Thoughts – Part I

False Views on Health and Disease

Transcendental Biophysics as a Substitute for Medicine and Religion

Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, May 20, 2019

From the book  “Gedanken (Thoughts)“, 387 pages, 2008

translated from German into English by the author.

This English translation is also available as ebook (pdf): 

Thoughts – Part 1

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We owe St. Germain also the translation of this book into English – he urged me through Carla to revisit the central theme of human existence on health, healing, medicine, biological regulation, and immortality, now that we are busy building up and manifesting the new 5D healing centre. The book discusses these topics in a novel, previously unknown manner from the higher vantage point of view of my I AM Presence. This book predicts in a brilliant manner everything that happened during the coronavirus scamdemic, why everything went wrong, and why humanity is still unable to make the right conclusions and acquire the true knowledge from this dreadful collective experience. – George

False Views on Health and Disease

Nowhere else do people’s misconceptions appear so massively as when it comes to “health and disease”. People do not know the mode of action of their own body – the astral-energetic foundation of its biological regulation – and underpin this ignorance with unbelievably simple commonplaces, which decisively shape their way of life. This statement applies equally to doctors and patients.

Since most people identify themselves exclusively with their bodies, they regard it as a “black box” in which they can directly deposit their garbage of thoughts on this most popular topic of all times and epochs – a way of life that inevitably has considerable consequences for their health, as the present disquisition will show.

First of all, I should state that the situation at this moment is such that I have little hope that humanity will be able to free itself from this self-inflicted confusion by its own efforts in the foreseeable future. For this purpose, it requires a completely new Theory of Biological Regulation, as I have developed it in Volume 3. This theory has not yet been understood by any scientist, because it requires not only sound biological and medical knowledge, but also an absolute understanding of the new Physical and Mathematical Theory of Universal Law, as well as a fundamentally new gnostic view of human existence.

This profound realization will not only sweep away all world religions but will also unmask all known scientific and philosophical systems as false (see my gnostic-philosophical treatises). In order to develop a correct idea of the functioning of the human body, one needs impeccable axiomatic thinking, as well as extensive knowledge in all important areas of science – an intellectual achievement, which at this very moment unfortunately only one person on this earth is capable of – my humble self.

Let’s start with the biological regulation of the human body in order to considerably modify the reader’s basic knowledge of this subject and to extend it gnostically. As I prove in volume 3, the entire chemical energy of the food, which is degraded within the framework of cell metabolism, is converted into electromagnetic energy of the action potentials of the cells, when the radiated heat to the environment is deducted; it is then transformed again into biochemical energy of the cell metabolism while maintaining energy conservation when the action potential is activated.

This energy conversion of biochemical structural energy of the cell building blocks into stored electromagnetic energy of cell membrane potentials and vice versa, which manifests itself in the form of the known action potentials of body cells, is the energetic, kinematic basis of the entire metabolism of organic matter and the biological regulation of all organisms. It is still a mystery for researchers today, although this energy exchange is the life-spending power of every biological organism – its “vis vitalis“.

Image result for action potential, images

The electromagnetic action potentials of the body cells, especially the nerve cells, overlap according to the principle of constructive interference and form complex electromagnetic patterns, which are only partially investigated as EEG and ECG; their energetic-dynamic function within the framework of biological regulation has not been understood until today.

At the same time, the structural biochemical transformation in the cell takes place at the quantum level in the form of standing quantum waves, called solitons, which can be considered supramolecular wave patterns; these have both an electromagnetic part, which is responsible for the formation of the structural building blocks of the cell, such as proteins, DNA and RNA, and an energetic part of the 7F-creationary realms, from which organic matter arises secondarily.

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In this sense, it is justified to regard this part, which is also called “astral body” in esotericism, as a kind of software program. The latter ensures the evolution of the organism from a single embryonic cell during embryogenesis in pregnancy, as well as its continuous regulation throughout life.

This astral program is responsible for the health and development of diseases, most of which are planned experiences of the soul before her incarnation; the remaining diseases are the product of destructive interferences in the biological body caused by strong fear patterns of the psyche (emotional body) and distorted beliefs of the mind (mental body). Such interactions between the vibrations of the three bodies – biological, emotional and mental – lead to energetic blockages, so that the life-spending astral energies can only be converted into organic matter with hindrance. The cell metabolism of the body suffers the most from that.

As a result of these blockades, the topological and tissue-specific frequencies of the cell-building organic molecules, cells, organs and finally of the entire organism are reduced in a topological and tissue-specific manner because all these bio-structures are superimposed wave systems of space-time which must be in harmonious resonances with each other in order for their regulation to function smoothly and for the state of health to be guaranteed at the body level.

Psychological fear patterns and false beliefs, which go hand in hand and are mutually dependent, leading to local, destructive, low-frequency interference patterns in the body, which then manifest themselves externally, after a certain latency period, as diseases. Only these macroscopic, pathological forms can at present be morphologically assessed by medicine and catalogued into diseases, symptoms and syndromes, whereas it is customary for doctors to name these deviations from the norm vainly after themselves in order to gain fake immortality in medical history.

We also find the same phenomenon of scientific vanity in physics, where almost all SI units and many other physical quantities, constants and laws bear the names of the physicists who allegedly discovered them. In the new theory of the Universal Law, I have proved that all these quantities were first mathematically invented by the researchers in their heads and then projected onto the external physical world. As can be seen, we are again dealing with false projections, to which scientists assign a hallucinatory spatio-temporal reality, for example by renaming the geometric area of one square meter with the SI unit of one Coulomb for charge = area and seriously believing that this SI unit measures real existing charges in physical conductors (see The Greatest Blunder of Science. Charge is a Synonym for Area).

The supramolecular solitons of the cell structures control both the replication and transcription of the DNA code as well as the spatial construction and reconstruction of the proteins – the structural building blocks of the cells. The exact mechanisms, as far as they are researched, can be clarified with the help of the Universal Law without any contradiction down to the last detail, as I prove in Volume 3 on the basis of the latest research results. At this level, the destructive interferences between the astral body and the biological body take place first. In this phase, they cannot yet be discovered by bio-science.

In the second phase, structural changes occur, which, for example, can recently be detected as point mutations in the DNA strands using the latest genetic engineering methods. Such point mutations are always the result of destructive interference, as can be observed during radioactive radiation. This can lead to the development of manifest diseases.

The energetic mechanism that leads to such diseases was discovered by myself in 1995 after I had previously been able to clarify the energetic principles for building the tertiary structure of proteins. Essentially, this is possible through the consistent application of the dipole model in the interpretation of the amino acid sequences of the individual proteins, which in turn perform different functions within the cell, for example as receptors, ion pumps, enzymes, etc..

Image result for tertiary structure of proteins, pictures

Tertiary structure of protein

I do not want to delve into the subject here, as this treatise is aimed at non-specialists, and refer to Volume 3, in which I analyse the above-mentioned structures in detail and explain their mode of action for the first time in the history of bio-science in dynamic-kinematic terms. At this point, I will confine myself to the following simple explanation.

Each amino acid has its own dipole moment, which determines its function and place within the protein sequence. When one amino acid is replaced by another, both the tertiary structure of the protein and its mode of action change. A single exchange may result in a total loss of protein function. This can lead to various disease states.

Now the amino acid sequences of the cell proteins are an image of the DNA sequences – the genes – from which they are formed by transcription. The actual mechanism is very complex and takes place both in the cell nucleus and in the ribosomes; it includes such complex processes as splicing and targeting of proteins, which are currently only very incompletely researched by bio-scientists and cannot be interpreted at all from a kinematic point of view, as are all the other processes in the cell. This is the main weakness of today’s bio-science (watch the video below for a general impression).

In this area, I have significantly advanced biological knowledge. If a point mutation occurs in the DNA strand due to external energetic influences such as environmental toxins, radioactive radiation or therapy with cell-inhibiting drugs (most drugs on the market), this inevitably leads to the incorporation of a wrong amino acid into the sequence of the corresponding protein and to impairment of its mode of action. From this finding, I have worked out the bio-energetic basic principles of a new quantum pathology that will dominate medicine in the future (Volume 3).

However, one should not overestimate these structural changes, because the actual cause of the illness lies in the destructive interference patterns in the emotional and mental body, which present themselves to the outside as distinct fear patterns and false beliefs. A large part of these thought patterns revolve around questions of health and illness, e.g. as well-meaning recommendations of all the things one should do to protect oneself from unpleasant diseases and to strengthen the defense mechanisms of one’s body. Numerous books and guides on topics, such as nutrition, physical exercise, sex, purity, body care, etc. are published all the time and are full of misconceptions and fear-based ideas. In order to cleanse these Augean stables once and for all, it requires the power of a demigod like Heracles or the knowledge of an ascended master like myself.

I will not go into all the misconceptions of mankind about the human body and its health or illness, because they could fill out entire encyclopedias, but will merely point to the simple fact that medicine still does not know what health is. Any search for a binding definition of health in the textbooks will be in vain, although there are a number of disciplines that deal with the opposite, such as pathology and pathophysiology, which have found their justification of existence in pathogenesis, i.e., the transformation of a healthy state into a pathological one.

But how can we talk about diseases when we don’t even know what health is? Where is the dividing line, if there is one, and how do we recognize it? Here we again encounter the same weakness of science that I repeatedly criticise in the exact disciplines, such as physics and mathematics: scientists have failed to clarify the basic concepts of science.

In physics, until the discovery of the Universal Law, it was not known what energy was, although physicists do nothing else, but study and describe energetic interactions.

Mathematics is based on the fundamental hermeneutic terms, number, continuum, zero set, and probability set, without taking the trouble to provide their “proof of existence“, i.e. to establish the epistemological content of these basic terms in the real physical world, although this basic discipline has been known and proven to be in a seemingly insoluble Foundation crisis for almost 80 years (Gödel).

Economics still does not know what money means, as the famous money paradox (Paul Samuelson) makes clear; it is precisely this ignorance that has triggered today’s financial crisis, from which the greatest and last crisis of capitalism will soon emerge, and so on, and so forth (see Economic Energology and below).

But how can one speak of diseases in medicine if one does not consider it necessary to present a binding definition of health, only from which deviant states can be defined as “pathogenic”? You can scroll through thousands of thick medical books, you won’t find the slightest hint on the subject.

Doctors and bio-scientists do not worry about that because they do not recognise this fundamental epistemological problem, although they justify their own professional existence with the existence of diseases. Both physicians and bio-scientists have never heard of the necessity for basic research, with which they have to first justify the raison d’être of their sciences. So far, so good! The chain of human aberrations and paradoxes on this earth is as endless as space-time itself and at the same time a circulus vitiosus. It’s a leitmotif in all my books.

I will now present a popular-scientific definition of health and disease that will help humanity gradually erase all existing misconceptions and beliefs on the subject. This should essentially be the future task of the scientists, because I am not intending to relieve them from this laborious and thankless work with the same meticulousness and completeness as I have done in the field of physics, all the more so as I have already laid the theoretical foundations for this purifying mental activity in Volume 3.

As a future Ascended Master, I have already raised myself above the subject by simply eliminating it for my body. The transformation of my earthly body into an immortal crystalline light body during the light body process (LBP) creates a new existential level in which such mental categories as “health” and “illness” no longer make sense. They are superfluous, artificial distinctions within the limited human perception. At the same time, I have provided the key to the only correct definition of health and disease:

There is no difference between health and illness.

In other words, in order to maintain the condition of constructive interference on all energetic levels of the body, which is a wave system, certain fluctuations (deviations) are necessary, which at present are popularly and erroneously called “diseases“.

Like all space-time systems, the body is a standing wave and a pulsation at the same time. Both the maintenance of health and the development of diseases are ensured by constructive and destructive interferences and resonances of a complex nature on innumerable energetic levels of the body. A number of deviating states are necessary so that the body remains functional and efficient in the time axis of human life, in a word – HEALTHY!

I will illustrate this circumstance with the following example: It is known that the female body changes considerably during pregnancy. The changes include hormone and blood values (e.g. blood sugar), heart rate and blood pressure, the composition of different tissues, especially the elasticity of tendons and muscle fibers, and so on. If these changes were not related to pregnancy and if they were not interpreted as necessary physiological adaptations to the symbiosis of two distinct organisms in one body, in which the fetus is completely dependent on the mother’s metabolism, and thus related to the forthcoming birth, which presupposes a hormonal softening of the mesenchymal tissue, so that the birth canal can be formed and widened for the child to emerge safely from the womb, doctors would have to define pregnancy as a disease according to the current definition.

The only reason why they do not interpret pregnancy as a disease, although this is still a very common view of many people in different cultures, is that they recognize the functional, teleological ultimate goal of physiological changes during pregnancy in the humoral, neuronal and hormonal systems and the musculoskeletal system. Their knowledge of the requirements of pregnancy and childbirth thus prevents them from considering these deviations from the norm value as “pathological”, but as necessary physiological adaptations to pregnancy.

If comparable changes take place in the body of another human being, then the doctors will immediately define them as “pathological” without much ado for one single reason: they do not know the necessary regulatory mechanisms of the organism, as explained in this treatise. Above all, they know nothing of the existence of the causal astral energies of the soul that create and sustain the human body.

Based on this limited mental attitude, they do not consider their mode of action and adaptation mechanisms at all when interpreting the medical findings. By paying homage to the materialistic doctrine, doctors uncritically and thoughtlessly interpret all the optical morphological changes (1) that they detect with their diagnostic methods as evidence of disease.

Which label they then give to this body condition and present as a diagnosis is of secondary importance, unless this disease label leads to therapy with cell-inhibiting drugs, which significantly increase the morbidity and mortality of the patient (see Volume 3 and below). This brings us back to my original postulate:

Spiritual ignorance is the source of all evil in this world.

In the tetralogy, and especially in volume 3, I have proved in a comprehensive and undeniable manner that science, but above all bio-science and medicine, are in a state of total agnosticism with regard to their object of study – organic matter. Particularly in medicine, which is an applied heterogeneous science, this ignorance is actively exercised on patients and has led to the greatest collective genocide in the history of mankind, which, incidentally, continues unabated. I dealt with the problem in detail in Volume 3, so I won’t deal with it here (see below).

In addition to the scientific agnosticism of physicians, for the sake of completeness, I must also mention some false psychological views, which are unreservedly shared not only by physicians, but also by all patients, and which keep the current wrong healthcare system psycho-energetically alive.

Both doctors and patients regard disease and death, to which it ultimately leads, as a failure. The doctors, who are trained to cure the patients at any price, must inevitably feel as losers when they cannot cure their patients or if they, despite their therapy, even die. This indoctrination of doctors as must-healers has passed into their blood and exerts on them an unnatural and very strong compulsion to always claim success.

This role has been imposed on them by the current health system and by society, so that they must resort to all conceivable contortions of their conscience and to blatant lies in order to conceal their powerlessness in the face of biological nature and thus present their helplessness, disguised in a labcoat, as professional competence to the frightened patients.

This is a fundamental professional angst pattern, the source of which lies in the doctors’ fear of death, with which they are constantly confronted; but above all in their fear of their own death, the thoughts of which they can superficially suppress, but by no means eliminate, for they know in an unmistakable way that they are powerless against death and most diseases.

Hence they cannot conceal this revealing truth of their souls from themselves, but they can hide it from their patients, before whom they always appear convincingly as professionally competent, as if they were angelic saviors hovering over life and death, only to do justice to the claim of being a “healer”. This is essentially the basic attitude of today’s physician in pure form, which of course can have many different facets and existential white lies. However, the success of healing is a very rare experience that doctors are allowed to have in their profession. First, doctors cannot cure most chronic diseases at all, even if they outwardly pretend they can. In addition, they do not know the pathogenesis of all chronic diseases, and these make up about 90% of the total disease material. It is sufficient to take a look at the standard textbook of internal medicine “Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine” to convince oneself of the fact that it only contains assumptions about the cause of the disease.

In this voluminous textbook, all therapy suggestions are also provided with a big question mark, because one does not know the mode of action of all drugs, as I prove in Volume 3 in detail. Another look at the standard textbook on pharmacology and therapy “Goodman & Gilman’s The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics” is enough to support my statement. The reader will not find a single drug whose mechanism of action has been precisely clarified.

I mention these facts only cursorily at this point, in order to spare myself a detailed argumentation on behalf of my devastating judgement about the “state of the art” of modern medicine and pharmacology. I enjoy the advantage of knowing more about medicine and pharmacology than any other specialist on this earth. I have proved this knowledge in an extensive and clear manner in my books.

Hence in this essay, I can take the liberty of introducing relevant conclusions ad hoc, without making unnecessary effort to prove them again. I will simply mention here that I have discussed the issues dealt with here time and again with different colleagues in order to test their reactions. It was easy every time to get them into need of proof and to convince them, despite their initial objections, of my devastating judgement about the current medicine, so that my arguments and conclusions stand up to every professional examination without restriction.

The mental and cognitive distress of the doctors is further aggravated by the attitude of their patients. A sinister symbiosis develops between them, which in psychiatry is aptly described as “folie à deux” (madness in twos). Like doctors, all patients are terrified of death and all diseases that sooner or later lead to death. Both groups are overwhelmingly composed of immature, agnostic souls who see death as the ultimate end of their existence:

The fear of biological death is the lived principle of separation in its very own form.

If people would first recognize and deeply internalize that they are immortal personalities who not only dwell after death, but also every night, during the sleep phase, in the 7F-creationary realms, from where they expertly plan and coordinate their life in the 3D space-time of the earth, then their fear of death would be eradicated once and for all, and they would be allowed to cry out “Death, where is your sting?” true to the Bible. At the same time, the present health system, as practised in the Western world, will disappear once and for all, because it is based exclusively on the agnostic fear of all those involved of the finality of death.

This is a major reason why I will ascend first as a medical doctor. This process will convince the people first of all of the immortality of the soul and the incarnated personality and will take away their fear of death. Only then will the entire healthcare system and the pharmaceutical industry collapse and disappear from the scene in their present form. I have already described this future scenario in my popular book on Universal Law, published in 1998 in Bulgarian.

Patients’ fear of biological death has various manifestations and evokes a plethora of attitudes and behavioural patterns that intensify in their dealings with doctors. In many cases, this fear is so well camouflaged that it cannot be seen at first glance. Since most doctors are currently the opposite of good psychologists, they see no need to deal with the fears of their patients, although they are, as stated above, the cause of all diseases.

The doctors’ poor psychological knowledge is an expression of their scientific agnosticism, which is also a product of their fear structure. As I said, not only most patients, but also most doctors are immature souls, equipped with a pronounced structure of fear, for which the present health system has been specifically created in order to project their fears onto it and live them out in various karmic connections. At the same time, I have explained the mutual, disastrous dependence in which doctors and patients find themselves today.

Why does a person get sick at all? More precisely: “When does a person decide that he is ill and becomes a patient by going to the doctor? In my opinion, this question has not yet been dealt with properly by anyone, although there are a number of books on the subject. At this point, I have to go back a little to make the reader understand the mental background of becoming sick.

Most of the time within an earthly life the human body is in an optimal state of constructive interference. During this time, biological regulation runs smoothly and, if physiological needs are disregarded, goes largely unnoticed by daily consciousness. This condition is popularly referred to as “health”. The body is, so to speak, in a “state of grace” and knows about its impeccability. Most children live in this state of grace in their bodies in a spontaneous, natural way until they grow up and begin to grieve and worry about their health.

Since All-That-Is is organized energy – Spirit – this also applies to all its subsets. Each space-time system has its own knowledge of its energetic state (see also Leibniz’s Monadology). This is especially true for the biological organism created by the astral software program of the soul from the energies of the 7F-creationary realms and continuously kept alive: At every moment there is an energy exchange from high-frequency astral energy into the organic matter of the body and vice versa according to the conservation of energy and the unity of space-time.

The soul’s astral software program for the regulation of the body is an extremely complex, intelligent system: it must simultaneously process, adjust and correct countless input and output data so that the body remains in its state of grace, i.e. healthy. The efficiency of this software program of the single soul goes beyond all human conceptions and exceeds by far the capacity of all interconnected computers on the Internet. The very limited daily consciousness of the incarnated personality cannot perceive this performance of the soul at all and regards the state of grace of the body as a kind of “free lunch”. Only when the body leaves this state, does the mind for the first time consciously perceive that “something is wrong with the body”.

At this point, the human mind appears for the first time on the decision-making stage and immediately and emphatically claims its own competence – to exercise decision-making sovereignty over the state of the body – which, as explained above, the mind is actually not capable of. I have just described the birth of the idea of disease and medicine.

Each organism has its own development program, which is expressed spontaneously, in an indescribably harmonious and natural way. The human body of the newborn baby is still in great need of protection, yet it enjoys spontaneity and certainty about its future development, which can only be described as a state of grace. Later on, the motor skills are developed, then the body begins to grow until it experiences a significant growth spurt during puberty.

This time is simultaneously filled with the unfolding of the psyche and the mind as various fear patterns and unreflected beliefs are absorbed from the environment with the help of the soul and become an integral part of the personality. It is an important adaptation mechanism to the needs of social life under the known limitations of 3D-dimensionality. The psycho-energetic encapsulation of the personality with layers of fear is largely completed by the soul shortly after puberty. Equipped with this armor of fear, she can now fully focus her attention on life in this world.

In the first years of life, the contact with the soul is still largely open and the children experience their physical integrity and soul protection in a natural and spontaneous way. After puberty, until the 5th decade, the anxiety-driven amnesia of the incarnated personality is kept on a high plateau.

The “menopause” is then not only a significant physiological rebuilding of the body but above all a gradual reduction of amnesia. During this time, many grafted beliefs, convictions, patterns of behaviour and fears, which the personality has collected throughout her life, are gradually reduced in order to increase the vibration rate of the biological body as well as that of the emotional and mental body.

This frequency increase is brought about by strong polarisations, which manifest themselves as conflicting feelings and contradictory thoughts on the operative level of the psyche and the mind. For this reason, the menopause is extremely strenuous from a psycho-mental point of view and often leads to life crises and depression, which are merely a manifestation of the inner-soul transformation of the emotional and mental body.

During this reconstruction, the biological body also has to change secondarily, because all three bodies are superimposed wave systems that contain each other as an element (U-sets) and are in constructive interference with each other. Conventional medicine and popular opinion see only the physiological changes in the body and interpret all psycho-mental side effects as a consequence of the “physical degradation in old age”. This turns the actual causal connexion upside down. All scientific and ordinary beliefs on health and disease are woven from this fabric.

Similar processes, but much more intensive, also take place during the light body process. I have discussed these processes in the Gnosis and in my other philosophical writings.

For this reason, the menopause is a very stressful time, especially for women, because the physiological and psycho-mental changes are usually more severe for them than for men. This circumstance explains a demographic fact that has received little attention and is still not understood today. In the last 2000 years, most women have not grown very old. They died of postpartum infection or another disease even before they reached the menopause, because the inner-psychological transformation during that time is extremely exhausting and strenuous for the incarnated personality and very few souls have the courage to undergo these strains. The same applies even more so to the light body process.

Only in the last century did a rapid increase in life expectancy take place, so that we observe several generations of women, the majority of whom reach the menopause age and after its successful overcoming remain on earth for several decades to anchor these spiritual changes in their lives and in society. This tendency results from the rapid increase in the proportion of mature and old souls in the population in the last decades just before the evolutionary leap. Only such souls are able to endure and cope with the mental and psycho-mental transformation in the menopause.

Younger souls are usually spared this type of transformation, which represents an accelerated energetic evolution of the incarnated personality since they are not yet ready to undergo such a massive transformation at this stage of the soul unfolding. For this reason, life expectancy in the Third World is very low, usually below the menopause age, because most souls who incarnate there are baby and child souls and have the assurance of leaving life early.

It is worth mentioning here that some of these necessary transformations which advance the evolution of the incarnated soul during her incarnation cycle can be performed in both the incarnated and disembodied states in the 7F-realms of creation. The second method is the gentler one so that many souls prefer this variant. In this, there is a wide space of creative freedom, which the soul can claim as its own responsibility and in consensus with the other souls involved.

These astral-energetic reasons for the demographic development of mankind are completely unknown to epidemiology and sociology and therefore they have no epistemological value as empirical sciences.

These considerations are very important because they illuminate the continuous astral-energetic transformation of the human body for the duration of a lifetime and throughout the entire incarnation cycle. These necessary changes often fulfill the common medical definition of disease at the body level. Precisely for this until now unrecognized reason, many natural body states are defined as “diseases” in today’s pseudo-rational, extremely manipulative and suggestive society.

In earlier times, prehistoric man had an unmistakable, intuitive knowledge of the ebb and flow of the life-spending force of his soul with which she controlled and changed his body. He saw the same changes in the outer nature with which he identified and perceived this state as an all-encompassing pantheistic sense of spiritual protection. With this psychological attitude, the prehistoric man was far healthier than the modern, “civilized” man of our time.

With the development of the ego, the feeling for the state of grace had to go underground, and the mind began to behave as an arbitrary judge of health and disease. The extent of this presumption ran parallel to the willingness of the ego, which embodies the part of the mind that emerges into the outside world and feels responsible for its manipulative transformation, to deny ever more stubbornly the eternal existence of the soul. The knowledge about the existence of one’s own soul had to be ignored by the ego, so that it could regard itself as an independent creator in a very productive, albeit extremely subjective way. Without this psycho-mental precondition, the still very weakly developed mind would once again have fallen back into the care of the soul and, in view of the many misjudgments and the resulting unpleasant situations that awaited it on the path to perfection (the current financial crisis is a prime example of that), would not have seen any incentive to become independent of the soul.

This also explains the largely total amnesia of most people incarnating on Earth at this time. This amnesia manifests itself mainly on the level of the mind, that is, where the existence of the soul is most eagerly denied, as an agnostic materialistic worldview to which we owe today’s medicine.

From this introduction, it follows that man makes his judgment about health and illness in total ignorance of the astral-energetic foundations of the biological body and is also not prepared to learn more about them. Like a “laterna magica“, the individual human mind projects its grafted beliefs, prejudices and fears onto one’s own body and is constantly tempted to regard these projections as real conditions – as “diseases”.

From this a priori decision to visit the doctor, the path is usually very short, especially if one is insured. Most people who go to the doctor already have a preconceived, firm opinion that they are ill, and expect the doctor to legitimize this inner subjective conviction for them socially through a scientifically sound diagnosis. This is where the mutual dependence between doctor and patient comes into its own. The raison d’être of the medical profession results from the objective existence of sick people. There must be enough sick people in society for doctors to make a living. The calculation is relatively simple: In Germany, a general practitioner needs an average of 1000 patients in order for his practice to be financially viable. This knowledge flows involuntarily into the medical decision every time a supposedly sick person visits a doctor’s office.

The current compulsory health insurance system offers no incentive not to classify a practice visitor as ill, regardless of whether he or she is actually ill or just imagining it. The doctor feels that more likely “a spike will be broken off from his crown” (a German saying that the reputation will be damaged) if he declares his visitor healthy and sends him home than if he invents an illness for him.

Because the doctor knows from his own experience that this person will be in front of another colleague the next day at the latest. This colleague will have little qualms about declaring him ill and making some gloating remarks in front of his patient about the incompetence of his colleague who overlooked the supposed illness. The expectations of the practice visitor are now fully satisfied and the doctor has won him as a patient.

The doctor has thus secured one-thousandth of his income in no time at all, without having to account to any competent authority (2).

This is the pecuniary aspect of the current medical business, which I have exaggerated a little here, without having changed anything on the actual situation in our healthcare system. On the one hand, the individual’s visit to the doctor exerts strong psychological pressure on the doctor to prove himself as an active diagnostician and to establish a convincing, serious diagnosis. On the other hand, the general understanding of the medical profession in society, which every physician has deeply internalized, places him under enormous mental pressure to show healing successes.

However, one can only achieve healing success if an illness is present. So the doctor has to invent a disease that he can then treat in the hope that the patient’s condition will improve a little bit and he can book this change as a success. Since most patients, as explained above, are Imaginary Invalids (Molière already knew this), the medical confirmation of an alleged illness fulfills the function of a social authorization of their suffering, and this desired condition causes a clear psychological relief for the patient. He now enjoys his secondary disease gain to the full, even though he will never officially admit it, and automatically feels better, that is, healthier. This brings us to the crucial question of medicine:

“Why do people want to be sick at all?”

All the problems with which modern man is plagued are exclusively of a spiritual, psycho-mental nature and not of a physical nature, e.g. in the form of an illness. Physical suffering is of a secondary nature, which only becomes meaningful through the psycho-mental processing of the incarnated personality. For this reason, the same disease may be perceived as severe or mild by the person concerned, depending on which attitude he or she chooses toward the disease. If the illness is perceived as an unjust punishment, then it usually proceeds as severe suffering. If, on the other hand, one regards the illness as a necessary adaptation within the harmonious regulation of the body by the soul, as I have been practicing it for ten years within the framework of the light body process, then any physical illness, however severe it may be, loses its threatening nature, and the psychological strain is kept within limits. This does not mean, for example, that a person would not have any pain during such a transformation, but that the pain would become much more bearable through a positive, optimistic and relaxed attitude.

For example, in the course of the light body process that has been going on with me for ten years, I have not experienced a single day on which at least one part of the body or organ would not have hurt; as a rule, two or three body parts were painful at the same time. Often I dragged myself through the day like my own shadow and would have rather died ten deaths than endure this ordeal any longer.

I had no control over my body at that time. In my total chronic exhaustion, I left the coordination of my daily routine completely to my soul, which she perfectly mastered. I became a minimalist of physical effort – in contrast to my original being to exude my excessive energy in all directions, I learned during the light body process to cope with the manifold demands of everyday life with minimal effort and still provide for my family around the clock. I have truly become the “Lamb of God” in the last ten years. The only area in which I still enjoy freedom of choice is my abstract thoughts, which essentially deal with the analysis of world events and distract me from my everyday physical torments.

The somatic transformations are sometimes so massive that if I had visited a colleague and described my complaints truthfully to him, he would certainly have declared me seriously ill and sent me into early retirement. However, during this time I did not think I was ill for a single moment, because I know exactly what is happening to me, and I am able to comprehend the massive interventions, which my soul, in close cooperation with the causal worlds, carries out in my body, as a knowledgeable, calm observer with scientific precision and spiritual inspiration, and to bear them with serenity.

In this situation I cannot rely on any traditional experience, because such a process has not taken place on earth in the last 2000 years, and if there had been such transformations of the biological body in prehistoric times, which I assume, mankind today knows nothing about it.

In the second half of the light body process (around 2004 – 2010) I started to keep a diary so that I would not forget the physical strains I had to endure. To this end, I have introduced a new abbreviated terminology for different symptoms, energy waves and complaints, in order to standardize my daily reports on my physical condition.

This daily bulletin of my physical condition proved to be very beneficial from a practical point of view. For example, my wife, who doesn’t believe in my light body process (What wife would like to accept the idea that her husband, to whom she has been married for 30 years and knows all his weaknesses, is about to become a second Christ?), started reading it regularly and to consider it in everyday life. In this way, I was able to condition her a little in my direction, even if she still does not believe in the main thing. As a result, my daily routine became much more bearable.

Only recently, my wife stated with consternation: “If you do ascend one day, I would have to sit down and read all your health reports from the last 3-4 years, so that I can explain to the people how a light body process works in practice.” “But that’s exactly what you shouldn’t do,” I replied: “For in doing so you’ll only promote hypochondria among your listeners. Rather you should intensively deal with my scientific and gnostic books, which you reject at the moment, because only clear, logical and angst-free thinking, as well as an all-encompassing gnostic knowledge, can initiate and promote the light body process. The physical tortures, however unbearable they may be, are then only welcome hurdles on the way to the ultimate goal.”

Humanity today has no experience with the infinite potential of higher dimensional energies that can be realized by the individual soul in each incarnated personality because it is the product of an extremely narrow astral spectrum.

If the human body is currently becoming ill and perishing from various chronic diseases, this is solely due to the fact that it is being cut off from the higher frequency energies of the 7F-realms of creation. As I explain in detail in the Gnosis, the current average incarnated personality is a failed construction in the energetic sense. Many important energetic pathways are currently closed or blocked in the astral body, and this circumstance leads to the aging of the biological body and to death. The exact processes and interrelationships are very complex and cannot be discussed here; a halfway complete description would fill several books. During the light body process, these blockages are eliminated step by step, so that the higher frequency astral energies flow into the four functional bodies – the biological, emotional, mental and astral bodies – and fundamentally restructure them.

I have explained in the Gnosis, for example, that during the light body process the current seven chakras, which are energetically separated from each other and allow only a very limited function, as can be seen currently from the instinctive behaviour of most people on earth, merge into a unified chakra. This chakra is able to allow much more astral energy with higher frequency into the body.

This flow of energy is not an end in itself but is accompanied by significant changes in cell metabolism. Energy-rich molecules such as ATP and GTP, which are regarded in bio-science as universal energy carriers in the cell, now change their energy spectrum. These substances are usually synthesized during the metabolic degradation of the three nutrient classes, proteins, carbohydrates and fats, in order to subsequently participate in many catabolic and anabolic reactions within the framework of cell metabolism. In the end, the biological body can “feed” on astral energy alone and dispense with the actual intake of food. In this way, the biological body is completely renewed; it can no longer age and becomes practically immortal.

Furthermore, there is a number of far-reaching functions that are “installed” by the 7F-creationary realms into the four energy bodies of the incarnated personality before it “ascends into light”. However, this discussion should not become a technical book on the light body process, but should merely expose the people’s limited understanding of health and disease. As soon as humans forever reject the harebrained Darwinian evolutionary doctrine, they will also free themselves from the present materialistic view of their bodies: they will become true Gnostics. Above all, they must understand that health is not an exclusive affair of the biological body, but depends upon the regulation of the invisible astral energies that create the body.

All diseases and physical ailments are therefore not the product of some genes or biological disorders, as the medical professionals claim in their ignorance, but secondary results of destructive interference at the astral level. From this, I come to four other important conclusions in the field of medicine and bio-science, which forever reject and replace the current erroneous basic ideas of science:

1. There is no biological evolution within organic matter. All species are conceived in the 7F-creationary realms and kept alive by their astral energies in 3D space-time.

2. The human body is potentially immortal and can exist without disease. Diseases are deliberate experiences of the souls in their present stage of evolution on earth.

3. The term “nature” is a popular paraphrase for the totality of all organic and inorganic forms which the 7F-creationary realms manifest as 3D space-time and are accessible to the human senses.

4. Death doesn’t really exist. Both the soul and the incarnated personality are immortal. Also, the biological body is in principle immortal (point 2.). The identity of the incarnated personality does not depend on the nature of the body. If there had been no death of the biological body, there would have been no life on earth either, because then no renewal would be possible too. Life and death are specific energetic transformations in 3D space-time. The energy = space-time is energy conversion = principle of last equivalence.

To point 1: Biological matter cannot evolve out of itself because it is a secondary product, a U-subset of the astral energies of the 7F-creationary realms. Any biological form or existence is first conceived and realized in the 7F-realms of creation and then materialized at any given linear time on Earth or another planet.

The dinosaurs, for example, were not exterminated by a natural disaster but were conscious, animate species that ended their incarnation cycle after millions of years at the end of the Cretaceous period. The destruction of the last incarnated population of the dinosaurs was a decision of their disembodied souls, just as many people today leave the earth surprisingly in a natural disaster, for example in a tsunami, because their souls have previously decided to end their current incarnation with a sudden, collective death.

The astral matrices for the creation of the dinosaurs are stored in the 7F-realms of creation and can in principle be materialized again on Earth or another planet at any time. The souls of the dinosaurs evolve in the causal worlds and exert a certain influence on humanity.

The dinosaur boom that has been triggered in film and television in recent decades is, for example, due to the inspirational impulses of these souls, with which they want to draw the attention of mankind today to earlier incarnation experiments on Earth. In the dinosaur species, the 7F-realms of creation realized above all the astral energy 3 of the warrior, which is responsible for the manipulation of matter in 3D space-time (3).

In today’s species “homo sapiens“, on the other hand, all seven astral energies are used, with each individual soul and incarnated personality representing an essential energy, an essential soul role. The other higher dimensional energies are conceived as psycho-mental qualities by the soul before her incarnation and incorporated into the archetypal soul structure of the personality so that every human being is born with largely fixed qualities which he then adapts, modulates and refines over the course of his life according to the social conditioning.

Nevertheless, every historical epoch is characterized by the predominance of a certain type of astral energy. The Christian age of Pisces, for example, was dominated by the energy 1 of the healer; Jesus Christ was a healer. The coming Age of Aquarius, which has already begun and will fully unfold with my parousia, will be dominated by the energy 4 of the scholar; this energy assimilates all previous spiritual and intellectual achievements of mankind and merges them into a new, congruent scientific teaching which will shape the collective worldview in the coming centuries (see also this video).

To point 2: Contrary to popular belief, primitive humans have hardly ever been ill, although they had to live under adverse circumstances, just as most animals remain largely healthy during their lives, even if, like humans, they repeatedly undergo periods of energetic changes that are accompanied by discomfort and reduced performance. These physiological changes do not differ in principle from those observed in animals in hibernation.

On point 3: Since the concept of “nature” is an integral part of philosophy and science, this new definition alone will trigger a revolution in scientific thinking. All living forms of nature like humans, animals, plants, insects, micro-organisms, etc., but also all inorganic forms like mountains, rivers, seas and other landscapes, not to forget the climate, are creative products of an all-encompassing consciousness, which one can optionally call: Spirit = organized energy = 7F-creationary realms = primary term = All-That-Is = God = Nature.

In religion one speaks of the “Holy Spirit” without realizing that the word “holy” is not a “supreme category” in the sense of Aristotle, although the Church has borrowed all its transcendental terminology from Greek philosophy (see “Neoplatonism and Christianity“). “Holy” is a primitive anthropocentric evaluation and has no gnostic value. Nothing is sacred – unless man decides to call everything sacred. In this case, every creation is sacred. Why then the endless wars on this earth, not a few of which are attributable to the Church? No wonder Christianity has failed from the beginning as a gnostic doctrine of true knowledge.

To point 4: In this sense, the incarnated personality is first and foremost spirit, equipped with a psyche and an organic body. In Church Slavonic/Old Bulgarian language, for example, spirit (Duch, male) and soul (Duscha, female) are one and the same word. The soul, which is an individuation of the world spirit, incarnates on Earth to gain experience with the three-dimensionality of space-time matter. This includes first and foremost life in an organic body.

Prior to each incarnation, the soul makes a careful decision about the exact time of conception and death. Both birth and death are not accidental events but precise plans of the soul in the 7F-realms of creation. Under this premise, the soul develops and controls the growth and regulation of the body with its astral software program until it has fulfilled its tasks of collecting experiences through the incarnated personality and is abandoned by the soul.

This procedure of the soul is usually called “death”. The other, more elegant method would be to transform the body and take it as a light body into the 7F-creationary realms (see Gnosis and below). After that, the incarnated personality continues her experience and unfolds in the disembodied state in the 7F-realms of creation under far more favorable conditions.

Hence the incarnated soul leaves the body and the 3D space-time of matter only after it has solved her tasks satisfactorily and can no longer evolve under these conditions. Death is only a transition from one energetic state into another – the personality herself is immortal.

The historical personality, who has finished her incarnation, gets through the soul, which is a function of All-That-Is, connection to previous (historical) incarnations, which stay in the 7F-creationary realms as disembodied beings and develop further in the simultaneity of the Now. She now recognizes her “multidimensional nature” (see Gnosis).

If the incarnation ends with a transformation of the organic body into a crystalline light body, then the “ascended” personality can from now on dwell in the 7F-creationary realms as well as on earth and manifest the immeasurable knowledge, to which she has access as a transliminal soul, directly in the 3D space-time of the earth. In order not to overwhelm the people, however, this knowledge can only be passed on selectively and very cautiously.

As can be inferred from this discussion, true Gnosis can begin with any earthly subject and conclude the eternal cycle of unfolding consciousness in the universe easily in a logical way; this also applies to our current discussion on health and disease.

Since sickness is an essential experience of the incarnated soul, all people experience one or more diseases at a given time. The duration and severity of the disease can vary depending on the challenges and goals which the soul has set herself for this incarnation. In order to preserve the appearance of separation, the body can perish from such a disease. But this happens only when the soul decides that the right time has come to leave the earth. If the soul has not yet completed all her tasks on earth, the body will still be kept alive under whatever circumstances.

It is well known that many patients live in a coma for years before the soul makes the decision to leave the comatose body. Until that time, she will continue to maintain its vegetative functions. In such a case, the soul of the comatose patient can take on an overriding pedagogical role in favour of other souls, for example by triggering a public discussion on the definition of life and death.

Unfortunately, such a discussion on earth is not conducted with gnostic philosophical arguments, because the vast majority of the current population of young souls is not receptive to such arguments, but as a rule, it is carried out in court with legal subtleties. I am thinking here of the Schiavo case, which recently triggered an extremely controversial and irrational political discussion in the USA and revealed the gnostic deficits of both Christian neo-conservatism and “enlightened” state liberalism. Since time immemorial, people have tried to remedy their gnostic ignorance and uncertainty of decisions with legal means, thus piling up one unjust, cruel and irrational act after another.

It follows from this that the mind, and even more so the medical doctor, has no power over the life and death of the human body. The whole medical activity is a vain activity and an occupational therapy for the participants. Medicine, or rather the health system, is a stage on which the soul is able to create manifold karmic experiences for her incarnated personality, the least of which are currently joyful. This includes: fake diagnoses, false damaging therapies and other procedures, degrading manipulations, various frightening situations, and states of impotence, which, even if they present themselves superficially as unpleasant experiences, in reality, fulfill an important function.

Such experiences enable the accelerated reduction of layers of fears in the personality structure and broaden her spiritual horizon, for example, by shaking the patient’s faith in modern medicine and encouraging him to reflect in the direction given by this treatise. The more shattering the experience, the greater the individual’s willingness to deal with the false beliefs that have led to it.

For precisely these reasons, many people believe that they are ill so that they can gain the appropriate experience. In such case, they are quietly pushed in the direction given to them by their soul without even noticing it. In most cases, people have various problems with their psycho-mental angst patterns, which they cannot solve within their mental structure and have to project outwards.

In the case of a disease, this projection must first be embodied (somatized, soma = body) before it becomes a social reality as a medical diagnosis. Long before people consciously think that they are ill, their psyche and mind send signals to the body that it is ill. However, the body feels extremely healthy in this phase and cannot correctly interpret these psycho-mental signals and projections at the body level; it is confused. If the condition lasts long enough, then this fearful psycho-mental showering of the body leads, within the framework of destructive interference, to a reduction of its health vibrations. Since most fear patterns are superimposed wave systems and U-sets of the emotional body, they have a specific somatic localization; for this reason, those organs and body parts that are in the immediate vicinity of the stored fear pattern are preferably affected.

This does not apply to planned diseases, which are apriori decisions of the soul before the incarnation and are specifically triggered by her, for example, the sudden occurrence of a brain embolism with subsequent paralysis in a healthy young man. I am talking here about a specific clinical case that I have treated as a doctor and healer. This young man knew intuitively about the impending accident long before this karmic challenge occurred, and had captured this premonition as a painter in pictures. But also such “disease accidents” are related to psychological fears and thought patterns from previous incarnations, which the soul has planned to master in her present incarnation. This leads us to another binding definition of disease:

Every disease of the biological body is a physiological adaptation to astral-energetic blockages caused by strong psycho-mental fear patterns and false beliefs. Every disease has its primary cause in the astral energetic realms.

If the psycho-mental angst patterns and the wrong views of the incarnated personality change for the better, then the disease can either be completely cured or its symptoms reach a residual state, in which the personality can lead a full life into old age without great impairment. For this reason, every true healer is above all a healer of the spirit.

However, most people and patients refuse to deal openly and relentlessly with their inner-soul problems and repress them. By “problems” I mean various fear patterns and contradictory beliefs that are not consciously recognized by the people. In this respect, modern language, under the fatal influence of psychoanalysis, is extremely imprecise and misleading.

I refer in this context to the fact that until the end of the 19th century, the psychological concept of “repression” was completely unknown to humans, which by no means prevented them from presenting masterly literary representations of the psychic dynamics of their heroes, such as in the books of Dostoevsky or J. Conrad, from whom one can learn much more about the human psyche and its inner “demonic” nature than from the confused writings of a joyless Freud (play upon words – Freud(e) means joy in German), although he himself was more of a literary man than a doctor and a healer. As a medium, language conditions human perception far more than we currently suspect (4).

The “repression of problems” thus means nothing else but a momentous psycho-mental process, in which a concrete fear pattern, which the incarnated personality has to deal with according to her soul’s specifications, is not consciously perceived by her because this is associated with unpleasant feelings and unpleasant insights. By bringing up a lot of psychic energy to avoid this fear pattern, the human being feeds it with additional energy.

Note: Energy cannot be lost, it is only transferred from one form into another. The fear pattern, which by its nature is a low-frequency energetic blockade at the psychic level and leads to multiple distortions in the mental perception of the environment, is literally condensed and stored in the deep energetic structures of biological matter.

Various fear patterns exhibit preferred somatic localizations that can be relatively easily determined by a transcendental, intuitive healer. For example, anger and powerlessness are preferentially stored in the stomach, liver and pancreas, sadness – in the chest, aggression and hatred – superficially on the whole skin and especially in the hands, etc. However, this treatise is not intended to be a compendium of fear patterns, but to shed light on the subject of “health and disease” from an enlightened, gnostic point of view.

Energy is constantly in motion: it must flow. All somatically stored angst patterns must discharge at a certain point in time and break out to the outside because they hinder the harmonious regulation of the body by the astral software program of the soul. In this case, there are eruptions of accumulated psychic energy, which can manifest on the individual level as a crisis, depression or running amok.

At the collective level, such mental discharges lead to revolutions, civil wars, and genocides, rarely to collective enlightenment and conversion, and change the history of humanity lastingly. The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind will be such an eruptive event – a psycho-mental mass orgasm – that will change the history of this planet forever.

In many people, however, the stored fear patterns cannot be discharged to the outside in such a cataclysmic way. They turn, so to speak, inwards, towards the body and cause destructive interferences there, which then manifest as diseases. So much about the psycho-energetic etiology of diseases.

The real problem of the current health care system is that it is a fear-generating system and significantly exacerbates, rather than solves, the psychic problems that lead to disease. This conclusion follows from what has already been said. It is supported by the following observations. The health care system is strictly regulated and hierarchically structured. Young doctors are afraid of making mistakes and embarrassing themselves in front of their bosses; above all, they are afraid of failing. They project this fear onto their patients by intimidating them and degrading them into compliant puppets. But also their bosses function according to the same pattern because they were once young doctors.

A frequent method of medical intimidation is to scare the patient of the consequences of his illness if he does not strictly follow the therapeutic recommendation, although most therapies are pointless and in many cases demonstrably harmful. In this way, the doctors make their patients docile and can then manipulate them at will. From this position of power, they can easily conceal their failure to heal most diseases. Especially in hospitals this medical, often sadistic drill of the patients is very popular and transforms these institutions into breeding grounds for somatic fears and new illnesses.

The whole current health concept is on the wrong track and could only flourish because most patients and their doctors are young immature souls who live out their fears in an unconscious way like inborn automatic reactions and in this way decisively shape the medical business and keep it alive:

Today’s patients deserve their doctors and the present healthcare system.

For this reason, I no longer treat patients, although I could, unlike my colleagues, really heal them with my superior energy, which I can mediate through my hands and with the effective therapies, which I developed based on the new theory of biological regulation. First, however, I would have to convince them not to trust the current health system anymore and not to be misled by other doctors: In other words, they must be prepared to overcome the psycho-mental fear patterns that make them ill in the first place before they can be cured.

However, since all patients are a social product of our time, they cannot overcome their fears and turn their backs on today’s medicine, although in many cases they complain about the doctors and are not at all convinced by the results of current medicine. In such a case, the patient is not ready for my high-frequency, fear-free therapy, and it makes no sense to treat such people.

The true healer and master – for a true healer is first and foremost a master, and since no true master has yet appeared, there is currently no true healer on earth – must, first of all, recognize whether a patient wants to be healed or not, that is, he must first determine whether or not his soul has given her consent to the healing of her incarnated personality. Only an enlightened healer can correctly determine this consent. Only then can one begin and successfully complete the healing process. It is superfluous to mention that every patient whose soul has made the decision to be healed can enjoy spontaneous healing without medical intervention.

The soul, even in its incarnated form, is absolutely self-sufficient and needs no help from other incarnated souls. However, she may decide at any time to avail herself of such assistance if this relationship is beneficial to the development of the persons involved. This is how I pull the carpet away from under the feet of many esotericists who, in spiritual presumption, are currently active as self-proclaimed healers.


Under the given sociocultural conditions it is not possible nowadays to carry out a reasonable therapy under consideration of the astral-energetic bases of biological regulation. For this reason, the current healthcare system must disappear forever.

In addition to the deficits of conventional medicine discussed above, there is the entire pecuniary system of health insurance funds, which is a monster and transforms state welfare into a caricature. I could write volumes about it, but that is not my objective in this essay. I just wanted to point out the most important wrong thoughts and behavioral patterns of those involved who completely devalue medical care.


1. There are no others! Not only are all pathological findings, X-rays and CT images, but also all serum values optical sensory data from a gnostic point of view; they have nothing to do with the actual bio-energetic processes in the body, but are only empirical epi-phenomena (see also the discussion on this topic in my other writings).

2. The health insurance companies complain at most about the amount of the doctor’s fee, but never about the justification of a false diagnosis, which they can neither verify nor understand. For the same reason, I do not know of any case in which a doctor was convicted of an incorrect diagnosis in Germany. In the USA, it happens occasionally.

3. For further details see the channeled books of V. Hasselmann and F. Schmolke, as well as the new Gnosis.

4. See my book “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy“.


Gnostic Foundation of a Transcendental Medicine and Bio-Science

Let us now summarize the essence of the biological regulation of the human body: The multicellular body is not a solid, stable system, but first and foremost an electromagnetic wave system – it is a standing wave. This applies to the individual organic compounds, then to the cells and finally to the superordinate cell assemblies.

In particular, the action potentials of the nerve cells and fibers form complex synchronous patterns of standing waves (solitons), which, in addition to the measurable electromagnetic component, also contain high-frequency components of the 7F-creationary realms. These patterns can be found both in the central nervous system and along the peripheral nerve pathways. They are in constant energetic interaction with the grid system of the astral body, which forms a very complex network of energetic pathways that cannot yet be grasped by conventional bio-science. Individual energy points of this grid system are used in Chinese acupuncture in a very rudimentary, mechanical way to partially eliminate energetic blockages in these points, which lead to manifest diseases.

Some alternative scientists call these astral fields “morphogenetic”, leaving it open whether these morphogenetic fields are a secondary product of organic matter or whether the latter is rather a product of the 7F-creationary realms, for fear of violating the predominant materialistic dogma of evolution.

It is for this reason that this alternative approach proves to be extremely unproductive – as in the famous proverb of the hungry wolf, who in this case symbolizes the agnostic, knowledge-hungry bio-science, which the alternative scientists want somehow to feed, without slaughtering the lamb – the materialistic doctrine of evolution.

On the other hand, in the new theory of the Universal Law, I completely reject the doctrine of evolution as an extremely wrong materialistic view and in this way revolutionize the scientific approach to the bio-energetic foundations of human and biological existence.

The fields of the astral body, which are responsible for the formation and regulation of the organism, cannot currently be measured with conventional material instruments, because h (Planck’s constant) represents the physical limit of recognition by such measuring devices. The astral body consists of ultra-high frequency energies whose spectrum lies outside the electromagnetic spectrum within which conventional material devices function exclusively. The astral energies can only be perceived by the human mind because the mind also consists of high-frequency astral energies and consequently cannot be found in the cranial cavity.

The brain, or CNS, is a very powerful biotransformer that converts the astral energy into the electromagnetic impulses of the action potentials of the nerve cells and in this way ensures the 3D space-time regulation of the organism. For this reason, the life-supporting astral energies of the biological body are simply negated in science: What cannot be measured, should not exist. This dominant empirical dogma in science eludes any rational justification if one considers the fact that quantum physics must postulate the origin of elementary particles from the “high-energy vacuum”, i.e. from “nothingness”, in order to explain the creative processes in physical nature in a reasonably plausible manner, whereby it is taken for granted that this “creative” vacuum cannot be measured, but only the particles that result from it.

In this case, the “high-energy vacuum” of quantum physics is a synonym for the 7F-creationary realms whose existence the materialistically indoctrinated representatives of conventional science are currently vehemently denying – for example, they dismiss it as esoteric “humbug” and the few enlightened persons who believe in the existence of such energies are mocked and denigrated (1). This is one of the many paradoxes encountered in science that undermine its entire building.

Each of the invisible, non-measurable 7F-creationary realms has its own elementary action potential that energetically characterizes it. Since these realms and the 3D material world, which we can only perceive, are U-sets and contain themselves as an element, they are not spatially separated, but are part of us and the surrounding nature; more precisely, we are part of them (U-sets). The 7F-levels are the causal realms of creation that create the visible 3D space-time according to the rules of constructive interference, as this phenomenon is known to us from wave theory, and contain the 3D space-time as an element.

Man, with his body and his limited senses, is also a system of 3D space-time, which he hallucinates with his mind (see Gnosis). 3D space-time is thus a result of the limited human worldview, which locally assesses and interprets all phenomena of the outer world as separate space-time events (2).

The perception of the soul, on the other hand, is all-encompassing and can simultaneously grasp all energetic levels of All-That-Is. The soul perceives a human being directly in his biological body as well as in his astral fields.

I can also see and feel my astral fields directly because my senses are so advanced in the course of the light body process that they can directly receive these energies beyond Planck’s constant (for more details see my other philosophical and gnostic writings).

Man is a body and astral being, respectively soul, at the same time, if I may give preference to this common, philosophical-theosophical concept of Western civilization in this treatise. However, the soul is nothing else, but individuation, a function of the 7F-creationary realms and thus a U-subset of All-That-Is. This means that man as an incarnated personality has both a biological body and energetic astral fields that penetrate, maintain and regulate the body. These astral fields can be imagined as a kind of protrusion of the 7F-creationary realms that create organic and inorganic matter and interact incessantly with it (see Neoplatonism).

Hence creation is not a unique affair, as it is described in the Old Testament Genesis in a naive anthropocentric way, least of all, a random product of evolution, as the Darwinian doctrine claims, but a continuous, conscious process that takes place daily before our eyes. One only has to keep his eyes open to see this creation unvarnished and to admire and appreciate its uniqueness.

Man can control these astral fields with his mind, that is to say, consciously, in order to move as a body in space and time and to manipulate matter for his purposes. In this case, however, the mind does not need to know how the actual control of the body is done, for example, how the chakras, the energetic centers of the astral body, which are interfaces between the astral realms and the electromagnetic cell body level, function exactly. This automatism is so perfect that man does not perceive it and consequently denies the causal role of the astral energies in the biological regulation of the organism and in its movement in space-time.

This astral regulation is comparable to a specialized software program, for example, “Word”, which the PC user directly applies without worrying about how the operating system on which the Word program is based actually functions. Most users have little to do with the way the operating program of their PC works anyway unless they are programmers themselves and can safely use the appropriate programming languages.

Like PC users, most people prove to be mere users of their minds in order to move their bodies in space-time and perform various activities and other surrogate acts without even thinking for a moment about the actual mechanisms that make this perfect and indescribably complex coordination of the human body possible.

For example, bio-science cannot explain how the simple idea of raising one’s hand accomplishes this extremely complex physical and physiological action. Therefore such everyday phenomena are not discussed at all by science, and its representatives pretend that such questions have no meaning at all for science: What cannot be explained is immediately put aside and repressed in today’s very primitive science. It is the predominant spiritual attitude of the young, immature souls who, in this age of the soul, have a very short memory and feel no need at all to test their opinions for truth (3).

In this way, all fundamental questions about biological regulation, which are at the same time the eschatological questions about human existence, are swept under the carpet by present-day science. In such questions, it willingly leaves the field to the religions and esoteric schools that are as far removed from a scientific consideration and solution of the problem as a believing bellwether is from an ascended master (see Gnosis).

The control of physical motor activity by willpower is explained by the fact that consciousness, or mind, also consists of astral energies and interacts with the astral fields of the body outside the perceptual limits of experimental research. Mind, psyche and astral fields of the body form the astral software program of the body:

They are local, specialized functions (individualizations) of the 7F-creationary areas.

The connection points between these astral fields and the organic matter of the body are called chakras in esotericism. In this context, I also speak of “reaction centres” in the Gnosis, because they are also responsible for triggering and carrying out unconditional reflexes: Reflexes are spontaneous, rapid actions of the body that are triggered by the astral energies of the chakras while bypassing the mind.

The chakras are interfaces between the 7F-creationary realms and the electromagnetic level of organic matter, which are responsible for the spontaneous, unconscious transformation of astral energies into supramolecular solitons, dipoles, cell action potentials and summed-up electromagnetic patterns, such as EEG and ECG of the corresponding organs; these trigger specialized neuronal, humoral and hormonal reactions, which can then be observed and measured concretely (Volume 3). Only these last processes are regarded as real phenomena by current bio-science; the causal astral interactions, on the other hand, are completely ignored.

The astral fields described above are the causal software program of the species “man” and all other species and have the potential to establish direct communication between the 7F-creationary realms and human consciousness at any time.

The human mind of most of the personalities currently incarnated on earth is essentially limited to the evaluation of sensory data and shows little inclination to deal with abstract spiritual contents – otherwise, we would not have had to observe the present crisis and insignificance of philosophy. For this reason, I often speak of “day-consciousness“.

This extremely limited application of the human mind for the evaluation of a very narrow spectrum of 3D sensory data can be extended at any time: The mind is now enabled to directly receive the high-frequency astral energies of the 7F-creationary realms. Such communication links, which go beyond the usual regulation of consciousness, are established at certain times to directly convey information of great importance. Known techniques are: channeling verbal information in a trance state or awake consciousness, automatic writing or a combination of the two techniques, strong ecstatic experiences leading to a dissolution of the daily consciousness and opening it for important non-verbal insights, somatic influences, etc. (see below and my other gnostic works). Within the framework of the light body process, such sporadic interferences, which go beyond the usual experience of normal mortals, become part of everyday life, even if they cannot usually be perceived by the environment.

In the past, such influences were used to communicate relevant gnostic insights in religious terms. From this, the world religions known to us have developed. In most cases, such transcendental experiences are subsequently recorded in a very naive, figurative-mythological way in various religious and “holy” writings. The miracle of Pentecost was such an event, which in Christianity, in ignorance of its true astral-energetic nature, is extremely strongly mythologized and misunderstood in its original meaning.

Hence every human being has inner senses that can be used by the soul to make astral information accessible to the sequentially thinking human consciousness. In this case, the simultaneous, high-frequency information of the 7F-creationary realms must be converted into electromagnetic spatio-temporal impulses. The invisible biological regulation of the human body and all other living beings functions in the same way. Its magnificence can only be measured by visualizing this incredible complexity at an abstract intellectual level, as I did in Volume 3 of the General Theory of Biological Regulation.

In this way I have provided the solution to the question, which human faculty has the potential and ability to establish direct contact with the 7F-creationary realms: It is the human mind (as divine mind) that is a system, an individual function of the astral realms and consequently cannot be found in the cranial cavity. It is a basic knowledge of Neoplatonism and ancient Greek philosophy. Until the rise of empiricism, this knowledge was predominant in idealistic Western philosophy.

The mind is understood in philosophy as reason, whether pure or practical (Kant), respectively as understanding. In today’s world, one speaks of “intelligence” instead, and scientists even arrogate to themselves the ability to measure and quantify it precisely in the form of IQ values. Human stupidity can indeed take on absurd proportions.

The ancient Greek philosophers already knew, however, that the Nous (the 7F-creationary realms) and its interactions with the “lower world of becoming and forms” can only be adequately grasped by logical thinking. They called it Logos and meant both the pure logic and the Law of One of space-time, which is only accessible to man in a logical way – a fundamental knowledge that I finally proved irrevocably and comprehensively with the discovery of the Universal Law. For this reason, the ancient thinkers developed logic as well as geometry and mathematics and made them the basis of their education. Since then, logic and mathematics have become the epitome of Western philosophical thought, as I show in my treatise on Descartes, Spinoza, Leibniz and Kant.

The brain, which is currently regarded as the source of human thought in the science of empirical dogma, is merely a very powerful biotransformer that translates the astral impulses of the soul into electromagnetic signals and uses them for the neuro-hormonal control of the body. It is no coincidence that the pituitary-hypothalamus axis, which is regarded in bio-science as the central organ of hormonal regulation of the organism, is located in the brain.

In Volume 3, I clearly proved, using the latest research results, that the mode of action of the central, hormonal and immune systems is energetically the same: it is based on the transmission of electromagnetic impulses at the cellular level. These impulses can be technically measured as action potentials consisting of a de- and repolarization phase, but not the astral impulses which cause these electromagnetic action potentials.

As mentioned at the beginning, the inability of experimental bio-research to directly measure the astral signals of the soul is caused by the fundamental limit of recognizability with material instruments – Planck’s quantum. The astral impulses of the 7F-creationary realms, which are mediated by the soul of the incarnated personality, can only be received by the human spirit (mind or reason) and converted into the 3D reality.

At this place I have to open a bracket to avoid misunderstandings: The original information of the soul can be received somatically at first, as I describe in my book “Gnosis as Personal Experience” (page 133) with regard to the world gradient U = c². But even such, initially purely physical experiences must then be processed and internalized by the human mind.

For this reason, I occasionally speak of “sensory perception” and mean the sum of all soul impulses and intuitions that can reach the mind, the psyche and the body and present themselves to human consciousness as immanent information.

Since both the sensory perceptions and the astral impulses of the soul are accessible to the human mind only as memory contents, and these are considerably distorted by the various fear patterns built in by the soul and acquired by the environment, the mind of most people at present delivers only misleading images of the external world, from which the fear-laden web of subjective human reality arises in a secondary manner (see Gnosis).

This fear-based reality, in which human existence takes place exclusively, contains all the scientific, religious and everyday beliefs that have a lasting influence on current social life and are accepted unreservedly by the incarnated personality as a pre-existing reality. The only way to correct this distortion of human perspective is, as I said, the consistent application of the axiomatic thinking of the new Theory of Universal Law:

Logical thinking is always fear-free.

Only through logical thinking can man escape the fear-driven reality of earthly life – the shadow world of phobias – and arrive at transcendental insights. The ancient thinkers have already understood that.

The new axiomatic theory is a further development of ancient logic, the task of which according to Greek philosophers was to recognize the essence of the Logos and to truthfully grasp the manifestations of the Law of One in the lower world of becoming – the 3D space-time.

Until Plotin’s Neoplatonism, classical Greek philosophy was always intellectually driven by this gnostic goal. The ancient thinkers saw the perfection of man in his knowledge of the Logos with the help of logic (Aristotle) and numbers (Pythagoras), which leads to his eschatological completion as a separate soul that has descended into the corporeality of the material world to seek unique experiences. They intuitively realized that this was the only way to achieve the merging of the human spirit with the all-encompassing awareness of All-That-Is, the Nous, that is, to achieve the evolutionary ascension of the incarnated personality into the original worlds of the soul.

Strictly speaking, this is also the only eschatological goal of any religion, especially of Christianity, which is an “Advent church of salvation” and has borrowed all transcendental aspects of its “doctrine of God” from Neoplatonism, as I historically prove in my philosophical study on Neoplatonism and Christianity.


1.  As this happened recently to Patrick, who was accused for his cosmological ideas based on the UL by a friend of his to belong to “Stankov’s cult sect”. Imagine! This man, who pretends to be intelligent, but is actually full of fears and resists any expansion of his consciousness, has never even bothered to scroll down my scientific books and articles as to see that we are dealing only with pure science and real facts. This is a classical example of human fears becoming a trap to human intelligence, which then expresses itself as mental laziness and vociferous maliciousness.

2. See my treatises on Kant, Leibniz and Plotin.

3. This invisible regulation of the body by the astral energies is known in philosophy as the “body-mind problem” since Descartes and Francis Bacon, as James Barnes, with whom I am in contact, writes in his latest article “How the dualism of Descartes ruined our mental health“. As this old cognitive problem could not be resolved either by the idealistic or the empirical philosophic school of thought until I discovered the Universal Law and developed the new Science of Biological Regulation in the 90s, it has caused enormous confusion in the minds of all Western thinkers and scientists as Barnes rightfully argues.


Transcendental Biophysics as a Substitute for Religious Faith

The greatest sensation of this programmatic manifesto is that I wrote it 11 years before the certainty we have now about what will happen in Italy and Rome, while I have actually been working on this project for more than 20 years. This proves that linear time does not exist and all our prophecies are becoming reality the moment we utter them. – George

And exactly at this hinge point between human perception and transcendental logic the gnostic weakness of the Christian doctrine emerges now and manifests in such erroneous conceptions as “faith in God” and “humility before the divine will”.

While the Church (1) has turned its back on logic and the scientific method, which, as I have proved, are exclusively an impeccable axiomatic organization of the mind, of pure reason, only with the help of which every human worldview can be developed into a consistent, all-encompassing categorical system, it must hide its ignorance of the underlying energetic, physical principles, according to which this world is continuously created from the invisible 7F-realms, behind the hollow concept of “Christian faith” and garnish it with “holy miracles”.

The Christian faith is thus a black box in which this religion can conveniently hide its Gnostic ignorance: The same ignorance, which she had already tried to eliminate in vain in the early days of its foundation by introducing Neoplatonic ideas. However, due to the medial limitations of the early Christians, the great wave of young immature souls, which still characterizes life on this planet to this day, this teaching failed miserably in the philosophical-dialectical implementation of Platonic thinking. From a gnostic doctrine, early Christianity has solidified into a dogmatic institution – into a church.

Faith, in the broadest sense of the word, is thus nothing else but a renunciation of thinking – a voluntary renouncement of intellectual search and the acquisition of knowledge. It is the fastest and most effective way to stupidity and persistent ignorance, and it is no exaggeration to say that the vast majority of “homo sapiens” prefer this attitude in their daily lives. Hence the motto of the new theory of the Universal Law, which I emphasize again and again:

Faith must be replaced by Knowledge.

And the only relevant knowledge that man can acquire at this stage of his mental development is the knowledge of the new theory of Universal Law. This teaching integrates all empirical facts known to us without contradiction into a pan-theory of human thinking that is open to all future findings of humanity and can explain them consistently and coherently. No more and no less!

While the new knowledge of the Universal Law unites all facts to a perfect proof of the existence and mode of action of the 7F-creationary realms (Proof of God) – in the New Gnosis – the Christian doctrine, which from the very beginning has turned its back on the facts, seeks refuge in the obscure belief in an anthropocentric God, without realizing that every thought about the origin of human existence is either a concrete projection of the “earthly body” or, in the conceivably greatest abstraction, its total negation – the Nothing. Within these two poles of spiritual abstraction, there are infinitely many transient projection possibilities that are merely an expression of the multiplicity of Nature; however, they ignore the underlying creative, energetic principles of that Nature. This objection also applies to conventional science, which, like the church, fails on the fundamental eschatological question:

What is the creative power behind human existence and the diversity of nature’s observed forms and phenomena, and how does it work?

In short: The church has never thought about the epistemological foundations of its “doctrine of God”, as I prove in my essay on “Neoplatonism and Christianity“. Christianity hides its spiritual ignorance behind the exclusive revelation of God by selected persons, such as the Nazarene, who was later called “Christ” in the spirit of Greek tradition, and his apostles, in order to force all people to believe in this fairy tale, at least as long as there was still inquisition. Since Christianity cannot be a gnostic doctrine, the Church had to convert the people by force into “believers”. The moment the individual’s freedom of faith was enshrined as a universal right in the constitution of the national state, the inexorable decline of this religion began. Significantly, Sharia law in the Islamic world does not recognize this individual right, and religious violence is still commonplace there.

This applies to all institutions that replace knowledge with faith – exchanging facts with beliefs, prejudices and projected hallucinations. The American government and the Senate, for example, believed in the existence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and instigated a senseless war in which more than 600,000 Iraqis and 4,000 American soldiers have already died and 4 million Iraqis have had to leave their country.

Any kind of faith that is not based on knowledge and facts must inevitably be paid with human lives. The history of humanity, including current political events, is an unbroken chain of bloodthirsty acts of violence that are exclusively a product of the spiritual ignorance of human beings. Given the blindness and narrow-mindedness of the human species, this fact cannot be stressed often enough.

I must go back a little in order to clear up an eventual misunderstanding. I do not pity the people who die in such acts of violence as wars, civil wars, genocides and acts of terror, for I know of the immortality of the incarnated personality and the spiritual liberation she enjoys after death in the disembodied state. I myself yearn for the bliss and unrestrained freedom of the astral realms. In a way, I even envy a little bit such incarnated personalities who are suddenly allowed to leave life in full health.

My compassion and feelings go exclusively to the survivors who have to experience these disgraceful deeds and whose memories torture their psyche and their intellect all their lives and hinder them in their spiritual evolution. Just think of the many psychological cripples of the Holocaust, the Vietnam War and the current war in Iraq, whose fate is repeatedly reported in the Western media. And what about the psychological suffering of millions of native people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Chad, Somalia, Burma and many other places on earth, which, with a few exceptions, are hardly reported in the media? They are the anonymous victims of human violence, the tendency of the people to follow their faith fanatically and turn their backs on knowledge.

I do not say that the souls of these people would not have known the cruel experiences on earth in foresighted wisdom before they incarnated here, considering the fact that this planet knows almost only murder and death, because otherwise, they would not have been able to plan their incarnation at all.

What matters is not how cruel history has been and how the present is, but how humanity will shape its future. My current thoughts are dedicated to this future. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have written them down at all. If I have already been chosen to take on the role of the messenger of the new “Golden Age” of love and knowledge on earth, then I cannot help but concern myself with the abysses of human thought and action, even if this occupation truly gives me no pleasure.

Back to the church, which is a fundamental evil of this world. As an anti-scientific institution, the Church makes no effort to explain how the incessant creation of man and nature takes place and, in particular, which astral-energetic principles shape human behavior and thought.

Since today’s conventional science cannot explain the transcendental question of the meaning and purpose of human existence either, the Church (and all other religions) go the easier way in this regard by pointing the finger at the inability of scientists to comprehend the “entelechy” of pulsating life (Aristotle). If already science cannot explain this central Gnostic question, then the church certainly does not need to do it either.

This is at least the basic tenor of the latest writings of the present Pope (Ratzinger), if one studies them carefully. It’s a strange apology for ignorance and stupidity. Like all intelligent people who deal intensively with theology, “Papa Ratzinger”, as the Italian press usually calls him in disdain of his papal name (and I likewise as a reference to the theologian Ratzinger and not to his present function), cannot avoid his doubts in the meagerness of the proofs of God in Christian doctrine too, which are a mockery for every common sense. But in a “doctrine of God,” it is only the proofs of God that matter, and not some crazy rituals and traditions, the importance of which this dogmatic pope always emphasizes. This should be cogent to everyone. At the latest after my ascension!

It makes sense that after this event Christian doctrine, as well as current science, can no longer be sustained and must disappear from this world. In the future, only a certain historical significance will be attributed to the “holy scriptures” of this religion, as is already the case today outside the church. Future historians, philologists, and philosophers will analyze them merely as testimonies of an incredible human aberration; from that they will develop a new understanding of the psycho-energetic dynamics of human thinking at the collective level.

The topic “The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events “(2) will acquire a new gnostic-philosophical relevance and will intensively occupy social sciences in the coming years. At the same time, I have briefly outlined the probable future orientation of these disciplines. My essay on “Neoplatonism and Christianity” could in this case serve as a paradigm for the new enlightened liberal arts, but not exclusively.

Admittedly, social sciences can no longer limit themselves to their hitherto narrow subject area but must embrace in a fundamental way the relevant gnostic-scientific knowledge of the new bio-science and economic energology of the Universal Law to its full extent and take it into account in their structures. In methodological terms, they must start unreservedly from the new Physical and Mathematical Axiomatics and orient future research in the social sciences accordingly. I have already set the direction in my gnostic and philosophical writings (as published on this website). It must now be continued and extended.

And what will become of the Vatican and the many churches, monasteries and other non-profit religious institutions, after the Christian religion as doctrine and the church as a secular institution have disappeared once and for all from the earth, perhaps the overwhelmed reader asks himself. The answer is very simple: they will continue to be used, just as many historical institutional buildings that have housed dictatorial regimes in the past are now being used by democratic institutions.

The Reichstag in Berlin, for example, was for a long time the epitome of the terrible Nazi regime and, after long debates and many reservations, was re-named as the seat of the German parliament in order to continue a certain tradition. Institutions come and go, their buildings can stay or be demolished. Or as the great Greek philosopher Heraclitus says, “Panta rei!

What would the world look like if, for example, all buildings from the Nazi period in Germany and Austria, all fascist buildings of Mussolini in Italy and all Stalinist architecture in “Zuckerbäckerstil” in Eastern Europe, as well as all castles, palaces and buildings from the monarchist times of Europe, were to be torn down after democratic governments have been installed in these countries? Europe would no longer be recognised.

I am confident that the reader will easily understand from this that it is no problem at all to quickly abolish the Church and its institutions and use its buildings for other, truly spiritual needs of the people, just as today countless castles and palaces that were once inhabited by brutal rulers are now used as museums, hotels, state reception residences, ministries, community facilities, and for many other purposes. Even today, individual churches in which masses no longer take place because the number of believers is rapidly declining and the church can no longer afford the money for priests and maintenance are rented out for secular purposes.

This process is not new and has important precedents in the past, such as the Napoleonic secularization in the West (mainly Germany) or the communist expropriation of church possessions in the East. However, the “secularization” of church buildings after my parousia and the Evolutionary leap – I prefer to speak in this context of a “genuine spiritualization of the churches” – will not take place by force, but voluntarily, from inner insight. If once the sacrosanct “touch” of the “holy church” is irrevocably lost, then all reservations to quickly refurbish the current church buildings for other purposes will also disappear.

What is there to be said against the regular organisation of lectures and discussions on the new theory of the Universal Law and its practical and spiritual applications in churches instead of masses? Nothing! These events will then be open to all the people in which they can participate democratically, just as the ancient people enthusiastically held their philosophical discussions in public marketplaces, e.g. at the Agora in front of temples or other public buildings.

And where did Jesus, please, have his discussions with the Pharisees? Where did Paul and his disciples try to convert the people of Philippi, Thessaloniki, Corinth and Athens? Surely not only in private houses, but also in public places, otherwise they would not have been persecuted.

Which Italian would oppose the idea of a spiritual world centre of the 7F-creationary realms, which will have its seat, for example, in the Vatican in Rome and will make the Eternal City and this historical country again the cultural centre of the world? Knowing the Italian mentality, I dare even now to predict that not a single Italian would speak out against such a cosmic revaluation of the Vatican buildings (3).

I don’t want to “chat here out of the sewing box” (“Aus dem Nähkästchen plaudern”, a German saying for the disclosure of popular secrets), but it itches me to lift the curtain a little to give the reader a glimpse into the hidden direction, into the “heavenly plan” of the 7F-creationary realms about the future of mankind.

In Christianity, the texts of the New Testament are regarded as a divine revelation, which roughly reflects the facts correctly, but with the significant restriction that this doctrine was conceived from the 7F-creationary realms for non-spiritual young, immature souls. Why were all the holy scriptures of Christianity written and meticulously handed down for 2000 years? Not only to preach and spread the Christian doctrine! In the history of mankind, there have been many religions without a written tradition and they have not less effectively drawn people into their orbit.

The writings of the New Testament are important because they contain above all important statements that point to the imminent downfall of this doctrine, but are not understood by priests and believers because, as young souls, they are naturally agnostic. I have already interpreted some of these passages in my books in connection with the imminent events, such as, for example, the announcement in the second Pauline Epistle to the Thessalonians of the recently erupted world economic crisis (see the book “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy“, also its partial English translation as “Gnosis as Personal Experience“).

These passages were transmitted from the astral worlds at different times to selected early Christians as channeled information, e.g. as “speaking in tongues” and fulfill the same role as the viruses in the Internet or the famous worm in the fruit. While these texts are celebrated by the clergy as “holy books”, the church willingly puts the noose around its neck in delicious ignorance of the impending apocalyptic events.

Here I will not go into all the falsifications in church history, such as the Pippin (Constantine) donation or the “Petrus claim” of the papal primacy, which have already been sufficiently exposed as a fraud by conventional historiography and will contribute decisively to the downfall of the church, but will only draw the reader’s attention to the many references in the New Testament regarding the “Second Coming of Christ“, in Greek “Parousia“. These passages announce the imminent ascension of myself by spreading before the faithful the threatening scenario of the Apocalypse at the “end of the days” of Christian doctrine in a figurative-naive manner.

However, no word in the history of human language has been so thoroughly misunderstood as the Greek word “apocalypse”. The direct translation means nothing other than “disclosure of the hidden”; further suitable translations of this word would be “uncovering” or “discovering”. The German translation of the Apocalypse as “secret revelation” („geheime Offenbarung“) is also very misleading in this context. What is actually this hidden thing, which indeed prevails in all phenomena and determines their essence, but is overlooked by all the people and thus remains hidden? The answer to this question is amazingly simple:

It is the Universal law, the Logos, in the extended sense, the existence of the 7F-creationary realms,

which act as invisible, immeasurable energy and create and keep alive all forms and phenomena of the visible 3D space-time. However, this knowledge was sufficiently known to ancient people. In their philosophy, they speak of “substance” and mean the “underlying” life-giving energy or power (energeion), from which the visible world emerges.

The appearance of this hidden force, its apocalypse, is, however, not an optical process, but a spiritual-intellectual one. The eyes of men will not open in such a way that the astral energies suddenly become visible, which is intended anyway after the Evolutionary Leap of Mankind, in that the 7F creationary realms will show themselves in manifold ways on earth (see our articles on the cities of light), but in that, the eyes and the spirit of men, first of all, will open to the new Axiomatics of the Primary Term.

It was precisely the existence of the primary term and its role in the understanding of the Whole that had remained hidden to science and all religions, in a word, to all human beings until the discovery (apocalypse) of the Universal Law. Otherwise, the current separation between science and religion would no longer exist, but both systems of thought would have long since merged into a new scientific spirituality, as I have achieved it with the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law.

Read alsoThe Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction

As the people will soon undergo a profound mental revelation (apocalypse), they will discard all their previous ideas, beliefs and misconceptions and make the new logic of the revealed (apocalyptic) Universal Law the foundation of a new global worldview. Only after the people have completed this change and have prepared themselves mentally for the planned, intensive exchange of information with the 7F-creationary realms, will the astral worlds become visible (apocalypse).

Before that, however, the collapse of the current pecuniary capitalist system must be accomplished, which has already been triggered by the apocalypse of world inflation. This economic catastrophe (apocalypse) will destroy the foundations of the present social order and create a free space for an enlightened world community of love and true gnostic knowledge. In the course of the Evolutionary Leap of Mankind, all wrong ideas and fears of mankind will be revealed (apocalyptised, new word creation!) in the first place, because without such a revelation (apocalypse) of the dark sides of the human psyche and thinking no spiritual evolution of the incarnated personality is ever possible.

I have intentionally used the word “apocalypse” in many different connotations and idioms in this description of the most important events during the forthcoming Evolutionary Leap. In this way, I demonstrate the key role of this term in understanding the coming energetic processes.

The souls in the astral realm, especially the old souls, love to play upon words (pans), with which they express their multidimensional nature on earth. They often convey their knowledge in the form of linguistic puzzles and parables in “holy” writings, which can only be deciphered if a clear gnostic idea of the upcoming events has been developed beforehand. Above all, one must have the most exact knowledge of the meaningfulness of the language and every symbolism. For this reason, I expressly recommend my book “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy” and especially the last chapter “Language as the Limit of Gnosis“, in which I concretely elucidate the hidden, spatiotemporal meaning behind human conceptuality and every symbolism.

Below, I will explain the gnostic background of the symbolism of numbers, which is used with preference by many secret schools in ignorance of their true meaning. In this way, I eliminate the whole symbolic fuss of esoteric schools and “secret societies” that have recently become popular literary stuff of many bestsellers – a fact that can be seen as clear proof of the collective delusion and medial dumbing down of the masses just before the parousia.

In a way, the New Testament, I exclude the Old Testament from this consideration, proves to be a single joke, and thus also – Christianity. Once you’ve reached my spiritual-energetic evolution, the entire earthly life also seems to be a joke, in which you take part as a protagonist and in spite of the many, not exactly funny situations, in which you get involved again and again, you have to laugh about yourself whole-heartedly.

The divine dichotomy of knowing or suspecting that you are immortal and yet being afraid of death and worrying about every ailment – shouldn’t one look at it differently than a joke? Then my thoughts will be much easier to understand. As a Palestinian or a Jew, to seek a life of killing the enemy because he has stolen a piece of desert from you or wants to take it back, while all of Siberia, a thousand times larger than this cursed land, is almost depopulated; then to leave the earth as a “victim” of a military attack or assassination only to realize as a disembodied personality in the 7F-creationary realms that your murderer and enemy is your soul brother in all eternity, with whom you carefully planned your roles in this monkey theatre, called “the Middle East”, before birth, only to experience the state of lack of love upon your own physical body: If this isn’t a joke, then what!

Divine humour, along with enlightened compassion and understanding of the problems of your neighbor, is the best psycho-mental attitude to survive the coming turmoil of the Evolutionary Leap unscathed. Once one has learned to apply this divine humor to one’s own destiny without restriction, it feels like a revelation. If, on the other hand, one is incapable of this kind of humour, and by this, I mean unfortunately most people on this earth, then one experiences one’s destiny as an apocalypse in the Christian sense of the word.

And this tautological dichotomy – Revelation ~ Apocalypse – is the joke of all jokes. This brings me to another basic knowledge of the new Gnosis of the Universal Law:

Depending on the psycho-mental attitude, man can experience one and the same situation on earth as heaven or hell, because the world in which we live is a product of our thoughts.

Man can experience his fate as a tragedy or a comedy, depending on his point of view, and no other writer has understood this creative power of a priori creative thinking as profoundly as Shakespeare: to wonderfully unite the comic ridiculousness of King Lear with the mischievous tragedy of all people on this earth who make “much ado about nothing” in the perpetual tragicomedy of life.

And what do all the existential jokes have in common with a transcendental biophysics intended to replace religion? A lot! It eliminates in a light-footed, informal way the “importance of being earnest” of all religions and replaces their solemnity with the swinging ecstasy of a “midsummer night’s dream”, which will give humans a taste of the unlimited freedom of the non-corporeal existence of an ascended master, to which every embodied soul is potentially capable.

In this way the blue planet will also recover from the many infamies of this bloodthirsty species called “homo sapiens“; life will be much happier, more loving, more spiritual – in a word, more worth living. There will be no heaven on earth yet, because the challenges of the 3D space-time and the physicality will still remain valid, however, immeasurably more bearable than the present hell, which people have created for themselves in the Christian age. And that is infinitely more than hell, the purgatory and the boring heaven of all religious martyrs, in which, according to the religious promise, they are allowed to whirl around like cherubs and sing praises for the doddery old man, whom they call “God”.

This enlightened, evolved society will also include the intimate knowledge of the astral-energetic foundations of biological existence, which can only be adequately grasped by new transcendental biophysics. The schematic outlines of such future biophysics, which I present here to some extent, should only give the reader an insight into the immeasurable knowledge, which will be imparted to humans in this century by the 7F-creationary realms.

Before the people are ready, however, they must put their thinking and feeling on a new foundation – on the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law – otherwise this transfer of knowledge and advanced technology cannot be initiated. In their current spiritual ignorance, people cannot yet deal with these enormous energies and powerful technologies and will only destroy their civilization. But that’s not the plan for this planet.

Hence the new theory of the Universal Law must first fully assert itself. For this reason, I will very soon transform my body visibly for all the people to see it and will continue to work on this planet for a while until everything has settled to the complete satisfaction of the astral worlds:

Truly, I say to you, this generation will not pass away until all these things take place. 35 Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away.” (Mt24.34-35).

The scope of the new transcendental biophysics is comparable to All-That-Is – it will be almost infinite – for such a science presupposes an extensive and profound knowledge both of the biological regulation of organic matter and of the nature of energy underlying all visible and invisible phenomena. It is a comprehensive teaching of all energetic interactions and for this reason, I also call it “energology“. Specifically, I use this expression for the economic activity of mankind, which in the future will be based exclusively on the rational and meaningful use of astral energies (see below).

The intellectual claim of the new energology of the Universal Law, unlike religions, is so great that “it will be easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a believer to ever overcome this intellectual hurdle and enter the kingdom of God“. For this reason, all believers must first become knowledgeable. Faith of any kind is the opposite of knowledge: it is the negation of the thirst for knowledge that is inherent in every human being and is always promoted by the soul.

If religious faith were merely a harmless religious conviction without serious practical consequences, as one believes today in utter gnostic delusion from a petty-bourgeois point of view and praises this as false virtue under the mantle of a wrongly understood religious tolerance, then one could possibly tolerate this situation as a kind of self-inflicted immaturity. But human faith is a powerful psycho-energetic fear pattern of tremendous power.

Because it is not based on facts, it has the tendency to spread and continuously create new hallucinatory facts. In this way, religious faith strives to remove all justified doubts about the correctness of its worldview by force or ploy, as one can observe excessively in the USA and in the Islamic world, where most immature young souls live at present.

This collective psycho-energetic dynamic is concealed behind all dictatorships and terror regimes that have been tried out on this earth, and it was particularly oppressive for me to observe how, after “nine eleven, 9/11”, this fearful attitude of replacing knowledge with faith spread at breakneck speed throughout Europe and North America and suppressed every level-headed voice with brute force.

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The devastating consequences of these fear-driven belief patterns continue to poison international political life and contribute significantly to the collapse of the contemporary world order, bringing us back to the dialectical nature of every human experience – the social oxymorons of divine dichotomy. By this I mean any collective pattern of fear that leads to ill-considered, irrational actions at the political, economic and military levels and achieves the opposite of what it has set itself as its goal, for example, the wars of the USA against Islamist terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan, which generate even more terror and violence, or the introduction of various financial derivatives such as CDS (credit default swaps) to hedge financial risks, which have meanwhile turned out to be true “weapons of mass destruction of financial assets”, as the American multi-billionaire Warren Buffett has long warned (4).

It follows from this that the belief of every shade and colour as a worldview is a collective agnostic fear pattern that decisively determines the present “godless” behavior of human beings, even if when as a religion it can skillfully secularize itself behind political struggles, wars and acts of violence.


1. Under the term “church” I include the Orthodox, Catholic and Protestant churches, as well as all free Christian churches because from the spiritual point of view of the new Theory and Gnosis of Universal Law, they are based on similarly false materialistic views and rituals. The Church is the epitome of organized Christianity, which after my parousia will dissolve spontaneously and forever.

2 See also the other Seth books of Jane Roberts on this subject.

3Please observe that I made this prediction 11 years before I knew for sure from the Elohim that Rome was indeed destined to become the new spiritual world centre.

4. For more details on the basic concept of the new Gnosis “Oxymoron” see “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“.


Practical Applications of Transcendental Biophysics

I have deliberately preferred the term “biophysics” in this treatise, although I could just as well have spoken of “transcendental physics“. With this I want to emphasize the basic knowledge of the new theory, namely that man can only perceive the astral energies directly with his mind and psyche because they themselves are astral-energetic systems.

Furthermore, they are connected to the senses and can also receive and process data from the limited energy spectrum of 3D space-time; strictly speaking, only by processing the low-frequency data from the environment, do the mind and psyche create the illusion of 3D space-time as an exclusive, “objective” reality. At the level of pure spirit and the soul, whereas the soul is an emanation of spirit, all energetic levels and systems – both the 7F-creationary realms and 3D space-time – are simultaneously perceived. This is the original level of perception of the soul from which it operates, for example, maintaining control of the biological regulation of the body and coordinating interpersonal relationships.

Both the mind and the psyche have a very complex stereo-metric structure that is constantly in flux and changes continuously according to the respective thought and psychic pattern. For this reason, I also speak of the emotional and mental body in order to clarify that the mind and psyche, just like the biological body, have their own form and structure and do not consist of amorphous “morphogenetic” fields, as some alternative scientists mistakenly believe.

All energy is organized – it is Spirit. If this were not the case, we would not have been able to grasp them mathematically, and there would be no physics in the conventional sense. But since it is possible to have a unified physics – the new physics of the Universal Law proves it – it is biophysics from the point of view of the earthly observer.

This conclusion already follows from the fact that all physics can be derived from the primary term of human thinking and is therefore a biophysical matter. Physics can only perceive 3D space-time mathematically, and this is an a priori hallucinatory view of the incarnated personality implanted by the soul as a systemic foundation of its psycho-mental sensory perception of the outer world – actually, it creates the external world.

This also includes the realization that the technical assessment of inorganic physical matter within the framework of applied physics and research is ultimately only possible with the senses that function according to biophysical principles (1).

From this, I come to another fundamental realization of the new Gnosis:

There can be no physics as an empirical science of physical, inorganic matter. Every kind of physics is ontologically and epistemologically biophysics.

All physical and technical applications that man uses and will ever use are biophysical applications (materializations) of the 7F-creationary realms by the incarnated personality. The biophysical materializations of the 7F-creationary realms are conventionally summarized under the term “Nature”. For example, all plants and organisms can exist on Earth only because the composition of the Earth’s atmosphere is as it is and not different. If there were no CO2, there would have been no photosynthesis and therefore no plants. Without photosynthesis, no oxygen could have accumulated in the earth’s atmosphere and there would have been no animals or other organisms because breathing would not have been possible. Without respiration and combustion of organic matter, there would have been no CO2. All these processes would not have been possible without the presence of water. At the same time, water accounts for about 80% of the body weight of all organisms.

Where is the boundary between organic and inorganic matter, and which of these two forms of space-time is the original? This question is identical to that of the hen and the egg: “What comes first – the hen or the egg?” It is the basic question of all human knowledge, which all religions as well as all philosophical teachings have been asking themselves since their inception without being able to answer it: “Does the world have a beginning and an end, and if so, what does it look like and when will the end come?” It is pointless to mention that the Darwinian evolutionary doctrine does not pose this eschatological question at all because it does not recognize it as a problem.

In the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law I clearly prove that All-That-Is is a closed entity, i.e. without a beginning and an end, so that the above question is meaningless. Both photosynthesis, which generates oxygen in the atmosphere, and respiration, which burns oxygen for the metabolism of the organic body and produces CO2, are closed, self-contained biophysical processes: They are sophisticated applications of the 7F-creationary realms which they simultaneously create and sustain in order to shape and maintain the biophysical framework for their incarnation experiment on this planet.

The 7F-creationary realms are a simultaneous entity: all living beings exist there simultaneously, at the same time, in the everlasting presence (the Now) and are constantly evolving. On this level, the concept of past, present and future – that is, the concept of historicity and the successive course of events – is meaningless. History is only a construct of sequentially thinking, extremely limited human consciousness and thus also a fundamental biophysical application of the 7F-creationary realms. The concept of history only makes sense in 3D space-time, in which large collective projects of many allegedly successive incarnations are realized and destroyed over a longer period of time (In reality all incarnations exist at the same time in the everlasting Now of the higher realms).

Christianity needed about a thousand years to fully assert itself on the Old Continent and just as long to lose its significance. Experience has shown that the end comes very quickly, as the stock chart of one of the largest American banks, Bear Stearns, shows, contrary to what some “wise” experts say:

Image result for bear stearns stock chart

Its share price plunged from over $100 to just $2 within a short period of time in March 2008 and Bear Stearns was de facto bankrupt. However, in the Evolutionary Leap of mankind, there will be no Christian central authority, a kind of a “Christian Fed”, which will save this doctrine at the last moment because in the Apocalypse above all the religious, financial and political centers of power will reveal their powerlessness: They are the chosen future bankruptcy candidates.

Back to biophysics: Both CO2 and O2 are currently regarded by conventional science as physical substances and are considered inorganic matter. For example, these gases are studied in chemistry and not in biochemistry, although biochemists, whether they like it or not, have to admit that they are a product of organic processes.

From this example we can see that today’s natural sciences justify their existence and raison d’être only by artificially separating their object of study – space-time. As inadequate mental concepts, these disciplines must inevitably be replaced by the new pantheory of space-time/energy. Just as the religions establish similar dividing gnostic lines of the divine, such narrow spiritual concepts and the resulting beliefs significantly hinder the evolution of the incarnated personality.

It follows that the Darwinian evolutionary doctrine is by no means more progressive than the Christian Genesis and also constitutes an obstacle to the spiritual evolution of the incarnated personality. It was intended to give man information about his origin, which he could not find in religion, and plunged him into an even greater ignorance. To quote Cusanus, this doctrine is an expression of docta ignorantia, the educated ignorance of Western science. It is one of the many existential jokes of the soul and the 7F-creationary realms, of which I present some selected examples in this treatise.

From the above discussion, we can see that the primary term of the 7F-creationary realms is not an abstract, esoteric concept, but the original source of all human knowledge: it is the first explanatory principle of all phenomena. The new pantheory of science, which commences from the primary terms, proves it.

Current science and all religions that are known to us, on the other hand, are inadequate attempts to explain the phenomenology of Being because they do not know the essence of the primary term and are therefore unable to think logically-axiomatically; for this single, sufficient reason, all religious and conventional scientific ideas must be abandoned forever. Without this spiritual conditio sine qua non, people will not be able to understand the logic and mode of action of the 7F-creationary realms and to adequately consider them in the shaping of their social life. Without such a truthful implementation of gnostic knowledge, however, no evolution of mankind is possible (2).

Even if people are not yet able to directly perceive the 7F-creationary realms with their senses, they are just as real as electromagnetism we deal with every day. With the right scientific attitude, we can indirectly observe and measure astral energies just as accurately as, for example, the various electromagnetic effects in everyday life. In this connection I must point out that we firmly believe in the existence of electromagnetic forces, even if we cannot perceive them directly with our senses; we can only indirectly experience their effect with the help of various electrical and measuring devices.

A voltmeter that measures the voltage is experienced by the human eye as a dial, e.g. as a needle that moves and indicates a numerical value on the dial.

Image result for voltmeter pictures

On the other hand, the actual electromagnetic voltage in the circuit, e.g. in the metal wires of the conductors, is not accessible to the human senses. As we are so used to identifying, strictly speaking, confusing the display of electrical appliances with the primary phenomena, we almost never think that what we measure cannot give us any information about the actual energetic interactions, because each measurement of an energetic interaction in the outside world, in turn, represents an independent energetic interaction that is not identical to the original effect.

But since all interactions are U-sets and contain themselves as an element, they contain the information of all other interactions in the universe. In the theory of electricity, this is referred to as the superposition principle; this principle also plays a central epistemological role in conventional quantum physics (quantum superposition). The principle of superposition is again a concrete manifestation of energy conservation.

Image result for superposition principle, pictures

In the new theory, I regard space-time as a closed Whole of superimposed wave systems which are in harmonic resonance with each other and are destroyed and formed again by destructive and constructive interference. In this way, the changeability of space-time systems is guaranteed: Despite the temporary stability of their shape and form, they are in a constant flow of energy.

This is a basic idea of ancient philosophy in the contemplation of the “lower world of forms and becoming”, which begins with Heraclitus‘ slogan “Panta rei” and finds its provisional perfection in Neoplatonism; there is no gnostic Weltanschauung (worldview) that does not proceed from this basic idea. For this reason, in the new theory of the Universal Law, I speak of the primary term of energy and thus of energy exchange. Physics is known to be a science of physical interactions, and where an interaction takes place, energy must flow.

Since the mathematical conditions of these interactions, which are wave-like interference patterns, are approximately the same, the same spatial-temporal systems are formed again and again. This circumstance explains the formation and destruction of the same particle classes, which are called elementary particles, such as protons, neutrons, electrons, etc. In physics, these particles are quantified by space-time constants, such as energy, mass (energy relationship), Compton wavelength (space) or Compton frequency (time) and summarized in qualitative particle classes. Other properties of the particles such as spin and charge, which are currently used to describe them, can also be traced back to the two dimensions, space and time (see Volumes 1 and Volume 2 and Table 1).

Without this precondition, the world would not be measurable and thus not recognizable, whereby the selection of the particle classes is a creative foundational decision of the 7F-creationary realms. The diversity of particle classes known to us depends, according to the law of energy conservation, exclusively on the dosage of astral energy and its geometric design in space-time according to the principles of destructive and constructive interference.

There are solar universes, of which humans have no idea, which are composed of completely different, unknown particle classes, which do not occur at all in the so-called standard model of physics, which is again proof of the inadequacy of this model. The astral energies can manifest themselves in infinite forms of space-time. Humans are also able to generate new particle classes according to the energy used in cyclotrons. It is precisely for this reason that a new, larger facility is currently being built at CERN. The gestalt potential of energy is inexhaustible.

To round off this theoretical discussion, I must point out once again that we can only measure space and time or space-time/energy of the energetic interactions and systems, whereby space-time as a “thing in itself” (Kant) is a hallucination caused by the human senses and has virtually nothing in common with the causal astral energies.

As I explain in the Gnosis and in my other writings, space is an artificial dimension that belongs to space-time, but not to the 7F-creationary realms. Space, as it is physically and mathematically defined – and there is no other definition – is identical to the conventional time: s = t.

Space s and conventional time t are pleonasms, tautologies for one and the same physical quantity

s = t

It is by far the greatest cosmic joke that the 7F-creationary realms have devised for the current earthly experience of incarnated souls, and the source of all other existential jokes that man on earth experiences as karma. This includes above all the principle of separation, which I have already discussed in detail from various angles (see here and here).

A concrete joke about the hallucinatory human perception of the spatial dimension is the physicists’ belief in the real existence of charges in matter, which according to common belief are responsible for the transmission of electric current in conductive materials. Electric charges are perceived by physicists as real carriers of electric current, which can move and divide in metallic conductors and ionic solutions in order to generate electric gradients or voltages. In a conductive medium, the positive and negative charges flow, according to this belief, to the opposite pole, i.e. positive charges are attracted by the negative pole of the electric gradient and vice versa. According to common understanding, this charge flow generates the electric current that we deal with in everyday life and in production (e.g. a capacitor).

Related image

Both the charge and the resulting electric current or voltage can, according to the unanimous belief, be measured with devices. The SI unit for charge is called coulomb, from which the SI unit ampere for the electric current is derived secondarily. For this reason, the existence of electric charges is not doubted by anyone in this world, except me, even for a single moment.

In reality, I was able to prove without any contradiction that there are no charges in the conventional sense in the real physical world. The term “charge” stands for a certain physical quantity which is introduced exclusively by the mathematical definition of its SI unit, coulomb. I have shown in the new physical theory of the Universal Law that all physical quantities and dimensions used in conventional physics are abstract, creative mathematical definitions that physicists first form in their heads and introduce and measure in every experiment by the same mathematical method.

So far, so good! It is a basic knowledge of the new theory, which I repeatedly emphasize in all my books for didactic reasons because it is always forgotten by the people. If one now writes the conventional verbal definition of the SI unit, coulomb, axiomatically, which physicists have failed to do for over 300 years, then one can very easily prove, only with basic knowledge of physics, that “coulomb” is a tautology, a pleonasm for “cross-sectional area“. In this case:

1 coulomb = 1 square meter

1 C = 1 m²

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This equation reveals by far the greatest embarrassment among many that conventional physics has afforded in its not-too-long history. This axiomatic knowledge leads to the following compelling conclusions:

1) There are no charges in matter. “Charge” is a paraphrase for “cross-sectional area”, which is considered discretely, i.e. in its quantized state. Note: space-time is discrete. In reality, it is the cross-sectional area of the transverse electromagnetic waves Sx flowing through one conductor per unit of time. The size of this area is by definition measured as a ratio to the reference value of the cross-sectional area of a metallic wire SR and expressed in charge units; SR can be calculated geometrically very easily:

Charge = Sx/S= (x) Coulomb = Square Meter.

This measurement of charge makes use of wave theory, which is a concrete application of geometry for this discipline. It is well known that Maxwell’s electromagnetic theory is an application of wave theory to this space-time plane (3).

Originally, physics dealt only with the electricity of matter. Later on, it was discovered that there is also a magnetic level of matter. During this time countless independent laws of electricity and magnetism were derived, which today are still a confusing subject for most physics students. After a while of over a century, Maxwell discovered that the electrical plane could not be separated from the magnetic plane so that all known electrical and magnetic laws could be reduced to four wave equations. This was the first decisive unification of physics that I completed 130 years later with the discovery of the Universal Law.

It follows: All laws of electromagnetism are wave equations – they are geometric equations. Most geometric equations used in physics cover areas measured with the SI unit “square meter”. This follows from the fact that in physics one can only measure space and time, or space-time/energy, because the (absolute) time f is equal to the reciprocal space s, or the reciprocal conventional time t:

f = 1/s = 1/t

2) There are no positively and negatively charged particles. There are also no electrical plus and minus poles. The terms “positive” and “negative”, respectively “plus” and “minus”, are conventional, hidden symbols for destructive and constructive interference in wave theory. They are a popular simplification (paraphrase) of these fundamental phenomena of space-time, which is a unity of superimposed wave systems. I prove in Volumes 1 and Volume 2 that “the attraction of opposite charges” and “the repulsion of equal charges” are merely imprecise popular paraphrases of space-time rotations made from the local point of view of the observer. Note: All waves are rotations and vice versa:

All movements of space-time are rotations/waves.

Accordingly, each rotational movement is divided into two phases: A “phase of attraction” when the object approaches the observer and a “phase of repulsion” when the object moves away from the observer in its rotational motion. By eliminating these terms once and for all from physics, I could very easily unify electromagnetism with gravity classical Newtonian physics and its evolution, the theory of relativity, which know only attraction forces, and Maxwell’s theory of electromagnetism, which describes both attracting and repulsive EM forces, as partial physical representations in the new theory of the Universal Law.

In this way, I have eliminated the fundamental paradox of conventional physics:

Why is the gravitational force always attracting, while the electromagnetic forces can be attracting and repulsive?

From a local point of view, gravity can also be interpreted as an attracting or repulsive force, depending on whether an object, e.g. a comet, approaches or moves away from the observer on the Earth. Having also unmasked this joke of conventional physics as a product of the limited, local approach of physicists – “as a product of their unanalysed consciousness” (Max Born) – I turn to my original topic.

In our example of charge, which, like all errors in this world, is a semantic misinterpretation, we see that all the supposedly assured physical experiences of science are in reality euphemistic, hallucinatory perceptions based on false conceptual and ideological beliefs. Above all, they are the result of a lack of Axiomatics.

If most results in physics were not written in the form of mathematical equations but only verbally, the gnostic content of these scientific findings would be just as wrong as all religious ideas:

All verbal interpretations of mathematical results in physics are fundamentally wrong and must be discarded. This is the epistemological result of the new physical-mathematical theory of the Universal Law. This statement applies in particular to the common definition of the four fundamental forces.

On the other hand, the objective existence of electromagnetic forces as a plane of space-time cannot be denied, even if their perception presupposes the invisible coordination of the 7F- creationary realms, which is concretized both as a mathematical method in physics and as sensory data – as electromagnetic action potentials of the optical neuron pathways – in the optical perception of the display of the electrical measuring instruments.

I am aware of the fact that with this observation and approach, I turn all the assured existential experiences of human beings upside down before I can correct the fundamental distortion in their view of the world. But there’s no other way! Hence the central gnostic question of the New Revelation is:

How can I free my senses and my mind from their inherent, systemic distortion of the observed phenomena and begin to recognize the interactions of the 7F-creationary realms in space-time in an unprejudiced manner and make them more unerring?

This cardinal gnostic question about human existence will be of main concern to future generations of incarnated souls. I can only briefly discuss here the innumerable ramifications of this topic from an epistemological point of view. The practical applications of the 7F-creationary energies must be defined by the future incarnated personalities themselves in an individual creative manner in order to transform them into 3D or 4D space-time forms.

As I said, man can only perceive the causal astral energies with his mind and psyche. Thoughts are higher frequency astral patterns than feelings. For this reason, feelings can only be perceived by the mind. One cannot, strictly speaking, separate thoughts from feelings, which is why I consistently speak of “psycho-mental patterns” in my writings. Every feeling is mentally colored and vice versa: Every thought is strongly distorted by one or more emotional patterns.

This is so because all sensory perceptions that are accessible to the mind as concrete thoughts and ideas are first stored as memory in an astral organ and during this storage process are strongly distorted and deformed by the emotional patterns. These distorted images of reality must now be rectified and corrected by the mind. This failed construction of human perception is an intended challenge to the human mind, which the soul has devised for her current incarnation experiment on earth. It is, in fact, the greatest and most important hurdle of the earthly incarnation cycle.

In addition, the mind constantly gets thoughts from the soul in the form of intuitions and other stimuli. These thoughts may be of an abstract nature or relate to past and future events that lie outside the instantaneous sensory perception. But also these mental thoughts receive a strong psychological imprint. We now come to another important gnostic finding:

Every thought has a psychic, emotional dimension.

Even the most abstract thought is associated with feelings. The physical explanation is very simple: The feelings as energetic patterns form the emotional astral plane, which is closest in frequency to earthly space-time. For this reason, it is referred to in many channeled books as the “fourth (astral) dimension”; in this case, space-time is considered a plane consisting of three dimensions.

These are merely conventions that attempt to translate the essence of energy into linguistic categories. In such a case one must be fully aware of the limitations of language, which at present, in the absence of telepathic abilities in the incarnated soul population, is the universal means of communication among humans (for further details see the article “Language as the Limit of Gnosis“).

Although thoughts have a higher frequency than feelings and thus come directly from the 7F-creationary realms (see also Nous and Spirit in Neoplatonism), they must first pass through the emotional astral plane of the earth before they can unfold their effect in the 3D space-time of this planet. In this interaction with the emotional astral plane, thoughts are energetically modulated, similar to radio signals, which consist of a higher-frequency carrying wave and a generally low-frequency modulating information wave.

In this case, the higher-frequency thoughts of the individual are the underlying foundational astral-energetic wave systems that are continuously modulated by the low-frequency emotional patterns in the lower astral plane (frequency modulation).

Since all systems are superimposed waves and contain themselves as an element, they always appear as psycho-mental patterns. These can come from parents, friends, partners or unknown people. They can present themselves as individual or collective beliefs. Their wealth of variations is almost unlimited.

The conviction in the advantages of a democratic order over a dictatorship can initially present itself as an abstract idea of pure reason – for example as a legal statement in the constitution of a country. Legal statements are known to be emotion-free. In practice, however, this thought is shaped by as many individual feelings and preferences as there are different individuals, cultures and national histories.

The Germans and the Austrians, for example, have a very distorted relationship to democracy compared to the Americans, who can look back on a relatively unbroken success story of their allegedly “democratic” order. The Germans have experienced the downside of the Weimar democracy, and the Austrians mourn the past glory of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy that dominated half of Europe, which is in no way outweighed by the advantages of their current meaningless Central European democracy that has shrunk to a “quantite negligable” in the EU. The Germans regard the monarchy as a counterpart to democracy because as a Prussian, Wilhelminean autocracy it led to the downfall of the German Reich in World War I and also contributed to its defeat in the Second World War.

The English, on the other hand, regard their monarchy as a necessary complement to their sterile democracy, if only because of the scandalous stories of the royal family, whose members, unlike the elected representatives of that country, do not need to resign and constantly provide the tabloid press with gossip.

The democratic understanding of the Americans is very strongly influenced by the Christian faith, because they know neither Inquisition nor the anticlerical movement, as the Europeans have experienced it since the Era of Enlightenment. For many Americans, in particular, for all neoconservatives and Bible-faithful evangelists, the necessary secularization of the nation-state, which is now an undisputed concept in Europe, is a thorn in their flesh. The democratic ideas of the Americans are also marked by a flamboyant nationalism, which is unthinkable in Europe today, because all nation-states want, and must, voluntarily transfer their sovereignty to the EU for economic reasons. Moreover, all Europeans know the downside of nationalism well enough.

Democracy and limited sovereignty are therefore not a contradiction for Europeans, but a blessing; on the other hand, most Americans regard these concepts as incompatible, even opposite entities. For this reason, the American government has no hesitation in trampling on international law every time it wants to impose supposed US sovereign interests by force anywhere in the world. By allowing itself to be seduced at the international level by this lawless attitude of the Americans, which contradicts its founding idea, the EU is experiencing one fiasco after another and runs the risk of betraying its identity and legitimacy.

I could continue with these examples endlessly. They merely prove that in practice there is not a single thought, which, even if verbally assigned to one and the same term, in reality, does not consist of countless clusters of permissible psycho-mental patterns. This applies to all collective beliefs and to an even greater extent to all individual beliefs (see Language as the Limit of Gnosis).

Exactly this elementary fact is not at all understood by most citizens, politicians and thinkers of our time, otherwise there would not be so many violent conflicts on earth, but only cultivated gnostic discussions, with which one can resolve every conceivable problem on this earth logically-axiomatically, because:

All human problems are based exclusively on their spiritual ignorance: they are semantic misjudgments about human reality.

Such false patterns of thought are shaping the human mind and the psychic structure of the incarnated personalities from birth to death in such a global and fundamental manner that this influence usually eludes their attention. Only very old souls can reflect on these astral-energetic interactions, which take place exclusively beyond Planck’s constant h of human perception, and consciously modulate them in order to achieve the desired karmic results in this 3D space-time.

Most people simply lack the critical self-observer who makes such an evolved approach possible in the first place. For the vast majority of incarnated souls, the astral interactions currently appear as fateful events or coincidental encounters that must be endured as victims and against which little can be done. They do not have any idea that every event in their lives is a careful planning of their souls in the 7F-realms of creation, played out in countless probability alternatives in the everlasting Now of All-That-Is before the optimal alternative is materialized.

This collective psycho-mental, hallucinatory approach has above all produced the wrong idea of the causality principle, with which one tries to explain all energetic interactions in space-time. Science, as well as political and everyday thinking, are based exclusively on this principle, although it is rejected epistemologically in quantum theory, but without thinking about the practical consequences of this rejection.

The principle of causality is rejected in the new Theory and Gnosis of the Universal Law in its totality. This rejection follows already from the essence of All-That-Is (the primary term), which is a closed system. In a closed system, there is no preferred direction of the interactions in the sense of a causal chain of cause and effect:

Every cause is an effect at the same time and vice versa!

The principle of causality is a manifestation of the principle of separation. I leave it up to the reader to prove this statement for himself in order to put into practice his gnostic knowledge acquired from this treatise. With this presentation, I have also provided the key to using one’s mind and psyche to faithfully perceive and rationally interpret the astral energies of the 7F-creationary realms before they are implemented in 3D space-time. In this case, the mind and psyche perform the same function in recording the astral energies as the voltmeter in measuring the electromagnetic voltage, which incidentally is a U-subset of the astral energies and emerges secondarily from them.

I am not claiming in any way that this has not always been the case, for without such energetic interactions no incarnation would be possible. But due to the extremely strong amnesia of the incarnated immature soul population in the Christian age these interactions were negated and consequently no longer consciously perceived: They have no correlation in human language and do not represent a real dimension of human thought. This attitude is still predominant in society today and has a decisive influence on social behaviour. For this reason, I will discuss the pernicious influence of religions on the basis of Christianity in detail below.

As I said, the interactions of the 7F-creationary realms with terrestrial space-time can take very different forms and shapes. But they are always appropriate for the spiritual evolution of the souls that are currently incarnated on earth.

In Christianity, it is assumed that such divine “revelations” are the exception and are reserved only for selected persons who are “god-pleasing”. If they were experienced by people outside the church hierarchy, as was the case with many medially gifted women in the last 2000 years, then they were declared witches and ended up on the stake.

This ostracism began with Paul, who in his epistles (Kor) was upset by the many prophecies and “tongues speaking” (channeling) in the early Christian congregations and, since most of the revelations of the astral worlds were passed on to women at that time because they are the more medially gifted sex, he severely limited their role in the church. The believers should henceforth exclusively follow the instructions of the apostles and their recognized disciples. In this way, Paul was the first to push a dogmatic sieve between the transcendental experience of the believing individual and the official Christian dogma. What came out of it, above all the incarnated occidental souls had to experience on their own bodies during the whole Middle Ages up to the 19th century, when the last burnings of witches on the stake still took place in Germany.

This circumstance explains why the church is suspicious of any transcendental interaction with the 7F-creationary realms and why it has never found a connection with the divine. By this I mean the church as an institution and not the individual believer, of whom there have always been some who have had direct access to the 7F-realms of creation, such as most mystics in the past (Read also Helena Blavatsky‘s standard work, “Isis Unveiled,” which is a strong indictment of the Church from an enlightened spiritual position: she is currently with us constantly in Spirit.).

It was from this individual spiritual experience that the most significant innovations in the Church came, such as the Franciscan Movement, founded by the ancient soul of Francis of Assisi, which contributed significantly to the spiritual renewal and strengthening of the Church that at that time was in serious crisis. Saint Francis was almost condemned by the Vatican as a heretic. Every Gnostic renewal of the church was always a narrow walk between “holiness” and “heresy”.

This example was followed by the communist ideology in more recent times when several celebrated communist leaders of the first hour ended up as class enemies; they were executed, arrested or murdered as in the case of Trotsky. No wonder communism was the Church’s greatest enemy: it was very similar to it and no less successful for a short period of time (see Don Camillo and Peppone). Just as this ideology and its system disappeared from the scene in a few days and months, so too will the Church and its faith collapse after my ascension and quickly fall into oblivion.

This brings me to my concluding remark in this matter: Christian teaching is not only unsuitable for a true understanding of the energetic interactions of the 7F-creationary realms with the earthly 3D space-time, but it has above all systematically suppressed the medial qualities of the Western people in the last 2000 years with brute force:

The Church has separated the people from God by forbidding and violently oppressing their communication with their own souls.

Not least for this reason, the medial skills of the general population have atrophied to such an extent at this moment in time. This finding explains why the Church and all other religions that I cannot specifically discuss here must be abolished forever so that a new true spirituality can emerge and flourish on this earth.

Such teachings, which, with the partial exception of Buddhism, have completely failed in gnostic respect, should simply be dropped by men; man no longer needs to carry this religious garbage of thought with him in the coming “Golden Age” of enlightened individual spirituality, because every kind of organized religiosity only hinders him in his perfection – on the way to God (watch also this excellent video on the topic by our PAT member Dr. Otfried Weise).

By the way, there is no need to fight the religions anymore, as was the case in the past, because they have no more support in the astral realms. These distorted collective beliefs have been gradually erased from the astral plane of the earth over the past 20 years. Every medially gifted observer can easily recognize the consequences of these processes for the energetic renewal of the earth with the appropriate attitude at the societal level, as I have been doing it for many years. From this one can also determine the exact time of the parusia and the Evolutionary Leap of Mankind.

Many social processes and tendencies in the last two decades bear witness to this psycho-mental renewal of the earthly astral plane before the actual Evolutionary Leap of Mankind can begin with my parousia. It is no coincidence that during this period the number of broadcasts in the mass media for the purpose of coming in terms with the dark past, especially during the Second World War, has increased sharply.

Horrible events and shameful acts that were swept under the carpet for a long time, such as the involvement of the Bundeswehr (German army) in the systematic murder of millions of Soviet citizens on the Eastern Front in World War II, which was deliberately concealed from official historiography during the Cold War for ideological reasons, now came to the surface and were controversially discussed in the mass media and exhibitions.

I remember on this occasion the fierce argument I had with my German mother-in-law about this subject in the 1970s, because she had no idea about the crimes of the Germans on the Eastern Front, although she read many books about this time and was much better informed than the majority of the German population.

After the war, only the dire fate of the captured German soldiers in the Soviet Union after their defeat and the expulsion of the German population from the East German territories (East Prussia) was lovingly cared for in the collective German memory. Under the menacing shadow of the Soviet Empire in the Cold War, it was psychologically opportune for the German collective soul to think of herself as a victim of the Soviets and not just a perpetrator, punished rightly by history.

At that time, most Germans felt sufficiently punished and too humiliated by the West anyway, and did not think about, in addition to the Jewish Holocaust, to accept full responsibility for the genocide of millions of Slavic peoples. The sovereign German state did this half-heartedly after the unification when it had no more practical consequences to fear.

Only after I had given my mother-in-law to read the relevant passages in the Brockhaus Encyclopedia, which clearly reported 20 million Russian victims of the German invasion of the Soviet Union, did she agree with me with dismay.

The memories of repressed atrocities, which have reached the collective memory of mankind out of nowhere in recent years and are now processed in various documentaries that would have been unthinkable in the ’70s and ’80s, came so suddenly and surprisingly that this circumstance can only be interpreted as a hint of the invisible, expert direction of the 7F-creationary realms behind the scenes.

Shortly before the Evolutionary Leap, humanity must “sweat out” all its horrible and ugly experiences and memories, so to speak, before these collective karmic patterns can be erased once and for all from the matrix of the earthly astral plane, i.e. where they were threaded and stored in the past. For this reason, after the fall of the Iron Curtain and the largely peaceful overcoming of the Cold War, there had to be a number of local wars, the number of which has increased sharply in recent years.

In particular, the wars in former Yugoslavia were unusually cruel ways of processing the bloodthirsty past in this part of Europe. It was no coincidence that the conflicts took place along the former border between the Western and Eastern Roman Empires, which was fought over and over again for many centuries, for example during the entire migration of peoples, which lasted several centuries. The same border separates the Orthodox Church from the Catholic Church. It was on this historical border that the most significant and most bloodthirsty conflicts between Occident and Orient – between Christianity and Islam – took place, the psychological consequences of which for the collective historical feelings of the South Slavic peoples in this region were brilliantly depicted by Nobel Prize winner Ivo Andric in his novels.

As one can see from this brief overview of the history, the fate of humanity is a far more complex, multidimensional, astral-energetic process than one currently suspects, which goes beyond the limited, sterile concept of conventional historiography and immeasurably expands the human horizon. I could easily fill several books on this subject only with my observations on world events and with my direct experiences with this lived, eventful history of the Old Continent over the last 50 years, which, in and of themselves, should be an incredibly interesting subject. But that is not the purpose of my present disquisition (read this website and in particular my book “Gnosis as Personal Experience“).

What is most important to me here is to convince the reader of the gnostic spiritual necessity to look at the history of mankind and the current political events around the globe in a larger framework, which also includes the effects of the 7F-creationary realms. This transcendental intellectual achievement promotes the individual mediality that will come to the forefront of human attention in the new enlightened world community of love and knowledge that will soon emerge from the ruins of the old order after the occurrence of the Evolutionary Leap of Mankind.

This “God-given” ability was found to be so important that it was also expressly exhorted in the New Testament. The reason for this is that only people who foresee and look forward to future developments, and prepare mentally and psychologically for it, will experience the coming Evolutionary Leap as an ecstatic, blissful experience that it is in reality.

Most people who don’t have a clue about the events to come and don’t want to know anything about them, as I find out again and again in conversations, will be literally overwhelmed by them. In their fear-based structure and mental orientation, most people are currently fixated exclusively on their everyday petty, often stupid worries.

This ideological myopia of the masses, which has been growing exponentially in recent years, transforms humans into programmed biorobots that wander around like zombies and are completely unaware of their environment and the preparatory work of the 7F-creationary realms on behalf of the impending Evolutionary Leap of mankind. For example, they are firmly convinced that they do not need to deal with any “esoteric stuff” because it is “nonsense”. If you ask them, for example, if they have any idea about what is going on behind the scenes at this moment, they become so restless and anxiously aggressive that any meaningful exchange of ideas with them is not possible.

In their “hardening of the heart“, most people and young souls will be, however, very soon caught by a surprise: they will then actually experience the sudden, unexpected “Second Coming of Christ” and the “apocalypse” announced in the Bible as a personal and social catastrophe. These events will irrevocably expel them from their alleged state of security, in which they believe to be and for which they labor daily in blind zeal (read also here).

I speak here primarily of the citizens in the Western world; the people in the Third World have always known no social and material security. Western citizens will very soon be plunged into the greatest collective mental and emotional confusion this earth has ever experienced. They will only be able to step out of this spiritual abyss after they have completely separated themselves from all their previous beliefs and misconceptions. This is ultimately also the purpose of this article.

The process of total confusion in the coming upheaval is not new and has already been played through in the former communist countries as a dress rehearsal, but has been misinterpreted by the West or completely suppressed. As is well known, most people there were blinded by the alleged advantages of the communist system for a long time, just as the citizens in the Western world are convinced of the alleged merits of their “free” market economy.

Just as the people of the East have experienced bitter disappointment and economic shock, from which, realistically, they have not yet recovered, so will the people in the West experience an economic collapse of unprecedented proportions in the coming months and years, which will plunge them into the greatest spiritual, economic and political crisis of all time (4).


1. See Volume 3 and “Gnostic Tradition of Western Philosophy“.

2. This is another existential joke (oxymoron) of the 7F-creationary realms: Man must reject the doctrine of evolution in order to advance his spiritual evolution.

3. See Maxwell’s equations of electromagnetism in  Volume 1 and Volume 2

4. See the essay “Astral Dynamics of the World Economic Crisis on the Eve of Parousia” in my book “New Gnosis: The Evolutionary Leap of Mankind“. Excellent prediction 11 years ago that will come true this year.


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