The Light Warrior’s Crucial Question

Marek Prochyra and Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, March 3, 2020

Marek:  I’d like to ask you a personal, “devil’s advocate” kind of question:

How are you personally dealing with the fact that nearly every year you’re getting information that “this” year is ( or could be ) the final one – which you then communicate to us (this is by all means super and helping us to keep motivated)?

We all know that time is non-existent and everything is taking place in the Now and that everything is already existing and finished. But still, don’t you feel tired, disappointed, frustrated and all these other unpleasant human feelings when “this” final year is gone and new one is here and the light work that you’re doing doesn’t seem to end? How are you dealing with this continuous “this” final year? Is there a real deadline, a year after which the Ascension has to occur by all means in our time-space?

George: As I am fully aware of the many timelines we create and move to and how at each point in time there is a bifurcation and one pathway leads downhill and the other one upwards, in a simplified manner presented, that is why for me, each portal and each year is the last one. If we miss the opportunity in the Now, it is gone in the future or what we define as the future as we can create only in the Now.

Therefore, it became a very successful method to motivate the PAT in this way to bring optimal achievements. And they know that and do not take it personally or criticize me. The greatest advantage I have is that I feel all the waves and all the portals in my body in a very intense manner and know what is at stake and how easily we can miss the opportunity and descend to lower timelines with worse scenarios.

The second equally important consideration is that effective light work can be done by incarnated human beings at best in a state of depression, despair and disappointment. In such phases, the ego loses its grip on the incarnated personality and thus she opens to the soul and her energies. Therefore, it does not matter at all if the people are disappointed with my forecasts, which may not come true in this illusory linear time, as long as they open to their souls and move forward in the LBP. It is an undeniable fact that all my readers and PAT members who have stuck with me and my writings all these years have made the greatest progress in the LBP and in raising their body frequencies.

Human assessments, such as avoiding disappointment and judging the reality and a person from this position is a very limited view that misses the point. That is why I do not care if my timetable may or may not be valid as I know already that it cannot be valid, but the more so the final outcome. And I work on this final outcome now for almost a quarter of a century. With respect to this year, there is, however, a plethora of facts and information that really points to humanity reaching the tipping point and us ascending shortly before that.

And then, there is a third basic esoteric truth which is not well known – the more successful one is with the light work, the more valuable he is for this reality and humanity and the longer he stays in these lower timelines as he/she is indispensable. Staying longer on this earth, which manifests optically as a delay in the ascension process is, in fact, a reward and a sign for one’s own success.

As you have read in the latest articles, and I have dealt with this issue on numerous occasions, most of the PAT ascended in December 2012 and then could have stayed away. Instead, we decided to return as avatars and help a big portion of humanity also ascend as we are so good at that.

Both Amora and I remember very vividly this meeting at a very high council in the dream state when we made this decision and were devastated after that at the human level. This happened in early 2013 as in December 2012 I was hit so hard and was about to die and would have left this earth by a death experience. Another PAT member who was present at this council, and whom we remember, was Jerry, whom you should also know from his energy reports. He also remembered this meeting and was equally devastated. He did not make it and left us a few years ago. But this does not matter as he is on the new earth and is waiting for us to join him.

We have surpassed a long time ago all our most daring goals we formulated before entering this incarnation. I changed profoundly the timelines and my initial destiny when I met Amora and we came together. Otherwise, I would have died already in 2014 on my tumor. Instead, I had a successful surgery and moved to a new reality and much higher timelines thereafter.

As life is an incessant creation and as we are most successful in our creation while we are still in a physical body as then our impact on project Earth is maximal, we decided to stay longer than planned and experienced subjectively a postponement of our individual ascension, while it is exactly the opposite – every delay is another accolade for our successful light work.

I hope this answers your question.


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