Astral Dynamics of the Global Economic Crisis on the Eve of the Parousia


Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, August 15, 2019

Translated from the German book “Neue Gnosis: Evolutionssprung der Menschheit“, 2001 into English by the author

This essay was written in early 2003 and added to this book as an attachment


“There is no confusion like the confusion of a simple mind…” 

F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Gnostic knowledge about the origin, meaning and purpose of human existence effervesces from the inner dimension of the soul, is more or less consciously absorbed by the human mind, and erupts at a given moment with great vehemence on the historical stage. Each individual currently incarnating on earth plays a unique role in the collective drama, which I call the Evolutionary Leap of mankind. It will culminate with the Ascension of the first multidimensional personality (in Greek parousia). Each individual role, however meaningful or trivial, is carefully planned and coordinated between incarnations and during the sleep phases.

This intimate knowledge of the inner truth acts in an invisible but very effective way on individual behavior and creates global historical developments of tremendous magnitude. It is a highly creative process whose blueprint is outlined in the everlasting Now of the 7F-realms of creation.

The 3D facts collectively created within the scope of human free will on Earth are continuously stored as innumerable probability alternatives in this open extremely dynamic blueprint of human evolution and played through in a feedback process before the astral plan begins to materialize in its entire complexity in the three-dimensional space-time of our planet.

Since the history of mankind at the beginning of the 3rd millennium is almost exclusively shaped by economic beliefs, conditions and constraints that are so entrenched in the collective worldview that mankind cannot free itself of its own free will from these encrusted habits of thought, the inner-mental dynamics of the new gnostic knowledge will be revealed above all by a world economic crisis that is imminent. This crisis will destroy the basic material and spiritual conditions that currently determine the conventional thinking and acting of human beings.

A crisis is not fundamentally necessary to move humanity to new insights and lift it to a higher level of spiritual evolution. By virtue of his free will, man is at all times entitled to the possibility of attaining inner truthfulness by his own power and without any external causes. However, given the sluggishness and limitations of human consciousness at the present stage of its mental development, the economic crisis is an indispensable external catalyst for the aspired spiritual evolution of humanity that will take place at the beginning of the third millennium.

The impending global economic crisis represents the optimal astral probability alternative to the Evolutionary Leap of mankind and can easily be deduced from the current situation. An analysis of the collective psyche quickly shows that people are unable to abandon old traditional beliefs and behavioral patterns and build their lives according to universal spiritual principles because of their inhibitory fear structure, which is currently even more noticeable than in the past.

In other words, the human race needs a strong push from the astral realms in order to evolve. This massive “interference” is part of the astral evolutionary plan for humanity in the present End Time, that is, for the souls currently incarnating on Earth, and was long ago announced as an encoded gnostic message in various religious scriptures.

Individual and collective life crises are very effective means of rapidly advancing the evolution of human consciousness. A crisis or a catastrophe questions the previous knowledge, thinking and acting, and mobilizes in a soul process, called catharsis by the ancient Greeks, important inner insights that man urgently needs to survive in life-threatening situations.

ReadGnosis as a Personal Experience (page 80)

The barriers of fear that lead to the denial of inner truths are broken down in such life crises and the amnesia – the forgetfulness of the eternal existence and the leading role of the soul and the soul worlds – decreases. In this unstable psycho-energetic state, the inner gnostic knowledge, currently understood as the collective and individual unconscious, but in reality, part of the all-encompassing consciousness of the soul, breaks outwards with great force and creates a new spiritual reality upon the ruins of the old world order shaped by materialistic dogmas, which will, for the first time in the recent history of mankind, also enjoy a genuine all-encompassing material abundance. It is significant that today’s materially oriented social order means that about 80% of the world’s population has to live in poverty under extreme material deficiencies. The new humanity that will emerge after the crisis will benefit from the active knowledge of the superordinate astral worlds and turn these gnostic insights into a new dominant worldview (Weltanschauung).

The processes that will lead to the greatest crisis in the global economy are already effective and shape the present in a sustainable manner. They can be recognized and explained from the conventional point of view of economic theory as well as from the gnostic knowledge of the 7F-realms of creation.

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Such knowledge, however, is only accessible to a few very old souls. Conventional economics, which currently presents itself as micro- and macroeconomics, cannot grasp the fundamental processes of the impending crisis because it has no knowledge of them and because it also lacks suitable theoretical instruments to assess it.

This deficit was eliminated with the development of the new unified economic theory on the basis of the Universal Law. Since this theory considers for the first time the energetic laws of 3D space-time and their interrelations with the 7F-creationary realms at the economic level, it is also called “economic energology“.

With the help of the new theory, I have been in a position since 1998 at the latest to clearly recognize and explain the impending world economic crisis and to predict its further course in detail. In a longitudinal analysis, this forecast is continuously reviewed and deepened.

In this essay, I will explain the inner dynamics behind the onset of the world economic crisis and introduce some important economic variables and interrelationships that have not yet been recognized by experts in this context. Since this treatise is addressed to non-specialists, I will refrain from difficult technical terms and economic contents and instead focus on the overriding imperatives of the astral realms. However, the subsequent discussion requires a well-founded overview of the modern economy, which can be taken from my book on this subject.

First of all, I must put an end to a basic idea in this essay. The coming economic crisis, itself, does not bring any new gnostic insights with it. Through the power of the factual, it merely clears away old beliefs, behavioral patterns and superordinate social structures. The crisis is only a logical consequence of the present ethics, respectively the lack of any ethics, and the illogical economic behavior of the people and reveals the many distortions in the view of the participants about the world and themselves.

The visible contradiction between appearances and reality – between the promises of the modern free market economy and the actual economic situation in the crisis – will, with a hitherto unknown inner-soul force, trigger a willingness among the majority of the people to replace the old world order with new insights, forms of behavior and structures that could never be achieved under the current “normal” conditions. Without this crisis, mankind will not be able to achieve its spiritual transformation of its own free will.


At present, there is a worldwide compulsion of preserving the old in politics and economy as an expression of the collective fear structure of the people. The conservative aspects of human existence are amply exemplified by both left- and right-wing parties. While the left-wing parties focus on the regulative power of the state with its diverse intermediary structures and degrade the citizens to puppets in the course of state welfare, the right-wing (conservative and liberal) parties appeal to the egoism and greed of the individual in order to keep him firmly under control through alleged fiscal gifts and other tricks. In this way, the politicians distract the masses from the actual reform issues by selling these negative qualities, which are representative of the broad population, as false virtues under the disguise of sophisticated euphemisms, such as “entrepreneurial freedom”, “competition”, “flexibility”, “liberalism” and so on.

These programmatic nuances do not prevent the political parties from doing the opposite of what they had promised before they came to power. The two political blocs easily agree when it comes to restricting the individual freedom of the citizens at the expense of an omnipotent state because political parties can only maintain their key position in society if they strengthen the state and make the citizens dependent on its mercy (footnote 1).

In this way, they make the citizens, whom they fear as unreliable voters, submissive and prevent them from coming up with the idea that they might live better without political parties and with more self-governance. However, out of laziness, inertia and stupidity, the citizens voluntarily renounce any personal responsibility and transfer their fate and concerns to power-hungry, unethical politicians. In return, they retain the right to feel betrayed by the politicians and to complain about them. We recognize in this behavior the reciprocal fear-related dependencies of current political life.

The reasons that the parties name for their demagogic purposes differ only superficially, but they are sufficient to engage the public in false superfluous discussions and divert their attention from the real problems. If the left-wing parties use the socially weak as a fig leaf for the establishment of an omnipotent state regulating every single activity of the citizens, the right-wing parties prefer to establish a police state in the name of internal security and take the citizens no less effectively as hostages of state monopoly.

If the Greens and other alternative parties are against new genetic technologies for reasons of conservation of Nature, they find themselves in a good society with Christian-oriented right-wing parties who see themselves as guardians of the creation of God and reject any kind of genetic manipulation. The accents in the party programs may vary, but the basic setting remains the same: The focus is on preserving and expanding existing state structures and not on the evolution and change of encrusted social forms, even if globalization is often used as an argumentative fig leaf in favor of greater flexibility. The era of social utopias that dominated the 19th century is irrevocably over.

However, the spirit of the 7F-creationary realms that creates matter and living beings at the same time is constantly in motion and change. On the one hand, modern man is glad to have developed both physically and mentally from his ancestor, the primitive man and the ape, on the other hand, he vehemently resists any further change in his species, be it through genetic manipulation or astral influences such as the Light Body Process, LBP.

The current discussion about embryonic research, for example, is deeply marked by fears of possible changes in the human species. These fears, like all human fears in general, are a product of ignorance – a consequence of the mistaken belief that a person’s identity depends on his genetic heritage. In reality, the genes are merely a part of the 3D hardware in the human body that is created and controlled by the soul’s astral software program. The identity of the incarnated personality is determined by the soul in the 7F-creationary realms before conception and incarnation; accordingly, the genetic material of the newborn is also modulated.

The soul alone decides how much of the genetic material it takes from the mother and father and how much new genetic material it incorporates into the embryo to create a unique individual. In addition, the genes of the newborn store the experiences of all previous incarnations of this soul, which subliminally shape the current personality as a genetic substrate and manifest in certain situations.

These important and very complex energetic processes in the embryogenesis and human personality development are completely unknown to modern genetics. To this day, geneticists are unable to find a single gene that is demonstrably responsible for the expression of the human personality and its intelligence, even though they claim to have already deciphered the human genome.

They can search an eternity further – they will find nothing, because human identity is not in the genes, just as little as human mind and feelings cannot be found in the cranial cavity, respectively in the muscles of the heart.

The mind as well as the psyche are non-material energetic systems of the 7F-creationary realms and the brain is only a very powerful, biochemical-electromagnetic hardware, a transducer of astral energies in the body, to control the body and the senses. The deterministic approach of today’s bio-sciences is completely unsuitable to capture these phenomena.

I have critically dealt with these aspects of bio-research in my book on biological regulation. It is important to note the following at this point: No manipulation of embryonic genes, no matter how ingenious, can cause or alter anything against the will of the incarnated soul, which determines and continuously regulates the individual genetic material. Since all genetic manipulations are of a mechanical nature and operate with the existing biochemical structures of the cell, while the cells are created and controlled by the astral software program of the soul, the arrogance of the bio-geneticists to clone humans, i.e. to “rise above God”, should be obvious to everyone (footnote 2).

No cloned cell can ever develop and divide without a courageous soul willing to take control of that cell. Anything else would be an exorbitant overestimation of genetics and all the feared dangers of genetic research are angst-related projections of human ignorance of what a human being really is. If such experiments succeed, this lies in the soul plan, the meaningfulness of which must remain hidden at present.

As we can see from this example, most of man’s beliefs are based on ignorance and are an expression of his fears, which belong to being human, but not to the essence of human personality: the latter is a product of the 7F-creationary realms.

The present fears of human beings and the convictions, beliefs, norms, prejudices and patterns of behavior that result from these have nothing to do with the actual reality; however, they decisively shape the present earthly reality and that is why I speak of a “fear-laden reality” of human existence.

The fear-laden reality is thus a reality distorted by fear. About 80 to 90% of all actions and activities of the people on this planet are caused by fear. Fear is the most effective energetic control mechanism of the soul (and the dark ones), with which she can manipulate her incarnated personality physically, through the unconditional reactions of the chakras as I have explained in the Gnosis, psychically (emotionally) and mentally (intellectually).

From this point of view, all social forms and structures that we currently find on earth are also a product of fear: it is the only psychological principle of the present social order. All social structures are in their form and purpose materialized projections of human fears. This is particularly true for the current health care system:

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Since fear has the ability to mimic and appears in many manifestations – as negative qualities, such as hatred, greed, power, dominance, aggression, envy or as false virtues, such as caring, kindness, diligence, and ambition – fear is not easily recognized. It is a predominant aspect of human existence and cannot be separated from it. In addition, most people are terribly afraid to ponder on the manifestations of their fear, let alone distance themselves from them.

This is the negative feedback of fear that reinforces itself. Only people whose energy fields are largely purified of fear in the course of the LBP, as is the case with myself, can reflect light-heartedly on fears and analyze both their “anatomy” as well as their “morphology” in a sober, detached manner.

Since we can set fear equal to ignorance because true knowledge, i.e. comprehensive awareness, is always free of fear, one can imagine that there is currently virtually no social form and structure on this rather toxic planet that is not based on fear and ignorance.

If politicians keep for years the public occupied with draft laws on genetic research, waste taxpayers’ money and develop senseless activities, they are driven to these activities solely by their fear and ignorance. One can now continue this analysis of fear and apply it to all other social activities and one will find few aspects of human existence that are dominated not only by fear and ignorance but also by love and knowledge.

This unfavorable ratio of fear/ignorance to love/knowledge must change with the Evolutionary Leap of mankind. In this process, the world economic crisis plays a central role by triggering people’s existential fears and then effectively questioning them through external events.

In this book on the new Human Gnosis, I explain in detail that fear is merely an energetic phenomenon of the human psyche that can change and decrease during the incarnation cycle. Fear forms the energetic barrier with the help of which the amnesia of the incarnated personality is maintained.

In the course of the LBP, the individual angst and the resulting amnesia are massively reduced and the personality is connected to the 7F-creationary realms. A reduction of fear is therefore accompanied by fundamental changes in personality, which I have explained in my discussion of the LBP. To put it more precisely: Man must first intentionally and positively change his personality in an act of mental strength before the actual reduction of fear can begin through superordinate higher dimensional forces.

First of all, people must thoroughly examine their ideas, beliefs, prejudices and the resulting patterns of behavior and reject them in their overwhelming majority because they are based on typical patterns of fear, such as greed, power exertion, hatred, anger, jealousy, compulsion to manipulate, shame, lack of self-esteem, etc. It is first and foremost an intellectual achievement of the mind – of the Human Spirit. In short, you cannot improve the world until you have improved yourself.

It is precisely this obvious truth that present-day politicians and economic bosses must realize. The majority of them are Young Souls who have preferred to collect experiences in their current incarnation with typical patterns of fear, such as greed, power, dominance and aggression at the centres of power before the world economic crisis will destroy these social structures of fear forever. Every Young Soul must first overcome these negative traits before entering the cycle of the Mature Soul and that is why the world crisis is inevitable – it is determined by the necessities of the soul.

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The current dismantling of many company board members in the Western world, who were celebrated as heroes a short time ago and are now standing in court and going to prison, is a preamble to the actual collapse, which takes place according to the well-tried fear pattern: “Hossiana, crucify him!”

(It is somewhat of a conundrum for me that the first economic crisis/recession at the beginning of the 3rd millennium, about which I am talking here, led to legal measures against the worst perpetrators and fraudsters-banksters in the Western world, while during the 2008 crash and subsequent depression that still lasts no bankster was indicted, although the damage, the fraud, was much bigger and even more obvious. This shows how much more evil humanity has become shortly before the ascension under the barrage of dark attacks from the ruling cabal and the former PTB from the Orion/Reptilian empire which we, the PAT (planetary ascension team), eliminated in the following years from the astral 4D plane of the ascending timelines.)

The fear-related negative traits that characterize this type of economic bosses are conveyed by the lower three body chakras. These are particularly pronounced in the present soul population, while the 4th heart chakra of grace and the upper three chakras of intelligence, spirituality and ecstatic mediality are still largely blocked (see Gnosis).

The mind has a higher frequency than the psyche and can modulate its anxiety-related qualities by transforming them into loving qualities and intentions, insofar as it distances itself from these fears, for they in turn act very strongly on the mind and can constrict and easily mislead it. The process of releasing fear and at the same time building up a loving, openly structured worldview is therefore recursive, iterative, lengthy and extremely strenuous.

At present, this process is severely hampered by external living conditions, which are all marked by fear. The more one tries to reduce fear through clear thinking and at the same time develops one’s ability to love, the more the astral realms will help. Many fear patterns, which shape the incarnated personality, are destroyed by energetic waves coming from the astral realms and are controlled by the soul – they are deleted and transformed into the ability to love.

(Important note: This is achieved through the opening of the 4th heart chakra, which harbours most fears and low-frequency blockades. Only after that can the LBP and the slow ascension of the incarnated personality really begins. I have personally opened the heart chakras of the first wave of ascension candidates, also known as the light warriors of the first and the last hour, on November 22, 2011, after the PAT opened the 11.11.11 stargate and guaranteed the planetary ascension as reported on this website. After that we opened the heart chakras of the second wave (autumn 2014) and third wave (2015-2016) of ascension candidates.

At present, we are opening at rapid speed the hearts of the entire population of incarnated human souls across all timelines that have made the decision to ascend with us. This is accomplished by the new world heart chakra power centre of the threefold flame (blue, yellow and pink) in Diano Marina, which we created in the middle of June 2019. This is a unique creation of the divine trinity, Sophia, Amora and myself, and was never done before in the entire multiverse. It is the game changer in the current ascension process. This world heart power centre is connected to the healing centre in DM, which we also built in the last several years and will be the first city of light to manifest this year.

On July 1st, in a most dramatic moment in my life that I have to keep confidential for the time being, my heart chakra was connected to this world heart power centre and thus directly to the divine heart of the Source. Since then I am conducting massive cleansing light work to open the heart chakras of all ascending incarnated personalities so that they can also open to the transcendental dimension of their souls and begin to see the truth through their heartminds by eliminating their current illogical and mired ego-minds. Only in this way can humanity reach the energetic threshold to perform the ID shift and for us to ascend to 5D and higher dimensions. This opening of the heart chakras of all humans is also associated  with a massive cleansing of the 4D astral plan, from where all humans were enslaved for eons of time and dumbed down energetically by the archons and other dark evil entities, as this was explained by Amora in her two latest publications:

I recommend all my readers to read these energy reports of Amora very carefully one more time in the light of the additional information I have given above as to know precisely what will happen after we go through the Lion’s Gate in August and how it has been accomplished. Read also very carefully this latest full report on our creation of the world heart chakra centre, also dubbed by St Germain as the “Fountain of Freedom” in Italy and Vancouver for North America.)

This is achieved through the building of destructive interference between the higher-frequency vibrations of the astral realms and the low-frequency vibrations of the specific anxiety patterns in the incarnated personality that leads to the extinction of the latter. During this cleansing process, the fears are perceived mentally by the incarnated personality as intrinsic qualities of his being. That is why this process is so difficult and challenging.

Such waves occur regularly during the LBP. With a little practice, one can determine exactly the respective fear pattern that is being released and its localization in the body. Temporarily, the person experiences the fear pattern as part of his psyche, before it is being erased. It is precisely in such moments that it is crucial to distance oneself mentally from the superficial perception of fear, which can be very unpleasant, and not to interpret it as part of one’s being and fall into depression. In such a situation, certain simple breathing exercises are very helpful to better tolerate the uncomfortable sensation of angst.

At the beginning of the LBP, such waves can last for several weeks, towards the end their duration decreases to a maximum of one or two days, while their frequency and intensity increase significantly. The superficiality and transience of such sensations are becoming more and more apparent as the energetic connection between the soul and the mind is now wide open and is smoothly functioning.

This positive feedback between mind and soul plays a central role in the fear reduction during the LBP and is even mentioned in the Bible: “Whoever has, will be given more, and they will have an abundance. Whoever does not have, even what they have, will be taken from them.” (Matthew,13,12). However, Jesus already limits the enlightened group of people who will benefit from this process by admonishing his disciples: “Because it is given unto you (Old Souls) to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them (Young and Child Souls) it is not given“. (Matthew,13,11).

Hence, it is not enough to change the convictions superficially but to maintain the old patterns of behavior, which are very tough and resistant. This behavior is especially popular among many Young Souls and can only be overcome towards the end of the incarnation cycle after many painful experiences. One must always be aware of the dialectical trinity that builds unity – thinking – acting – examining the consequences before acting again – and critically analysing the results.

Only Old Souls can successfully master this feat of strength because in their long incarnation experience, they have learned to deal with their fears and to distance themselves from these. For the Young Souls, who currently populate the majority of the earth, something will therefore only change in ideological terms, but the fundamental transformation in the LBP will be spared to them.

Many Young Souls will leave the earth prematurely if they refuse to accept the impending changes because 0f fear. They will make up for this experience at a later date. Thus the Bible contains important references to the forthcoming Evolutionary Leap, if one interprets its statements correctly, for example, the prophecy about the fateful division of mankind in this extremely vulnerable phase of its evolution (Matthew, 24, 40-41).

The impending world economic crisis represents the greater framework of conditions within which this inner-soul process of anxiety reduction that enables an accelerated evolution of the human species can unfold. The goal is the transformation of the biological body into a crystalline light body and the expansion of the limited human consciousness to the all-encompassing awareness of the 7F-creationary realms. Man becomes a transgalactic species and can dwell both in the astral realms and in 3D space-time. He is freed from the limitations of space-time – hence the concept of transliminal (boundless) soul. In the conventional sense, man becomes God.

Can there be a greater transformation than this from the point of view of mankind today? Who would be really worried if this transformation were to lead to significant genetic and physical changes, such as the development of new neuronal connections in the left brain hemisphere that enable telepathy and will put an end to today’s explorative science?

When we speak of the Light Body Process and Evolutionary Leap of mankind, we must not lose sight of earthly reality. It is, as already mentioned, a product of collective human beliefs and various obsolete doctrines of political, religious, cultural and economic nature. They form the energetic environment in which the incarnated personality develops and matures.

She has to adapt to this environment since her earliest childhood, absorbing the fear-laden behavioral patterns first in the family, later at school and at work if she wants to survive. They become the second nature of all humans, although they do not belong to their soul essence.

The personality swims, so to speak, in a sea of collective fear-related prejudices, beliefs, conditions, prohibitions and dogmas, which it cannot avoid and can oppose very little from an intellectual point of view as she does not know otherwise unless she becomes an independent thinker and philosopher which in the current society is even rarer than diamonds. In this, we see the dilemma of every earthly incarnation. In contrast to the 7F-creationary realms, where thoughts immediately take shape and manifest, every change in the 3D space-time, which also occurs first as a thought, materializes very slowly. The 3D reality is therefore very sluggish in its transformation and the incarnated personality needs enormous inner-soul forces to overcome this “time lag” in the realization of her ideas.

This inertia is the fabric from which most human tragedies and failures are woven. And yet this sluggish reality must change decisively, for during their incarnation cycle the souls strive for an evolution, which they can only achieve if the earthly conditions also continue to evolve.

I have stated in the new Gnosis that the Evolutionary Leap of humanity represents the transition of the great wave of the currently incarnated Young Souls into the cycle of the Mature Soul. Mature Souls need different social conditions for their unfolding than the currently prevailing ones, as these correspond to the limited needs of Young Souls.

From this superordinate point of view, the impending world economic crisis is only one piece of the mosaic of the Evolutionary Leap of mankind; from an earthly point of view, however, it will become a milestone in history. I repeat once again: The Evolutionary Leap of mankind could also come about without a world economic crisis. However, in view of the present spiritual condition of mankind, it is inevitable. Why?

There is currently no significant force in society that is capable, on the basis of impeccable spiritual principles, of seriously questioning the present, seemingly immovable forms of fear-laden interpersonal relationships and having the courage and foresight to propose and realize radically new social conditions marked by love, understanding and knowledge. The reason for this mental, psychological and physical blockade lies solely in the individual and collective fear structure of the people that forces them to cling to dubious outdated material achievements.

Baby, Child and Young Souls, who make up about 80% of the world’s population, have shaped today’s society according to their limited fearful needs and will not give them up voluntarily. Because of their spiritual ignorance based on their fears, they are unable to reflect on their fears because they follow them in their thinking and behavior in an unconscious, quasi-automatic way. The fears of the Young Souls have become their Pavlovian conditioning. Since they do not even suspect that they are afraid and act out of it, it is pointless to talk to such people about their fears that limit their worldview: they are absolutely refractory to this kind of conversation.

Neither do they suspect that they are fundamentally ignorant. After all, they have only begun to conquer the outer world a few incarnations ago and have become so prejudiced and complacent about their putative successes in manipulating people and matter, that they would never voluntarily give up this, in their eyes unique, progress. For this reason, they see no need to tear down the social structures of fear that they have built up in a few centuries and of which they are so very proud.

The Mature Souls, who make up about 20% of the world’s population, have come to terms with these conditions, good or bad, and quietly struggle with their fears, which they experience on behalf of the Young Souls. They blame themselves that they adapt so badly to the social conditions of the Young Souls and do not get on socially. For only a few Mature Souls have chosen in the present incarnation an influential or successful biography, knowing full well that the system will sooner or later collapse and that it will be advantageous for them not to be near the heap of shambles when the Evolutionary Leap occurs. Unfortunately, the earthly personalities know very little about these far-sighted plans of their souls and find life very difficult.

The few Old Souls who have incarnated at the moment are mainly occupied with esoteric tasks like channeling and the like. They live on the margins of society and have no direct influence on it, but the more so at the level of their souls as they are the ones who drive the ascension process and help humanity to also move to higher frequency levels.

Some very Old Souls, who are at the end of their incarnation cycle, are fully in the LBP, which is extremely exhausting, and have no strength to engage in external social activities; instead, they are exerting transpersonal light work on behalf of Gaia and humanity and even at the transgalactic level together with highly evolved disembodied souls and entities from the astral realms and the Source. None of this is known to the rest of humanity.

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For this reason, the material and social conditions that we find on earth at the beginning of the third millennium must first be destroyed, so that the people experience their independence from material conditions and at the same time recognize their energetic self-sufficiency as incarnated immortal souls. This destruction of the present material world cannot be carried out within society because it could never be as radical as it would be necessary to effectively reduce people’s fears. Therefore, it becomes a project of the 7F-creationary realms, not least because in this process the collective amnesia is abolished once and for all and humanity enters into a qualitatively new phase of earthly existence.


The world economic crisis, planned and directed by the astral worlds, has the task of destroying the old structures of fear and ignorance and preparing the ground for true love and fear-free knowledge. The blueprint for the great economic crisis at the current End Time has long existed in the 7F-creationary realms. Therefore, it was easy to insert it as an encoded message into many “holy” books. The fact that the most important economic factor of the world economic crisis, world inflation, has been effective for several centuries proves that the crisis was prepared by the souls long ago.

Every incarnated soul grows and develops fastest in a social crisis that brings with it great existential challenges. The many wars, migrations, famines and crises in the 20th century testify to the accelerated growth of the soul population on Earth on the eve of the Evolutionary Leap.

In the coming crisis, the people will be forced to consciously recognize the many manipulations they face in today’s society, just as the Germans were only able to see through the reprehensibility of the Nazi regime after they were defeated, although they had sufficient opportunities to do so before, but were so afraid that they refused to face the truth unconditionally.

Similar to the Germans after World War II, all the people will soon feel betrayed by their leaders, although it is actually a self-deception of the masses. They will reject with indignation the manifold and audacious manipulations and deceptions of the Young Souls (and their evil masterminds of the former PTB) who sit at the levers of power. Collective anger is a powerful factor in social transformation.

In this way, the people will regain their lost dignity. Above all, they will realize that they are Spirit: Immortal souls who temporarily and voluntarily incarnate on earth to explore the conditions of 3D space-time in a state of amnesia and gain new experiences. This is the real gnostic task of the parousia, which will occur parallel to and in close connection with the economic crisis.

This Greatest Depression is the epitome of creative destruction based on the following principle: a little destruction brings about a little change; a lot of destruction brings about a lot of preservation. This apparent paradox reveals an eternally valid truth: only when much is destroyed, can the veil of spiritual distortion be lifted so that man may know his true nature – what he has always been but has long forgotten: An immortal soul, a God in the process of becoming in search of his three-dimensional identity.

The largely complete fear-induced amnesia, in which most incarnated souls have lived for over 2000 years, has produced the many misconceptions and beliefs that have materialized throughout history as social and economic forms, norms and dogmas, keeping human thinking in a stranglehold. The most important are listed briefly:

1. The idea that people are separated and must therefore live in constant competition and in the struggle against each other, hence the many wars, the establishment of individual competing national states and the creation of a supposedly free market economy that is fraught with power structures, monopolies and exploitation.

But the family, too, has become a battlefield of the sexes, because the incarnated soul has forgotten that in her former incarnations, she has often changed sex. The idea of the separation of man from nature, which is relatively new and completely absent in the pantheistic natural religions of earlier peoples, culminates in the erroneous Darwinian doctrine of evolution. Although it has not produced a single proof for its thesis “the fittest survives” at the genetic level, this ludicrous doctrine, which seeks the purposeful force of evolution in the variability of external conditions without giving an answer as to who is actually changing these conditions, enjoys unreservedly the nimbus of science and has become a subject that is taught in all schools: Ignorance as mass epidemics.

2. The idea that an incarnated soul can exercise power over another soul or bigger populations of souls leads to the establishment of social power structures according to the principle of fear and exclusivity, such as churches and religions, secret societies and secret services, corporate monopolies, ideologies, states, confederations of states, etc.

In the energetic sense, all ideas that contain separation as an element are N-sets. They violate the Universal Law and the establishment of a rational true worldview, a Weltanschauung based on logical-axiomatic categorical systems such as the new scientific theory of Universal Law, according to which human behavior must also be guided in an all-encompassing and consistent manner. Ideas that are N-sets create the condition of destructive interference.

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Since the current “free” market economy rests on such ideas, it fulfills the condition of destructive interference and carries within itself the seeds of destruction, which will manifest as a world economic crisis. The main economic condition of this destructive interference is, as already mentioned, money inflation: The increase of the money supply in the last centuries worldwide by a factor of 100 compared to the actual material production and the resulting decoupling of price and commodity value. (In the meantime this world inflation has increased manifold, my estimate is by more than a factor of 1000 compared to real production and national wealth, especially during the gargantuan bailouts and numerous QEs of the central banks after the crash in 2008.)

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This results in various macroeconomic imbalances, which can be regarded as secondary conditions for destructive interference in the economic sphere. These include the current negative trade deficit and the budget deficit of the USA (twin deficit), which are financed entirely with foreign capital (foreign savings) mainly from Asia and Europe (approx. 3.5 billion dollars per day). At the same time, the savings rate in the USA is zero, whereas private debt has almost doubled in recent years as a result of the FED’s low-interest rate policy (When I wrote this analysis in early 2003, the total debt of the USA was in its infancy, so to say. In the meantime, it has increased at least 10-fold, especially after the crash in 2008 that initiated the Greatest Depression of all time. However, this discussion already anticipates this crash that began in 2006/7 with the subprime mortgage fraud committed by the US banks in cahoots with their criminal rating agencies Moody, Fitch and Standard & Poor.)

At the same time, most US corporations are heavily indebted, especially the car, aviation and power utility industries, while their pension funds have been plundered by the managers to visually improve corporate profits. The debts of US companies are covered by large corporate bonds, which are also largely financed with foreign capital, although they are already classified as “junk bonds“.

For this reason, it is justified to speak of a “four-fold deficit” of the American economy, which is currently essentially concealed by the real estate bubble (caused by the subprime mortgage fraud which I discerned already in 2003 and thus much earlier than the protagonists in the much-acclaimed movie “The Big Short). Private and public debts are parked in high real estate prices, which develop in the opposite direction to historically low mortgage rates. Like the “twin deficit”, the American mortgage debt is also predominantly financed with foreign debt capital (over 4000 billion dollars) in the form of virtual derivative bonds via intermediary mortgage insurers. Thus we are actually dealing with a “five-fold deficit” in the USA (This huge debt caused the crash in 2008, the crash of many European banks who bought these subprime mortgage packages, and the onset of the Greatest Depression of all times, which is currently hidden by fudged US statistics.).

Interest rates on foreign mortgage refinancing are linked to US government bond rates (they are a few basis points higher), which are currently also at their lowest levels. There are serious indications that the major US mortgage lenders such as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are already illiquid today, so it is only a matter of time before this fact becomes known and they declare bankruptcy. Experience shows that it takes three to five years until the real bankruptcy of a company becomes officially known. There was a similar situation in Japan in the 1980s, which led to the current prolonged recession in that country and de facto ruined most banks.

(I am really proud of this prophetic forecast that would have brought me a fortune at that time if I did not despise the financial markets and had not retreated from them as early as 1998 during the Asian and Russian crisis. Both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae which had a share of half of the 12 trillion US mortgage market had to declare bankruptcy in 2008 at the height of the subprime mortgage crisis and were de facto nationalized by the US state. This is still the current situation, even though it has been camouflaged by obscure legislation.)

The inflow of debt capital into the US will cease when the fall of the dollar exchange rate destroys the average return on US investment. Since this yield is already very low today because of the FED’s low-interest rate policy, a relatively small depreciation of the dollar is sufficient to reach this critical threshold. Then the dollar exchange rate will slide rapidly into the cellar.

(While this scenario was prevented by the banksters cabal in 2008 and then again in 2011 and 2013 with the help of gargantuan bailouts and QEs (and even NIRP, negative interest rate policy, which is economic insanity) of the central banks that socialized the losses and made the richest even richer, the world economic crash is still valid and unavoidable and may as well happen in the course of this year of 2019 and surely thereafter. Read also all articles in the section “Economic Collapse” on this website to get the historical perspective of this ongoing crisis since 2008 that has been suspended by the higher realms on these ascending timelines for the time of the parousia, while it has happened numerous times on all lower timelines, which we have been severing since June 2013 in the process of planetary ascension.)

Since the dollar can essentially be devalued against the euro and the yen, and since these world currencies mainly contribute to financing the five-fold US deficit, it is only a matter of time before the money inflows from Europe and Asia to the US cease and the country becomes insolvent.

(In order to prevent this case, the criminal US government and the deep state began a series of wars and uprisings (Arab Spring) in the Middle East and South Africa as to preserve the dollar as safe haven currency. In early 2003, when I wrote this essay, this heinous policy of the USA was not explicitly visible and I was the only one to perceive it so clearly, although the heinous war plans of the neocons already existed as General Wesley Clark confirms in this historical interview which was first published in 2007.):

This massive indebtedness of the US economy to foreign countries has led to an extremely skewed development of the world economy and leaves the Third World no fair chance to develop on its own.

Instead, we regularly observe crises and devaluations of national currencies as a result of hyperinflation, e.g. in several Asian countries, Russia, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Argentina, in many Third World countries as Zimbabwe, but also in the former Eastern bloc. The latter represent local destructive interferences at the financial level. The rail on which this unequal development is transported is the dollar as world currency (65% of the world’s total money supply) and the main cause of world inflation.

But also the most important financiers of the Americans, Europe and Japan (China came only later), suffer from this imbalance: They do not come out of the recession because they transfer their money surpluses to the USA instead of using them to boost their own economy. This recession is incomprehensible and turns the macro theory of Keynesianism on its head, considering that the money supply in Europe and Japan is growing by 8-10% per year, so the financial markets are literally flooded with liquid assets. This explains the temporary recovery of the European stock markets early this year (2003) in the absence of economic growth. The international stock market indices thus follow the inner logic of a “double-dip” and will fall into the bottomless after this short-lived interim high (see chart below).

(This is what happened in 2002/2003 and then again in 2008/2009. Another brilliant prediction that would have made me a fortune as this chart below demonstrates. One can only make a fortune in the stock market at the turning points of a bull or bear market. I developed a novel chart-technical analysis based on the new mathematical theory of the Universal Law that allowed me to make such precise predictions. Later on, the robo-traders took over the financial markets and decoupled them from the real economy by falsifying them on a daily basis, so that no specific predictions are possible anymore except to announce the inevitability of the final biggest world economic crisis based on the analysis in this essay, which to my estimation will begin this year of 2019 and will dominate the life of humanity in the next several years after we shall ascend.).

Nominal Gains

While the USA attracts foreign capital like a magnet in old habits, industrial production in this country is constantly declining. The USA is losing millions of jobs in the industry to foreign countries, mainly China and other Asian countries. The current temporary recovery of the US economy only affects the unproductive tertiary sector, which accounts for 75% of GDP and is growing only on credit due to unprecedented tax cuts and government debt.

This sham recovery is being exaggerated by the experts by means of fudged US statistics, for example, on the fabulous growth of production efficiency which disregards actual inflation because the ruling cabal does not want to reveal the frightening facts. For this reason, the much-quoted hope of a revival in American exports will prove to be a harsh illusion based on the weak dollar, as the USA does not produce any goods that it can export in addition (footnote 3).

The services of the tertiary sector are tailored solely to the domestic market and essentially fulfill the function of attracting foreign capital into the country by inventing various fictitious financial products, with which they ultimately finance the wasteful lifestyle of Americans at the expense of foreign savings.

In order to conceal this fact, the experts unanimously praise American consumption as the engine of the world economy. It is cogent that these unproductive financial cycles fulfill the condition for destructive interference in the economy and are a major factor in the impending global economic crisis. I have dealt with these aspects in detail in my book on the new economic theory of the Universal Law.

The latest development shows the dilemma facing Americans. While Greenspan paints the specter of deflation on the wall (2003) to divert attention from the international inflation of the dollar as a world currency, he also writes himself a blank cheque to boost the state money press. With these freshly printed worthless greenbacks, he intends to pay the five-fold deficit of the USA to foreign countries because he knows all too well that the domestic industry will never ever be able to pay off this deficit through export surpluses (read here).

At the same time, the US President (Bush) is unusually sharply urging China to revalue its currency against the dollar at a time when the Japanese National Bank has reached the limit of its possibilities and has almost capitulated to artificially keep the dollar high by buying US bonds to support it. If China were to revalue its currency, it would have to stop for example investing its export surpluses, which in 2003 were as big as the American foreign trade deficit, namely 450 billion dollars, mainly in US dollars, in American government bonds because this would only hurt this giant country. It would suddenly devalue its growing national dollar reserves. In this case, China would have to stop financing the American deficit and instead invest its surplus money in euros and yen, which would only aggravate the crisis in the US.

If, at the same time, the Japanese were to stop supporting the dollar because of liquidity problems and even opt for the lesser evil of withdrawing their enormous investments from the US in order to save what can still be saved, then the US would de facto be insolvent and the dollar exchange rate would plummet in the abyss. The appearance of this scenario is “as certain as the Amen in the Church” (a popular German saying) and will decisively shape the second half of the first decade of the third millennium.

(This scenario was postponed on all ascending timelines for the current End Time as humanity was not yet ready for the world economic crisis that will occur simultaneously with our ascension, while it happened on all lower timelines as a worst-case scenario and led to the establishment of the NWO. As we are constantly bilocating to numerous timelines, we have visited such lower timelines, where the NWO was established and have reported on our experiences on this website.)

The five-fold deficit of the US is thus the main hiding basket of world inflation, which is predominantly dollar inflation. The moment the cheque from abroad fails to arrive, the Americans can no longer finance their five-fold deficit and will be broke.

Since the national state knows no bankruptcy, the default of the US dollar and the US state will manifest as follows: First, the real estate bubble will burst, just as the stock market bubble has burst since 2000 (The fraudulent subprime mortgage bubble burst indeed in 2007/8). The US stock markets, which have since recovered, will begin to fall in a double-dip until they end in a crash, see chart above.

(If it were not for the gargantuan bailouts of the banks and the rich, this scenario which I predicted in early 2003 would have happened with certainty. It actually happened on all descending timelines after 2008. It was only postponed on these ascended timelines as the world economic crisis has to coincide with our ascension which will prevent the establishment of the NWO, which was installed on most lower descending 3D earths.

These notes from July 2019 bridge a period of 16 years of the ascension process of Gaia and humanity and are intended to give some intimate glimpses to the reader into the intricate dramaturgy of the higher realms, which can only be properly comprehended from a deep understanding that we live in a multidimensional world and that there are numerous earths, timelines and parallel realities, and that linear time is an illusion. This is a leitmotif in all my writings, as only individuals who develop this abstract point of view can become true Gnostics and establish a clear connection to their souls so that they can eventually ascend in the near future.)

The flight of debt capital from the USA will trigger a rapid fall in the dollar exchange rate. All foreign investment in the US will have to be written off sooner or later, with Europe and Asia, especially Japan and China, being the most affected. They are also caught in the maelstrom of the global economic crisis, which will begin as a financial crisis before it expands and affects the manufacturing sector.

With the fall of the dollar, the US market will collapse and with it the worldwide trade, which is mainly driven by the US market. A global and long-lasting depression will occur (It started in 2008 and is still ongoing). The world economy is now at a crossroads. Will the US agree at this stage to reform the dollar and limit the amount of dollars in circulation according to the actual performance of the domestic industry, or will it refuse to take this necessary step because of power politics? If the former happens, the crisis will be short-lived; if not, what seems more likely after weighing the current political situation in the US, the crisis will be prolonged and deepened.

Ultimately, the Americans have no choice but to carry out a dollar reform in their own interests. After this step, the USA will lose its world power position in one fell swoop and shrink to a normal average state, corresponding to the population, such as Russia, Japan or even Brazil.

There are a number of factors and unproductive cycles below the macro level described above that will cause and trigger the global economic crisis. Their simultaneous effect can only be reproduced very inadequately by a descriptive verbal presentation, which must inevitably remain sequential. In particular, the potentiating effect of many processes that take place simultaneously and overlap (space-time consists of superimposed waves) and fulfill the condition of destructive interference can only be grasped schematically because economics has not yet developed any useful concepts and instruments for the description of such phenomena. In this respect, one must rely on one’s own intuition to identify the prevailing tendencies and fault lines behind the confusing wealth of economic data. In principle, all unproductive cycles and destructive factors in the economy have one and the same source – world inflation. For this reason, they are predominantly financial in nature, such as banks, funds, stock exchanges, etc.

These institutions are the result of the collective and individual greed of humans, which has historically materialized in various forms of finance. I have discussed these structures in detail in my book on the economic theory of Universal Law and in the section “Economic Collapse” on this website so I will not go into them here. Ultimately, it does not matter which external event will trigger the crisis, for all roads lead to the downfall of this new Roman Empire of Evil.

It can be assumed that the world economic crisis will be triggered by the news of the ascension of the first transliminal soul. This parousia announced in the Bible is closely related to the impending crisis. Both key events will powerfully advance the cognitive evolution of humanity.

In contrast to the parousia, whose uniqueness will shock the world at short notice (except for the few enthusiastic souls), the world economic crisis will not remain a singular event. Rather, it will take place in several phases and dominate the first decades of the 3rd millennium. Important information about the inner-mental dynamics and interrelations behind the world economic crisis and the parousia can be found in a programmatic, yet unfortunately too cryptic form in the 2nd Pauline Epistle to the Thessalonians (footnote 4).

The new Gnostic knowledge, which will spread like wildfire with the first ascension of an incarnated soul and will catalyse the world economic crisis, will lead to the following important insights:

1. All incarnated souls are part of All-THAT-Is and never really separated. All interpersonal relationships are collective role-plays that are carefully planned in the astral realms and implemented in a creative way in the 3D space-time of the Earth. Friends and enemies, murderers and victims, are inseparable soul brothers and sisters who, depending on their wishes and needs, can once take on the role of the radiant victor and next time the role of the wicked traitor. Thus in every incarnated soul, there is a Jesus and a Judas at the same time.

2. The knowledge of the unity of all living beings and the indestructibility of the soul and the personality structure of its incarnation is not compatible with the present social and economic structures of fear, which is basically a fear of biological death. Above all, it cannot be reconciled with the current behavior of most people. Hence these must be fundamentally changed.

An incarnated soul fragment in the state of amnesia and apparent separation from the Source can expand the consciousness of the earthly personality through experiences of joyful or sorrowful nature, as well as through inner insights. Experience leads to insight, and timely insight saves unnecessary negative experiences. Insights gained now affect the future experiences of the present incarnation as well as the future incarnations of the soul. First comes thinking, then experience. Experience is always a function of inner knowledge.

For this reason, it is legitimate to say that each incarnated soul creates her own experiences. Every single human consciousness can in principle attain the full awareness of the soul: It is always available to it as a potential. Only most people have forgotten it.

The reduction of amnesia can be initiated and effectively supported by an external gnostic teaching such as the new theory of Universal Law. The new theory is first and foremost an introduction to correct logical thinking and action. Hence it will not only fundamentally change people’s thinking, but will also inevitably affect their future experiences and relationships.

However, as we have already seen, man is more than just mind – he is both psyche and body. Feelings and physicality must be lived and experienced. As energetic phenomena, they can only develop their functions and effects within the framework of interpersonal relationships.

Man can think up feelings and physical activities, such as in art and literature, but they have a different quality and intensity than those lived directly. Which area offers more opportunities to explore the body’s emotions and mode of action than the economic relationships that fatefully chain the incarnated personalities together?

The modern collective tragicomedy of the Evolutionary Leap will be neither purely familiar as in antiquity nor socio-political as in the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Enlightenment. It will have a predominantly economic-pecuniary character and will primarily lead to the downfall of the national state and its intermediate structures. This is the actual function of the impending global economic crisis.

It follows from this that economic development cannot be separated from the inner-soul dynamics of the 7F-creationary realms, since they form a unity. However, the conventional view of economic experts completely ignores the astral dimension because the materialistic dogma of today’s science demands it.

The “economic sages” are thus blind to the impending economic crisis and will soon mutate into “economic orphans”. A glance at the current economic debate in the media is enough to convince oneself of that. Nowhere does one find a sound and consistent macroeconomic analysis of world inflation; one does not even see the problem despite dozens of Nobel laureates in finance. Nor is there any serious discussion about the consequences of the five-fold US deficit. A very oppressive hypocrisy is spreading in society – it is an expression of the experts’ fears to be the messenger of bad news. There is a poignant lack of intelligence, knowledge and integrity in present-day humanity.

This collective blindness of the experts, however, is intended in this way, for it leads to total confusion as soon as the crisis breaks out.

First comes the deception and then the frustration. Nothing promotes thinking as much as temporary disorientation that then leads to orientation and greater awareness. The astral symbol for the materialization of a transformation is fire and for the ensuing mental confusion – the ashes from which the new, the disentanglement emerges, like the “phoenix from the ashes”.

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It is therefore no coincidence that the number of fires and their consequences in the Western world have increased noticeably in recent years. At the same time, such natural disasters support the global economic crisis, just as the attack on the World Trade Center deepened and revealed the existing recession of recent years.

However, the fear of great natural catastrophes as prophesied by various prophets for the End Time is unjustified because the actual collapse will take place at the economic level and the signs for it are abundantly clear: they do not require a pronounced prophetic gift. They are the result of faulty capitalist development in the last 200 years.

For example, as early as 1996, in an analysis of the social consequences of the discovery of the Universal Law, I wrote that the national state of capitalist character with its main pillars, health care, pensions, and treasury, would soon collapse and was accused of black painting.

Today we are witnessing their inexorable collapse despite various cosmetic measures taken by the politicians. Basically, the people of today do not want to hear bad news because according to their fear-laden interpretation, everything that leads to the destruction of existing structures is “bad news”. In this way, they fail to recognize the Creativity inherent in every destruction and why destruction is a prerequisite of true evolution. Without destructive interference, there can be no all-embracing harmony – neither on earth nor in the astral realms.


Apart from the economic and financial causes discussed above, there are also some concrete reasons why the current economic order must disappear. The latter is based on a few pioneering discoveries and inventions made in the 19th century or the beginning of the 20th century. These include first and foremost the development of the steam engine, the combustion engine and the alternating current generators. As power machines, they still play a decisive role in industrial production and transport today. They are based on the combustion of fossil energy or on the conversion of electromagnetic energy into mechanical work, whereby the coefficients of the available energy as effective work are rather low due to friction and heat radiation (photon radiation). All subsequent developments are merely adaptations and refinements of these basic inventions. The Internet has also no value if a power failure occurs, as has recently been impressively demonstrated in the USA, England, Sweden and Italy.

Only nuclear energy was developed as a novel source in the 20th century, but the existing unresolved problems with the use of this form of energy speak for themselves and have led most industrialised countries to opt out of nuclear energy.

As we can see, today’s industry works largely with obsolete technologies that destroy the environment profoundly and do not allow for real progress. The entire industrial development of the last 200 years is thus merely a prelude for some time – a preparation for the unimaginable technology transfer that will be initiated after the Evolutionary Leap from the astral realms onto Earth.

In the course of the Evolutionary Leap of mankind and the ascension of some individuals, the technological situation on earth will change fundamentally. These Ascended Masters will have unhindered access to all sorts of technologies developed and stored in the 7F-creationary realms and will be introduced on Earth in a short period of time, without overwhelming the rest of the incarnated population.

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There is no doubt that new free energy sources will be tapped that we cannot imagine today. The problem has always been the availability of usable energy and not the scarcity of energy, as is currently mistakenly feared or deliberately insinuated because everything is energy.

In the past, such information was given in the form of inspiration and research results to maintain the appearance of collective amnesia. Tesla, the inventor of the alternating current generators and godfather of the area-wide electric power supply with which the modern age began, was, for example, an Old Soul, massively inspired by the 7F-creationary realms who knew exactly about the existence of these realms.

This disguised way of passing on technological information will no longer be necessary in the future. In this way, global research and development (R&D) will also change fundamentally.

The information about new astral technologies will be telepathically transmitted by the Ascended Masters to other souls related to them and then recorded. This knowledge will be made available to the whole human race unselfishly, e.g. via the Internet or another communication network.

Consequently, all patent offices and patent monopolies will be abolished. The corporations of the old technologies will die quickly like the dinosaurs and will make room for new flexible production units. These will operate according to new spiritual principles for the benefit of the world community.

Such production units will no longer need the current money as a means of investment. Instead, they will function on the principle of a simple, transparent, numerical (econometric) accounting and exchange system that excludes greed and profit.

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Production will be based exclusively on the actual needs of the world population and not on the profit of anonymous shareholders, as is currently the case. Above all, all mechanisms of artificial money multiplication, such as interest, dividends, share profits, derivatives, etc. will be abolished as economically nonsensical and ethically reprehensible.

The new econometric clearing system, which will replace money, will not, in contrast to today’s money, be a “value in itself” (see money paradox in economic energology). It will only be a measure of the material and spiritual achievement provided, whereby not the payment, but the evaluation of the achievement according to spiritual aspects will be in the foreground.

To put it plainly, there will be no more idiots like those who currently romp about on television celebrating their “bohlenia” (new word, play upon words with bulimia) – their bullshit a la Dieter Bohlen – in public and collecting millions in pay for it, while the demanding and responsible profession of a teacher is rated many times lower. Such extreme aberrations will no longer exist in the new society of love.

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At the same time, all stock exchanges, funds, banks and other financial structures will disappear from the scene, as will the corresponding professions that behave like parasites.

Since the state will be abolished in its present form, there will be no more civil servants and politicians. The entire social substrate of unproductive professions such as civil servants, politicians, financiers and other drones, which can only live on the forced redistribution of money by the state in the form of taxes, statutory pensions, savings schemes and so on, will disappear once and for all. As products of the Young Soul mentality, these professions will no longer fit into the spiritual principles of the new social order. The entire economic life will be organized lovingly pragmatically and very efficiently and will receive a new spiritual image.

For this reason, it is necessary that, even before the transfer of astral technologies begins, the old financial structures of greed reveal their inefficiency and collapse in the wake of the world economic crisis. There is thus a dialectical necessity for the appearance of the world economic crisis, which can only be fully understood from the future technological development of mankind.

Much can be written about the new world economic order of abundance, the Golden Age, which will come after the Evolutionary Leap, but what has already been said is enough to explain the prominent role of the approaching world economic crisis and to justify its necessity from the astral-energetic point of view.

Finally, I would like to recommend to my readers to use this essay as a guide for their observations of current developments and to try to recognize the hidden direction behind the ostensible events that the fake MSM are spreading as news.

I, for my part, can neither conceal the intellectual pleasure with which I follow the preparatory works of the astral realms on the world economic crisis behind the scenes, nor fully express the joyful surprises they bestow me with again and again. And that is much more than I have ever dared to hope while I thought I was still a mortal human being.

The infinite cosmic Odyssey of the eternal soul is full of ecstatic surprises that allow her to grow beyond herself and perform miracles. But that is, as Scheherazade says in “One Thousand and One Nights“, a new story.


1. Please, observe that Trump was elected with the promise of containing the spiraling US national debt (fiscal debt) inherited from Obama, whom he condemned as a socialist (left-wing politician) dedicated to spending and big government. Instead, Trump has even increased the accumulation rate of the national debt in the first three years of his presidency. This was done very easily as both democrats and conservatives agree each year in Congress to raise the debt ceiling when the national debt hits it with another one or two trillion dollars printed out of thin air (here), while at the same time, they cannot agree on a few billion dollar investments (less than 1% of the annual increase in national debt) to protect the Southern border.

2. This discussion also explains why the numerous manipulations of many E.T. races on the human genome in different epochs did not affect at all its divine template, known as Adam Kadmon, but only deteriorated the biological performance of the physical body and increased the rate of mortality, that is, they shorten human life which used to be 1000 years and longer in past prehistoric incarnation experiments on earth. The real manipulation of the incarnated human species occurred through inserting low-frequency fear-based patterns in the mental and emotional bodies by dark entities from the astral plane and by putting astral 4D implants into the physical body to block the free flow of soul energy through the seven body chakras and dumb down humans. However, even this most hideous intervention could not prevent the ascension of humans who are God’s sparks.

3. When I wrote these lines in early 2003, the US trade deficit was 444 billion dollars. In the following years, the US trade deficit doubled to almost $900 billion in 2018, while the dollar depreciated by almost 50% against the euro in the first decade of the 3rd millennium after this new currency was introduced on January 1, 2002. Notwithstanding these generally known facts, all experts and politicians are still chanting the same fictitious argument of alleged economic recovery as a mantra for the last 15-20 years, only to lull the concerns of the citizens about the already erupted final world economic crisis. This fact also explains the reckless trade war policy Trump is currently leading against the rest of the world in order to contain the constantly growing trade deficit of the USA with China, EU and other industrial countries – to no avail. Although he has raised huge tariffs on most Chinese goods, the US trade deficit with China continues to grow unabatedly because US does not produce anything that it can export to China or substitute with cheap Chinese imports. The same holds true for Canada, GB and many more Western countries with high trade deficits, where the ruling cabal deliberately destroyed the industrial basis as to impoverish the population and eventually establish the NWO. But they have fully failed on this goal on all ascending timelines, about which I am writing here. This irreparable economic situation will contribute to the downfall of the Empire of Evil and Trump’s slogan MAGA will prove an empty euphemism – an oxymoron of the End Time.

4. See “The coming of the Lord and his signs” (2 Thess 2).

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