Prognostic Power of the New Gnosis

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, July 06, 2019

translated from the German book “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy“, Part 1, 297 pages, 2004, into English by the author


Prognostic Power of the New Gnosis

Every true cognition must faithfully capture the current events and be able to make statements about the future. This prognostic ability only makes sense in 3D space-time, where events seem to be sequential according to the cause-effect principle. In the simultaneity of the astral realms there is neither past nor future, but everything happens in the present moment. In this sense everything is possible in the astral worlds and can happen immediately. The astral worlds are a single, eternal, self-contained act of creation.

In reality there are also boundaries in the 7F-creationary realms which energetically separate the individual levels (dimensions). Similar to the boundary between the h-space-time and the astral worlds, the boundaries between the astral planes represent energetic frequency leaps. However, nowhere in the astral worlds are these boundaries as complete and total as the boundary between the material three-dimensional world and the astral worlds. For this reason, the lower astral frequency ranges (fifth dimension) already convey the experience of a simultaneous energetic unity. On the other hand, the energetic barrier, which separates 3D space-time from the astral realms and also consists of astral energies, creates the idea of separation. This energetic separation allows the illusion of the sequential course of events according to the cause-effect principle.

The experience of separation is thus an artificially created state with the purpose of creating unique incarnation conditions. Souls incarnating on Earth want to experience the sequential time and causality of events that constantly demand decisions from them. Such experiences are unique in h-space-time, in which many other incarnational modalities exist, and cannot be made in this form in the astral realms, which are energetically closely connected and form a simultaneous unity.

In the astral worlds, the soul cannot decide for or against the universe = All-That-Is. She is carried by necessities which manifest as loving energies and allow only activities of the soul on behalf of the Whole. On the other hand, an incarnation on earth also offers the possibility to decide against the community, i.e. against other incarnated souls, and for example to hinder their unfolding.

This collective game, known as karma, is only possible under the condition of an almost complete amnesia. Figuratively speaking, the souls create their own three-dimensional world in which they gradually incarnate in order to gain corresponding pre-programmed experiences. The excitement of the task lies in the improvisations and surprises that the simultaneous incarnation of six billion souls on a planet like the Earth brings with it, while they enter into complex energetic interactions with each other.

Since h-space-time is a U-subset of the 7F-creationary realms, energetically it is an inseparable part of All-That-Is. The events of h-space-time seem to follow strict physical laws due to their artificial separation from the astral realms. Although such laws entail certain limitations, they are also creative in nature: These laws can occur one way or another, for instance, gravitation needs not be a part of an incarnation experiment in 3D space-time. Their relative permanence, which can be perceived with the senses or with the help of instruments, is currently justified by scientists with the existence of unchangeable laws of nature.

The “discovery” of a natural law – in reality all known physical laws are concrete derivations of the Universal Law and thus abstract mathematical representations of the Primary Term of human consciousness – contains as a mental prerequisite the confidence that nature will also behave in the same way in the future. Berkeley already drew attention to this psychological precondition: Since God is immutable, according to Berkeley’s view, all his phenomena-like laws of nature are also immutable. The mere idea of the existence of a natural law is thus based on the expectation that this law will remain eternal and unchangeable. His experimental verification, as in the case of gravitation, seems to confirm this view, although serious doubts have been raised about the scale invariance of the gravitational force.

In reality, space, or what people perceive as space, consists of countless energetic miniature points (grid points, which I can see with my third eye) that function like microscopic black holes. Through these points the energy exchange takes place between the 7F-creationary regions and the h-space-time. This exchange of energy is responsible for the creation of space-time, whose spatial expansion is merely a field of possibility for the higher frequency astral energies. In the vicinity of such points, the gravitational force changes slightly. These minimal gravitational fluctuations cannot be detected by current devices. Thus, gravitation is currently regarded in physics as scale invariant, i.e. as unchangeable in the space-time continuum, although it is a wave phenomenon and thus subject to certain pulsations: All-That-Is is a single pulsation. This also applies to its subsets such as gravitation.

In reality, the situation is much more complex than one might think. As we know from the theory of relativity, space curves under the influence of the gravitational force. I have proved in a fundamental way that space-time, which is a unity, consists only of two dimensions, space s and (absolute) time f, which are canonically conjugated quantities and behave reciprocally to each other: The greater the time f, e.g. measured as frequency f, the smaller the space s and vice versa.

The separation of space-time into two constituents, space and time, is a psychological achievement of the human mind: in reality space-time is a unity. At the same time, this mental achievement is the original source of human language and the formation of conceptual categorical systems with which the world is captured indirectly, i.e. secondarily, in the form of a verbal Gnosis. I will discuss this aspect in more detail in Part 3.

Philosophy and Gnosis are therefore secondary linguistic products of the primordial ability of the human mind to divide the Whole into space and time, to form spatial and temporal concepts and to link them together. Every word we form is defined either temporally or spatially. The same applies to their linkage to sentences with which, for example, gnostic categorical systems are built.

The only operative principle behind the formation of spatial and temporal concepts is the so-called arresting of time in the head. It reigns like an invisible force behind every human perception of a sensual or abstract nature and predetermines it in a fundamental and hidden way until the discovery of the Universal Law. The arresting of time in the head is an automatic process of human consciousness – both the senses and abstract thinking function exclusively according to this operative principle.

It is an aspect of the principle of circular argument that leads to the following basic knowledge: All sensual or abstract perceptions of the human mind can only take place by comparison, i.e. in a circular fashion. This is a consequence of the closeness of space-time and the Primary Term. The arresting of time in the head allows the application of the principle of circular argument. We owe to this process, for example, the development of differential calculus, with which the assessment of fundamental physical quantities such as speed was made possible in the first place.

All physical quantities known to us, which determine our ideas of space and time, have been created by arresting time in our heads. The ability of the human mind to distinguish parts of the Whole is based solely on this process. I will show later on that all human languages are built according to this principle.

I have discussed this process at great length in the General Theory of Science because it is of crucial gnostic importance. This realization only really came to light after I had developed the new physical-mathematical Axiomatics from the Primary Term. The internalization of this process is the greatest achievement of abstraction that the human mind is capable of. This cognitive sound barrier is also the key to understanding the new theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law. Because of the importance of this topic, I will deal with it again at this point. It is closely linked to the human ability to look into the future and make forecasts.

While the idea that the sensual perceptions of man are energetic comparisons with standardized quantities of energy (quanta, solitons, action potentials of neurons, etc.) is easy to explain with the available scientific knowledge, the idea that even our abstract thoughts, with which we perceive and recognize the environment and ourselves, are also energetic comparisons with standardized memory contents of unimaginable dynamics and plasticity provided by the astral worlds, has not yet even been recognized as a gnostic theme. A proper discussion of this aspect would go beyond the scope of this treatise, because it presupposes a revolutionary new attitude of the reader to the eschatology of human existence, which will slowly develop only in the next decades.

At this point it should only be mentioned that the comparisons take place automatically and with an unimaginable speed largely unnoticed by day consciousness, so that humans cannot even recognize, let alone appreciate, this recursive, breathtaking creative achievement of the human mind, which is a local, sensual-cognitive system of the astral worlds, with whose help the 3D-space-time is created in the first place.

At present, man regards this spiritual achievement as a kind of “free lunch”, a gift from God or Nature, the essence of which is not worth pondering on. Even the greatest mystics in the history of mankind, who have inevitably dealt with this question, while exploring their inner-soul dimension, have not grasped the recursive mode of action of the human mind. Nor have they recognized and appreciated the role of fantasy in the creative translation of probability alternatives of the astral worlds into 3D space-time, as I will show later on in this book.


The Primary Term, All-That-Is, is an energetic unity that is in constant transformation. In physics one speaks of energy exchange. All interactions that can be observed in nature, such as the four fundamental forces in the standard model, represent the exchange of energy. This exchange seems, at least for the terrestrial observer, to produce different forms of energy; from this the concept of energy conservation (closeness of space-time) was developed and formulated as the first law of thermodynamics. Space-time is closed energy exchange.

No single object or system in space-time actually has a fixed volume, a space with clearly defined boundaries, even if our optical impressions suggest this conclusion, for the energy of which these systems are composed is in a constant exchange. Not even the elementary particles, such as the quarks that allegedly make up matter remain in space-time known to us. Science has not yet discovered that they flicker with the frequencies of the astral energies, which are many times higher than the highest frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum that we can currently measure. Figuratively speaking, the elementary particles appear in our space-time for a tiny moment and disappear again. In this way they are able to form an infinite number of space-times or 3D universes at the same time, to which we have no access so far. They all have an apparent expansion, a space, whereby their spaces then contain each other as an element – they overlap each other, so to speak.

Since quantum physics cannot measure these pulsations of the elementary particles, but only their temporary presence in our space-time, it regards the elementary particles as solid building blocks of matter. In reality, the elementary particles are probability fields of the astral energies: The astral energies are capable of projecting an infinite number of such probability fields. This statement also applies in principle to the human mind. It flickers constantly between the 3D space-time and the higher frequency astral realms. When recording the data of 3D space-time, the mind manifests itself as day (wake) consciousness; when recording the astral realms, it shows medial abilities and has access to transcendental knowledge. The reader will surely recognize that this description soon reaches the limits of human language and that we can only help ourselves with pictorial representations.

First of all, the human body, which is currently regarded as the carrier of the inviolable identity and genetic uniqueness of the individual, is, physically regarded, a complex standing wave, a soliton, which is formed within the framework of cell metabolism from the physical elements and substances of the earth and is constantly transformed. Figuratively speaking, the earth – symbolically one can also speak of “Nature” – creates new systems from its own material, which then interact with it and change it.

If, for example, a person lifts a stone from the earth’s surface, then from a physical point of view one can just as well claim that the earth lifts a part of itself against gravitation: The earth interacts with itself in a novel way, outside the usual physical processes that form the earth’s crust. Of course, the earth can move stones against gravitation in many ways, for example during a volcanic eruption, but in the case of man it is a unique creative interaction with itself. For this reason, some alternative scientists regard the Earth as a living being – as Gaia.

These distinct dynamic-kinematic forms of the earth are currently perceived as an independent form of energy, as organic matter and living beings. According to today’s opinion, they have developed within the framework of evolution with the sole aim of asserting themselves and surviving against the adversities of the same earth or nature. Of course, this survival does not apply to the individual, but to the genus, because according to the evolutionary doctrine, the individual is worth nothing in this merciless struggle of genus forms: it is only a vehicle for the survival of the genus.

This ludicrous doctrine, which denies the natural growth and exquisite meaningfulness of the individual and justifies his mere existence with the survival of the species, permits only a very limited interpretation of all possible interactions between earth, nature and living beings. Above all, it is a decisive obstacle to understanding what a human being really is.

If, on the other hand, one applies the physical view that all living beings are creative variations of earth’s energy due to their material composition to the astral realms, then it is easy to imagine that the latter create the human beings. The soul creates her personalities and successively incarnates on earth, only to form a new point of reference to herself and in this way to step into creative inter-relationships with herself in order to recognize herself in a better way. Energetically speaking, humans are not merely separate bio-organisms, as empirical bio-science is currently trying to teach us, but higher dimensional astral beings who create a body for themselves to dwell temporarily in 3D space-time and act from there. This novel approach paves the way for an eschatological understanding of human existence (read also here).

Let us now return to our space-time. The human mind perceives matter as spatial objects separated by spatial distances. Due to the retina’s limitation, the eye only receives photons from the narrow spectrum of visible light and passes them on to the brain to form spatial images. Such photons are only emitted from the surface of the objects. If the eye would be able to also receive higher frequency photons, e.g. X-rays, then we would have been able to also perceive images from inside the objects.

Our optical perception is therefore extremely limited. The same applies to all other senses. Since the human mind is a U-subset of the 7F-creationary realms, it is in principle able to immediately perceive all possible energetic levels of matter. Since it is connected to the human nervous system, it is instructed to process only those data that are transmitted by the senses. The latter act like filters that only deliver certain, narrowly defined energy data from the environment. The photons arriving at the retina of the eye do not yet provide optical sensory perceptions in themselves, otherwise we would also have been able to perceive photon space-time as a fixed structure and not as an empty space, in which the objects such as the celestial bodies are embedded and move according to gravitation (read here).

We can already see from this discussion that human sensory perceptions are by no means objective, but are prefabricated constructions of the soul and suitable for receiving only very limited energetic information. It is a fact that science still does not know how the photons of the environment give rise to spatial ideas in the brain. In reality, this performance, which is currently attributed to the posterior lobe of the cerebrum, is pre-programmed by the soul in the human mind, which is an astral energetic system and subsequently cannot be found in the skull cavity.

The only thing that the eye and the brain mediate are quantized electromagnetic impulses, which are formed by de- and repolarizations at the neuronal synapses. These impulses result from the release of constant amounts of neurotransmitters into the intra-synaptic clefts. The electromagnetic impulses of the neuronal circuits work according to the circular principle: There is a minimal amount of energy, an elementary action potential of energy transfer as a reference value, from which the electromagnetic action potentials of the neurons are composed.

The entire energy transfer of human vision (optical sense), beginning with the photons, whose energy is quantized (E = hf), up to complex neuronal, electromagnetic patterns in the brain, which are also built up from discrete amounts of energy, represents an information processing, which functions according to the principle of circular argument (note: information equals energy). The same applies to the other senses and somatic perceptions. The binary computers of today are also based on the elementary process of an energetic comparison, 1 or 0, which is accomplished with the help of electromagnetic semiconductors (through energy thresholds).

The brain thus supplies complex electromagnetic patterns; these are then transformed into spatial images by the human mind, which functions like an astral software program. They could just as easily have been converted into another form, e.g. into thermal gradients that produce color images. The spatial images, i.e. the presentation of the surface of the objects in three dimensions, which convey the impression of a volume, are generated holographically by the human mind. At the same time, the soul gives to the mind the impression that these optical images are faithful images of the outside world that are secondarily confirmed by the sense of touch. It is a feedback mechanism specifically built in by the soul to mislead the mind. Since it processes only such limited spatial data as day consciousness, the mind cannot immediately recognize that the 3D spatial representation of the world is merely one possible processing of energy data that represents only a tiny spectrum from the infinite number of energy levels of space-time.

Only with the help of purely abstract thinking, which is a precondition for an understanding of the new Axiomatics, does the mind begin to recognize that the objects in reality do not need to have any volume, but that only the way they are perceived by the senses and the brain assigns them such a space limited by surface.

We know enough examples from physics to support this statement. No one has ever seen an electric current flowing through the cable. At the same time we take it for granted that the electric current, which has neither a surface, form, nor volume, creates optical spatial images with form and volume in television and on the PC screen. Conversely, we also refuse to take into account the fact that all the optical perceptions of the eye, which convey spatial images to us, in reality originate from a priori energetic phenomena that need neither volume nor space, but only energy that is constantly transformed.

Space is thus an attribute of specific human perception. It is not an objective physical fact which exists separately and independently of man, in any case not in the way it is currently understood. The theoretical significance of this simple fact has not yet been recognized by science and it is not considered at all by all humans.

In science one thinks in an unreflected way extremely anthropocentric, precisely because scientists vehemently deny the role of consciousness and rigorously exclude it from any consideration. If man had instead actively dealt with the mode of action of human thinking, then he would have also recognized the cognitive traps that the soul has set for him. The recognition of these traps is a major task of the mind in its evolution to the comprehensive awareness of the soul.

Until the discovery of the Universal Law, no one was aware of how the abstract ideas of space and time came about, for example, how one came up with the idea of using the empty geometric, Euclidean space, consisting of three spatial dimensions, instead of real physical space in classical physics, and to describe all real physical phenomena, which are all energetic interactions, within this energy-free space with the help of the principle of circular argument. Now we finally know it: The abstract ideas of space and time are created according to the same principle as the spatial sensory perceptions – according to the principle of circular argument.

Space-time is a dynamic, elastic entity. In order to divide it into its two constituents, space and time, the human mind has to resort to a trick that has so far been largely unconscious, especially in modern science which lacks any epistemological understanding of its foundational ideas. On the basis of a convention of human mind, time seems to be arrested by assigning it a closed rational number within mathematics, which is already an abstract, hermeneutic achievement of the mind. This intuitive, automatic process is an intellectual accomplishment of the soul of tremendous proportions, which has so far been accepted by the mind in a very unreflected manner:

E = space-time = [space]×[time] ,

if [time] = 1, then

E = space-time = [space]×1 = [space]

In an abstract way, space-time is transformed into static space by fixing or arresting the time proportional to the energy conversion, E ~ f: f = 1 = constant. Following an arbitrary decision that originally goes back to Newton, this space appears as Euclidean space in physics. All further spatial measurements, which are then carried out in physics, follow the principle of circular argument within this space, which assumes the function of the original reference space to which all measured physical quantities are compared.

So far, so good! I have dedicated hundreds of pages to this topic in the Tetralogy. If now the concrete space of an object is determined in the way described above, then one can also measure the actual time of the object, since this quantity behaves reciprocally to space. I have shown that this is the only task of the theory of relativity.

In physics, the current value of h is currently used as a reference value for time and space, from which the space and time of all fundamental natural constants and elementary particles can be axiomatically, i.e. mathematically derived and epistemologically explained as this Table below demonstrates in the most convincing manner. It is of great import to mention at this place that present-day failed physics cannot integrate all these known natural constants (as anyone can check for himself in any standard textbook on physics), which is the most convincing proof that scientists do not grasp the unity of the physical world and thus the nature of All-That-Is in the bigger context:

The elementary action potential h of the photon space-time is thus the original and only reference value of all SI units.

Read here:

Note: Our spatial notions of matter in physics are based solely on values of the photon level, which is currently regarded as an empty space. This reveals the cognitive absurdity of the conventional materialistic view in physics.

The maximum possible expansion that man can perceive as cosmic space is the expansion of the visible universe. Within this space, all objects appear as spatial entities, as celestial bodies. They are perceived by the people as if they were embedded in this space and had a volume. This perception creates the idea of a cosmological 3D-space.

However, the visible universe is only a system, a U-subset of All-That-Is. With the help of the Universal Law, I have derived a new cosmological formula which clearly proves that the circumference of the visible universe SU, also known as the event horizon, depends only on two quantities: It is proportional to the square of the speed of light c2, also defined by me as photon gradient or world gradient U = c2, and inversely proportional to the universal gravitational constant G:

SU = c2/G.

This formula clearly proves that cosmic space is a function of two opposite forces or gradients that seem to balance each other and create a field of possibility.

At the same time, the above formula proves the unity of gravitation and electromagnetism, since c2 = 1/μ ε (Maxwell’s formula), hence:

SUG =1/μ ε.

The two fundamental constants – magnetic μ and electric field force ε – are part of all known physical laws of electricity and magnetism and form the basis of the four Maxwell equations of electromagnetism. This formula, which I derived for the first time in physics, combines gravitation with electromagnetism in a fundamental way.

In Volume II I clarify the true dimensionality of the two constants, which have not yet been properly understood by conventional physics. They assess the average values of the expanse (space) and rotational velocity (time) of energetically important celestial bodies, such as pulsars and neutron stars. This formula is the all-encompassing proof that h-space-time is a closed unit, and that gravitation and electromagnetism are abstractly formed mathematical U-subsets of the Primary Term: They are psychological concepts and not separate, real physical entities, which are currently defined as forces.

With the above equation I have, for the first time in the history of physics, mathematically united gravitation with the other three forces, which, as I said, are also of psychological nature, and thus finally accomplished the unification of physics – this dream of all physicists at all times – on the basis of mathematical formalism. This could be easily done after I explained, again for the first time, the mechanism of gravitation, which neither Newton nor any other physicist after him has been able to explain (In the new theory of the Universal Law there are so many breakthrough discoveries “for the first time in the history of science” that this whole theory should be the most thrilling literature for any curious, interrogative, truth-seeking human being.)

Thus, the above formula ultimately proves the principle of last equivalence – the equivalence of space-time with the Primary Term of human consciousness. Conclusion:

 h-space-time is a product of the human mind.

The existence of any system in All-That-Is can be traced back to the interaction of two antagonistic forces. I have summarized this fundamental knowledge, which is stringently derived from the reciprocity of space and time, in the axiom on the reciprocal behavior of two adjacent gradients of a system. It is an operative statement on the essence of the Primary Term. With this axiom all physical laws can be concretely defined and derived. I initially used this axiom to assess for the first time in science the metabolism of the cell and the organism from an energetic point of view and to calculate it exactly (15).

The same axiom leads to the formulation of the above equation, with which I have both achieved the unification of electromagnetism with gravitation and also calculated for the first time the space and time of the visible universe; it is a concrete application of the Universal Law. There can be no greater synthesis of physical knowledge than that. This formula combines, as in a focal point, the incredible ability of the new theory to solve any problem of physics very easily with the help of the Universal Law and to explain it in a uniform and meaningful manner.

In reality, the event horizon of the visible universe is a function of the limited sensory perception of the human eye, which depends on the photon level, on light as an information medium. The photon level is energetically completely defined by the constant, finite speed of light. At the same time, the circumference of the visible universe depends on c according to the above formula. If we had the omniscient awareness of the soul, who is not bound to the limitations of photon space-time as a medium of energetic information (energy = information), then we would have a completely different perception horizon. Hence, we see that the maximum possible expansion in space that we can currently perceive and that profoundly shapes our spatial conception in the sense of a cosmological worldview is a product of the limited human senses and the mind: it is a subjective psychological issue, not least because of the way one builds the constituents, space and time.

When I speak in this essay of the “psychological nature” of h-space-time and of all scientific knowledge, I use this term in its original connotation. The term “psychological” is composed of the terms “psyche” (emotional body) and “logos”, in the sense of Heraclitus’ Logos, which means as much as “reason”, “world reason”, “world Spirit”. When I speak of “psychological space”, for example, I mean a psycho-mental or emotional-spiritual space, as I am well aware that h-space-time is a creation of emotional and spiritual astral energies. In this sense, the term “psychological” has very little to do with today’s psychology as a science that has no idea of either the human psyche or the Logos and thus cannot even explain its name.

The reciprocity of space and time is therefore only valid within space-time, as it is perceived by people with their senses and through their abstract thinking. The mental division of space-time into two constituents conveys the appearance of expanse, of volume.

Outside h-space-time, in the higher dimensional astral realms, space and conventional time no longer play any role in this sense. There only frequencies exist that overlap – the universe consists of superimposed waves. Within the universe as a Whole, there are frequency ranges that are separated by a frequency leap, even if they are part of the entire spectrum. Hence the separation of worlds in the higher dimensions is a frequency difference. In contrast, the incarnated personality perceives the energetic separation in 3D space-time exclusively as a spatial distance. In this sense, space is a psychological idea of the incarnated soul with the help of which she can maintain the illusion of separation of her human personality.

It is a fact that only a few old souls can consciously perceive however, namely that space (and time) is subject to psychological fluctuations. If a person feels happy, content and, above all, free of fear, then the space and all objects within it expand. For this reason, such an expansion of space cannot be measured, since the tape measure or electromagnetic wave used to measure this change in space also expands relativistically, rather psychologically. The relations of the objects remain though constant (16). In this case, if you are attentive, you can only perceive subjectively how, for example, the room, in which you are, is getting bigger. If you feel unhappy and frightened, the room contracts.

Love as an astral energy pattern expands space that is a psychological concept of the incarnated soul, whereas fear patterns shrink the psychological space. In this sense, there is only psychological space that is much more real than the physical space that science believes to objectively exist. This psychological space changes relativistically according to the emotional state of the individual observer.

Finally, I must urgently draw the reader’s attention to the fact that space s and conventional time t, which by definition is a reciprocal observable of absolute time f, t = s = 1/f, are one and the same physical quantity: Time as duration equals space/distance. I have discussed this aspect in detail in the Gnosis.

It is a peculiarity of human thinking – one might as well interpret it as a cosmic joke – to regard these quantities as separate entities. This mental separation, as I have already explained in the Gnosis, is caused by the limitation of the human senses; we owe to it, for example, the idea of speed, for v = s/t. Furthermore, the separation of space and time is a consequence of human language, as I will show later on. The h-space-time and its perception by the incarnated personality is thus an extremely subjective matter.

At present, science denies that the psyche and human thoughts, the mind, are real energetic phenomena that create space, or sequential conventional time, so that everything that surrounds us is psychological, or rather spiritual. First comes thinking, then matter; therefore the h-space-time is a thought. Relativity, more precisely, reciprocity of space and time, is a three-dimensional manifestation of Spirit, created by the World Spirit (Weltgeist) and intended for the limited perception of the human spirit.

One cannot repeat this elementary gnostic truth often enough. This central conclusion of the new Gnosis turns the predominantly materialistic worldview of science upside down. Only when it becomes the foundation of a new world view (Weltanschauung), will the perception of people expand and also include the astral realms.


So how do these insights relate to the human capacity for prophecy? It makes sense that if conventional time and space are illusions, then in reality there is no past, present nor future, but only the everlasting “Now”. In fact, the Whole consists only of frequency patterns which are stored simultaneously in the astral realms and which, depending on the probability, can materialize in 3D space-time. Only the selection and order in which these frequency patterns appear as events on earth can be an object of prognosis.

In the astral realms all possible events exist simultaneously as valid energetic probabilities, which are continuously evaluated and adapted to earthly events. Only in this way can the incarnation of myriads of souls function in 3D-space time.

Since the human mind usually has no direct access to the astral realms, it cannot calculate the probability with which a certain event will manifest on earth. Many mediums who have access to astral knowledge see certain probable events and predict their arrival. Since the occurrence of future events depends on the current decisions and actions of the persons concerned, and they basically have the choice to decide differently at any time, it is quite possible that predicted future events do not take place. Unaware of the infinity of probability possibilities in the astral realms, one judges on earth from a deterministic point of view that such prophecies are “crap”. The conventional human mind thus behaves largely agnostically towards the future.

In fact, the visible 3D-reality is a reflection of the astral worlds (as above, so below) and provides us with countless clues that enable us to make correct predictions about future events. After all, the new Gnosis of the Universal Law makes unprecedented predictions about the light body process and the Evolutionary Leap of Mankind, which are accompanied by a world economic crisis and will lead to a collapse of the present economic and social order. These events are currently not recognized by the general public and experts, although they are already effective and are shaping the present in a profound manner.

With the exception of a few old souls who live on the margins of society and perceive future aspects according to their education and experience, there is no relevant social force that can foresee the forthcoming global events to their full extent, although their significance was already felt by the astral realms 2000 years ago to be so great that they have found their way into the Bible as inspired texts (see below). In order to better illuminate this issue of great relevance, I have to go back a little and discuss the current attitude of conventional science to the prognostic power of human thought.

There is not a single established scientist today who would seriously claim that it is physically possible for a biological organism to completely transform itself into a crystalline light body consisting of astral energies and vice versa. Today such a prognosis is regarded as extremely improbable, more precisely, as a fantasy, and I, who have already been in the most intensive phase of the light body process for several years (since 1999), have often had painful experiences with this negative attitude.

The real reason to hold onto this faith is that such a phenomenon has not yet been observed. This local, limited human experience is elevated to an immutable natural principle. This principle is now supported by secondary arguments: Such a transformation would, for example, violate the known laws of gravitation and electromagnetism.

In reality, these laws, as they are understood by human beings, are of a psychological nature: they are creative products of the human mind. The same perception of gravitational force by all men and devices does not result from the immutability of the laws of gravitation, but is based solely on the agreement of the incarnated souls to perceive the events of h-space-time, which they themselves create, in a certain, narrowly defined manner. Only in this way can the illusion of separation in the incarnated state be maintained.

While in the non-incarnated state, for example, in sleep, the personality is freed from the energetic barrier of amnesia and gravitation and has the ability of spontaneous cognition and telepathy to immediately perceive every energetic phenomenon on every conceivable energetic level in detail, in the incarnated state she is “compelled” to perceive only the surface of the objects and to recognize only those events that take place in her immediate space. The body as a gnostic “prison of the soul” is a well-known topos of the ancient world, which grasps the actual conditions much better than all the sophisticated scientific theories of the present.

With the exception of a few very old souls who possess telepathic and other cognitive abilities, the soul, incarnated as a human being, cannot perceive simultaneous transcendental and terrestrial events and procedures, though it is a co-creator of the three-dimensional events on earth; without such cognitive abilities no prognosis of future events is possible either.

The limitation of the human senses is a construction consciously chosen by the soul to maintain the illusion of separation during incarnation. The senses are the species-specific limit of direct human cognition, which can only be extended by abstract thoughts that are not evoked by the events of h-space-time.

In philosophy, one speaks of metaphysical, transcendental and mystical thoughts or ideas: Only people who have access to transcendental knowledge can be clairvoyants. The Bible is teeming with such persons, and their prophecies are taken seriously, especially by young believing souls living in great sensual-cognitive limitation. This limitation includes – and this key statement is new – all possible measurements with material devices, because their results are ultimately captured by the senses.

The registration of elementary particles in cyclotrons cannot be perceived directly by humans, but only in the form of photographic images and other electromagnetic representations, which are then interpreted accordingly. The results of all technical measurements in research are transformed into an appropriate form that can be perceived optically or acoustically by humans. Without this transformation of the experimental results, which without exception are energetic interactions, into optical or acoustic data accessible to the senses, no research in the conventional sense is possible.

Significantly, there are no technical measuring instruments that provide haptic (tactile) or olfactory (sense of smell) measurement data, although they may be more accurate than the optically and acoustically processed data currently in use. As a perceiving species, man is essentially an “eye animal”. To my knowledge, this central cognitive aspect of scientific research has not yet been recognized, let alone studied, by any philosophical, scientific or methodological school. Its importance for the prognostic abilities of researchers cannot be overestimated.

What does this new insight mean? It means that no matter how sophisticated and precise man develops his measuring devices, ultimately all the results they produce must be filtered through the narrow filter of the human senses. If one further considers that the materialistic worldview of today’s scientists essentially consists of the sum of their limited sensual perceptions, in which the fear of violating empirical dogma prevails and leaves virtually no room for transcendental thoughts, it becomes clear why all research results inevitably bounce off the sound barrier of scientific prejudices and bring no real progress in the sense of knowledge. I will illustrate this meaningful statement again with an example from nuclear physics, because this discipline decisively determines the current scientific world view of the micro- and macrocosm.

The interactions of the strong forces are a popular research object for physicists who study them in cyclotrons. The elementary carriers of the strong forces are the six quarks and the corresponding antiquarks (antiparticles), which are obviously not only at the top (up & top quark) and at the bottom (down & bottom quark), but can also be charming (charm quark) or strange (strange quark), as well as the gluons, which connect the quarks in groups of two or three to form the hadrons. The quark model is the latest trend in physics: According to today’s view, physical matter is made up of these few elementary particles.

After Murray Gell-Mann (who was very farsighted to die this year of 2019 as not to experience the fiasco of his model) postulated the quarks theoretically in the 1960’s; they could be detected in extensive experiments at CERN and other cyclotrons in the 1990s (Note: First comes the thought as a prediction and then the empirical confirmation). According to this model, quarks are elementary because they neither decay into lighter particles nor have an inner structure. In plain language: These theoretical particles cannot be measured directly, but can only be detected indirectly. In contrast, hadrons, which consist of quarks and gluons, decay into other hadrons, and these nuclear reactions include electromagnetic and weak interactions. Exactly these electromagnetic interactions are now used by the researchers to make the measurement results of their quark experiments optically perceptible in the cyclotron. With these optical results (17), they then prove the existence of quarks, but not of gluons, in an indirect way.

In Volumes I and Volume II on physics, I have repeatedly pointed out that the only forces that man can really measure and experience directly are gravitation and electromagnetic forces (18). Man, himself, is an electromagnetic cell system that is subject to gravitation. All other forces and particles, such as quarks and gluons on the other hand are theoretical, more precisely, psychological in nature. Their experimental proof is ultimately a product of human sensory perception, which is known to be very limited.

One could of course object that these particles are theoretically clearly defined and that their estimated energies and masses correspond very well with the other forces in the standard model (QED, QCD and electro-weak interactions). “Ay, there’s the rub!” – I will take the liberty to quote Shakespeare here. Why? First, the masses and energies of quarks and gluons can only be estimated after their experimental proof, because they are so elementary that they do not interact directly with other particles. The mass or energy of a particle can only be measured directly in an interaction in which it participates directly. So much for the experimental aspect of mass and energy estimation of quarks. And now to the essential theoretical aspect.

With the discovery of the Universal Law, I clearly proved that h-space-time, which includes matter and photon space-time, i.e. all four fundamental forces, is a unity. It is a Whole that consists of superimposed waves. Since it is at the same time a unity, each wave determines the energetic characteristics of all other waves and vice versa. In accordance with conventional quantum physics, I regard elementary particles, but also all other systems, as standing waves (solitons) whose energy, space (measured as amplitude, diameter etc.) and frequency (time) are in constant relation to the energetic characteristics of the other particles.

In this context I point out that all one can do in quantum physics is to measure space-time = energy, space and time = frequency of particles. All other physical quantities that can be introduced to describe the elementary particles are mathematically composed of these three quantities. If one knows the energy or mass of a particle, one can determine the energy and mass of every other particle by applying the Universal Law. Since the Universal Law is a rule of three, one only needs a reference value (m=1) and a second value n to make a comparison, a ratio (n/m = x, if m = 1, n = x; n, x are mass or energy of the particle). The second value can be determined experimentally or, if enough data from other interactions are available, calculated theoretically (see Table 1 above).

I have proved in the new unified theory of physics and mathematics that the mass and energy of all elementary particles, such as hadrons, muons, mesons, neutrinos, or whatever they are called, can be calculated from the mass of the elementary action potential mp of h-space-time – Planck’s constant h – using only the Universal Law (See Table 1 above in the centre). I have used known formulas and results for this purpose. In this way, for example, I could calculate the mass of neutrinos long before the existence of their mass was experimentally proven. At that time, there were serious doubts as to whether these particles had any mass at all. Even though this fact is now known beyond any doubt, nothing has been undertaken by the scientists to discard the standard model.

At this point I must draw the reader’s attention to a fundamental finding of the new physical theory of the Universal Law, which reveals the total conceptual confusion in conventional physics:

Mass and energy are identical physical quantities introduced within mathematics. Both variables are energy relationships.

(As we saw with space s and time t, which are also identical quantities the way they are currently defined in physics; this fact proves how blind this science and all physicists truly are.)

Energy is the Primary Term, and all U-subsets thereof are energetic events: Hence

all particles and systems have a mass.

The energy or the mass of a subset can only be determined according to the circular principle, i.e. by comparison.

With this brief introduction, we can now very easily explain how Gell-Mann estimated the mass and energy of the quarks and why these quantities were largely confirmed experimentally (Even if no experiments took place as the scientists at CERN lied about their true research, which was creating a huge black hole and preventing planetary ascension, as I already wrote in my previous publication.). Before the development of the quark model, all necessary results of quantum physics were available: A large number of nuclear particles (hadrons) and their interactions were known. Since the hadrons were obviously not elementary, further elementary particles had to be postulated. Their energies had to be estimated in such a way that the law of conservation of energy was guaranteed. The rest was a pair of “smart” calculations, which should not contradict the known results. Their experimental confirmation had to take place inevitably. I have presented this mathematical procedure by means of theoretical calculation of the neutrino masses in Volume I and Volume II and in this pivotal article, where I also expose the total confusion of the Nobel Prize Committee, all physicists and theoreticians with regard to the basic physical quantity “mass”, on which not only quantum physics but also the entire classical mechanics is based:

How to Calculate the Mass of Neutrinos?

Murray Gell-Mann’s calculations were of course more complicated because he did not know the Universal Law. Lack of true knowledge always leads to superfluous complexity in science. This explains all the unyielding complex mathematical models which scientists develop on a conveyor belt in order to hide their inherent ignorance regarding the Nature of All-That-Is.

The quark model was a prognostic achievement of mathematical physics based on known facts to predict new, as yet unknown facts that were then experimentally confirmed. All empirical research follows this pattern, even if the scientists give the opposite impression in order to justify their professional raison d’être. In reality, there is nothing that can be discovered in h-space-time that is not a thought of the divine mind, and sometimes of the human mind, and has existed for eternity.

All physical laws and phenomena known to us were first developed as theoretical ideas and only later on observed experimentally. The priority of the mind over empiricism cannot be denied even in the most empirical of all disciplines – physics.

Maxwell wrote his famous four equations of electromagnetism in 1860, combining all the known laws of electricity and magnetism, and proving that electromagnetic forces are waves. It was not until 27 years later that Heinrich Hertz first observed the wave character of electromagnetic forces in the laboratory.

The situation was similar to the alleged “discovery” of neutrinos. Shortly after Rutherford discovered the atomic nucleus in 1913, the radioactive beta decay was observed, which seemed to contradict the known energy conservation laws. To eliminate this contradiction, in 1930 Pauli proposed the existence of an unknown particle and described its properties very precisely. It was not until Chadwick discovered the neutron shortly afterwards that Fermi suggested calling this particle “neutrino” (small neutron). It was not until 1959 that Clowan and Reines succeeded in providing the first indications for the existence of anti-neutrinos. The impetus for the development of nuclear physics came from Jukawa’s theoretical prediction of the meson in 1935, which was discovered only later, in 1947, and so on, and so on…

In fact, we are facing a collective hallucination when physicists want to make us believe that their discipline is an explorative science that gains its insights empirically, while at the same time they rigorously banish the role of human consciousness from physics, and cast a spell of lack of seriousness on anyone who introduces it because it violates empirical dogma. In this respect, church and science are like twins, and very evil ones too.

When Bohr presented his atomic model in 1913, only two particles were known: electron and proton. With this model he was able to predict the known and not yet known hydrogen spectral series and other quantum phenomena. This prognostic power of the Bohr model made its inventor world-famous overnight. The model is paradigmatic for the extremely important realization of the new theory: One can start from a few known data and facts in order to make far-reaching predictions.

In the new theory of physics, I have further developed the Bohr atomic model in mathematical, physical and epistemological terms and have proved that it contains far more information than was previously known. Starting from Bohr’s classical formula, I derive new equations with the help of the Universal Law and show that this formula contains new fundamental natural constants that are not known to conventional physics. Altogether I have discovered more than a dozen such constants in known physical formulas and laws, which have remained hidden from physicists until now, and have worked out the principal theoretical procedure how to calculate an infinite number of natural constants, which capture real energetic conditions.

This single achievement alone goes beyond the imagination of most physicists, who have not experienced the discovery of a new fundamental constant in physics for more than fifty years. With the help of these new constants I discovered that all physical laws and their applications can be derived from each other, i.e. from the Universal Law. This led to the unification of physics and above all to the integration of gravitation with the other three fundamental forces. This was not possible before the Universal Law was discovered and was regarded as the greatest weakness of physics (Gravitation cannot be currently integrated with the other three fundamental forces in the standard model: “The Standard Model of particle physics is the theory describing three of the four known fundamental forces (the electromagneticweak, and strong interactions, and not including the gravitational force) in the universe, as well as classifying all known elementary particles.” Wikipedia).

All new constants, which I have derived in Volumes I  and II (see Table above), can now be tested experimentally. The results would then be a convincing prospective confirmation of the prognostic power of the new theory.

In reality, I did not discover or predict anything new that was not already there. Every prediction about the future is a statement about the present: Depending on how faithfully this statement captures current events, it will also give a correct prediction about the future.

This statement is more meaningful and profound than it appears at first glance. Since the world in which we live is a collective creation of all souls incarnated on earth, and since this process of creation happens in the present, the future is always the result of present events (because Creation only happens in the Now).

The inability of most people to correctly predict the future, such as the US government with regard to the consequences of the invasion in Iraq, is not the result of the unpredictability of events, as is currently all too readily argued, but of their limited and selective perception of the present. By consciously or unconsciously overlooking important aspects of the present – the fear censorship of the majority of young souls in the population plays a decisive role in this – a sterile vision of the future is created that does not contain these aspects. In particular, misconceptions about one’s own evil motives for action are often overlooked. Regardless of this selective perspective, these aspects work in the present and shape the future profoundly. One is then always unpleasantly surprised when the events do not follow the initial official version of this “wishful thinking”, or conveniently forgets it, which is a common behaviour of all criminal politicians nowadays, and there are virtually no other ethical politicians, probably with the notable exception of Putin.

On the individual level, the mistake is very often made to wish for a new future, for example a better destiny on the one hand, and to do nothing in the present to effectively initiate this change on the other. Since reality is a reflection of the individual – grafted or voluntarily adopted – beliefs and convictions, of which most people know little, because they do not want to think about them, but follow them reflexively out of psycho-mental convenience (e.g. out of compulsion to adapt), they continue to think and live the fate they want to change. They do not use the leverage effect of the present by first sustainably changing their beliefs in order to mentally and emotionally exemplify the desired future fate in the present and do not have the patience to wait until external events turn for the better. In most cases, people quickly trip over and fall into their old behaviour patterns.

In other words, one does not recognize the creative priority of the thoughts from which the external material reality arises only with a latency period. This esoteric subject is so extensive and multifaceted that several books will not be enough to deal with it exhaustively. This remark only points in the direction in which the future Gnosis will develop. The adequate comprehension of the current events can only succeed if one looks beyond the limited three-dimensional reality and develops the medial ability to acquire transcendental knowledge. Or as they say in good German: You have to “look beyond the rim of your plate”. In addition, one must strictly adhere to the rules of the new physical-mathematical Axiomatics and apply them consistently to every conceivable field that is the object of one’s investigation.

The supreme commandment is: One must start from the Whole, from the Primary Term, in order to grasp the individual, the parts. It is precisely this supreme imperative of every genuine insight that is systematically violated by empirically influenced scientists and experts. Due to their narrow specialization, they always proceed from scattered, limited facts and data which they select and interpret at their whims in order to make statements of general validity. This circumstance explains the cacophony in science, business and politics that we are currently observing.

Nowadays, for example, one may only appear as a narrow specialist in order to be taken seriously as an “expert” by all. The generalists of bygone times like the philosophers have no more chance. The paradox here is that specialisation does not guarantee sound knowledge even in the narrow specialized area. On the contrary! The little one has crammed in and learned has either not been understood because it has been taken out of context, or one has quickly forgotten it again, as only true understanding is memory.

For example, in innumerable discussions with physicists I found out that they do not even master the basic stuff of conventional physics. For this reason it was not possible for me to teach them the new theory of the Universal Law, since this requires sound and extensive physical knowledge and understanding of Nature. Which expert would admit that he must go back to school in order to evaluate new ideas? One prefers to stay with the familiar, which promises security and respect.

Since narrow specialisation does not permit the training of cross-border specialists, there is virtually no higher authority that can evaluate the statements and achievements of the individual experts. They can publish the biggest “crap”, and they are believed solely because of their reputation as narrow specialists. This attitude, or rather, this vicious circle, is encouraged by the notorious intellectual laziness of young souls, who have no interest in checking certain statements for truthfulness because they would then have to admit their own gross ignorance.

Instead, they have introduced the highly perishable “principle of political correctness” in their dealings with one another, which amounts to the following convenient rule: “You do not hurt me because of my ignorance, and I do not hurt you because of your ignorance either, so that we may continue to do so cheerfully – for all eternity.” This collective hypocrisy, which is currently taking the upper hand and is the main obstacle to intellectual evolution, is a socially relevant expression of the fear of the young soul population, which can be admirably observed as individual egomania at scientific symposia and congresses in particular – its foundations will be soon shaken by the Evolutionary Leap and my parousia.

By introducing the so-called Fermi solution in Volume I, I have introduced a simple method of applying the Universal Law in practical life to make reliable prognostic statements on various areas based on little known data. This is applied Gnosis par excellence. In the development of the new General Economic Theory of Universal Law, also called Economic Energology, I have consistently applied this approach to unify for the first time the micro- and macroeconomics that have so far produced only incompatible models and categorical systems of the economy.

In the end, I proved that the current economy, understood as material production and finance, is in an extreme imbalance. Over the last 200 years of capitalist development, enormous world inflation has been created with an unprecedented criminal energy on the part of the ruling cabal: The global money supply is currently in a ratio of about 100 to 1 compared to material – industrial and agricultural – production. This inflation has led to a decoupling of commodity and price and has prepared the ground for global speculation, with the sole aim of generating secondary, virtual profits without economic feedback: One tries at all costs to make money out of money. At the same time, these speculations, which daily involve the transactions of hundreds of billions of dollars, euros and yen around the globe, suppress any harmonious economic development. Not only the Third World is suffering as a result, but increasingly also the main perpetrators of this imbalance: the USA, Japan and Western Europe.

For the first time, I have elucidated the processes that led to this inflation and the hidden mechanisms that are currently being used to camouflage this world inflation from the public. Consequently, I also show the perpetrators and temporary beneficiaries of this imbalance – the intermediary financial structures which, directly or indirectly, have produced an unproductive tertiary sector, oriented only towards pecuniary goals, which claims for itself  ¾ of the national wealth calculated as GDP in all western economies.

Among the beneficiaries are also the economic experts who justify the existence of worldwide speculations, be they corporate stock exchanges, futures or commodity exchanges, currency exchanges, derivatives, certificates, government or corporate bonds, with dubious scientific arguments and thus become accomplices in the approaching world economic crisis (It began 3 years later in 2007 and exploded in 2008; we still live in the aftermath of this world economic crisis that has not been resolved at all, but only aggravated by quadrupling the world inflation with zero and negative interest rates of the central banks, known as QEs (quantitative easing) and is currently contributing to the dissolution of the old 3D matrix.). For the same reason, the financial experts have not yet recognized the problem of the world inflation (19) , just as they have stubbornly hushed up and are currently trying to trivialize the ongoing problem of the US foreign trade deficit, which has existed for 40 years and is a consequence of the world inflation, which is essentially a dollar inflation (20) (This book is really prophetic, I must say retrospectively, while translating it into English).

The above explanations are groundbreaking and provide the necessary clarity on the subject of science, research, human cognition and prognostic power, may the blending of Gnostic and economic knowledge seem unusual to some purists. Let us now summarize the essentials of the topic once again:

All experimental results of empirically oriented research, regardless of how complex and sophisticated the experimental arrangement is chosen, are ultimately sifted and interpreted through the filter of human senses.

Thus, all scientific findings are of a psychological nature.

This is a fundamental aspect of human cognition that has not been properly comprehended either by science or philosophy, which has long since given up dealing with methodological questions of science. One can still pretend as much to penetrate deeper and deeper into nature as empirical, explorative science currently wants us to believe, one will always come up against the limits of perception of the species “human being” as it is conceived by the soul.

Only when the soul decides to expand the artificially erected boundary of human cognition – and this means first and foremost to consistently dismantle the manifold fear patterns of the incarnated soul population, which have developed in the course of the history of incarnation and solidified as behavioral norms – will our image of the outer world also expand. In other words: Only when the human mind psychologically overcomes Planck’s constant h, that is, when the existence of the 7F-creationary realms is fully accepted, will it also be possible to develop devices that can register and make use of the astral energies. It is easy to see that this fundamental conclusion of the new Gnosis is not only the stab in the back of the quark model, but also of the entire empirical science, which is in a deplorable state at the beginning of the 3rd millennium.


At present, it is believed that science is able to make prognostic statements on all possible areas from the abundance of its information and data. Tax money is used to finance countless research institutes and think-tanks that deliver such forecasts on a continuous basis, only to be forgotten in the next moment. The memory of the young souls is very short. For example, we see year after year how the “five economic sages” chosen by the German government present their report on the economic development for the coming year, but have not yet heard a word of excuse for their blatantly false forecasts of economic growth in the last 4 – 5 years (2000-2004), which in every ordinary citizen should raise the question of the raison d’être of such “false prophets”.

Year after year, the German Finance Minister (Hans Eichel) embarrasses himself with his wrong estimates of the budget deficit, which every child with primary school education would calculate better than this proven financial expert. We are currently in the midst of the greatest global economic crisis, which could erupt in full at any moment, and there is not a single expert far and wide who is able to read the signs of the times and predict the coming of this crisis, let alone explain reasons for it and make meaningful proposals to overcome it (21). And this despite countless programs and channels on economic topics in radio and television.

Never before have so many financial experts in the history of humankind romped about in the media as at present, and never before has the disdainful Mammon been so dominant in society as in the first years of the 3rd millennium. And never before has the confusion been so perfect and comprehensive as in these days before the forthcoming Evolutionary Leap. International economic life is becoming more and more like an absurd farce, for which Beckett’s title for his early book “More pricks than kicks” applies exactly.

A typical example of this is the recent oil crisis (late 2004), which is largely home-made and has long been on the horizon. It will make a major contribution to the outbreak of the global economic crisis. It should be sufficiently well known that the large oil companies have significantly reduced their investments in oil drilling, refineries and oil tankers since the 1980’s due to the relatively low price of oil, which has inevitably led to production bottlenecks. These structural deficits can only be remedied in the long-term. In addition, there is a growing demand for petroleum worldwide, especially in China and India, which was also foreseeable. It is a truism that 2.5 billion people cannot be driven at rush speed, as the big car companies have been doing since the end of the Cold War, building more and more new car factories in these two countries without overstretching global oil consumption.

Despite these obvious facts, the oil crisis was not recognized until recently. The Iraq war was waged by the Americans not least with the promise to significantly lower the oil price, which had reached an interim high of about $38 per barrel at the beginning of the war in the spring of 2003. Meanwhile, the oil price is steering an all-time high of $60 per barrel and the “end of the flagpole is not yet in sight” (German saying for more negative to come, meaning that at the end of the flagpole which you carry as a soldier usually the enemy is waiting for you to kill you.). Where is there a meaningful control and steering of oil production in the face of the never-ending palaver of politicians and experts about the promises of globalization of the world economy?

What is the reason for the intellectual and spiritual confusion of the experts and the self-proclaimed elite in the Western world that makes them blind to current events? What drives the people to run after such false prophets as this one greenhorn (or Greenspan) from the Fed who, shortly before the beginning of the recession in 2000, raved about a sustainable, crisis-free upswing in the USA and wanted to ban the term “economic crisis” from the history books for ever? Do you remember that? Why don’t people realize that the parties they elect and the institutions they run with their taxes have long since ceased to serve their purpose and are only concerned for their own survival? Isn’t the total confusion in the political discussion about national debt, pension and health insurance funds bankruptcies enough for the people to realize that the doers at the control centres of power have completely lost sight of the reality, wander headlong around, cackle like scared chickens and only aggravate the crisis with their hectic activities?

The abundance of facts is obviously not enough to persuade the citizens to think and act clearly – and the cause for this mental paralysis is the “fear” that drives them around. The fear of an uncertain, uncontrollable future has gripped the elite and the masses alike, narrowing their view of reality; it is an expression of the young soul’s mentality of wanting to have everything under control, and is growing exponentially on the eve of the impending total collective confusion.

At this very moment, young souls, such as the Americans in Iraq, have to realize that events are less and less oriented to their own ideas until they learn to shape the world not according to their whims, but according to the guidelines of the “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“. You don’t have to be a psychic to see this confusion today.

Never before in the history of mankind has one been so free, informed and educated to think clearly and logically as in our time, and never before has the spiritual and intellectual decline been so all-embracing and devastating in comparison to the level of education. No wonder that the Pisa results are also being questioned currently, and the cacophony in the opinions on the subject is an eloquent testimony to this collective confusion.

The subliminal collective fear that whispers to the people in an unmistakable way that something unimaginable is about to happen is suppressed by them and blinds them to the signs of time. This reflex-like turning away from the unpleasant “hard facts” that they themselves have created, such as the world inflation and the extreme imbalances in world trade, is observed not only among the powerful of the day, but also among all normal, more or less, brave citizens.

The inflation of reforms and promises of their sustainability, which only serve the purpose of alleviating people’s fears, fuel them instead, and the angst level is only surpassed by the inaccuracy of the forecasts. The news and reports in the mass media, in their hopelessness which is otherwise known only from Greek tragedies, become entangled in a web of fear-related half-truths and collective lies, in which one likes to believe – in outraged rejections of isolated rational opinions, in blind appeasement to calm down the masses, in brave surrender to myopically distorted views – which insult human intelligence.

What role could a fear-free, transcendental Gnosis with a tremendous prognostic power still play in such a hysterical situation, considering the fact that a third generation is already growing up in the Western world that has never heard of philosophy? On the other hand, isn’t it the darkest just before dawn?


15. See Volume III.

16. For the same reason, scientists cannot register the increase in the frequency of earth’s matter, which has been running at full speed in recent years and is preparing the planet for its ascension (this happened fully at the stargate 12.12.12 – 12. 21.12, which was opened by the Planetary Ascension Team, the PAT, the captain of which I am; see also our reports from that time). This frequency increase can only be perceived mentally-medially by highly evolved individuals.

17. Please observe that each graph, oscillation, numerical result, 3D representation on the PC, etc. are optical electromagnetic data.

18. Thermal energy is strictly speaking also a manifestation of electromagnetic forces when they occur as thermal radiation, or of gravitation when they appear as friction.

19. It is indeed remarkable that most Nobel laureates in economics are financial experts who deal directly or indirectly with inflationary processes but have not yet recognized the world inflation and its disintegrating role for the economy. The reason for this professional blindness is their fear, which has both pecuniary and intellectual causes. The few experts, such as Greenspan from the Fed, who have recognized the danger of the dollar inflation, speak with a split tongue, even trying to distract from it by drawing the attention of the gullible and incompetent public on the wrong track by painting the “spectre of deflation” (2003 to mid-2004) on the wall without, however, influencing the forthcoming events (By the way I am flabbergasted how this disquisition on future economic developments captures so precisely the current problems of the world economy, and in particular those of the US economy under Trump, 15 years later. This is the most convincing proof for the prognostic power and the validity of the new theory of the Universal Law.).

20. For more details, see my book on economics and the essay “Astral Dynamics of the World Economic Crisis on the Eve of the Parousia” as well as the numerous articles under section “Economic Collapse” on this website.

21. A sensible proposal at this stage would be to carry out a dollar reform to bring the world’s inflated money supply under control and put an end to this pernicious speculation. The successful introduction of the euro could serve as a model in this case.

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