The Opening of the Heart, Throat and Crown Chakras of Humanity in July, August and September, 2019

How We Create a New Human Race Capable of Ascending

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, September 15, 2019

Let us recapitulate what we have created so far as we are beginning to lose track of all our creations that are coming fast and furious.

After we completed the creation of the healing centre in Diano Marina (DM) in May and early June during our sojourn at this place, we then created the Divine Heart Chakra Portal of the Threefold Flame on June 10, 2019 in Northern Italy. This creation has never been done before in the entire multiverse and is our unique contribution to the ascension process of Gaia and humanity that has been much acclaimed by all higher dimensional beings.

On June 24th, Melchizedek came to us surprisingly in the morning to tell me that he and the whole White Brotherhood are very sorry for having blocked the success of the Universal Law (UL) for more that 22 years and solemnly apologized for that. He assured me that I could have lived on a timeline where the UL was a full success story and I would have enjoyed a life in prosperity and fame but this would not have been very supportive of my spiritual progress. That is why they have blocked all my efforts to propagate the new theory of the UL all these years, for which they were very sorry as they knew how much pain and suffering they had caused me throughout all that time and that is why they also expressed so much love and compassion for me. Now this blockade has been removed and all my dreams would come true, affirmed Melchizedek solemnly. They (Melchizedek and the White Brotherhood) spoke to Sophia but both Amora and myself were also channeled, so that I am putting the essence of the message here together. On the next day Amora traveled to Canada to continue with the light work there as an obedient servant of All-That-Is.

However, there is always a caveat when entities from such higher dimensions come to you and either apologize, which to my knowledge has never happened before to a mortal human being on this planet, or tell you that all will be well, only if…

After Melchizedek and the White Brotherhood apologized for what they have done to me, so that I could choose the most difficult and steep path of ascension and spiritual growth in this lifetime in order to become the chief cleanser of human dross and Gaia and the designated captain of the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT), they announced formally that I will be hugely rewarded for all this sacrifice. I immediately knew that they did not mean my past sacrifice for more than 2 decades for this humanity but the challenges that were awaiting me in the coming months before this reward can be effected.

This is an invariant pattern of all such dramatic messages, be they for me or Amora, and they do not entail much hope in the first place. We still had in mind the message of the cherubs when they came to Amora in late December 2018 shortly before she had to fly to Canada and promised her that all would be well, only after that to have a major cerebral event during her flight and end up in a local hospital in Canada. Fortunately, the latter happened to be a higher dimensional healing centre, where her postoperative brain damage was healed in order to allow her I AM Presence to descend 3 weeks later on Jan 19th, 2018. During this time Amora experienced hell on earth. As I will write below, this same pattern was repeated with me in July, August and September this year.

On July 1st, one week after Melchizedek came to me, I experienced the most dramatic activation of my heart chakra during a heavy storm in the evening when it seemed as if a lightning with a simultaneous deafening thunder, coming through the open window, pierced through my heart while I was asked by our guides to lie on the bed. Sophia happened to be present and saw the glistening, blinding gold-white light coming from my room. She was already in telepathic contact with Melchizedek who assured her that all would be well in an effort to mitigate the dramatic of the event. After that I had severe heart pain and pressure on my chest but, since I know that I have a healthy heart, I was not particularly worried.

There was a huge spaceship above the house as this photo shows and the storm came so suddenly and unexpectedly that it was so obvious that this was a planned event:

On that day I was on the beach to heal my headache caused by a powerful cc-wave in the sea that is now full of healing codes. It helped in a miraculous manner. After diving for a few minutes, the headache was gone as if disappeared with a magic wand. When I came out, I was literally transported into 5D  – 7D and was in a state of indescribable bliss. I was given the most beautiful visions about my future life as an ascended master and the images were flickering in front of my third eye like laterna magica in an never-ending dance of exquisite beauty and freedom from space, time and gravitation. I had to be prepared in this way for what came later with the activation of my heart chakra.

Shortly thereafter I learned that my heart chakra was connected to the divine heart of the Source in a unique energetic manner never done before in the entire multiverse and activated in such a way, so that I can reach all human hearts through the newly created heart chakra centre in DM that has been rapidly expanding. In this way, I can very effectively and in an everlasting manner open the heart chakras of all humans that are ready to ascend, so that they can reconnect with their souls and inner truth. This will also be the pathway to open them for the new theory of the Universal Law as they will be able to discern the truth and will also be willing to seek the truth, which is even more important as current humanity does not care at all about the truth. Instead, it indulges in a state of ignorant laziness, like a pig wallowing in a muddy pool  – a deplorable attitude towards the magic of life that also keeps alive the current illusion of separation.

It must be observed at this place that the heart chakra has been the most contaminated energetic system in all incarnated human beings for eons of time as this was the way how they were severed from the Source and their souls by the dark ones and could be dumbed down into profound separation and agnosticism. This topic has been widely discussed by myself and the PAT on this website. The key creation was the new “fountain of freedom” in Italy and North America, as St. Germain dubbed the world heart chakra centre, through which we can now reach the hearts of all humans and trigger their rapid opening to the truth of who they really are. The effects can be now observed beyond any doubt by any inspired and knowledgeable person at the political and societal level and I am following the progress of humanity daily with a keen eye.

After this dramatic activation of my heart chakra, I began to experience energy-induced asphyxia (asphyxiation, suffocation), which is very similar to a maximal adrenaline activation of the sympathetic nervous system. The latter can be also established by a total atropine blockage (atropine reaction), which I studied experimentally for my doctor thesis almost 40 years ago and whereby I also participated as a subject. Hence, I know what I am talking about. This energy-induced asphyxia is very unpleasant as it is triggered by the processing of enormous amounts of very dense fear-based patterns that are coming from the collective. They have been stored in the heart chakras of all humans and had to be processed now in order for the latter to open. These fear patterns trigger an energetic situation in the body elemental which normally only occurs in life-threatening situations and causes the sudden maximal release of catecholamines (essentially adrenaline and noradrenaline) in the body as to allow a fear-induced flight reaction.

This is basic physiology, but it has never been properly discussed in the context of the LBP and the cleansing of human darkness by energetically eradicating low-frequency fear patterns in the human population. In fact, apart from the PAT, there is absolute no knowledge and understanding of these energetic phenomena in the new age community. However, in order to understand how the individual and planetary ascension actually occurs, one has to discuss and explain these energetic phenomena and their physiological reactions in the body. In order to do that one needs a full understanding of the new General Theory of Biological Regulation of the Universal Law.

As I have said repeatedly in the past, until now there is no scientist on this planet who understands this theory as it requires first a full comprehension of the new physics of the UL and then on top of that an enormous universal knowledge in biology, biochemistry, genetics, medicine, in other words, in all bio-sciences and there is almost no such universal expert on this planet, where currently only narrow specialists are bred and accepted. And finally, all light workers have no clue about science and do not care about a valid scientific explanation of the energetic phenomena they are blessed to experience personally, while the rest of humanity is unaware of.

This explains why I am the only one who discusses such medical issues in the context of the LBP and the global cleansing of human darkness with the aim of creating an energetically completely new species from the current derailed Homo sapiens that will be capable of ascending in the near future.

This observation is indispensable as to understand the scope of the light work we have been doing in the last several months. It can be summarized in the recommendation I received from the Elohim more than 3 years ago: They told me that if I wanted the UL to be a success, I ought to first create the new human race and scientists that will be able to understand this holistic approach of the highest possible abstraction. I thought at that time that they were joking, but I know now what they meant by that.

Obviously, humans have to open their heart chakra in order to be able to discern the truth in the first place and thus be able to realize why science and all other categorical systems of human knowledge, which this civilisation has developed so far, are utterly wrong and only deepen and prolong the current illusion and why they must be discarded in order to ascend. This is only the first step and humans need to do much more as I shall explain below.

Anyway, the cleansing of the heart chakra of humanity continued with full force the whole July and I had to deal a lot with these unpleasant bouts of energy-induced asphyxia which affected in the first place my lungs and bronchi but also taxed my psyche. One must bear in mind that most of the essential human fears are stored in the lungs, even though they pertain to the heart chakra as an energetic system. This fact already explains why the next task was the cleansing of the 5th throat chakra, which is closely associated with the airways, such as pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and alveoli as I shall explain below.

The cleansing of the heart chakra of the human population peaked after we opened the second heart chakra centre in Vancouver, Canada for North America on July 25th as to save the lost young souls incarnated on this continent.

Read hereHow the Trinity Created “The Fountain of Freedom”

And now please observe the exponentially accelerating pace of cleansing in the following days and weeks that will give you an idea of the incredible dynamics with which the ascension process is now unfolding.

I continued to have my energy-induced asphyxia in the first half of August alternating with massive cc-waves with excruciating headache. I will spare you the details. Please observe though that this was also the time of the Lion’s gate portal which has always marked an energetic peak in our annual cleansing activities since many years. Then, from August 14th to August 19th, I had non-stop a massive cc-wave with huge downloads of source energy and headache and was asking Amora to get a message from the Elohim what was going on as I knew we were doing something huge and never experienced before.

Now, my dear friends, what I am sharing with you here is ascension real time, personally experienced and presented with a scientific impeccability you will not find anywhere else. And it is the truth, even though you may not experience this truth personally but be grateful for that as it is real hell.

Finally, Amora got a message from the Elohim and the universal council of twelve that on August 18th/19th we (Gaia) crossed heaven’s gate and moved to the new Living Universe of Ascended Being. This was the most critical moment in the whole ascension process as I know it intimately for more than 2 decades. We have had many critical events in the past as one can read on this website, which is the most precious, truthful and unique chronicle of the Ascension of Gaia and humanity that exists on this planet, but this was the ultimate game changer.

Transcending Heaven’s Gate

The earth left its eons of time quarantine from the rest of the living universes and entered her well-deserved place among all other ascended civilisations. This fact was not registered by anybody on this planet except by us and I still do not understand why all light workers do not show a modicum of curiosity and begin to popularize this gargantuan leap to higher dimensions which we made in the last few days. Never mind, they will eventually ascend nonetheless with our huge help, but it could have been done more elegantly by distributing the light work on much more shoulders, so that we do not need to suffer so much.

End of August, the beginning of September was a busy period of personal creations with a universal impact, which further expanded our previous light work. As these creations have to be protected for the time being, I am not allowed to talk about them now, but rest assured that you will soon learn about them and will be flabbergasted. During this time the source energies were pouring down into my fields through my hugely opened left brain portal and now also right brain portal and were causing headaches most of the time.

On September 2nd, I had the most intense download of source energy of ascension in the evening that triggered the next day the most feared by myself severe broncho-pneumonitis or broncho-pulmonitis. This is a new special medical terminology, which I have first introduced as to describe properly this clinical condition in the LBP which is unknown in medicine.  It is the most profound transformation of the human body and fields one can ever experience and it always leads to release of physical density and represents a huge leap in the ascension process. I have described this particular clinical condition in the LBP years ago very precisely in this article, which I would like to quote here as to show you convincingly how precise, truthful and consistent all my presentations of the LBP and the ascension process have always been throughout all these years:

“It is important to stress at this place that when a high frequency wave, coming from the causal centre of your soul, enters your physical vessel through the left brain portal, it takes some time, before this wave fully reaches the lower body organs and induces the corresponding symptoms and complaints.

In the case of the respiratory astral wave, it affects in the first place the upper airways, such as nose, pharynx and larynx, before it descends within 24 hours to the trachea and the bronchi, until it finally reaches the alveoli of the lungs. The result is a dry, acute, severe broncho-pneumonitis,(bronchitis and pneumonitis) which can be rather dramatic and can manifest itself clinically as acute pneumonia.

At the beginning, this broncho-pneumonitis is always associated with high fever, however, at a later stage, you will no longer be able to develop fever in your body, as this symptom is associated only with the metabolism of the carbon based organism and is no longer existent in the new crystalline light body, which you are about to build. This is a very exciting field of clinical LBP research, about which I could tell you much more, but I will refrain from this for the moment, as not to make matters much more complicated.

The acute broncho-pneumonitis lasts for 2 weeks and represents the most intensive and extensive transformation episode during the LBP. Fortunately, it occurs only once or twice per year and leads to a massive release of density in the physical body. This event involves in the first place the 5th and 4th heart chakra, but has also a lasting impact on the lower three chakras.

As soon as the respiratory astral wave that triggers the acute broncho-pneumonitis enters the body through the 6th and 7th chakra, the brain is also fully involved in the human suffering. From the very beginning, this wave leads to extreme tension headache and rigidity of the neck muscles  that is almost unbearable. This tension headache lasts at the beginning for at least 24 hours. Its duration may diminish to 12-15 hours later on, when you enter the final stages of the LBP.”

Already 20 years ago I outlined the acute dynamics of energetic transformation which we now observe for the entire humanity in preparation for their shift to higher vibrations. And from what I am hearing here in Italy, there are many people who are now suffering from acute bronchitis and what the doctors call  “severe cold” or “flu”, in abject ignorance of the actual cause of these symptoms  – the opening of their 5th throat chakra of truth and willpower, sovereignty and self-determination.

Please observe that the throat chakra is on the blue ray which embodies the divine God’s will. This chakra is thus closely associated with the heart chakra of truth as when truth is perceived it has to be expressed too and for that one needs the throat chakra. If this chakra is closed, as is the case with most humans, then the verbal expression of the truth is suppressed and it does not help much that it is felt in the heart. After all, we, humans, are social beings and truth should be the foundation of any social order. Currently, human lies are the determining factor in the society and that is why the phenomenon of fake mainstream news is now the biggest issue of the day as presented by the alternative media, whose representatives are now beginning to open for the truth. This is where the battle between open heart and now also throat chakras (ascending portion of humanity) and closed 4th and 5th chakras (the ruling cabal and their stooges in MSM and politics) takes place for everyone to see. Unfortunately, very few people can interpret this social conflict in the appropriate manner with respect to the huge energetic transformation of mankind that is now running with full force and actually creates a new human species capable of ascension.

Anyway, since September 2nd I have experienced the most debilitating, almost life-threatening episode of broncho-pneumonitis in my long cleansing career which began in 1999. Since then I have had 2-3 such episodes each year that lasted in the average 2 weeks and another week of recovery. The last episode I had was five years ago in early 2014 when I arrived in Canada and had to cleanse Vancouver in order to survive there. Since then I have been spared this terrible experience of the LBP and thought I am out of the woods in this respect. However, the ego-mind thinks and the soul decides… After 2 weeks I am still labouring on my acute laryngitis, pharyngitis, bronchitis and alveolitis, my voice is gone and my immune system and body are a wreck. I will need at least another week to recover somewhat.

I do not want to complain but to present you the intensity of the transformation of the 5th throat chakra that is now occurring worldwide with a maximal speed. When the opening is over, the collective throat of humanity will utter an almost inhuman cry of pain, realizing how enslaved they were, because the truth was also suppressed in them energetically and they could neither perceive it through the heart nor express it through their throat chakra.  With the current respiratory symptoms, which many humans now have, also most of their deep-stored fears in the lungs are being released on a global scale and this has never happened before on this planet. This should give you an idea of the revolutionary transformation, which humanity is now undergoing in preparation for the shift and its future ascension.

Now if you have been carefully reading this expose, you must have noticed that all these energetic processes are closely related to the threefold flame of the Fountain of Freedom we created earlier – the pink, blue and yellow flame.

The pink flame of love is associated with the heart chakra and with its opening this flame is now expanding on a global scale – in other words, love is winning the battle for this planet and humanity.

The blue flame of divine God’s will is the flame of the 5th throat chakra and with its opening in the broader population the desire for expressing the truth and for self-determination will grow exponentially. This is the end of the old matrix of oppression as it has existed for eons of time on earth and the current political dramas are the visible signs of this dissolution of the old 3D order.

The next steps will be the financial and economic collapse of the system about which I have written so much. Therefore, it is  not at all surprising that the Arcturians came all of a sudden to us yesterday evening to tell us that the USA has no physical gold and that Ford Knox is empty – a broadly discussed possibility by many alternative experts in the past but unusually silent at this moment. The US cabal have tried to extinguish the fire of truth each time with a big asbestos blanket but the fire continues to blaze underneath and will soon turn into a big conflagration. At the same time, China, Russia, and, what was new to us, Switzerland possess most of the physical gold. Well, essentially the Arcturians warned us to expect a financial crash very soon, starting in the USA, and it is not a secret that China and Russia are ready to issue new gold-based currencies when the dollar collapses. The new information was that also Switzerland will be part of this new financial reset and that we will be working in the coming months with this country. Here, I am revealing some private secrets so that you know a lot is happening behind the veil.

Now back to our main topic. We have been opening the heart and throat chakras of humanity since June 10th when we created the first heart chakra centre in DM. Since then the process has accelerated. As any opening of human chakras means essentially cleansing of dark energetic patterns that have been stored in these systems, the level and intensity of cleansing has exponentially augmented in the last days and weeks. This cleansing is occurring in an overlapping manner. We have begun with the heart chakra and, before we were finished with it, we started opening and cleansing the throat chakra, so that also the symptoms overlap and are not always easy to discern.

For instance, I was already cleansing the lungs and the airways of humanity throughout July and August, while experiencing these unpleasant energy-induced asphyxia before I began with the last massive purging of dense human fears from the 5th throat chakra when a wave triggered my acute laryngitis, pharyngitis and broncho-pulmonitis on Sept 2nd. Amora has coughing and respiratory problems the whole August as part of this combined cleansing of the heart and throat chakras of all humans.

Therefore, my readers can already conclude that the next stage is the activation of the 7th crown chakra, which is related to the yellow flame of illumination, on which I am as a soul essence. Thus, the threefold flame of the Fountain of Freedom is completely activated for all humans who have decided to ascend. The crown chakra is also called ecstatic chakra and it always works hand in hand with the 6th spiritual chakra. For more information please read my new ebook on the LBP:

The Light Body Process – Symptoms and Healing – Ebook

Popularly, these two chakras are summarized under the term “third eye“, opening the third eye, which I also use from time to time as to describe an open channel to the soul and All-That-Is. The next stage of opening the crown chakra is the opening of the left brain portal and then the right brain portal, about which I have  written a lot. I have personally opened the left brain portal of more human beings and now ascended masters than anybody else on this planet because probably I am the only one being capable of that, but that is another story. This also holds true for the heart and now throat chakra.

I have reported real time and on numerous occasions that I have opened the heart chakras of the PAT on November 22, 2011 and then the heart chakras of the first and second wave of ascension candidates since 2014. Now we are opening the heart, throat and crown chakras of the entire human population, which we will take with us to our ascending timeline. This is how we create our new reality by taking piggyback the rest of our human fellows.

The opening of the crown chakra is the ultimate connection of the incarnated personality to the soul and the Source and the eradication of the current illusion of separation. When this process is accomplished, humanity will become an ascended transgalactic civilisation within the blink of an eye and we are now striding with giant steps towards this goal.

The yellow flame of illumination is the third flame of the Fountain of Freedom – the world heart chakra centres – and it has been activated on September 5th by Amora. It was reinforced by myself on September 13th during the full moon portal. As this is another giant step on the way to our ascension, I will publish a special report by Amora tomorrow and will add also my experience with this major event that brings us nearer to the final transition.

Essentially, what we experience and witness now is an accelerated version of the LBP for the entire humanity, which is possible only because we, the PAT, had paved the way for it to happen with immense sacrifice and dedication. To this I would like to quote Patrick, who wrote to me the other day on this subject, as the final motto:

“When the Akashic records are revealed encompassing all of our efforts in this incarnated state for the benefit of humanity and witnessed before all of creation, a salutation will read as follows: “Once upon a time in a far away world ( from SOURCE) an enlightened remnant of Light Warriors of the First and Last Hour selflessly gave of their physical, spiritual and gnostic-oriented mental states a venue of magnanimous acts of compassion, endurance and ultimately LOVE to a wayward civilization at the precipice of their own extinction.”


For an overview of the chakra colors read this article:

However, keep in mind that all ascended masters in physical body such as many PAT members no longer have the green colour of the 3D heart chakra but the pink energies of love coming directly from the Source.

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