The Epiphany of Dr. Carl Sagan – A Gnostic Remembrance

Patrick Amoroso, November 20, 2019

“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality…. The notion that science and spirituality are somehow mutually exclusive does a disservice to both.”  Carl Sagan

At the request and pursuant to the suggestion of Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, I am presenting a disquisition which is to be read as a Scientific Fiction. Such an essay is to be construed as a tale that is fictitious in the literal interpretation but nevertheless will coincidentally present truths consistent of both a scientific and socially-interpreted reality (see below).

The basic theme posited in this story is that if the personage of Dr. Carl Sagan, the renowned and world-wide famous cosmologist were alive and residing among us today, he would readily accept the propositions suggested in this narrative. From his current and ethereal vantage perspective in the higher realms, commensurate with his quest for a discovery of a New Theory of the Universal Law (UL) and coupled with an indomitable inquiry for the existence of extraterrestrial life,  these two insatiable probes have been revealed to Dr. Sagan by the efforts of a fellow scientist, Dr. Georgi  Alexandrov Stankov, who discovered the Universal Law two years before Dr. Sagan died from complications of pneumonia in 1996 at the age of 62. Stankov then published volume I on the new physical and mathematical theory of the UL in German one year after Sagan’s death in 1997 and made an official announcement on this discovery in early 1998 at the annual conference of the German Physical Society in Regensburg.

Sagan’s premature passing and the reasons for his early demise have been revealed to Carl Sagan in the Akashic records, while he coincidentally and to his great joy rediscovered the over one million scrolls of the Great and Classic City of Alexandria Library that he sadly reported were destroyed by 4th century Christian religious zealots as revealed in the original Cosmos presentation. In the very early portions of the Cosmos Series, Dr. Carl Sagan reported that if there was one designated place that he could revisit back in time, it would be the Great Library of Alexandria at its zenith. These esoteric records contained the authentic history, lineage and TRUTH of the human condition dating back to antiquity. This rediscovery for Dr. Sagan has humbled him to a fault as these testaments nullified Darwinian Evolution, an embellished theme that he enthusiastically presented throughout the entire rendition of the original Cosmos Series. Humans, as sparks of the divine and whose entire cellular and physiological quantum processes are administered by the soul in concert with the Higher Realms prove to be so enthusiastically received by Dr. Sagan after his physical death and transition to the Higher realms, known to us also as Celestria, that he literally was astounded and overcome with joy at this soul-inspired revelation.

My decision to engage in this very unique exercise of story-telling from a multidimensional perspective came about after rediscovering the entire DVD series of Cosmos while cleaning my closet space recently. It had been at least 15 years since I last reviewed this award-winning agenda which incidentally holds the worldwide record of being the most watched TV multi-episode series ever presented while reaching an audience of 500 million souls from many nations across the planet. It was during this review that I concluded that Professor Sagan was a TRUE GNOSTIC of his time defined by his unyielding scientific and philosophical pursuits while conducted in total defiance and made public against the elite political establishment at the height of his worldwide fame. To me, this defined his soul-constitution within as a True Gnostic. Coincidentally, he did not define himself as such during his years of fame but that omission is the motivation for this story.

In the opening scene of the award-winning 13 hour TV series, “Cosmos” hosted and written By Carl Sagan and his wife, Ann Druyan, Professor Sagan states: “The Cosmos is ALL THAT IS, or ever was or ever will be.“

The very word ‘cosmos’ is taken from the Greek. It implies both the concepts of ‘order’ and ‘world’ due to the ancient Greeks perceiving that the world was perfectly harmonious and impeccably put in order.

In the very early portions of the multi-sequence episodes of the Cosmos presentation, Carl Sagan makes repeated references to the ancient Greek philosophers whose influence on the development of Western Civilization was unmatched and adopted as the standard pedagogy of formal education and logical interactive discussion and debate. Thales, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras Aristarchus and others were identified and a discussion would soon follow of their many contributions towards a higher consciousness and mode of awareness to the physical reality that humanity found themselves within.

Heraclitus was not mentioned and it is here that Dr. Carl Sagan, perhaps through intent or an act of purposeful omission, failed to consider the transcendental nature of human consciousness touching on the spiritual plane.

By Dr. Sagan’s own admission in the presence of the higher realms, he did not give due diligence nor a modicum of consideration when touching on metaphysical and spiritual matters as he openly equated such a topic with religiosity and mystical connotation. This obvious contempt for religion is manifestly apparent throughout the erudition of the Cosmos series and was specifically of an admonishing nature towards the Judao-Christian-Islamic monotheistic and patriarchal faiths despite being of Jewish descent himself. One can see how easily the embellishment of Darwinian Evolutionary Doctrine became entrenched in his thinking as a counter-intuitive answer to creationism.

It has been the legacies of the proposed but never proven theory of human evolution and the introduction of the mass production paradigm of manufacturing consumer goods generated since the late 19th century that provided the incentive for the scientific inquiry in the 3D paradigm to be aligned with predominately “ agnostic“ materialistic research while countenanced in an ever present incentive of empiricism resulting in linear cause and effect modes of human thinking. Empiricism is the means by which scientists, physicists and researchers are academically judged and awarded recognition while being totally immersed in endeavors comprising a never-ending and voluminous, published array of what is mistakenly perceived as Scientific Truths.

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The falsity of such an approach results in theories of dark energy, dark matter, gravitons, black holes and ultimately, the Big Bang Theory.

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For me, (Carl speaking) I fell somewhat into this same and very trap of consciously departing from any transcendental comprehension on behalf of an elevated human-spiritual awareness while paradoxically alluding to AND coincidentally mentioning the wonders of human consciousness, spiritual yearnings and a harmonious accord with the universe. Being an academic, I would go to great lengths towards espousing an advocacy for material evidence substantiated by facts, and if established criteria of an evidentiary threshold is not met, THEN it reverts to myth, religiosity and cannot ever be accepted as truth by the scientific community.

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Carl, still speaking: ….In retrospect, to maintain that the human physical wonder consisting of a cellular accumulation of 100 trillion cells and metabolizing at quantum levels with the speed of light and only to arise from a primordial organic ooze affected by Darwinian-proposed natural selection forces over millions of years imparts a pretentious gullibility to the extreme. The religious-based converse of that argument that humanity was created some 7,000 years ago is also an exercise in absurdity as documented in the geomorphological record.

In consideration with this intuition-based conceptualization of humanity’s origins and his belief that the cosmos must be teeming with extra-terrestrial life of perhaps far greater intelligence, it is posited that Dr. Carl Sagan’s main incentive for writing and presenting the Cosmos Series probing these very same questions so consumed him that when he realized that our DNA has been altered with and favorably upgraded by advanced ET’s to assure our survival in the face of other rogue ET’s enslaving the human condition, he simply became overwhelmed with astonishment. When Dr. Sagan realized this saga that has played out and confirmed by the Akashic records now being studied via the Library of Alexandria Scrolls, my ( Patrick speaking) dream-state informs me that the monad family of kindred souls to Carl Sagan rallied to his side for he thought that he might falter for the light quotient so glistened within his now ethereal body that he thought he might be consumed in divine splendor.

Astrology was particularly eviscerated in the original presentation of the Cosmos series. Dr. Sagan repeatedly and with fervor assured his listening audience that astrology was a leftover of what he referred to as mysticism cloaked in a non-provable departure from any rational understanding.

The resurrected Carl Sagan now in his luminous body and enjoying an unknown hitherto omniscience speaks:

“In essence, I presented human cosmology in my earthly life as a false belief system nurtured by folklore and non-scientific memes of primitive thinking. Not once did I consider that it might be a transcendental approach aligned with the ancients attempt to consider the perplexities of the human condition given the technology of the day and presented as the means to represent specific archetypes of the developing human psyche for civilizations of the past. Comparing the modern-day practice of daily horoscope readings in tabloid magazines to the vast compendium of astrological summations of the ancient Chinese and Indian civilizations when astrology was simply a way to understand the intricacies and complexities of the universe in concert with the vagaries of human existence is not a proper contrast. Astrology was the precursor for the advent of astronomy and predates this modern scientific discipline by thousands of years. I am humbled by my misunderstanding of this venue and were I ever to revise the Cosmos Series, I would amend this selected diatribe with a more enlightened demeanor and countenance while realizing that astrology was an attempt towards a transcendental aspiration of metaphysical proportions as exemplified by a true Gnostic understanding.

In order to appreciate the life of Dr. Carl Sagan, one must understand the linear time reference and duration by which he came to be a very respected, and a much enamored academic and social activist. What you say, Was Dr. Sagan a social activist?  He most assuredly fit that description in the waning years of his short-lived life as he unabashedly confronted with logic and an uncanny insight the absolute folly of continuing the nuclear arms race during the Reagan years. The very concept of the “Strategic Defense Initiative” or what colloquially came to be known as the Star Wars Project where the United States advocated its plan to deploy killer satellites against incoming Russian nuclear ballistic missiles was an anathema to him and likely to invite a full scale nuclear exchange. Toward this stance and unbeknownst to many of his admirers, Dr. Sagan was arrested to wit: When Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev declared a unilateral moratorium on the testing of nuclear weapons, which would begin on August 6, 1985—the 40th anniversary of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima—the Reagan administration dismissed the dramatic move as nothing more than propaganda and refused to follow suit. In response, US anti-nuclear and peace activists staged a series of protest actions at the Nevada Test Site, beginning on Easter Sunday in 1986 and continuing through 1987. Hundreds of people in the “Nevada Desert Experience” group were arrested, including Sagan, who was arrested on two separate occasions as he climbed over a chain-link fence at the test site during the underground Operation Charioteer and United States’s Musketeer nuclear test series of detonations.

This act of a morally-aligned consciousness and civil disobedience earned him the wrath of the military security complex and the contempt of many scientists locked in the career imposing paradigm of designing mass instruments of death. It was a Faustian bargain created by the elites who gain from such heinous undertakings and amass unimaginable profits as shareholders of industries manufacturing “plowshares into spears “ to quote the biblical admonition.  In my mind, (Patrick speaking)  Carl Sagan was the very epitome of a soul-inspired Warrior Consciousness and thus a Gnostic before the term became applicable to those who let their intuition and higher transcendental calling guide their divinity within and uplift their GNOSTIC awareness.

Unfortunately, this courageous action could not be allowed to have the “People’s Scientist”  confront and challenge the elitist cabal, who no doubt are a representative component of the 30-45% that Dr. Georgi Stankov alludes to in his recent disquisition “The New Earth’s Programme” and to wit:

“the current total confusion and growing insanity of that portion of humanity, which includes the ruling dark cabal and their heinous stooges at all levels of society, such as politics (deep state), MSM, finance, science, etc. To my estimate, these dark entities comprise about one-third to forty-five percent of the world population depending on the geographic region. These are the souls that will not ascend and will eventually go under with the destruction of the old matrix. 

It is quite probable that the American representation inclusive within this category of duplicitous minions are at the higher end of this percentage threshold and it would not surprise me if the sample exceeded the 45 % acme of this nefarious portion.

For the remainder of his life, two existential dilemmas prompted Sagan’s attention which would induce a reaction by the elitists of the American Security Complex represented by the Pentagon and the Defense Contractors sowing their fortunes on the gross continuance of nuclear war making capacity. The other, probably more close to his heart as an academic, was the erosion of the American educational system. A neglect of science coupled with an apathetic appreciation for the humanities had pervasively lowered the American student’s ability to think logically which coincidentally is congruous with Dr. Stankov’s repeated assertions in many of his books and essays. Dr. Carl Sagan would certainly agree that an axiomatic reasoning capacity acting in concert with a higher intuition-based spiritual awareness is the mark of an advanced civilization so eloquently put forth by Dr. Stankov in his many disquisitions and books on Gnosticism.

I ( Patrick speaking) will now attempt to bring the ‘Scientific Fiction’ aspects of this story to a final conclusion. Please bear in mind that what follows are my private thoughts in the contextual framework of this unique story-telling component of Carl Sagan’s NOW presence in the ethereal and higher dimensional realms. It is perfectly aligned with what he once suggested in the Cosmos series that a 4th dimension would certainly be a place of wonder and unimaginative transparency. We, the incarnated souls of the PAT, the Planetary Ascension Team and Light Warriors of the First and Last Hour know full well where we are from and it pains us grievously to remain in the clutches of the self-imposed 3D matrix.

In my private reflections on the challenges of narrating this story, I find myself stepping between two worlds while my dream-states and meditative periods allow for a more transcendental cognition to come forth. It is here where Dr. Carl Sagan, an eminent and renowned scientist of yesteryear and Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, Captain of the PAT and unknown to most meet in full rapture and embrace for the former NOW knows the New Theory of the Universal Law as brought forth by the latter. I am assured by my intuition that Dr. Sagan is overwhelmed at this immense effort on behalf of Dr. Georgi Stankov and the implicit simplicity describing the energetic foundations upon which the New Theory of the Universal Law is predicated.

The Primary Term ( of human consciousness) = All That Is = Energy = Space Time = E = Ef ,  where EA equals action potential, (energy gradient f = 1/t  where t is conventional time = space s  and f is frequency (Absolute Time). A  simple algebraic equation runs the universe. This energetic transfer performs across a vast energy field structure of dimensional levels both horizontal and vertical where photons have mass and each action of these systems is an energy exchange field while each subset and higher composite of energy exchange sets contains itself as an element. Gravity is not the warping of space as Einstein, Hawking would have us all believe but the energetic transfer of energy between MASS (Condensed Energy) and Photons, defined as mass and energy constituted in the wave particle of the electromagnetic spectrum. We can even apply this understanding to ourselves as physical beings of condensed light.  …. Imagine that!!

The Law of the Conservation of Energy states unequivocally that the total energy of an isolated system is constant; energy can be transformed from one form to another but can be neither created nor destroyed. So much for mortality, O Death, where is thy sting?

The Big Bang is just hyped up marketing in order that confounded physicists can remain in the seclusion of their controlled thinking and entrenched empiricism much to the delight of the elitists who control the purse strings of research financing and government to university contracts while they never come to a proper understanding of the New Theory of the Universal Law.

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How is this possible?

FEAR, the most destructive human sentiment in the universe prevails as the scientific community of today are led like lemmings marching to the sea. Two principals of an immense scientific aptitude mentioned in the telling of this story: Dr. Carl Sagan and Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov’s lives – separated in space, but almost overlapping in linear time, convergent academic biographies, “like twins that never meet” (Rudyard Kipling), as their soul contracts disallowed a physical proximity and the merging of a scientific consensus agreed upon in the 3D matrix. Both are of a caliber of integrity, vision and heightened awareness that defines them as Ascended Masters and  Light Warriors of the First and Last Hour.

In conclusion, I am advised by my intuition that Dr. Carl Sagan watched with an intense enthusiasm when Dr. Stankov and I emailed an Open Letter of Recognition to some 10,000 physicists and scientists across the entire planet in the summer of 2017 espousing the New Theory of the Universal Law. Consequently, not one scientist then and since reacted favorably to our immense effort despite being written to in their native languages including Russian, English, German, Bulgarian and even Mandarin Chinese. It is reported by my Higher Self that Dr. Carl Sagan would have responded favorably if indeed he had lived beyond his mere 62 years. Why do I know that?  Dr. Carl Sagan was fearless, with a deep and abiding yearning for the TRUTH wherever it may lead. He experienced his physical death with dignity, AND compassion for himself and his loved ones.

He NOW knows all things and envisions a time when he will rejoin the ascending human family in the dimensional shift to come. Word has it that he has already compiled a learning curriculum for the worldwide teaching of the Universal Law to be presented and wishes to communicate with Dr. Stankov for an appraisal of its correctness. That is NOW being completed.

P.S. That completes my telling of the ‘Scientific Fiction’ account of The Carl Sagan saga. I have attempted to delineate the coincidences and correlative nuances of one scientist’s brief appearance on the world scene who despite his worldwide fame and an earnest effort marked by a warrior’s courage never came to a full understanding of the Cosmic Drama WITH that of another scientist who has not been a partaker of fame and worldwide acclaim, YET has discovered the very essence of how the universe (Cosmos) works in the promulgation of the New Theory of the Universal Law in addition to achieving a Gnostic and elevated consciousness across many disciplines of human endeavor.

Two SOULS, Brothers in Keeping AND the NOW final climax as Ascension draws near.

The reader is encouraged to come to their own conclusion concerning whether my decision to use the unique and novel approach constituting the Scientific Fiction allegory is upon an intuitive and soul-inspired examination really fiction at all or perhaps a more reasonable semblance of TRUTH thereof. You decide ….. It has been fun and a bit tearful.


The History of This Piece of Scientific Fiction

On November 10, Patrick wrote to me as follows:

Dear Georgi,

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your allegorical tale based on your post explaining gravity using the Pythagorean theorem originally presented in the year 2017. You certainly used the element of imaginative wonder in this recent essay. The past few nights I revisited the 1980 Carl  Sagan’s  “Cosmos” 12 episode series originally aired to over 500 million viewers throughout the world which still holds the title of the most watched educational series ever on television. I have the Collectors 12 DVD Edition and came upon it unexpectedly while cleaning my closet space. The last time I watched it was at least 15 years ago.

Dr. Carl Sagan was a unique astrophysicist / cosmologist and taught at Cornell university. Entrenched in his love and wonder for the universe was one who revealed a humanitarian devotion and love for the earth. During his life, he was quite vocal in his condemnation of nuclear weaponry and the human propensity to fuel the fires of its possible extinction. Unfortunately, he died a young man at age 62 due to complications of pneumonia brought on by bone marrow disease, Myelodysplastic Syndrome. At the time, I was quite sympathetic and surprised as he exemplified the best in the human condition while seemingly fulfilling the idiom, “The good they die young.”

Sagan tells quite a tale as he uncovered our philosophic past with an examination of the ancient Greek’s accumulative wisdom. He mentions Thales, Democritus, Plato, Aristotle and many others up to and including Hypatia of Alexandria. Always a humanitarian, he reveals the ugly picture of authoritive religion and its noxious effect on human history.

Despite adhering to the tenets of the day concerning  human evolution based on Darwinism, Dr. Carl exhibited a very keen intellect and after watching the series, I have concluded that he was a GNOSTIC without knowing it. Many times in the early portions of this series, he repeatedly alluded to the human intuition and wonder of our transcendental thought process. Had he been alive, Carl Sagan would have responded to your Open Letter to American physicists concerning the New Universal Law. He openly admitted that he thought there was a unifying force throughout all of creation and perhaps one day someone will arise and unify and integrate gravity with the 3 other natural forces. Lo and behold, Georgi , he saw you arriving.

In theological matters, Sagan’s God was that of Spinoza’s and essentially believed it to be the natural Unifying Force of Creation and exemplified by creation itself, ” All That Is”.

I hope this day finds you well.

**  Perhaps, I will further digest my thoughts here and write an essay or if you wish you can post this as a reply to your most recent post.

With love and light,


I responded immediately with the following suggestion:

Dear Patrick,

you can use the same genre, which I actually invented with this essay on Galilei and define as scientific fiction, which, contrary to science fiction, deals exclusively with undeniable facts and scientific statements embedded in a probable reality beyond space and time and thus carrying an eternal validity. They are a kind of scientific parables.

In this case you may choose the title for you essay, for instance, as “Carl Sagan’s letters from Afterlife” where he refers to some of his well-known statements he has made during his life and then after he has died. He now enjoys an expanded awareness and has studied the theory of the UL, which he understands and thus reflects on his cognitive limitations during his life and what he could have done and thought better. You can invent another person, e.g. a professor in physics he knows well and who is still alive and how Sagan advises him to change his understanding on physics in order to see the truth. This is just one suggestion and you may have other ideas how to create a fictive dialogue or eventually a monologue, leading to a better understanding of physics and cosmology as a fiction. In this case, the living professor must also respond and present his arguments for and against the UL.

For instance, this is what happened the other day in the post office in the near-by town of Gmund (Austria, where we have just created a new city of light in Central Europe). Otfried and myself met a retired famous professor of physics at the Vienna university. Otfried knew him from a lecture where he was explaining jovially to the audience that he loved to calculate physical equations but could not explain what he has calculated as he did not understand nature. He has a business card where a very complicated and to my mind meaningless physical equation is printed just to confuse or impress the people. 

This professor greeted friendly Otfried and myself and I told him that I have heard some very positive things about him and have a simple question: “There was a time when most physicists believed in the existence of one universal equation, they called it also “Weltformel” (world equation), and wanted to unite all physical laws and physics with it. What happened with this beautiful dream?” – “It remained a dream”, the professor replied, to which I was compelled to remark that I am not so convinced. And this is what this professor then replied that struck us so much: “If there were only one equation with which we can explain Nature, then there will be no need for us as theoretical physicists but only for technicians who invent new devices”. 

And guess what, he hit the nail on the head, to quote a German saying. His sincerity was disarming and very refreshing and if you develop a similar honest version of Carl Sagan after his death with expanded awareness based on his famous statements, you may create a very convincing fiction story how a blind scientist with a sincere quest for truth reflects on his own false, educated scientific ideas and further evolves them thus building a spiritual trail for others to follow. This all can be written with a lot of humor, sarcasm, but also with a deep understanding of the flaws of present-day science and human behaviour based on unprocessed fears. 

I personally think that this new literary genre, called “scientific fiction” can be an excellent means to promote the true science of the UL through literature in an entertaining and easily accessible manner to the public. Just a suggestion to ponder on.

With love and light


And the rest is history…. as they say.


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