The Central Sun Takes Central Stage – a Massive Build-Up Towards Lion’s Gate

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 21, 2020

As you must have surely noticed, we are on a steep ascension spiral this whole month. It is actually the continuation of the June energies which began already in May. There is a steady stream of source energies pouring now onto Gaia and humanity and, for the first time, they are fully experienced by a growing number of lightworkers as one can read on the Internet. In the past, we were the few privileged… and condemned light warriors to suffer under these energetic barrages.

The current build-up began with the so-called “June solstice surprise” as announced by the Arcturians when the Central Sun took a central stage and ramped up the intensity of the downloads of source energies and codes. I announced the arrival of these energies on June 3rd when I reported about the beginning of the purging of all dark entities from the human fields. After that, we were approached by a number of light warriors that had problems with such dark entities in their fields and asked us for advice and help.

A few days ago, when Source Consciousness established contact with Amora once again she was told the Sun has increased the intensity of the energetic waves one more time and that she should write something about that. That is why she published her latest article which I recommend you read carefully as Source Consciousness advises us to stay at least half an hour in the Sun each day and breathe in the lumens of the new energies that now flood the earth as to heal our bodies and accelerate our ascension.

The Breath of Light

As you all know, the Central Sun uses our sun as the portal for such energies to reach Gaia and humanity. It has become so much more brilliant and strong these days and many people have noticed it. Our PAT member Mike from Florida wrote to me yesterday:

Hi George, When I got in the car this morning, even with the sun visor down, I found myself taking my glasses off to make sure I had put my sunglasses on over them… I have never known the sun to be so brilliantly bright!”

We are having downloads of source energies every day, sometimes 2-3 massive episodes each day, that knock us down for hours this whole month and the intensity is peaking each time when we think it can’t get any worse. The good news is that our bodies are now fully crystalline and easily recover from this constant onslaught.

Several days ago, precisely on Friday, July 17th, we received a short message from the Universal White Brotherhood to which we both belong that we have reached a “turning point” in the ascension process. This message was heralded by a string of events that we interpreted as clear signs that we will be moving soon…. the question is where?…

Essentially, the ascension scenario on the ground will have to follow a very simple logic and a sequence of events.

The dark cabal is now feverishly planning a second lockdown to fully enslave humanity according to the plans of their masterminds in the current End Time. The first lockdown paved the way for that but also awakened the masses to an extent they did not consider possible. The current confusion and cacophony may not give yet testimony to these mass awakenings but all spiritual expansion happens first as a confusion based on a deeper entanglement into 3D karma and then leads to clarity through disentanglement from old karma. The temporary enslavement of humanity, the order to wear masks that impede the expansion of the 5th throat chakra of truth of most humans have mobilized the opposite forces of enlightenment and they will manifest very soon supported by the massive influx of energies and codes from the Central Sun.

The announcement of a second lockdown is in the air and a matter of days. The cabal is however not sure how to arrange this new global crime as the old pretext with the non-existent coronavirus has been exposed as a scam by a growing number of experts and independent thinkers and writers, including myself, in a very convincing manner. The cause for the next lockdown must be much more “deadly” and heinous and this presupposes some massive attacks with lethal poisonous gases or other deadly agents on large portions of humanity to rectify the announcement of the second lockdown under another fake epidemic. The dark cabal is in zugzwang – they are running out of time as also their lies are being exposed with a growing pace, while their plans fail one after the other.

This trend has exponentially increased since we expelled their masterminds, the evilest bug ugly reptilians who were the perpetrators of the first lockdown, on June 10th. Since then the ruling elite is in total disarray and sank into deadly Diadochus fights: USA against China, USA still against Russia that is remarkably silent these days; USA against Germany (Nord-stream) and the EU (NATO payments) and vice versa: The European Bilderberger cabal against Trump and the Republicans; the US-democrats as usual against Trump, the civil war on the streets of US-cities between far-left and patriotic right; one NATO country, France against another, Turkey in the Lybian conflict, etc. etc.

The dark ruling cabal has no capability anymore to project their power onto the masses and impose their lower timelines of oppression and mayhem. The current crisis that has already affected, impoverished almost half of the world population in a significant manner will explode this autumn and will revolutionize the masses. The elite knows that and they fear the payday like the devil the incense. That is why they must act now, and in the most brutal possible way, as this is their last chance. They are under huge time pressure (zeitnot) and stare in dread at their checkmate.

This will be the point in time when we will experience a Divine Intervention that will shock the world and turn forever the course of the events on this planet. It will be the moment in time when the power will be officially taken away from the Powers That Be (PTB) and given to the new ascended masters. I have written so much about this ascension scenario that I will spare you the details here.

What is important to know though, is that the Central Sun has now taken the central stage and prepares energetically these events on the ground. The Lion’s Gate is the optimal portal for the occurrence of such an event given the fact that it is the most potent portal of the year and prepares the energetic foundation for the other portals in the autumn, such as 10.10., 11.11., and 12.12., when the total and final collapse of the old Orion matrix will take place.

Divine Intervention means in this case a major global event that will not be negated by the MSM and will send the agnostic masses in a total shock as it will pull the rug away from under their feet. They will lose the ground and will not know what to believe for a short period of time.

However, with the appearance of the cities of light and the active participation of the awakened portion of humanity in their functioning as healing and study centres where prosperity, true health, bliss, and joy will be the order of the day, the tide will turn very quickly in favour of the light. This will be the moment when the elite will lose their whole power over the people and they will be seen for what they truly are –  the pariah of the human civilisation.

I will leave it to your imagination how the events will unfold in detail.

The stage is set ready for the second lockdown and the arrival of the Divine Dispensation as our ascension and we are now only waiting for the cabal to make their last deadly step to fully eliminate them.  Just as we eliminated the evilest big ugly reptilians on June 10th when they attacked us, or the multidimensional rogue Atlantean clique when they attacked us on March 27th. With that, the old dark Atlantean past was severed from the new earth through Divine Dispensation as the Elohim told us. Therefore, such Divine Dispensations have happened much more often in the past, but this will be the last and most decisive one.

This is an invariant motif in all our battles with the dark ones – they are the ones that must make the first evil move and then we always have the Divine Dispensation of the Source to eliminate them with one fell swoop forever. This battle is not about who is more powerful as the light has no match. However, according to the incarnation rules on this planet, the light warriors are not allowed to first attack the dark ones, they must wait to be first attacked by them and then respond. That is why our battles with the dark ones are so difficult as they have the advantage of the first blow and we must be vigilant experts who are capable to evade it and immediately counterattack in the full power of our glory as ascended masters, according to the Lenin’s motto: Who to whom (Who will deal the deadly blow to whom.).

Sometimes, the attacks may last however for months as was the case when we eliminated the rogue Atlantean clique on March 27th. Both, I and Amora, were attacked for more than 5 months through the human minions of these evilest dark ones, who pretended to be members of the PAT before we could effectively eliminate them and thus also sever the entire dark heritage of the Atlantean time, which will not be part of the new earth. The most dangerous enemies are the ones that present themselves as your friends. That is why I cannot say it often enough to stay vigilant and critical all the time with regard to the energies that surround you.

Here is a tip for you worth gold: Those individuals who reject the existence of the dark are the darkest of all, naturally, as they do not know anything else and must camouflage themselves as beings of the light. They also reject us as light warriors as being allegedly aggressive as we are their mortal enemies. That is why the New Age is so thoroughly contaminated. Therefore, be particularly vigilant towards all who profess the love and light illusion, praise their rotten hearts, and admire their darkness as the beauty in life.

Know and remember: Everybody who has betrayed you in this lifetime and in all previous lives carries the Atlantean energies of betrayal. The Fall from Grace of humanity was caused by energies of betrayal that didn’t exist in the Lemurian time as people lived in harmony with Nature and one cannot cheat Nature, just as Nature cannot cheat man. Betrayal energies are energies of separation from All-That-Is and can only occur at the human level.

The elimination of the dark Atlantean past was a milestone in the ascension process and I stress it here one more time so that you can grasp the magnitude of this victory of ours over the darkness, as this Atlantean rogue clique which extends throughout the entire galaxy has been responsible for the destruction of Lemuria on the earth and for all the wars after that in the last somewhat 12,000 years.

As I have written before, Atlantis was on Mars and not on the earth and it has never co-existed side by side with Lemuria as current esoteric sources make you wrongly believe as to legitimize the Atlantean heritage of Gaia and humanity. Only shortly before the destruction of Atlantis on Mars, some representatives came to the earth to flee from the impending catastrophe and thoroughly contaminated with their darkness the life on the blue planet where human Lemurians lived in harmony with nature and themselves as this will again be the case on New Lemuria – on the new 5D Earth. Essentially, they were responsible for the destruction of the continent of Mu (Lemuria) and since then have been in control of humanity.

The human cabal that is now planning this second lockdown is the dark heir of this rogue Atlantean clique that collaborated hand in hand with the former PTB from the Orion/Reptilian empire to enslave humanity since then. Until we eliminated these reptilians on June 10th, roughly 3 months after we eliminated the Atlantean rogue clique on March 27th. It is important to keep in mind the chronology of all the major events that will lead to the final shift and ascension of Gaia after all the dark forces are fully eliminated from the earth.

Now we are waiting for the last decisive battle which will be very easy as the dark human minions of the former PTB are very weakened, their ranks are in disarray and they have no energetic support from the crystalline grid of Gaia that is fully activated now while the old grids of separation and oppression have been dissolved under the barrage of the incoming energies from the Central Sun.

Therefore, continue with your personal creations of your new lives on the ascended earth and stay vigilant regarding the next heinous steps of the dark human cabal without being too much impressed by them and ready to respond. I have recently published some valuable tools on how to eliminate dark entities and they will be of great service to you in the coming days.

With this, I conclude my energy report in anticipation of the magnificent Lion’s Gate that begins on July 27th, where something big may already happen, and continues till August 12th with a peak on August 8th (8.8 portal).


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