The Elohim: This Cosmic Gateway Is Not Over

The Energetic Mechanics of All Ascension Shifts

Amora and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 11, 2020

Today, I would like to explain in more technical terms how all ascension shifts operate, precisely what is their mechanics as observed by us in the illusory linear time before I publish the Elohim message below. I am fully aware that the approach I have selected in this presentation is a gross simplification of our multidimensional nature but there is no other way how to resolve the problem in a didactic manner.

Before I embarked on this disquisition, I watched one more time a few videos with Bashar where he very vividly explains the illusion of linear time as a side effect of the constant shifting of our observation of the same moment from different angles (You Are All Time Travelers).

While I fully subscribe to this presentation, knowing all too well that linear time t is equivalent to space s as we humans perceive it and measure it in physics, I do not know how to integrate this knowledge into my subsequent presentation of the mechanics of all dimensional shifts while using the latest cosmic gateway to freedom as an example. Here is where we humans hit the limit of our cognition as the human mind can only perceive sequentially the events that happen to us, but cannot create them as it lacks the bigger perspective of the higher mind as Bashar explains in another video.

From this perspective, such a massive shift as the cosmic gateway to freedom on May 9th is a big leap from one timeline with a certain frequency range to another timeline with much higher frequency by crossing hundreds of timelines in between in the course of this bilocation. This is actually what we are doing on a daily basis since we moved to our new apartment 10 days ago that already represents a much higher timeline. But the actual jumping to higher timelines accelerated in the next few days so that we were completely disoriented and laid flat most of the time. These constant leaps to higher timelines were also associated with downloads of source energy and accompanied by the invariable cc-waves and severe headaches, which is how the human body responds to such shifts.

And here I would like to discuss the mechanics of all these dimensional shifts from the human perspective in the illusory linear time as this happened in a paradigmatic manner on May 9th and is still ongoing yesterday and today.

When there is a massive download of source energies, it flows through our higher chakras 8th to 15th and even higher. We know that we have opened our higher chakras from the 8th to the 18th and most light warriors have opened at least their 8th to 12th chakras that build the left-brain portal through which the source energies enter the fields of the human body. From there, they are disseminated to the rest of humanity and Gaia. This is how the individual and planetary ascension is accomplished and this website renders a long testimony of this experience since its inception.

This energetic phenomenon has not been at all understood by most new agers outside the PAT and is not even a topic of discussion as these people most probably do not make this kind of experiences with source energies, or if they do, they obviously do not have the capacity to describe and analyze them in a precise and neutral scientific manner as to educate the newcomers.

The download of the highest frequency energies from the Source through our left-brain portals into this earth and humanity can be illustrated optically with a pressure washer. The high-pressure water jet swirls up all the dirt from the pavement or any other dirty object in the air while the surface is being cleansed. Here is a video that visualizes this effect. Go at best to minute 7 and watch how a chimney is being cleaned and the dirt is swirling around in gusts of dirty vapor:

This is how you can visualize at best the effect of the highest frequency source energies on the dark low-frequency energies on the earth and in all human beings. These dark energies cannot withstand the power and pressure of the source energies that we first transform and somewhat dilute before we emanate them to all humans; they must be released from the deep compartments of their dark human carriers where they have been stored for eons of time, incarnation after incarnation.

This is what happened on May 9th. The massive downloads of source energies that began with the full moon portal on May 7th and peaked on May 9th caused the total release of all dark energies which humanity harbors since the fall of Atlantis and are the chief source of all evil on this planet. These are essentially the energies of betrayal and treachery about which I have written a lot in the last two months. In fact, these energies contain the betrayal of the soul and the Source by the incarnated personality in a state of total agnosticism and are the cause of all separation. These dark ideas also created the current distorted illusory holographic reality based on false consensual ideas that are without exception N-sets and exclude the Whole and themselves as an element.

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None of these energies can enter the 5th dimension and that is why they have to be eradicated before the final shift can happen. The elimination of such low vibrating patterns automatically heaves us onto much higher timelines. And here it becomes a little bit more complicated.

We are not shifting alone but are taking the entire humanity with us. There are infinite timelines with this humanity that already exist in All-That-Is. While we consciously create our ascension timelines with our focused thoughts and intense emotions such as passion as Bashar explains, we actually create at the same time the new humanity. That is to say, we create much better versions thereof – the new humans we want to live and communicate with as enlightened beings where each conversation is a pleasure and a joyful adventure and not the current torture when talking to unawakened people.

From the point of view of Bashar and our souls, these timelines already exist in the simultaneity of All-That-Is. From our human perspective though, it feels as if humanity undergoes a quick and profound transformation and awakening in the chronology of each shift to higher frequency levels.  This is how we perceive these energetic phenomena along the linear time axis.

From this perspective, we can explain the creation of new higher frequency timelines with the constant exchange of soul essence through walk-ins. In each timeline, the overall human population as physical bodies is automatically replicated in a holographic fashion apart from the people who die on a daily basis. In ascending higher timelines, we have an exchange of the old dark souls with new higher frequency souls. We have discussed this exchange of soul essence as walk-ins extensively in the past.

During a big shift such as the cosmic gateway on May 9th, all dark souls of the cabal and their stooges were retrieved as they carried the evil dark Atlantean energies of betrayal and treachery that could not make the shift. We had already severed all these old dark timelines on March 29th from Gaia, and continued doing so in the following weeks but the dark humans on the ground still continued carrying them. These energies were instrumental for the current lockdown.

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That is why they had to be removed first before the ending of the lockdown can be achieved through divine intervention as the current ruling cabal has no intention to end the lockdown but want to extend it to the permanent dictatorship of the NWO. However, this will never happen and that is why we must expect miraculous events to occur very soon.

While the dark souls of the cabal and their human minions were removed from all ascending timelines which we are constantly creating and especially during the current cosmic gateway to freedom, their human vessels still carry the dark behavioral patterns of these souls that cannot be transformed very easily. However, in such massive shifts, there is also a massive cleansing of the physical bodies and the pre-existing dark personality structures before the new walk-ins of higher frequency soul essence can enter the bodies and begin with their incarnation under much more favorable energetic conditions that better correspond to their soul purpose.

The released dark human patterns are now swirling up in the energetic atmosphere of the earth and need to be removed from all the ascending timelines. This is the second phase of the cleansing process. Since yesterday and today, the quality of the source vibrations are no longer that of massive downloads that hit the upper three chakras and cause an excruciating headache and also affect the third chakra of bilocation and vitality causing a severe gastric crisis but affect in the first place the human integument (skin) where all these deeply stored human fears have now surfaced in order to be eradicated forever.

That is why the quality of the energies after each massive shift is that of acute skin burning that causes maximal unease in all light warriors and triggers the strong desire to “get out of one’s skin and leave this toxic reality forever.”

The second phase is associated with a peculiar energetic phenomenon that seems counterintuitive at first glance. As soon as we begin with the cleansing of the dark energies of humanity, instead of ascending, we descend to the lowest timelines from the whole package of ascending timelines and begin first with their cleansing as they are also the darkest. We then take the cleansed timelines with us, so to say, piggyback and begin to rise rapidly with them to higher frequency levels, in this particular case, to 5D. Parallel to that we always get bad weather. Yesterday and today, we had stormy winds from the south, rough see and rain; also the temperature dropped. Late this afternoon the weather began to improve and we knew that we have begun with our ascension and that of all timelines that were now being cleansed and ready to enter the 5th dimension.

Psychologically, this second phase of each multidimensional shift is even more taxing than the downloads of source energies in the first phase which causes excruciating headache and body pain but does not affect so much the emotional body. The cleansing of the swirling negative dark human energies after the downloads always involves our emotions and triggers in us such an aversion and even abomination when directly confronted with the real despicable energetic condition of humanity we are cleansing at this moment, that we may begin to doubt the effect of the shift. There is no bliss in this phase and if somebody tells you the opposite, he is not participating in the shift and is still wallowing in his negative patterns in a typical addictive human indulgence and complacency.

This holds particularly true for the many new agers who are old souls and have an affinity for such spiritual occupations as healers, mediums, channelers, gurus, etc. but carry at the same time the old unprocessed Atlantean energies of betrayal and treachery that were released with the latest cosmic gateway as otherwise, they would have had no chance to ascend.

Therefore, I expect very soon radical new developments in the “cluttered” new age scene where the natural curiosity of their souls will be discovered again and they will find pleasure in studying the new Theory of the Universal Law as to finally overcome their chronic scientific ignorance and intellectual backwardness.

As you see, we have the human perspective of sequentially unfolding ascension events and at the same time the higher perspective of our souls and that of Bashar where we simply move to new timelines which already exist in the simultaneity of All-That-Is. Therefore, there is actually no need for new souls to enter our reality as walk-ins and ensoul the physical vessels of evil humans whose souls have been retrieved to lower timelines because of the incompatibility of their dark energetic patterns with the higher frequencies of the ascending timelines as all these timelines already exist and we only bilocate to them.

It is like two trains that move with the same velocity in the same direction on parallel rails so that the passengers have the illusion that they are standing still. Essentially, we have to deal with the relativity of every movement in All-That-Is. As long as we get all our optical information (90% of all sensual human perception) with the limited speed of light, we resort to explanatory models that involve movement – in-flow and out-flow of souls from the human bodies as walk-ins, gradual evolution and awakening of the human population along the time axis, etc.

As soon as we acquire the freedom of the soul to bilocate and exist simultaneously in many worlds, realities, and dimensions, that is to say, to reach instantaneously all these realities, the concept of velocity and movement becomes meaningless.

From that, we can conclude that the ascension process is an infinite upward spiral of shifts upon which we bilocate, so that there is no such thing as “The Event” as most light workers erroneously believe while being trapped in their unprocessed linear thinking.  Instead, there are constant major events as the latest cosmic gateway to freedom which only a few of them, mostly PAT members, really experienced through individual bilocation to higher timelines and thus consciously noticed.

When one lives in a state of permanent blindness of the outer and inner senses, one has no other choice but to expect the ultimate miraculous “Event” to heave him/her to the 5th dimension. This notwithstanding the fact that by not experiencing and not being aware of the regular shifts, these new agers actually already have the information in plain sight that they are not personally ascending – they are not moving to higher timelines – and “The Event” will remain for them fata morgana.

That is why the Elohim never give us any forecasts as we know that we create our reality and they know that we know it, but only make us aware that the process of ascension is ongoing as is the case with their latest message that confirms the massive cosmic gateway to freedom on May 9th. However, they encourage us to begin creating our own subjective reality as we have already reached the 5th dimension with our physical bodies where our minds take the back seat and our I AM Presence takes over the control as has actually always been the case, but this time in an overt fashion.

Of course, we still need to make the phase transition from a biological carbon-based body to a crystalline light body as to overcome gravitation and acquire the expanded multidimensional awareness of our souls – the actual freedom of the soul – which is currently impossible as long as the mind is linked to the current very slow functioning human brain. But that is entirely an individual decision and a pathway that is absolutely independent of the consensual reality on the ground that no longer touches us.

And now enjoy the message of the Elohim with a short comment by Amora:

“The Elohim have come in over the past day and reinforced the idea that this portal is an energetic alignment to a “higher” reality, a reality of higher frequency and expanded awareness where anyone’s dreams can be realized if they are built on the principles of the sacred heart, where the intention is true service with love, with loving kindness.

It is a cosmic gateway to a higher resonating Earth reality – embrace this shift – you have asked for it and it is becoming a reality – it holds the elements the ascending humanity wishes to hold:  freedom of thought, of mind, of truth;  Openness of heart through loving kindness; freedom of beingness ~ to be what one desires, by holding the highest for the good of all who are a part of the Unity field;  Unified Presence; Compassion for fellow travelers ~ Compassion and acceptance of All;  The New World of Light and Life”

Love, Amora”


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