted the next several days while the MPR were ravaging and destroying numerous descending timelines with the souls of the dark ruling cabals and their human minions and henchmen, while we were ascending higher and higher and still do so in this very moment.

After October 2013, the number of Earth’s timelines and subsequent MPRs continued to grow exponentially, the higher the PAT moved in frequencies, being the spearhead that drives the ascension of humanity. That is why we prefer to use the term timelines which does not sound so dramatic but essentially there is no energetic difference between parallel Earths and timelines and the MPRs are equally destructive on all descending timelines or parallel Earths. These are merely the usual limitations of human language.

Seven years ago, on August 10th, 2013, I stated the key question that concerned the PAT at that time:

Have the Catastrophes Already Begun on the 7th level of the Upper 4D Earth?

Here is what I wrote on that day seven years ago:

“Have the catastrophes already begun on the 7th level of the upper 4D Earth but we may not experience or even see them as we have moved to much higher frequency levels of existence, namely to the 8th through the 12th levels of this timeline?

This question has emerged as the focal point of many PAT members in the last few days. I personally began to sense this possibility about a week ago and first wrote about this inner intuitive sensation to Carla and April and asked them to get some more information from the Elohim, respectively from April’s HS.

While we received a very important confirmation from both sources that we have already entered the last Third Harmonic Convergence, when the first ascension candidates are collecting and merging all their soul fragments from all timelines and parallel realities, which is the final energetic prerequisite for ascension, we have still no valid proofs and facts that the MPR and the catastrophic events have commenced on the lower 7th level of this upper 4D earth.

The only indirect fact that I can present personally is that since I uttered this assumption and also announced a peak in the visitation numbers on our website on August 6th, the Internet trolls have vanished all of a sudden, as if removed with a magic wand. I expected this outcome since long time ago as the first significant indication that their timeline has been severed from ours, but even this fact is not sufficient to confirm beyond any doubt that the catastrophes have already commenced on the 7th level of the upper 4D earth and how much, if any, their impact will affect our lives.

In the meantime we have received some inkling from April’s HS when she mentioned on August 8 that

“The Dark Ones have already made their final moves as they too did their best to take advantage of this grand opening – but alas, you rose above the worst of the experience of this. 

Thus she confirmed that we have risen above the current level, where these calamities will unfold. At the same time we have been assured that the PAT will first detonate the PAT supernova in order to trigger the MPR, so that we shall not experience any of the subsequent catastrophes due to the huge deluge:

“The PAT will not experience the MPR because they help to create it as part of their detonation/ supernova/ group ascension/ final code emissions.

In other words, we have outdone ourselves in the final preparation of Gaia for ascension, so that we will be honoured now with the first ascension before the MPR because we have created the optimal energetic conditions for the ascending portion of humanity to also evade these huge catastrophes associated with this Event, by moving to the higher 8th to 12th levels, which we have created for themselves by sealing them from the lower timelines:

“During the first part of this stargate/ merkabah window (July 29 – Aug 8), every single ascension candidate on any of the ascending timelines began, on a soul level, what you might call an “assessment and mobilization process.” ALL connecting ascending realms and ascending souls also went through a similar harmonization/ alignment/ ordering in parallel with yours. This is being done in preparation of the MPR/ Ascension – beginning with the detonation of the PAT supernova or first-wave ascenders. These processes/ movements could now be undertaken because all souls/ beings were magnetically sealed in their proper timeline/ dimension going into this alignment/ stargate. And because at the outset of this alignment – the PAT as a whole ignited levels 8th – 12th  in 4D.

Jahn’s recent messages also contain some important hints about this same final ascension scenario. In today’s message, the Elohim tell us:

“Peace that is eternal light, where all creatures are in search of enlightenment and love that encompasses everyone and everything. This is the situation after the ascension and the catastrophic events that are now reaching this time- and space-line are being fulfilled.” 

Nevertheless, I must admit that this is not sufficient evidence to sustain that the catastrophic events have already commenced on the 7th level of the 4D earth. At present we can only rely upon our intuition. As I assume that you all want to have more clarity on this last key question in the unfolding of the End Time scenario before our ascension, I will publish below the emails of some members of the PAT with myself, where we discuss this issue at more length and ponder over how we can more effectively intercept such information immediately on the Internet.

Hence I want to urge all PAT members to be very vigilant in the coming days and as soon as you come across some suspicious information that may be an indication for the beginning of these catastrophic events on the 7th level of the 4D Earth – be they financial collapse, HAARP-induced mega-earthquake as on the lower 4D Earths, or a military coup d’etat of the US army against Obama, respectively the announcement of an emergency regime in the USA – please inform me immediately and I will check this information and eventually publish it for further collective scrutiny. But please be selective and send me only significant information from reliable sources and do not inundate me with all kinds of weird links that will not be helpful to anybody.”

By that time, we knew already that we had built further parallel 4D Earths – from the 8th to the 12th level (see above). However, only the next day, August 11, 2013, did we learn more details about the destiny of the 7th parallel earth, the 7th level of the 4D earth from the Elohim. This day was also marked by a historical announcement of personal nature on our part.

This will be the topic of my article tomorrow. Stay attuned as cosmic history repeats with remarkable consistency and there is so much to learn from past personal experience. That is why we are here.

Finally, I want to republish the Elohim message on the beginning of the Third and Final Harmonic Convergence at the Lion’Gate Portal 8.8 in 2013 which came to an end at the peak of this year’s Lion’s Gate Portal 8.8, two days ago and opens the cosmic gates for our personal ascension in the coming days. This message contains all the elements that are as valid today as they were valid 7 years ago:

The Elohim: The Third and Final Harmonic Convergence of Ascension Has Commenced Today, August 8, 2013

“Greetings, Dear Ones:

Your path of constructive interference grows leaps and bounds through this multi-dimensional expression of All-That-Is.

A clear and magnificent expansion also reflects upon the inter-dimensional fabric of reality.

As you expand so fully successfully both inter-dimensionally as well as multi-dimensionally, the nature of your reality is moulded upon the basis of truth within the realm of All-That-Is.

Truth is seen and experienced as an extension of Self, but Self is not only the personal egoic or individual piece, but the interface between one cosmic element with another.

We of the Higher Realms can see the full disconnection of the ego-mind from the soul in this third density as a theatre of life learning and have great compassion for your Selves as wandering souls.

Further to this is the issue that soul’s fragment from one timeline to another are all reflective of the lessons chosen for soul growth. This fragmentation extends across multiple timelines and parallel Earths causing a soul weakening/ upheaval and an enhanced disconnection from Source.

As the Ascended Master collects all soul fragments unto completion, there is a threshold that is reached whereby quantum growth is seen, felt and known to those around who have fully achieved this level of mastery.

The master, who has arrived as one complete unto him or herself is then able to pull the others through to life recognition and completion.

(This is the perfect definition of our mission as humanity’s spiritual leaders and ascended masters this year; see also the rest of the message. I was told in Februry this year that all my eleven soul fragments have ascended and I am the last fragment to do so when humanity is ready and the shift will come. N.B., George)

There is an energetic wave beginning this now moment (today, August 8th, 2013) and it shall carry those ready for inner purposeful reflection to a higher place so that all disconnected soul fragments return and align, and in one moment there shall be an instant recognition honoring one’s soul path and purpose, now, at the end of the current evolutionary cycle.

Remove your selves from the chaotic energies that are around you, in order to concentrate on the final leg of the race. Hold the energy of today with the full intent to receive all aspects of your self, returning to you for reconnection. This is the time of the convergence of Self.

This energetic influx shall begin in this Now and move in an incremental fashion over some time[they are showing me a time period of several days to several weeks] to the end culmination of perfect harmonization.

The waves of constructive interference, one upon the other, promulgate a tone, a cosmic signal, which when reached in its magnificent climax is returned back to source as a signal of readiness for the Change. As each light Being reaches their wholeness (collection of soul fragments), the light extenuation reaches a peak from which the harmonizing tone is released.

Our clear and on-going request is to continue to decline situations in direct conflict with any aspect of your Being.

Your new journey begins in earnest as it is now the final culmination of all the forces of nature, of all the forces of light, of all the forces of time, which arrive at a single moment of realization, a conscious awareness of its own life, where there is an instant knowing that it is ready, that Gaia and all life in, on and around her has met the standards for onward renewal into a new creation, a new expression of reality.

You are each and all so very dearly loved.

We are the Elohim.”

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