Moving Towards The Shift

Patrick Amoroso and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 28, 2020

Dear Georgi,

I awoke this morning after a 24 hour period of intense battling of negative energies and confrontation in the dream state…

Yesterday, I posted this on my Personal Facebook Page and have been receiving numerous accolades not just from PAT members but many of my friends who are awakening to wit:

Musings of a Farewell Nature ...

On the eve of my 70th birthday in one week’s time, I have decided to suspend any further commentaries on my Personal Facebook Page. From this point on, I need to concentrate on my Administrator’s Role for the Closed Group ” The Universal Law of Nature ” which is based on the voluminous writings and disquisitions of Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov.

Fortunately, and at this very auspicious time in the History of Humanity, many truth-seeking and spiritually-awakening individuals from all over the world are seeking a voice and membership in this very unique assembly of lightworkers. It requires of me a certain due diligence to maintain an integrous scrutiny of truly making sure that the group remains united in the pursuit of knowledge which is unlike any posited on the Internet and exclusive of any publications presented in the world.

Having stated that, I now will present to ALL a Summary of what to expect in the immediate future to wit :

1. The farcical, fraudulent and contrived coronavirus scamdemic will continue and in the very near future the Minions in our Midst will raise the THREAT LEVEL to an Existential Catharsis which may involve an actual Death-Dealing Pathogen to be activated.

2. The USA will continue to descend into total, societal and economic fragmentation as this schema is part and parcel to the overall plan to raise the FEAR LEVELS to thresholds that here-to-before have not ever been realized.

3. The American people are extremely reticent to blame their current predicament and economic destruction on a sinister entity in the shadows due to their blatant ignorance as to the Evil That Resides in their Midst courtesy of BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES. Consequently, they are now being psychologically manipulated and ultimately prepared to blame an External Threat. Thus, you can expect a ” HATE CHINA” SYNDROME to be massively implemented and IS ALREADY UNDERWAY. Russia will also be targeted and BOTH NATIONS are fully AWARE of this contrived and deliberate ploy to engage in BIG POWER brinkmanship.

4. The entire NATIONWIDE MEDICAL ESTABLISHMENT supervised and administered by The Rockefeller Foundation and concurrent with the Gates Foundation CONTROLLING Financial Outlays ARE COMPLICIT in the COVID-19 HOAX. This includes all Executive Leadership Positions in Healthcare Foundations, WHO, CDC etc, Doctors, Bureaucrats, All Social Agencies Attending to the Needs of the Elderly, Veterans up to and including Child-Support Agencies AND many others too numerous to mention who are employed at Hospitals, Medical College Universities, Health Care Insurance Companies and the list goes on. All Federal Congressmen/women Legislatures are also complicit in this most perfidious and dastardly crime against humanity. Likewise, State Governors, Mayors and Legislatures and the CURRENT President and ALL Healthcare Officials assigned to the Covid-19 current Trump Administration Policy Agenda are also complicit against the American people.

5. I for one perceive BOSTON to be a major contributor and player in this murderous exploit since Boston Hospitals and Medical Schools are at the top of the Academically oriented and prestigious consideration commensurate with correlated scientific credentials and esteemed professional stature. Simply put, the COVID-19 HOAX could not be as widely accepted by the masses if medical officials of OUR Region did not give full credence and compliance to the EVIL IN OUR MIDST.

Essentially, for those who have availed their interest to my writings over the years, there is simply Nothing More to Say. I thank you deeply for your many comments and keen intuition. For my detractors, I have one regret and that is that you primarily chose an ” ad hominem attack “ against me personally rather than to engage in a dialectic, rational and logical counter-argument of your stand. Of course, this is another symptom of the times where logic and intuitional insight are tossed to the wind.

WE are at a crossroads. I wish you all the very best. PJA ?❤️?

It does indeed seem that something BIG is in the offering as we enter the Lion’s Gate Portal. My 70th Birthday is Aug 2nd, What else!

With love and light,


PS: Georgi, and also this on my personal FB page the previous day:

Musings of an Existential Perspective as to the Underlying Rationale for the Dilemma of the Human Condition …

I just finished watching the Italian produced 2009 Movie “Agora”. The setting is late 4th Century AD in the Roman-occupied City of Alexandria, Egypt made famous for the established location of the Great Library of Alexandria. The Neo-Platonist Philosopher, Mathematician and Astronomer, Hypatia served in the capacity as an Instructor and history records that she was perhaps the only woman teaching students in addition to being sought for her wisdom by civil administrators, rulers and many esteemed men of the time.

It was a tumultuous time with the advent of the decline of the Roman Empire triggering social unrest being fueled by the clash of ancient philosophies versus the fervently rising beliefs of Christians against the Neo-Platonists erroneously termed pagans and the monotheistic adherents of Judaism. The Library of Alexandria stood alone as an ancient repository of esoteric knowledge gathered from all parts of the world which had resulted in an estimated 1 million papyrus scrolls dating back to antiquity. This treasure trove of ancient wisdom would be eventually destroyed by the rising tide of Christian fanaticism cloaked in pious embellishments to a fraudulent claim of peace and universal brotherhood while Hypatia, herself was brutally murdered by her detractors and to this very day is considered a martyred heroine of immense courage and personal fortitude.

Historians clearly identify the DESTRUCTION of the Library of Alexandria as the catalyst for the advent of the Dark Ages which would encompass a thousand years of abject ignorance and misery for the European inhabitants. Who needs HELL when you can create it right here on earth?

To me, the events of our day mirror a semblance to the 4th Century where rationality, logic and spiritually-based intuition are tossed to the wind as humanity beckons to their masters in total and slave-like obedience in a climate of contrived FEAR, illogical and hysterical mandates while only a few see through the haze of the manipulation being perpetrated against them.

I dedicate this short essay to the PAT, the Planetary Ascension Team whose members are drawn from all over the world. They are in essence a return to the Neo-Platonists of Hypatia’s Legacy where an appreciation for the Universal Wonder, Logical and Intuitive Reason PREVAIL while the transcendental comprehension of a TRUE SPIRITUAL ONENESS coordinates their activities as the Awakening of Humanity continues and Ascension draws near.

To The Light Warriors of the First and Last Hour, IT IS TIME.



Dear  Patrick,

I also had some nightmares of war this night but also the following very telling dream:

I was sitting with the PAT at a big massive wooden table in a German brewery restaurant. We were sitting at one end of the table and were very excited, talking about our new projects after the ascension. At the other end, Conte, the Italian Prime Minister was sitting alone and was talking loudly to himself what he wanted to do about the lockdown. “I order this, I order that”, he was shouting, “We will make this legislation and that…”.

I moved nearer to him to hear what he was saying. At one point, he looked around and saw that nobody was coming to take his orders. He suddenly realized that he is completely alone and nobody cares about him. Then he began to lament: “Nessuno mi ascolta. Tutti mi hanno abbandonato”. (Nobody listens to me. Everyone has abandoned me.)

It was a wonderful scene to behold. I knew that this dream was symbolic of the expected shift and change of reality we were talking about yesterday with Sophia. And also that this dream was triggered by the information she gave me that the constitutional court in Lazio has ordered Conte to disclose all the documents and decision procedures that have led to the current lockdown. The noose is tightening around his neck.

This morning we talked about the forecast this guy made about July 27th and why he failed. I have just written to him the following lines which are of general pedagogical import:

“July 27th passed and nothing happened. As I told you, you cannot make predictions based on forged old documents such as the bible and the like in a deterministic way. You have to participate directly in the ascension waves and have a personal knowledge about what is happening. In fact, a lot is happening these days that goes in the direction which I am outlining in all my articles and reports, but these developments in the ascenson scenario have nothing to do with what some weird religious and spiritual authorities have stated in the past.

The ascension process is unique and unpredictable and there were so many unplanned turns and unpredicted solutions all these years, about some of which I have reported in the past as we created them personally as Logos Gods. You should read them if you want to learn more, and understand that no deterministic prediction is possible at all. Besides, one has to consider the existence of infinite timelines and probabilities, the number of which exponentially grows with the ascension process when we approach the 5D and higher dimensions as some of us, the leading wayshowers, will ascend to 7D and 9D.
Anyway, this should be a good experience for you to teach you to begin thinking multi-dimensionally as a prerequisite for any expansion of limited human thinking.”

While we discussed with Amora this morning how dynamic and unpredictable the ascension process is, as you could see from my recent email to you, we came upon our huge light work which we did on July 25th, the day out of time, when we decided to create further our city of light with Sophia and then went for sushi lunch to Imperia. On the way there, the Elohim gave a message to Amora that we should also visit Sanremo where the higher dimensional study centre is located and where last year we built a huge ascension portal and cleared the whole area.

Sanremo is very near to Monaco and Cote D’Azur in France and the international rich rascals visit these ports with their expensive yachts. Many of them are part of the cabal and complicit in pedophile crimes and dark magic and sacrifice of children as this is now being revealed by Mel Gibson in his interview with BBC about which you sent me some material the other day. I still cannot find the original interview.

Anyway, we talked about these evil pedophile practices of the cabal and their stooges in movies and arts in the car on the way to Sanremo and decided to create a new earth where such evil things will never happen. At that moment we did not think that we are cleansing this part of the Mediterranean coast as far as Le Bonfin where the headquarters of the Universal White Brotherhood in France was for many years under the guidance of Mikhael Aivanov as I recently wrote.

The energies picked up to the extreme and when we arrived in Sanremo we were exhausted. We could barely reach the next cafe at the sea promenade and collapsed there. I have no idea how long we stayed there and how we returned back home as we were completely depleted, being in a massive vortex all the time, vibrating insanely, but when we arrived home it was already very late. The next day we all three were total wrecks. However, we moved Gaia to new ascending levels and this will manifest in the coming days.

Anyway, we knew that we did something huge on that day out of time when Creation is optimal but only this morning did we receive a message from the Elohim that this was a major ascension test run for the Shift that we expect to occur very soon, most probably when the energies from the Lion’s Gate have been fully anchored and have unfolded their power. This build-up began in early June in preparation for the June Solstice energetic peak when the Central sun took the central stage in the ascension process.

And here is what I am expecting to happen next.

At some point, very soon, when the second lockdown is fait accompli ( a done deal), there must be Divine Intervention as I wrote the other day to offset this negative development for humanity and trigger the global shift to higher levels of expanded human awareness.

This is now somewhat difficult to explain.

This shift will not be the final ascension as, except for the few PAT members, all humans and most lightworkers from the new age are not yet ready for this transfiguration. Therefore, there will be a global shift that will be caused by a tsunami wave of Source energies from the Central Sun that will lift humanity and this holographic matrix to a new energetic constellation. The minds of the people will be opened with one fell swoop for the truth and above all their inner conscience will be activated for the first time. They will know without any doubt what is right and what is wrong, what is truth, and what is a lie.

This ability exists currently only in a few light warriors from the PAT and is virtually non-existent in the rest of humanity, still living in the old 3D matrix based on lies and deceptions that are still believed by the overwhelming majority as the current scamdemic proves beyond any doubt. It does not matter that this matrix already vibrates with upper 4D frequencies and that some of us are living on 5D and higher dimensional platforms. It is still the old matrix, kept alive by the collective beliefs and illusions as the current lockdown exemplifies.

Therefore, before one can begin with any meaningful revelations, there must be an energetic shift that will bring human awareness at the natural levels of the astral plane (4th dimension). This event is now in preparation and will represent the last global shift prior to the final planetary ascension to 5D.

In this context, let me specify how the human awareness will expand in the new 4D, fully evolved astral matrix as we have direct experience with deceased persons who come to us and communicate with us, in particular, with Amora, from the astral plane. These people may have been very evil throughout all their lives and have harmed many other people and relatives driven by naked hatred and in a state of total egotistic illusion and delusion. But the moment they die, they acquire immediately an expanded awareness and know exactly what crimes they have fulfilled in their human life, which they have just ended.

It is a sudden overwhelming knowing although these individuals may be otherwise very confused and not even know that they are dead. They are devastated by their evilness which now they can no longer hide from themselves as it is fully illuminated by the soul at the astral plane. They come to us and beg us for forgiveness or to tell their relatives how sorry they are for what they have done to them; in their inner distress, they cannot even find the light and move upwards.

Of course, there are also some deceased soul fragments that are so stubborn and so much attached to their 3D life that they not only do not realize that their physical bodies are dead as they all have their healthy astral bodies and are fully focused on the continuation of their earthly vices and evil way of life; these entities only search for confirmation and rectification by us that they are right in what they think and how they behaved.

This response after death is also possible, but is much more seldom than the sudden acknowledgment of one’s crimes against the Law of One, against the divine nature of all humans and the souls that is reinforced by the unbearable remorse how they have wasted their lives with lies, crimes, and deceptions on their beloved ones.

We have had many such encounters and we can write books about the behavior of deceased persons shortly after their physical death. We have accompanied many of them finally to the light after they have wandered for years in these no-man lands between the astral and the physical plane.

I have searched in the new age and esoteric literature to find some usable descriptions of this human state after death in the astral plane before the soul fragments of these people move to higher dimensions which I describe as Celestria but couldn’t find any. This is the most obscured topic of all and that is why the understanding of the role of the impending shift is completely misinterpreted by all new agers. Therefore, I decided to shed some more clarity on it.

The shift that is now in the making and will use the energies of the Lion’s Gate to propel humanity to the 4D astral plane will trigger in most humans a sudden expansion of awareness, whereas there will be infinite shades and grades of individual awareness and reaction to this shift depending on how evolved the incarnated personality currently is.

However, at the collective level, there will be no chance to disseminate any lies anymore as the vast majority of humanity will know immediately what is true and what is false. This will be the end of the second lockdown and of all the lies, conspiracies, and deceptions with which the dark cabal has transformed the earth into the most toxic planet in this universe since eons of time. With that, the era of revelations will begin.

This will be a huge leap in consciousness and everybody will experience it differently. It is quite probable that when this shift happens, we shall immediately ascend to 5D or even to 7D or 9D, we do not know yet, as our work as anchors of the light will be finished with this shift. Then we can come back on these new 4D worlds with expanded awareness and assume our role as spiritual leaders at this high level of human intelligence.

The real dark human entities will react first very negatively to this shift as all their darkness will be fully exposed to themselves and to the others and they cannot hide anything anymore or pretend to be virtuous as is now the case with all the abominable politicians and their despicable claqueurs in MSM, movie and entertainment industry, but also with many dark entities who disguise themselves as lightworkers in order to be near such light gestalts and derail their true light work. They all carry the energies of betrayal from Atlantis on Mars that they brought to ancient Lemuria on the earth and have been the cause of all wars, evil, and calamities on this planet that is now ascending in the light.

This is the information I received from my HS last evening and which I wanted to share with you and the PAT as I shall publish our correspondence.

Let me conclude my disquisition with the final remark that we received confirmation on July 17th that the Divine Dispensation for Divine Intervention has been given to us and humanity and that the coming days will see the manifestation of this epic decision.

In this sense, we are on course and nothing can derail the ascension process which we accomplish step by step guided by the certainty of our Divine’s God will.

With love and light



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