Our Bright Future

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, June 27, 2019


Yesterday I informed you that on June 21st during the summer solstice we firmly ascended to the new 5D earth. What I did not mention is that around this portal and especially between June 21st and 24th we accomplished the final massive separation of all timelines that could not ascend and had to be severed.

I personally felt so depressed and devastated during this time as I was cleansing the grief and the desperation of all souls that did not make it and had to continue with their gruesome incarnation cycle for another Kali Yuga period. This separation was extremely violent and I assume that many of you have noticed that as it reverberated on our ascending timelines.

Especially the political events in the Middle East where the USA ratcheted up its verbal aggression against Iran for no apparent reason, only to end up in a kind of coitus interruptus for Trump who allegedly stopped the destruction of Iran 10 minutes before it was supposed to begin. In case you believe this version. Now we can expect that the situation will calm down as it happened with North Korea about which nobody talks anymore, although nothing has changed since the hysteria which Trump unleashed against this country two years ago. He probably does not even remember it with his memory of a “dotard” as the North Korean leader Kim denounced him at that time. Now the Iranian supreme leader describes the WH as a madhouse and his main occupant as a psychopath. I do not remember of any other political leader who has been accused by so many colleagues of all kinds of psychiatric disorders as currently Trump, and while these remote diagnoses are altogether correct, they miss the key point.

With this final split of all lower descending timelines, also the old matrix was eliminated that fed such pathological behaviours which then reinforced the matrix in a negative feedback-loop. While many unripe souls continue to live out their old dark habits of separation with a stubborn insouciance towards all human perils, they cannot prevent the inevitable and save the old order where they felt comfortable as can be clearly observed in the USA today. What we now witness is a very rapid dissolution of the old matrix by the very protagonists of this matrix according to Goethe’s dialectical motto: they are the “evil that always creates something good”.

With this final split of all lower timelines also the entanglement of all ascension timelines with the old 3D matrix was eliminated, so that they can now move quickly towards their final destination. As there are as many ascension timelines as destinies of incarnated personalities on this planet, it is impossible to make any reliable qualitative statements on this new development. Except for one:

the future of all these timelines is very bright and this should be a reason for us to feel very excited and jubilant. 

This is the result of our very hard work in the last two months when we laid the foundation for this success. I could have written another very long energy report just by quoting my diary which I began to write again on May 1st. I noticed that I forget everything as my mind is now firmly anchored in the Now and the past has become irrelevant. Therefore, I badly need a diary to document all the shifts and creations we have accomplished daily since the beginning of May. Before that I have informed you regularly on all the highlights of our ascension endeavour on behalf of humanity.

However, the current period is the most difficult to comprehend and describe as each one of us now creates his own reality and takes with him the version of humanity he wants to experience. This turns upside down the principle of causality which is based on the illusory linear time, as we are now firmly anchored in the simultaneity of All-That-Is, where all creation is also simultaneous. However, as we are still adjusting to this new way of living in the 5D, we are being cautiously and slowly moving towards this new way of life as to avoid major disruptions, precisely because we have now only positive timelines – timelines with a positive outcome without any major and sudden social, economic and financial collapses that might be the cause for some devastating wars. However, this would not say that there would not be a financial crash and a collapse of the current economic order as this is what we already witness these days of harsh economic sanctions and hostile trade wars triggered by the dying Empire of Evil, where bluff is called a Trump.

The last two days I was in a very special emotional state, very close to what I would describe as the bliss of the 5th dimension, which I have experienced several times in out-of-body experience and in lucid dream visitations to the new 5D earth. As ascension is entirely an inward process, I am observing very closely these new emotional states of being as they give me a very good idea of what is currently happening and what is to be expected next. Although I am not able to give you any precise time schedule, because we have now infinite ascending timelines, the final ID shift we will experience when humanity reaches its threshold of awakening seems to be energetically very close to the Now point of inner emotional experience of this upcoming bliss.

Also the current heat wave that came out of nowhere and has paralyzed whole Europe with unprecedented temperatures above 40 degree Celsius contributes to this feeling of urgency. The explanation that this heat wave was caused by hot air masses coming from Sahara is so naive and stupid, given the fact that we had so many strong winds from south  and the weather stayed unusually cold throughout the whole May and most of June. Now when the winds stopped, the heat wave came all of a sudden also in parts of Europe which have never experienced a heat wave from Sahara. Meteorology is anything but a rocket science and for the last several months all forecasts were blatantly wrong because the weather is made by the collective emotions of humanity and not by winds, which can only drive the windmills of meteorologists’ minds.

What we now experience is the hottest summer humanity has ever had in its entire history and we have just entered this cosmic cauldron.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the Arcturian message of today which confirms what I have already announced to you yesterday: We have now only positive timelines which should be a cause for celebration as in this way we accelerate their occurrence with our positive emotional energies. Therefore read this message carefully and begin to heat up the ascension process with your positive feelings, so that these timeline can manifest very soon, or rather that we move to the steepest timelines of ascension where the healing centre can manifest and we can begin with our true mission.

Only Positive Timelines ∞The 9D Arcturian Council

Finally, you may wonder why I am using my full name. In Bulgaria we have three names, the second one is the father’s name – my father’s name was Alexander. The Elohim urged me to begin using my full name as it carries a very powerful energetic signature and this will contribute to the imminent breakthrough of the Universal Law.

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