Avocatio per laborem – Occupational Therapy or Distraction Through Labor

Otfried Weise, April 12, 2019


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How is it possible that during the known history of mankind a small group of powerful people has always more or less successfully dominated the great mass of the population? This question becomes even more explosive because these rulers nowadays try to establish a world dictatorship in which the individual has nothing to say.

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In ancient Rome the motto ”Divide et Impera” (divide and rule) was coined. The ruler incites the population to quarrel among themselves, or different tribes to wage war against each other. In this way they work off their aggression, are busy and do not develop ”stupid thoughts”, e.g. the idea to demand more freedom or less taxes. This method is used successfully to the present day, especially in the polarization due to different, contradictory or forged views, which are spread through the MSM and the Internet in unprecedented abundance. The party state is an excellent example of this.

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However, this issue is only marginally dealt with in this article, as there is a more important method of controlling, exploiting and abusing people.

This method be known here under the motto of the heading as ”distraction through labor”. People are so massively overloaded with work that they have no time to think of anything else, not to mention raising their consciousness. One could also benevolently or ironically call it work therapy; however, since the word therapy suggests that something is changing for the better, this expression is not so appropriate – the situation has not changed positively over thousands of years. Knowing, however, that therapies imposed from the outside seldom really cure permanently because they only remove the symptoms, one could still use this expression. One could also speak of occupational therapy, because this term is more comprehensive and includes activities that are not necessarily regarded as work, such as mental activities.

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What is decisive in any case is that all people are distracted in different ways from what is actually happening behind the scenes politically, economically, scientifically and religiously. And not only that: those in charge are veiled.

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The prevailing conditions of oppression and slavish exploitation are portrayed as natural, subject to a whimsical fate or a punishing God, or based on the imperfection of man. Planet Earth is portrayed as a vale of tears, man is burdened with guilt, weakened with a belief in scarcity and divided into good and evil.

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Such people are lone fighters seemingly separated from each other and from their inner core. They regard rivalry and competition as basic prerequisites for life on the planet. People anxiously identify with their physical body and its survival as they believe to have only one life. Each one of these lies is bigger than the other.

The basic idea behind all this is presented in the Old Testament at the end of the story of the Paradise (Genesis 3:19): ”In the sweat of your face you shall eat your bread…”. This, of course, does not apply to those at the top of the social ladder. Most of the rest of men are busy all their lives working for their basic needs. There is no time, and means, left for revolting. Therefore, it can be justifiably assumed that great and successful revolutions are (must be) always controlled and paid by the ruling class – according to the motto: divide and rule! This is well documented, for example, for the French Revolution or the Russian Communist Revolution. And if in the course of such an event, the ruling class or the government has to abdicate, then it can be assumed with certainty that this was also planned by the backers. In politics, nothing significant happens by accident. The rise of the National Socialists (Nazi) in Germany, by the way, was financed by the same donors/banks as the Russian Communist Revolution. These people were members of the Skull and Bones secret society and American banks, as historian Antony Sutton has proved:




But these methods of (miss-)guiding people are not only about physical work. For those with intellectual gifts there must also be some kind of distraction. And here we come to a point that has hardly been mentioned in the literature so far. Science and religion are also affected. There are a number of fields of knowledge which have no practical value, which produce nothing tangible, vital, which do not create any useful values. One could go one step further and say that dealing with these fields of knowledge and publishing their contents in the last analysis turns out to be harmful because it distracts from recognizing one’s own unworthy situation.

Which areas do I mean?

First of all, I would like to mention religions, because they are the easiest areas to fathom. On the surface, religion is not useless, since it is a primal human need to make contact with the so-called higher worlds in order to ward off disaster and receive comfort, and since religions pretend to guarantee that. All religions claim the truth, and as they contradict each other, they clearly show that this is not true, but this does not bother the fearful believers. All religions that include the worshipping of one or more external gods or goddesses, however, are man-made doctrines, better, empty edifices or rather edifices of lies.

Theology therefore has no practical value for human beings. For consolation the believers pay a very high price – the price of their freedom of thought. For the rulers, however, the whole thing pays off. Even the mere attribution of guilt is a scandal (original sin!). In addition, there is the dependence on the clergy, which is given the power to condemn man forever. The doctrine of the merciful Saviour (Jesus) or that faith alone is ultimately sufficient (“sola fides” doctrine according to Luther) to have the fatal effect that no religious person really has to assume personal responsibility.

But what is much more important in the context of this article: Imagine how many theologians over time have discussed theological details at the expense of the poor without having any concrete evidence for their different opinions. It’s all just made up and lied. There are completely insubstantial disputes on the back of the really working population, such as the one being often discussed in scholasticism: ”How many angels can dance on a needle’s point?”, so that the people gain nothing of it except conflicts and wars.  All the “holy” writings referred to by the theologians were not only more or less freely invented by their predecessors at the behest of the ruling elites in the background, but were also changed and further falsified many thousands times over the years (as they were transcribed by hand before the invention of the printing press by Gutenberg). In the meantime, historians have undoubtedly found out that the origin of the religions does not correspond to the official data. Jesus and Mohammed, for example, are fictitious persons, the teachings are of ancient pagan origin and mixed and distorted beyond recognition.

See details: https://www.multidimensional.jetzt/Einfuehrung/Ad-Profundum/


The Christian Fraud; Message from Apollonius of Tyana

Damis (Timotheus) Speaks about Apollonius of Tyana, the Anointed Christ

Basically, all religions serve only as distracting and intimidating occupational therapies for both the masses and the intelligentsia.

Since religions have become less and less important since the Enlightenment – apart from the enormous secular power of the Catholic Church, the Jesuits, etc. – numerous “isms” have been invented, such as communism, socialism, capitalism, existentialism, etc. About these social systems, which are nowhere realized in pure form, one can argue excellently, but without any practical use. This also applies to the heated university discussions about the various economic systems – all at the taxpayers’ expense. These economies exist only on paper – in the real world they are usually completely forged.

Today it is evident that all these sociological and economic ”scientific” concepts are only a bluff for the masses. In the real world of politics, central banks and large corporations, it’s all about money, power and sex and the implementation of the grand plan of the One World Dictatorship (NWO).

Details here: https://www.multidimensional.jetzt/Einfuehrung/Trinitas-conscientiae/

The whole truth is already noticeable today to anyone who can still think a little bit: Political correctness, the appalling gender ideology and other dictates on the collective mind have become absurd self-runners, as has the fairy tale of man-made climate catastrophe. Many of these nonsensical ideas come from the Frankfurt School:


Unfortunately, most people are not yet prepared to distance themselves from this crap out of fear.

Of course, orthodox medicine must also be mentioned here. Since it neither cares about, nor knows the real causes of illnesses (I would recommend anyone to read the standard textbook on medicine “Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine” only as a critical layman in order to find out that there is not a single disease the cause of which has been conclusively determined by present-day medicine. Note, George), but still promises healing to the people, it contributes massively to the distraction described here. Not least because of the many side effects of deleterious treatment with cell-inhibiting drugs that only increase morbidity and mortality (see Volume III), people are constantly so busy with their physical body that in most cases they have neither the time nor the strength to concern themselves with expanding their consciousness.

This is done by intention. The physical body (as body elemental) is not a principle to follow – it is not dictating healthy life through intuition, it is being dictated by external experts who have no clue about the biological regulation of the human body. Medical doctors have no idea that all illnesses and accidents, etc. are caused by the soul – the immortal core of the human being – according to the energetic blockages in the incarnated personality as the result of numerous fears accumulated in previous and this incarnation.

The enormous pressure in the world of work and education has a similar effect, triggering stress levels of angst known only from former wars. Through the use of machines and other modern technology, many unproductive jobs have been eliminated in the last two hundred years, so that people would only have to work a few hours a week. As a result, however, these people would have time to rethink their situation and gain insights into themselves, which would deprive those in power of the basis for their dominance. That is why countless new jobs have been created that nobody has missed before and that have no practical value either, except that they control and limit the people even more and ultimately massively lower the standard of living, while stifling the creativity of craftsmen and artists. Most of the jobs in the so-called tertiary sector which amounts to more than 50% of the GDP of all “advanced” countries belong to this group of obsolete human activities.

Apart from the insane armament and the conduct of wars, which serve only the arms manufacturers or their backers, and the exorbitant espionage and surveillance system, huge bureaucracies were created, completely useless for the people, while stifling their free expression; the civil servants involved produce nothing and only hinder the creation of real values. All this must be financed through taxes by the working population that creates real wealth. The innumerable regulations for the manufacturing and service industries have the sole purpose of keeping as many people as possible busy and distracted. It is all one giant show, but most people still believe in it and allow themselves to be abused by taking part in it, and insulting each other because they hold different views. These views are just as irrelevant as the theories of political parties etc.. The course of the world is in no way determined by them.

Even in highly respected physics, whose results, applied as technology, make life easier, scientists are consciously distracted from the truth. They are not allowed to penetrate into the subtle realm of matter and energy in violation of the purely materialistic view of the world. Instead, enormous sums of money are squandered in order to solve problems which arise from their thinking with blinders and which can never be solved with the conventional, permitted methods. For example, the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA), a planned interferometric gravitational wave detector in space, is supposed to shed light into the problem of the so-called dark energy (74% share) and dark matter (22%) starting in the year 2034. The baryonic matter familiar to us and investigated so far makes up for only 4% of the estimated matter in the universe according to current cosmological models (unproven hypotheses) for a stable universe.

The planning for LISA consists of an arrangement of three space probes which orbit around the Sun in the form of an almost equilateral triangle behind the Earth along the Earth’s orbit. The distance to Earth is up to 70 million kilometers. Together, the satellites form a laser interferometer with arm lengths of 2.5 million kilometers.


According to Stankov’s Universal Law, this giant research gap exists only because photons are denied their mass-character in order to prevent the production of free energy machines. However, these would put the life of mankind on a completely new basis, which is undesirable for the puppet masters. The working man has to pay for this research, which is as expensive as it is pointless; it contributes to the common distraction through labor.

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It’s easy to imagine how much the LISA project is costing, NASA has already left this project, so that ESA now has to bear the costs alone. And it is the taxpayer who ultimately has to pay the money, who has to work until he collapses. Approximately half of the labor income in Germany has to be delivered to the tax authorities.


The burden on Austrian workers is one of the highest in Europe. Every net euro earned is burdened with 89 cents in taxes and duties. The OECD average for 2016 was 62 cents.

This means that the average Austrian has to relinquish 47.1% of his earnings immediately. In Belgium it is 54% taxes and social security contributions. De facto, however, the taxpayer has no say in what the money is used for. Clearly he would not vote for the excessive bureaucracy, patronising control, pointless expenditure on the military and secret services and the feeding of migrants, among other things.




Of course, there is something very important missing from these bills: if the citizens go shopping with the remaining 50%, the additional VAT will be taken from them – depending on the product group from 10 to 20%.

While 60 to 100 years ago a single breadwinner, usually the father, was able to feed a whole family including several children, nowadays both parents are forced to work in order to guarantee the family an adequate, very often rather modest, standard of living. This is euphemistically propagated as a modern achievement, since it supposedly upgrades women within the framework of equal rights. Work must be seen here as a privilege. Man and woman are then equal in their slavery. Well, wonderful … It is of course a matter of distracting the parents and destabilising the families. The children should be taken away from the family and educated as long as possible in public institutions – they can be better conditioned there. For the same reason it is forbidden in most countries to teach one’s own children at home.

In Lower Austria the conservative Austrian Peoples Party has placed a poster advertisement with the text: ”All for Labor”. That actually says it all. People should work so that they are distracted. After all, men and women were cloned as work slaves. It should read: ”Everything for the people”. But that is not to be expected from the politicians as henchmen of the rulers.

”Arbeit macht frei” (”Work makes you free”) stood at the gate of the concentration camps of Dachau, Auschwitz, Sachsenhausen and Theresienstadt.

As a motto for a labor camp this was of course pure cynicism. ”Arbeit macht frei” was the title of a novel published in 1873 in Bremen by the German national writer Lorenz Diefenbach. In it a notorious player and cheater is purified and improved by regular work – probably in the sense of today’s occupational therapy (Ergo therapy). Here slavery is recommended as therapy… Basically the whole 3D-planet earth is a big labour camp, from which there was no escape until recently.

See the video: ”The journey of the soul’‘ on https://www.multidimensional.jetzt/Videos/

Very popular among rulers of all kinds is the destruction of entire regions by war, so that they can be rebuilt, which boosts the economy. So they have earned twice and the population is exploited, sedated and distracted by struggle and work (see the plight of the peoples in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya caused by the recent aggression wars of the USA and NATO, of which there are more than 200 since the end of WW2. Note, George).

If one considers the enormous waste of resources caused by the crazy (un)jurisdiction, the extremely annoying advertising and the manufacturing of nonsensical or even harmful products (e.g. plastic commodities, pharmaceuticals, G5), one can easily calculate how much money and resources could be saved. From this, every person on this planet could be allocated an unconditional basic income that would cover the basic requirements for living, dressing and eating. People would then have leisure and time to be creative and to build their world stress-free, as it is optimal for their spiritual evolution. That people would take advantage of the new situation and ”only lie on their lazy skin” (a popular German saying) is the most despicable lie of the elites in the background, because they would lose their benefices and because this is how they actually think and act currently as human scavengers, while exploiting the masses.


The New “Astral” Currency Is Coming – International Edition


The Cosmic Laws of Creation and Destruction

What can we do now? We can reduce our demands on consumption and step out of the stressful hamster wheel as far as our financial possibilities allow. Many people on the path of enlightenment have already done so. They have turned to a simple way of life and no longer support the exploiter’s system, are no longer distracted by work. That these humans of course also withdraw from the traditional religions is only marginally noted, as they do not want to support the abuse done by the clergy, mainly on innocent children. Many of these pioneers have turned their back on the superficial, entirely on materialistic income and performance oriented society and live in seclusion, on the fringes of society, only in contact with a very few like-minded friends. Actually they only make occasional trips to 3D while most of the time they live in the New 5D World, which they build together.

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