Concordia ex conflictione – Harmony Through Conflict

Expansion of Consciousness Through Confusion – Freedom Through Oppression

Otfried Weise, March 19, 2019

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The dialectical motto of the planetary and human ascension in the current End Times is ”Resolution through escalation of confrontation” as it has been discussed on numerous occasions by the PAT on this website. Otfried is exploring here this topic in more depth from various gnostic angles.


There are numerous systems with which the human constitution can be deciphered. One of them is the ”Seven Rays/Flames”, first mentioned by H. P. Blavatsky; Alice. A. Bailey has described them in detail in several volumes; her knowledge originates from the ascended master Djwhal Khul.

We have studied and applied them for decades and have also published a book on it. In the USA this method is maintained by M. D. Robbins at the University of the Seven Rays and in Germany Elke Beul, alias Claire Avalon, has been working with it for many decades. These rays do not only define the energy body of the human being but are also the basis of creation we humans experience. In addition, there are other ray systems which play a major role in the current shift of consciousness of mankind. Claire Avalon has published several volumes on this subject.

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The fourth of the original Seven Rays is characterized by the key terms: Harmony through conflict, beauty and art. This article describes how the fourth ray shapes the lives of individuals and mankind.

The matter is somewhat explosive, because practically all people love beauty and many also works of art, but most hate and avoid the conflict that lets man rise to harmony in our polar 3D world in the first place. Many people have a weak 4th -ray expression in their constitution/ soul essence and are therefore afraid of conflict. There are also only a few people who have experienced conflict, struggle and war as something positive and therefore prefer to follow the slogan of the hippies from 1967: ”Make love, not war” – ”Make love, not war”.

Harmony through conflict means that true harmony only emerges and spreads beneficially when all pending conflicts have been resolved. However, this does not happen by avoiding or suppressing aggressive thoughts, feelings or language. The conflicts must be addressed and ”resolved”. All the cards must be on the table, so to speak. The external as well as the internal personalities involved must present their point of view and finally ”negotiate” a workable compromise. In most cases, there is no need to fight physically – since it is primarily a question of inner processes – but it may well be that ‘hard bandages’ have to be put on if, for example, one party brutally oppresses the other. We must not forget that fears play just as big a role here as desire for power, control intentions and abuse of all kinds.

In order to maintain their claim of power at all times, the hidden rulers and their cabal stooges have preached various ideas according to their interests. On the one hand, people have been told to ”hold out the other cheek as well”, to accept and endure everything, so that peace reigns, and they sacrifice themselves when someone demands help.

“The Christian version of meekness is only an Orion invention to keep the faithful quiet, so that the church bosses were not prevented from carrying out endless crusades and spreading murder and misery throughout the world (think of the Conquista of South America). I don’t know of a single example where deterrence from relentless sincerity has ever averted real aggression.” (Quote Georgi Stankov from an e-mail).

The Vaticanists not only tolerate but even support and controll cuddle esotericism and have excelled especially in preaching ”peace, joy and pancakes” and trimming their followers to love and light. Mother Teresa demanded total submission, poverty and the renunciation of the slightest comfort from her sisters, and with this charity trick has scooped millions into the coffers of the Vatican instead into their hospitals.

As a result, many people are reluctant to act self-confidently and powerfully; every time they make a decision, they ask themselves what their neighbors have to say about it, and seek the cause of problems in others only. This has been exaggerated to the absurd and massively reinforced by inadequate legal liability regulations these days. The amount of compensation to be paid has increased immeasurably, not least because lawyers are paid according to the amount of the disputed sum instead of on an hourly wage.

Taking personal responsibility is now seen as something wrong, civil courage is only appreciated if it supports the government’s agenda. This is how emotional cripples and cowards are bred so that no one can oppose the government. These people often console themselves with the saying: ”Violence only generates violence”, which, if followed in such a generalized way, only leads to a few people oppressing and exploiting all the others. We are of course not advocating violence in order to reach egoistic goals.

On the other hand, however, people have been incited to conflicts according to the motto ”divide and rule”, so that they are occupied all the time and do not come to ”stupid thoughts” to eventually challenge the power of the ruling cabal. In addition, one could easily earn money and reduce the population through wars. In novels, films and plays violence and crime are glorified. Those who stand up for peaceful home, family and children are derogated as Nazis. In the MSM only propaganda and lies are spread.

In one sentence: all negative methods that dumb down people, restrict them and make them sick are on the rise now to an unprecedented level. The potential for conflict in the sense of the fourth ray grows incessantly. This happens in the hope of finally being able to introduce the one world dictatorship, which cements the slavery of the people forever. Will this intention work out?

The question here, of course, is: how big and strong must a conflict be, so that it not only makes the participants meek and entangled, but that it – contrary to the oppressors’ intentions – ultimately leads to massive revolt, during which people defend themselves and finally drive the rulers to the devil, where they came from in the first place (The revolt of the yellow vests in France may soon give an answer to this rhetoric question.).

In short: at which point does the conflict lead to harmony and how those affected have to behave in order to achieve this desired harmony? The answer is very simple: the conflict must be as big as possible, so that it becomes unbearable and the counter-pressure, the willingness to fight finally ends the conflict. This requires willpower, self-confidence and willingness to fight for one’s own just cause. Such people progress courageously in spite of their fear for the good of the whole. Here are three quotes:

”He who fights, can lose. He who does not fight has already lost.” Ahmad Safir or Bert Brecht

”Where right becomes wrong, resistance becomes duty, obedience becomes crime!” Pope Leo XIII

“We don’t need other masters, we don’t need any.”  Bert Brecht

An indomitable spirit is not afraid of being drawn into conflict or struggle because it knows that it serves the common good, protects those who are unable to do so – for example, children abused by the dark elites – and that in the long run it achieves the harmony everyone longs for. This includes the light warriors of the first and last hour who are doing their light work daily to ensure that the old 3D matrix, which has enslaved us for thousands of years, finally comes to an end because the time is ripe for that. Here both aspects are in demand: on the one hand the anchoring of the new energies, without which nothing can be achieved, and on the other hand the willingness to fight for those affected by the old oppressive energies. If they do not stand against evil and continue to slumber and tolerate it, the chance will be gone and they will wake up in an even denser, more terrible dictatorship of complete enslavement when it is too late, as described in ”Trinitas conscientiae, The Triad of Consciousness or Man at the Crossroads’‘.

A conflict that leads to harmony through inner and outer struggles can be fought out on the physical, emotional and mental levels. On the emotional level it is about discovering one’s own hidden fears, accepting them and authentically standing by them. There is no other way to get rid of them and reach harmony. On the mental level it is about the thought processes becoming so confusing that it is no longer bearable as confusion suffocates human life. This confusion can then lead to an expansion of consciousness according to the German play upon words: “Entwirrung durch Verwirrung” (disentanglement through entaglement):

The realization that man and his mind (psyche and memory) are purposefully “falsely” designed by the soul, so that she can gain maximal experience under difficult energetic conditions, may be painful for the human ego, that fancies itself a master of life. The realization that one can disentangle with the help of spirit from this confusion, like solving a puzzle, should serve as an incentive for everyone throughout his painful incarnation cycle.”

This remarkable sentence by Georgi Stankov from his book ”New Gnosis: Evolutionary Leap of Mankind”, p. 74, shows how mental confusion can ultimately lead to harmony. In the following we present this topic in an expanded form, since the present deliberate confusion of mankind has reached astronomical proportions and continues to increase daily, which drives many people into resignation. They isolate themselves, close their eyes and take no part in public events. Since they also do not educate themselves otherwise, they easily miss the great chance which the present End Time offers. When the very great revelations come, they will be unprepared and may fall into a correspondingly deep, extremely unpleasant hole.

Never before in the known history of mankind have there been so many lies disseminated around – except perhaps in the end times of Atlantis and Lemuria. It’s a very idiosyncratic fact: the joy about the almost unlimited and easily accessible information coming now from the higher realms through our souls is immense, but it is massively clouded by the numerous falsities of daily life. This applies not only to the Internet, as many people believe, but also to the print media of ‘serious’ book publishers and above all to state radio and television channels where the verification of the truth content prior to publication is expected by the people and is undoubtedly easily achievable with good will. All branches of knowledge are included in this statement: politics, economics/finances, religions and sciences. In these areas not only false information is published, because one does not know it better or ”because science is not yet that far advanced”, but rather fake information is intentionally created and spread with nefarious purposes.

Read about this in: The Greatest Conspiracy of the Dark Ones of All Times, G. Stankov, 10. 2. 2019

For many people, it is no longer a secret that the many lies and half-truths that are spread daily are a deliberate confusion and at the same time a more or less subliminal conditioning of the population. The contradictory statements polarize the people, resulting in endless, completely unproductive debates, hostilities and ultimately wars. Particularly insidious is the compulsion to use a certain form of language as political correctness that is prescribed by the government, precisely by the deep state, which the mentally retarded do-gooders joyfully agree to in an anticipatory obedience, only to claim the right to reprove others – and regard themselves as self-righteous Pharisees of proper human behaviour – as we now observe in all Western countries.

”To call a spade a spade does not mean that one is not able to show compassion and love for others, quite on the contrary. I would very much have liked the Germans, for example, to have shown more irreconcilability against their criminal government in the last 25-30 years and to have prevented Germany from being drawn into numerous war conflicts in defiance of the constitution, which have caused so much misery, murder and destruction. From Yugoslavia, where the Green Party, once a pacifist movement, approved the war against Serbia, thereby accepting their Fall from Grace, to Afghanistan and the Middle East, including Libya, where they tacitly participated in the destruction of this country.

In Ukraine alone, where Germany was instrumental in the Nazi coup, it is responsible for the deaths of more than 10,000 Russians, and no German has raised a finger to prevent it, but everyone has watched the government and the lying press only fomenting the war drums of anti-Russian propaganda and blaming the Russians, the real victims, in an abominable way, as they once did in the Nazi era.

True irreconcilability against true aggression, as Germany has now chosen in its foreign policy, is an act of unconditional love and the difference whether one goes this way lies only in how strongly one feels the inner urge of justice and how little fear man has to confront aggression with determination. And that is the problem of the Germans: if they had once shown themselves more irreconcilable against the Nazi dictatorship, the Holocaust would not have happened either, and that is a painful topic that I do not want to go into further detail now. But I do not see any difference between then and now. By the way: the Holocaust killed more Slavs than Jews, which the latter and the Germans conceal for many good, or better said, nefarious reasons. Atrocities always have a name and one should not be afraid to pronounce it correctly and they are always directed, no surprise, against certain peoples and races that are actually very pacifist.”. (Quote Georg Stankov in an e-mail).

As a result of the present escalation of lies, emotions are surging high and the hidden puppet masters rub their hands. These processes are further intensified by the unconscious fear that arises from the false assumption of being a lonely, separated, single warrior. These young souls are not aware that they are basically souls with an infinite potential of knowledge and creativity and that their strength lies in cooperation and not in competition and fight for survival.

What strikes me particularly and is therefore addressed here: It is precisely the intellectually more demanding people who often spend their entire lives dealing with all sorts of “isms”, such as: communism, socialism, humanism, neo-liberalism, etc. and write highly scholarly articles or thick tomes about them, tearing each other apart and in all their seriousness not even once come up with the idea of who on earth has infused these confusions and aberrations into the world. As students we called such a behavior ”onanism in an empty space”.

Isn’t it frightening how these political scientists, sociologists, social scientists, theologians, economists, lawyers, administrative scientists etc. allow themselves to be led astray by the powers hidden in the background? How much energy is uselessly wasted here? No values are created, only money is wasted senselessly that the really productive population has to generate. Thanks to modern technology, people would only have to work a few hours weekly – but this is deliberately prevented by the inflation of the waffle sciences, the bureaucracy and the military-industrial complex, so that people are not in a position to train their thinking skills in order to finally see through this exploitative system.

Here is an example: the historian Prof. Yuval Noah Harari of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, author of the bestsellers ”Sapiens” and ”Homo Deus”, argues with Michael Schmidt-Salomon, freelance German philosopher, author of numerous popular science books, atheist activist and humanist about the question: is National Socialism a humanistic worldview?  Neither of them ever got to the bottom of things and asked where the causes of this intellectual prostitution lie.

Read: An Open Lecture to All Alternative Agnostic, Blind Thinkers: “Who Is Really in Charge of This Planet?” , Georgi Stankov,  September 13, 2018

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To deepen that a little bit: There is no doubt that ”knowledge” is being created in the scientific branches mentioned above. However, this knowledge serves only as a distraction, the whole endevour is basically occupational therapy. This is similar to the Declaration of Human Rights, the implementation of which is trampled with military boots the world over. The list of examples that show that these “peaceful and humanitarian” efforts are empty pretense is very long.

In reality, world affairs are always controlled by three factors: power, money and sex. And those, who are in leading positions on the world stage, are usually just the henchmen of the real powers in the background. To keep the whole thing from getting out of hand, these political managers, whose grimaces stare at us from the TV screen and into our living rooms, are all highly susceptible to blackmail and coercion, with money and sex playing the leading roles. All this is documented in the literature and free available on the Internet, one just have to read it.

We will now elaborate on how far the general confusion can be used as a challenge. We have to keep in mind that it is not uncommon for evil beings to set up an agenda with which they plan to achieve something negative, malicious, nefarious and then, to their own great horror, the opposite happens. Here a small hint should suffice (see also Brexit vote): despite over one and a half thousand years of misinformation, gagging and sanctioning of the masses by the Roman Church, the so-called ”Era of Enlightenment” was established in Europe, whose triumphant march helped many people to acquire their freedom of thought and action, because the machinations of the clergy and the aristocracy were exposed. The Era of Enlightenment certainly contributed to the reduction of fear among mature and old souls, even if this is of course primarily due to the growing earth experience of these soul fragments through grasping the true reality, by acquiescing in an act of inner re-membrance the wisdom of the soul. As the soul matures, the fear decreases and this is accompanied by an increase of the ability to love, as Stankov describes in detail in the book quoted above (”New Gnosis: Evolutionary Leap of Mankind”).

Two facts come together here:

Firstly, the lower human mind (intellect, Kama Manas) – emotionally colored thinking incl. memory – is obviously designed in such a way that it is able to see through complex trains of thought which have been deliberately veiled. Here, the suspicion, the innate prudence, which is necessary to master dangers in dealing with the environment as well as with one’s fellow human beings and which is intensified by life ”in the wilderness”, helped at first. Originally man instinctively solved such tasks like animals do. After the so-called ”expulsion from paradise” there is a further tool at man’s disposal: the balancing / selective thinking.

According to Georgi Stankov (in his book: ”Gnosis as a Personal Experience“, page 120), the “reflection pause” is central in this kind of more advanced human cognition:

“The reflection pause, which has not yet been discovered by the neurophysiologists, represents a qualitatively new stage in the development of the human mind and has initiated its accelerated evolution in the last ten – twenty thousand years. This mental function was purposefully introduced by the 7F-creationary realms as to foster the free will of the incarnated human personality. In this way, the primeval man was enabled to make independent comparisons between similar past and present situations, before making a decision and executing targeted actions.”

This way of thinking based on the selection of one out of many alternatives is the proverbial display of free will at the human level. Unfortunately it has evolved into thinking in polarized categories, such as good or evil, right or wrong, in most contemporary people. This has nothing to do with intuitive thinking under the guidance of the soul (intelligence of the heart, Buddhi Manas). As a rule, this kind of intuitive intelligence is not yet available to young souls.

This thinking in opposites is primarily dissecting the outer world analytically in order to be able to see through complex facts, or rather networks of lies and deception building the 3D matrix. Yet, in order to be able to peer through such convoluted mental structures one should not be afraid to do that in the first place and must explicitly desire to acquire clarity of the mind.

However, when this kind of selective analytical thinking is applied to science, it often leads to a dead-end, as can be observed in contemporary physics, because there are tacit prohibitions that allow the scientists to think only in certain directions and because axiomatic thinking, free of any inner inconsistencies and contradictions, is not at all demanded as this is the easiest way to reveal the lies of these dark puppet masters who have controlled this planet for eons of time.

Secondly, there is an innate curiosity in most people, an expressed desire for deeper insights, not just for safety reasons, but simply for the thirst for knowledge, which is actually the desire of the soul expressed at the human mental level. This is the decisive motivation for many people to become a scientist or even a criminologist. Goethe writes in Faustus: Dr. Faustus wants to know ”what binds the world together at its core”.

If this knowledge can be given from outside in a simple written or oral form, it has no expanding effect on the mind. It can only be accepted or rejected and is then quickly forgotten. It is neither willfully nor emotionally anchored, for it was easy to obtain it and is therefore not worth much …

However, if a person who wants to know more about the truth, has to shed ”sweat and tears” in long reflection pauses, which is necessary in today’s time of lies inflation, the results are profound and stable as they come to the human mind directly from the soul during the reflection pause. Such truths and insights are then clearly understood as they are accepted as the wisdom of the soul and become part of one’s being; they can be convincingly reproduced with one’s own words and ideas. This process trains the human thinking and mind and stimulates their evolution.

In esoteric literature it is emphasized again and again that the human mind has to be dropped, has to be silenced respectively, so that intuition can flow and enlightenment can unfold.

But only something that has been possessed and exploited to the extreme can be abandoned in this way. Or to put it differently: the most important thing about letting go of is that the human being knows what it possesses in the first place. An ego-mind limited to the experience of the five ”f” (fight, flight, fright, feast and fuck) cannot be dropped, because such an ego-mind is unconscious of what it represents and what it possesses, or misses, as it has not even begun to access its basic potential of awareness.

This means that difficult living conditions are a welcome training ground for the mind. Therefore it is not good at all to constantly help other people. But many people see ”helping other people” as their most important task in life. First of all they should help themselves. The people are incited to this kind of unyielding helping by various dark and dubious forces. Undoubtedly these nefarious ones know that people are kept dependent and lazy if they are helped all the time. This also includes the so-called “Nanny State”, which is currently expanding in various forms of socialist ideas, as well as the countless aid organizations, and not only those nefarious NGOs for the so-called ”refugees”, sponsored by Soros and the dark cabal, who first bombed the countries of these refugees and forced them to flee to Europe as to destroy this Western civilisation.

However, it should also be noted that intuition does not wait until someone first completely abandons his ego-mind before it can arrive, whereas it is a gross esoteric blunder to confound the ego with the divine human mind of expanded awareness as the I AM Presence. In our experience, it is rather the case that the higher the mind is developed, the more fearless and logical it becomes – fear is the biggest energetic barrier that prevents the intuition of the soul! – so that intuition flows out of the soul and into the human mind and chakra system (e.g. into the heart chakra of emotional intelligence). The more one uses the intuition of the soul, the more it comes through, and the more truth is revealed to the incarnated personality.

It happens rather often that the mind of an individual suddenly ceases thinking completely as is the case nowadays with a growing number of dementia patients. However, this is not at all a desirable condition, since the human being becomes completely helpless and cannot survive alone any more. In such a case also all life-supporting patterns are suspended. The processing of the current energies already causes enough physical problems within the framework of the light-body process.

Although the mind is connected through the brain, the senses and the nervous system directly to the physical body and controls its activity and motion in space-time, the actual thought process takes place in the non-physical mental body (Manas), which is however, more or less modulated by feelings coming from the emotional body (Kama).

At present, the mind is additionally overwhelmed by the physical challenges that arise from the energetic transformation of the biological carbon-based body into crystalline light body during the LBP that is now occurring with growing intensity. The strong energies coming from the Central Sun through the new red giant sun and from the rest of the cosmos meet a physical vessel that was constructed as a working tool-slave by the Anunnaki – not as a receiver and transformer of cosmic energies, certainly not for such extreme intensities as are now inundating this planet.

These energies are therefore an extreme burden for the physical body, as pure and strong as it may be. The accompanying pain affects also the propensity of the mind to respond adequately to such unknown existential challenges and to preserve its clarity of thinking at the same time. That is why we now observe numerous mental aberrations in most people who are beginning to feel strongly the physical effects of this energetic transformation and do not know how to properly respond to this new situation. They do not know what is actually happening with them and interpret these energetic changes and the accompanying symptoms as severe and even life-threatening diseases and run to doctors.

These symptoms are identical, even though more severe, in all old souls who are fully in the light-body process, but the difference is that these souls are aware of what is happening on the earth in the current End Time and accept this challenge willingly as the only pathway to their ascension and overcoming this dreadful reality as the Arcturians have recently discussed.

Read also: ”A Suggestion From My Spiritual Guides For the Best Ascension Scenario” by Daniela Lupo in: Finalizing the Optimal Ascension Scenario – Part IGeorgi Stankov, January 19, 2019

An ancient wisdom says: everything I have, but I don’t use, regresses over time and one day is no longer available to me. This concerns physical, technical or sporting abilities as well as mental skills, such as the use of the willpower to fight and resist, foreign languages or the application of mathematical formulas. Through the use of machines and the conditioning through the media, people become more and more passive consumers, mere listeners and viewers. As they are no longer challenged, their manual and mental dexterity drops, independent, sovereign activities requiring courage and willpower for comprehension diminish. Man becomes a dull mass, or more positively formulated, a ”sleeping sheep” who puts up with everything. This is desired by the puppet masters because it is the prerequisite for the introduction of the planned NWO dictatorship.

When the long anticipated revelations will come, they will turn the opinions of humans upside down and total confusion will occur:

‘First comes the deception and then the frustration. Nothing promotes thinking as much as a temporary disorientation that then leads to orientation and greater awareness. The astral symbol for the materialization of a transformation is fire and for the ensuing mental confusion – the ashes from which the new, the disentanglement emerges, like the “phoenix from the ashes” .” (Stankov, Neue Gnosis, p. 323)

The Light Warrior fights with his fire element the old forms, which result from the attachment to physical property (earth element) and to human relations (water element), and/or which consist of thought patterns, dogmas, conceptions etc. (air element). If the mind has been sufficiently trained and the aforementioned attachments have been largely released, then the transition into a new 4D/5D world can easily take place. The reptiloid cabal know that, which is why they works so incessantly on the dumbing down of all humans.

The most evolved souls see through this confusion and use it as a welcome challenge to transcend the lower thinking in favor of the soul intuition. This was surely not included in the initial plan of the dark ones, who themselves have fully severed their connection to the soul and the Source and know no intuition, contrary to all humans who are God’s sparks. That is why they did not reckon with this inner process of awakening humanity at the soul level  that will ultimately destroy all their nefarious premises on which the madness of their NWO idea was based, namely to prevent planetary ascension and that of most humans. And that is why this inhuman society will only be realized for those who expressly want it when the ruling cabal will descend to lower timelines and will have to struggle in a difficult and very prolonged incarnation cycle before they can also qualify for ascension in the very distant future.

All others, who have become so tired of the old 3D matrix and its horrors, feel called upon to fight with full commitment for the good of the whole because of their special physical, emotional and mental equipment/constitution of star seeds, so that the old order is limited to a few low 3D earths. All incarnated souls at this moment in time who are able and willing to ascend to higher 4D and  5D levels, must shoulder their responsibility as warrior souls (if they are any) and fight like some members of the Planetary Ascension Team (PAT), as its captain Georgi Stankov does:

”… One has to realize that the battle is not over, and the actual battle between light and evil is only now beginning to become visible. Before, darkness always had the upper hand. And the war against it was won by us, the Light Warriors. We are called so because it really is a constant war and it had to be fought and won. If now the light wins and one can rejoice in it, this is exclusively the merit of the Light Warriors. One shouldn’t forget that and I think one should be honest enough to appreciate it. Otherwise the whole spiritual enlightenment is useless.

 So I, myself, am very proud to have always taken the high road of relentless sincerity and I have never advocated real aggression in my writings with a single word. And as a true light warrior I also know when the battle is won and I can lay down my lightsabre and begin to enjoy the peace. (Quote Georgi Stankov from a recent e-mail).

All other ascension candidates take on various tasks, each within the framework of his/her soul essence as healers, artists, scholars, sages, priests and kings, which does not exclude that these souls – each within their possibilities – not only work for the new, but also resist the old. April Bender in her article Harvesting the Fruits of Your Labours beautifully describes how everyone performs different tasks according to their own disposition, all of which are equally important. The unity consciousness is already anchored but has not yet reached all the people, the hidden rulers will always detest it… and reject it, much to their disadvantage.

In contrast to Varda Hasselmann (in her book: Archetypes of the Soul) we do not assume that the soul always remains on one and the same archetypal soul essence in all incarnations – this changes just like the soul ray/flame within the spectrum of the ”Seven Rays/Flames”:

One can also represent several energies/flames simultaneously, but in terms of the ascension process, the warrior essence was predominant; and that is a special feature that very few souls belonging to the PAT have…. (Quote Georgi Stankov in an e-mail).

Osho once said, “Don’t fight with darkness, turn on the light.” It is now our main task to spread the massive influx of light filled energies and to consciously visualize what kind of future world we want to live in. In everyday life we best keep out of the abysses of constant incitement and confusion (the others already do this sufficiently), professionally we prefer to live without a high salary, so that we don’t have to wear ourselves out and support the old Orion system of human enslavement. If we do that, we amply fight against evil, even as non-warriors – “imagine there is a war and nobody goes to war”, this slogan of the anti-Vietnam War movement in the 1960s is as valid today as then.

We leave the very heavy and undoubtedly also very dangerous cleansing work of dark human dross to the proven light warriors and revolutionaries. Because: who opposes these dark energies carelessly, cluelessly and without relevant training, can actually perish in it. Not everyone can fly a Boeing 747 or repair the International Space Station ISS without years of training.

To what extent does this cleansing of human dross make sense, how often does it have to be repeated? What about the idea that the ”dirt” can stay there “forever” – we don’t care, because we are going to a different, higher dimension anyway?

Patrick Amoroso replied to this question in an e-mail as follows:

”It is probable that we are unable at this time to fully understand the extent to which our cleansing activities are engaged. I perceive the activity to be one eliminating the most egregious and odious energetic malignancies from the ascending 3D timeline. Perhaps and as Georgi has stated on more than one occasion, ours is a task to reach a threshold of an ascension energetic flux in order to elevate the awakening of the masses. The repeated measures undertaken are consistent with the condition that this immense darkness has been so pervasive since at least the fall of Atlantis and Lemuria or Mu, humanity’s original “Garden of Eden”. I am of the opinion that for our planetary sphere, the earth that once ascension manifests into 4D and beyond, THEN all of GAIA’s timelines have been cleansed thoroughly and we only need to evolve both spiritually and transcendentally in accordance to our current soul contract obligations and our individual level of soul evolution”.

This concludes our discussion with the certainty that the energy/information of the fourth ray of harmony through conflict may unfold as quickly and meaningfully as possible for the benefit of the whole.

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