Follow-Up on the Shift August 15th – August 23rd, 2020

Eliminating the Atlantean Heritage of Energies of Betrayal and Envy in all Lightworkers and Humans on August 21st / 22nd, 2020

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 24, 2020

Zeus and the Thunderbolt

This follow-up of  yesterday’s report should be interpreted on the backdrop of the massive shift that occurred between August 15th and August 23th and peaked with the massive alchemical reaction and purging of dark energies and entities from the Atlantean time that were harboured in the human fields on August 21st/22nd. Until yesterday evening, we did not know exactly what happened on that day except that it was very dramatic and gave us the impression of being also a very dangerous event. Therefore, I was asking my HS for further clarity on this issue. Yesterday evening I finally got it.

As you should rememeber, end of March this year we severed all Atlantean timelines from the new earth that was created at that time after we were viciously attacked by the rogue galactic Atlantean clique of dark entities, which was responsible for the destruction of Atlantis on Mars and subsequently came to the earth and began to enslave humanity after the sinking of Lemuria.

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This was the first major act in the final drama of the Powers That Were (PTW) that have turned humanity into a slave race as this will be revealed by the end of this year for everyone to grasp.

The second major act was the elimination of the big, ugly evilest reptilians on June 10th from this earth. These darkest entities constituted the major contingent of the Unholy Six of ETs of the PTW from the Orion Reptilian Empire. They were active on the ground, from their underground bases and had direct contact with the human cabal that was seemingly ruling humanity, but only at the mercy of these evil entities and following obediently their sinister orders as the imposition of the current lockdown on false pretexts shows.

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The third and hopefully final act of global purging of dark entities on the earth happened on August 21st and 22nd. Given the intensity of the cleansing energies and the imminent danger that the released dark energies from this battle emanated in our fields, it was easy for us to conclude that this third gargantuan battle was equally important as the two previous very dramatic encounters.

To this conclusion speaks also the fact that on that day Amora received a message from Mother Mary in the morning assuring us that we were protected. Normally, we do not need to be told that as we know it, but this assurance was intended for the upcoming battle where the danger would be very real and doubts might occur in our minds. This is how the HR avert us when crucial battles are about to take place as to summon our willpower and prepare us for the impending clash with the darkness.

And here is what I got from my HS yesterday late in the evening.

When we separated all Atlantean timelines from the new earth, which will be essentially New Lemuria, we also eradicated all Atlantean heritage as it is incompatible with the unity field of the new 5D earth. However, this separation happened at the planetary level while many incarnated human entities continued to have very close connections to this dark Atlantean past through their lineage of soul incarnations.

You will be surprised to learn how many of the self-proclaimed gurus in the new age were actually deeply contaminated with the energies of betrayal and envy from the Atlantean past that are the most destructive energies on the planet and the main cause for the downfall of humanity after the sinking of Lemuria. That is why this movement failed big time at the true spiritual level and was no match for the old matrix of compartmentalized human thinking. I will not mention any names but rest assured that these names are well-known to most of you and you may have even followed some of them.

What exactly happened on August 21st, was that we eliminated all these dark energies and forces from all humans who contained in their fields and genetic heritage a direct personal lineage to the dark Atlantean energies of betrayal and envy. These included past dark incarnations and real dark spongers carrying these energies from the astral plane.

When the battle began in the afternoon of August 21st, we three were talking about the 3rd city of light in the Andes in South America and were concerned about its destiny as we felt that this project was under massive dark attacks and in jeopardy. Amora and Sophia were worried about how they would go one more time to the Andes in South America to reinforce this third city of life, which we named Nueva Terra, as they felt that their light work there is indispensable for the global shift and planetary ascension. Given the current lockdown and constantly changing martial laws and draconian quarantine rules in most countries, which allow the authorities to lock down any tourist on a false medical pretext, any travel to this region is tantamount to a hazardous adventure risking one’s life.

I concluded that before we can take care of the 3rd city of light in South America, we must create new facts here in Europe through Divine Intervention. What that means has been discussed on numerous occasions in my recent posts. Essentially, this entails our ascension as the new spiritual leaders of humanity and the manifestation of the healing and study centres of light in Liguria, Italy. This will trigger the paradigm shift of humanity and the beginning of all true revelations. When the current scam with the pandemic is fully exposed and the lockdown permanently lifted, then all the other rescue operations can be easily accomplished.

We then remembered what dramatic battle we fought with the roque galactic Atlantean group on January 6th that continued for me till January 10th this year when Amora was in Ecuador in the Andes to install the 3rd city of light that she first created 3 years ago. You can find this information in previous reports. On January 6th, Amora fought a huge battle with this group of dark entities, swaying her lightsabre like a fearless samurai for hours and all the forces of light, and all angels and Archangels were standing by her side. I was doing the battle from Austria and supporting her under the barrage of most intense downloads of source energy with an excruciating headache for days.

I then concluded that this group had two strongholds: one in Austria where I was at that time and another one in Ecuador, South America where Amora was at the same time so that we fought these dark Atlantean ETs together. Obviously, their intention was to hijack the South American continent as it is sparsely populated and the percentage of old souls there to hold the light quotient high is virtually zero compared to the overall population, the few light warriors of the PAT not counted.

These battles then continued for me throughout January, February and early March and culminated with my arrival in Italy on March 9th. I had to make this recollection as to understand what was going on.

While this discussion between us three was unfolding in the aforementioned direction, all of a sudden I was viciously stabbed in my throat by a very dark demon which I identified as pertaining to a popular spiritual guru of female gender living in South America. I immediately jumped up and began with my cleansing procedure and eliminated this dark entity within several minutes. At that moment, I did not know whether I was eliminating the dark entities in the fields of this new age guru or fighting this guru, herself, as a dark entity as it didn’t matter to me at this critical moment. I sensed a lot of danger and had to respond immediately in order to protect myself.

Please, observe the same invariant pattern as in all our previous battles with such dark entities. They are always the ones to make the first move and attack us and then we have the divine right to respond by protecting us and eliminating them from our reality and the earth timelines we are on.

After this incident with me, Amora was attacked half an hour later one more time by some dark entities and we repeated the cleansing procedure.

Then we got very tired and returned to our place to rest. When I opened my email account I realized that was under attack by an internet troll that had slipped under my radar as he exploited my compassion, evoked by his fake pathetic story. I couldn’t recognize him at first glance as the notorious, evil, and very sick person he was – an autistic, addicted troll, a spoiled brat, living at the expense of his parents, who most probably is also paid by the CIA as a troll and agent provocateur to infiltrate and destroy from within numerous esoteric websites and forums as I later learned. I immediately took full control of the situation and shut him down in a very elegant manner, which unfortunately this squid didn’t understand and appreciate, which showed me one last time what a waste of energy it is to deal with such human scum. It took me some time to resolve this issue and it was already midnight.

Immediately after I sent my final email busting this heinous troll and the whole system of lies, deceptions, intrigues and betrayal that have always been rampant on this planet (and particularly on the Internet) as manifestations of these dark Atlantean energies, there was a massive energetic reaction, a global alchemical reaction that eradicated all these energies from the fields of all incarnated human beings who carried these energies of betrayal and separation since Atlantis.

At the same time, we all three were hit by a nuclear explosion of fear and menace as if our lives and that of our families were in imminent danger. At least this was what Amora and Sophia sensed very strongly. I only sensed the massive release of collective fears and menace that hit me also, but it didn’t disturb me much as I knew it is of ephemeral nature and part of the release of humanity’s fears as a result of the alchemical reaction that these attacks on us and our resolute response had triggered.

As you may have noticed, I am trying to convey to you energetic processes and events that defy any human language and have never been part of the collective experience and therefore have no correlates in collective human knowledge, handed down by generations of agnostic people. Here I am confronted with the same problem as with the explanation of the Universal Law and its Axiomatics that hits a brick wall of electromagnetic resistances in the human mental fields and the people simply do not get the true meanings of the terms used in the Axiomatics, although it is the simplest categorical system in the world.

This was a topic in Fulya’s message. However, I forgot to correct it that these blockages are not of magnetic nature as she channeled, but of electromagnetic, or rather, electric nature and that they can be dissolved by the new magnetic energies of superconductivity that we have been introducing on this planet since the arrival of the new magnetic red giant sun in April 2018,  shortly after we arrived in Italy. This correction is important to be made at this place as to avoid any misunderstanding.

I have no idea how many people experienced this massive purging of Atlantean energies of betrayal and envy in human fields on August 21st/22nd in the course of a sudden and very violent alchemical reaction, the nature of which the Elohim explained to us more than 7 years ago for the first time. This happened after I eliminated all fiat money on all future 4D Earths of Gaia-5 after I had a discussion at a bank and was outraged by the insidiousness of this Orion institution. The new Gaia-5 was first created as a template by myself and Amora as Logos Gods in Lofer, Austria in December 2013.

This kind of alchemical reaction is a specialty only of incarnated Elohim souls who represent the prime creators of the earth and this galaxy in a physical form. As an Elohim soul and Logos God, I am also a nexus to the Source and a direct and very effective conduit of such energies.

When I am confronted as a human being with an obvious injustice based on dark compromised human energies, I am able to flood my fields that encompass the entire globe suddenly and forcefully with massive source energies that purge and transmute this unjust energetic condition once and for all and eradicate its higher dimensional template of support. This condition may then continue to exist for a while or be immediately dissolved as this happened on August 21st/22nd as now also the energetic conditions for immediate creations exist on the earth.

This sudden release of highly transformative source energies is described as “alchemical reaction”, as it achieves suddenly what other transformative processes may need eons of time. That is why this effect is also compared to that of a Supernova and this is also a correct description of the collective field of the PAT when the final ascension thrust will be triggered by us. Every portal and leap of ascension which humanity and Gaia have undergone so far are the direct result of the PAT Supernova.

St. Germain is the master of such alchemical reactions and he works hand in hand with me and my Elohim monad and that of Amora, who is also the Chohan of the violet flame and the heir of St. Germain.

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I hope you begin to see how all the events we experience and report over the years are intimately interconnected and follow a strict logical pattern.

What should we learn from this latest purging?

The best and most important news is that those human beings who were relieved from their dark Atlantean past in one fell swoop on August 21st/22nd were first shocked to recognize their darkness in a moment of inner sincerity as this happened with the aforementioned feminine guru whose reaction we could see with our 3rd eye very well. Then there came a huge relief and a sense of joy and inner peace for these people who we liberated from their Atlantean demons of the past. The auras of these redeemed people lit up and their previous shadows in their complexion that were an expression of their dark Atlantean heritage they carried in many incarnations vanished with a brush. It was amazing to behold this staggering effect of our cleansing operation.

These observations which I made with the help of old and new videos with regard to this particular female new age guru can be extrapolated to the entire humanity and one can easily figure out what great impact this inner cleansing will have on the future of the human race. This was only possible because the Lion’s Gate Portal was so powerful and successful and because the PAT is doing the light work now more efficiently with each day, also with the support of a growing number of lightworkers that are becoming conscious for the first time of their cleansing responsibilities on behalf of Gaia and humanity and accept willingly the inevitable physical challenges as part of their mission.

These trends are all very satisfying and this gives me the conviction that we are indeed “on the cusp of our own personal expansion, into a grand experience of joy” as Mother Mary told Amora on that auspicious day of August 21st which all of you should carve with golden letters in your memory as it is a turning point in the history of humankind.


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