The Quickest Way to Create Your Timeline of Ascension in 2020

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, January 31, 2020

I have stated repeatedly that we create our own timelines, frequency bandwidths, or realities of ascension with our thoughts and focused emotions and then take the version of humanity that resonates with us to the new earth. This multidimensional world view completely offsets the linear, deterministic approach currently dominating the collective perception and also that of the small enlightened community of light warriors. The latter still resort to their linear projections in the future and expect fixed forecasts to tell them when the interdimensional shift will occur and they will transfigure their carbon-based biological bodies into crystalline light bodies and leave prison-earth. It will not happen this way.

You create your own reality now and you have also done this in the past. This is the only way how Creation operates. I have always known this elementary truth and only today I revisited past energy reports and articles from 2011, 2012 and 2013 where we, the PAT, have extensively discussed these issues. At that time there was much more enthusiasm (this word comes from the Greek word “in theo” and means “be in God”) about the ascension process and the creative power of explicitly expressed ideas and associated emotions. Today, there is a profound tiredness that has taken full grip of the PAT and I do not blame anyone as I am also “walking on my tooth flesh” these days.

Especially since 5 days we have a steady and very powerful build-up, almost an energetic tsunami, towards the palindrome portal 02022020. This is a unique date and the next one will be in more than 1000 years in the future – 03033030. Obviously the HR have something huge in store for humanity when this portal opens.

Therefore, I was not at all surprised to read the today’s message of the Arcturians about the incoming ascension timelines for some wayshowers and their transformation into crystalline light bodies. I have been asking the Arcturians for a long time for more clarity on this issue. After all I have a 9D Arcturian incarnation which I vividly experienced as individual ascension from a lower dimension in January last year and reported accordingly. I will publish the Arcturian message below as it is of great import.

Now, both I and especially Otfried have published recently a number of articles discussing our multidimensional nature in great depth from different angles. Therefore, I will not repeat this argumentation one more time here and assume that all my readers have internalized this basic truth. Especially in the current final phase, our new realities are expanding exponentially as also our abilities to create new timelines and realities have quadrupled. It is very important to keep this truth in your minds as we create in each and every moment in the Now.

Only today Otfried made me aware of an old article which I wrote in 2013, where I discuss how the whole universe is created and extinguished 1044  times in a second. This is the Planck’s frequency of Creation. It is the reciprocal value of Planck’s time of the big bang, about which I recently wrote.

It is not that we create each time a completely new universe and realities as we always depart from the previous version. But within one second we have infinite possibilities to make big leaps from the previous moment of creation and accomplish something profoundly new.

I have personally chosen throughout my whole life, and surely after I discovered the UL, the steepest possible pathway of ascension. Accordingly, I am jumping like an Olympic champion from one timeline to new higher ones all the time much to the distress of my 3rd chakra, which is the chakra of bilocation. That is why the intensity of the waves coming from the Source into my fields is unparalleled. One only needs to read our energy reports from the past to get an impression of that.

This has nothing to do with boasting – I am explaining here how creation operates by taking my experience as an example as I have no other. One can talk only about his personal experience and must admit that he has no adequate information about the experiences other people are making. That is why I have stopped making any comments on what other people go through as I know that it is always appropriate and the optimal pathway for them. All-That-Is is efficiency, precision, accuracy and optimisation in a loving mixture, the perfection of which most humans have no clue about on earth.

For this same reason, I have postulated since almost a quarter of a century ago that I will be the first person to transfigure his physical body into crystalline light body and ascend. Actually it was not even my idea – I was told about that by my spiritual guides in a number of channelings as early as 1997. I did ascend in July 2000 for the first time and then have ascended to much higher levels many times in the following years.

The objective behind this ascension scenario is that I am the discover of the Universal Law and the author of the new Theory and Gnosis of this law which is the new Science of Ascension. In order for this theory to be quickly disseminated on earth, ascension has to begin with me as to focus the attention of the entire humanity on this unique intellectual and gnostic achievement. Period! If there are individuals who dispute the rationale behind this ascension scenario, please come forward and argue a different outcome and it may even be valid for you. But not on my timeline of ascension, of which you will not be part. And this timeline will be the first one to experience ascension to 5D.

That is why I was chosen to be the captain of the PAT in 2011 and coordinated first the ascension of Gaia to the 5D at the stargate 11.11.11 and then the ascension of the spearhead of light warriors to 5D at the stargate 12.12.12 – 12.21.12. If you go back and re-read all the reports from these years you will be amazed to find out (again) how much information you can gain about these and many other ascension portals which the PAT opened from me, Amora, other PAT members and, first and foremost, from the Elohim and other sources which Amora has regularly channeled at that time.

With that I only want to illustrate how you create your own reality with focused perseverance, courage and dedication. I have never feared to make this claim from the very first moment and have reaped a lot of ridicule and accusations of aggrandisement in the past. These are petty human prejudices and projections about which I have never really cared as I evaluate them for what they really are – expressions of  unprocessed human fears.

You can only ascend after you have overcome all your fears and the most common human fear on this earth is being criticized and ridiculed. In order to avoid that you have to love yourself first and foremost and only then are you able to love the entire humanity. This is what I have always felt and this has also given me the rectification to expose all human vices and weaknesses out of love for the people as I know deeply in my heart that these are the human deficiencies that will prevent them from ascension.

My goal has always been to help all humans ascend. That is why I came on this earth as an Elohim soul, discovered the Universal Law and developed the Science of Ascension. That is why I also accepted the position of the captain of the PAT and the human nexus to the Source, with all the negative consequences such as physical pain and rabid rejection by the environment. That is why I am indomitably displaying the courage of being the leader in this process and expose myself to all kinds of insidious attacks from humans and dark entities from the astral plane only to be a role model for the others to follow and also ascend.

That being said, I want to make you aware of the unique opportunity which is now given to you with the palindrome portal 02022020 to create successfully and almost in real time the new earth timeline on which you want to live. Come with me to New Lemuria and the cities of light and take as many human beings with you as you can convince. This is how we create the quickest timeline of ascension. Make it possible!

Light Bodies, Inner Earth Beings & E.T.s  – The 9D Arcturian Council

Daniel Scranton, January 31, 2020

“Greetings. We are the Arcturian Council. We are pleased to connect with all of you.

We have been investigating several timelines that you have in front of you now that you have been in this calendar year for a bit, and we see some nice openings for humanity. We see some possibilities for a great deal of energy hitting your world and transforming you on a cellular level. We see that transformation as an acceleration of the movement that you have been very gradually making to having fully activated light bodies.

Now, having a fully activated light body is something that many of you in the new age community have been talking about for quite some time. There has been an overwhelming amount of asking for this particular energetic transmission, and the requests have been heard, and you are gradually drifting towards that timeline. This is exciting for all of you and exciting for all of us who are watching you so closely and rooting for you to get to that fifth dimensional, higher self persona.

We also have been looking into a timeline where the inner Earth beings would be discovered and would voluntarily come out from underneath the surface of your planet. There’s a question as to which of the inner Earth beings would be most appropriate to make that appearance, but there are many wonderful candidates to step up and step out from beneath the surface. We also see a possible timeline where scientists will discover so much indisputable evidence that e.t.s have been to Earth that it would make the traditional news media outlets’ daily broadcasts and fill the airwaves for quite some time.

Many other very exciting possibilities exist for this calendar year, and we want you to know that you who are awake are the ones co-creating these timelines and inviting as many of your human friends as you possibly can to join you on them. You are choosing your timelines, and that is something that you can all do more consciously and deliberately. We highly recommend that over just looking for the predictions of what will absolutely happen.

Those predictions can encourage you to vibrate in harmony with that timeline, and that’s how they serve you, but we would much rather see you creating new timelines where the possibilities are endless for how far you can go during the rest of 2020. You must know by now how powerful you are, but every now and again, we like to remind you. And this transmission is one of those reminders. Come together as best you can with your fellow spiritually awake humans, and talk about which timelines you want to create together, because there is now and always has been power in numbers.

We are the Arcturian Council, and we have enjoyed connecting with you.”



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