The Transfiguration to a Light Body Has Begun

The Anchoring of the Wheel of Light and Life Triggers Our Ascension

Georgi Stankov, February 25, 2019

The tsunami of love energies which the anchoring of the wheel of light and life of the five crystalline light flames from the Source unleashed on February 16th, in preparation for the opening of the full moon portal on Feb 19th, is now transforming humanity and Gaia in the most powerful manner I have ever experienced. Of course, accompanied by the usual symptoms and pain, but this is the price we pay for our final transfiguration into crystalline light bodies. My HS tells me that the next whole month till spring equinox this reality will be so profoundly imbued and transformed by the new five crystalline flames of the wheel of light and love that we can expect the final shift to happen around that time with the arrival of Carla in Italy.

I was even considering to write a report on this topic, especially after we went one more time to our Infinity portal in Diano Marina on Saturday, one week after we opened the ascension vortex there and activated the healing centre of light, in order to reinforce the wheel of light and life. But then I was waiting for some more signs and these came to me personally this night.

The last whole week has been a real roller coaster for me with the highest possible intensity of energetic bouts I have ever experienced. Carla and Daniela are also hit very hard and we ask ourselves how long can we survive this inhuman onslaught. The quality of the new energies of love is that they simply override all inner animosities and reservations one still harbours in his emotional and mental fields and makes it impossible not to love and accept everybody and everything. It has nothing to do with the human concept of love, but rather with the dissolution of the human ego and personality and their confluence into the unity field of All-That-Is.

These waves of Source love cause a profound transformation of all our body chakras and systems at the quantum and subatomic level and one can feel it also physically. It is as if the crystalline light body that has been built long time ago and has been waiting patiently to manifest is now emerging from within and substituting the physical biological vessel. The joints, especially the knees, feel fragile like China porcelain and the rigidity of the muscle apparatus is so pronounced that one does not feel even safe to walk anymore. I cannot actually explain this kind of extreme transformation that involves our very existence as physical beings.

Finally, this night I had some very important dreams and experiences that confirmed our steady ascension and simultaneous existence in ascended timelines, as this is what we are doing now.

I woke up this night at 0.30 am and had the most pure and uplifting energies I have ever felt. It was pure bliss. The energies were definitely of crystalline origin and there was nothing that reminded me of this toxic planet. I can’t even describe these pure vibrations to you, but must as to give you a sense of what is currently happening with our bodies.

Then I slept again like a log and woke up very late which is unusual for me as I wake up rather early.  During the night I did so much light work and met with so many people, so that we are definitely preparing now for something very big to happen. All encounters were on higher timelines, I would say, lower 5D or uppermost 4D.

In one dream there was a big forum with many people gathered together. There was one group of the current chief banksters, including Rothschild and Rockefeller sitting together and doing their usual conspiracy. They were talking on antisemitism and how to use this accusation against the awakening masses to suppress them and punish them as their stooge Macron is now doing in France with respect to the yellow vests movement. I was sitting nearby and heard this conversation. Then I decided to intervene and told them: “You are a bunch of rascals, you only search for a label to accuse other people as to suppress them and exploit them and establish the NWO, you are really up to no good.

Then Rothschild was offended and said, he was rather whining: “How can you say that, these are conspiracy theories.” “Stop it“, I interrupted him – “this is the absolute truth, just as you are a shape-shifter and we will get rid of you all.” Then I began to shout very loudly and angry at him projecting my very powerful light field onto him as I always do when I expel dark entities from the astral plane with great effectiveness and send them to the void for recycling. I decreed “I command you to leave this planet!” Rothschild got very scared, he could not stand my energetic field, he got up, left quickly the group and disappeared. The people around us who witnessed this row began to clatch with their hands in approval and appreciation. It felt very much like Jesus cleansing the temple from the money changers:

Then I began to explain to the people: “This is how you can do it in order to eliminate all dark cabal in power and liberate yourselves, these dark ones are very fearful now and they cannot stand our powerful energetic fields and must leave this earth when confronted with our light.” Some people around me wanted more evidence and asked me to repeat this procedure.

OK, this is how you will do it to send them away, let me show you one more time.” I replied. Then I went to a lady who was sitting on a bench, still in this big forum, more like an agora as in the ancient cities where all social life unfolded, and I began to shout at her to leave the place. She, however, did not respond at all and was very calm and amused. Then I turned to the crowd who watched me stunned and asked them: “Did you get it now, why is this woman not scared by my energies? Because she is highly evolved and knows intuitively that I do not mean it seriously in her case“.

Then I sat beside her and explained the experiment and apologized to her. She knew immediately what I meant and was laughing whole-heartedly. She was a Canadian woman and her boyfriend was sitting nearby. I started talking to him and he told me that he is a musical expert and is writing critical articles on new music for…. “Flex”. I did not know what Flex is and assumed that it is an Internet portal for music. Then the two asked me where I came from and when I responded – Bulgaria – they were in awe as Bulgaria had a great reputation in their eyes as a very ancient and highly evolved country. Somehow I thought of the city of light New Pulpudeva that I have built above my native city of Plovdiv. Then I told them a little bit what I am doing and then I woke up in the middle of the conversation and that is why I remember this dream so well.

This dream did not come to me at random but was preceded by my lecture of John Smallman’s message “As the Tsunami of Love continues to intensify” yesterday. It is a very precise and succinct overview of the dark cabal’s scam on this planet as we know it well and I was considering yesterday to write an article on this topic but then left it:

“The mainstream media have been avoiding issues of real significance, while attempting to draw your attention towards distractions which are intended to confuse and divide you so that you live in anxiety and fear.  Politics is a game played by influential people who are blinded by their own self-importance and driven by their desire for power over others, and who are supported by the mainstream media, while both are controlled and manipulated by a tiny but very powerful elite who have unlimited financial resources, and who have personal information about those influential ones which ensures that they can be brought down in a moment, if they refuse to obey their masters, by releasing scandalous information about them. Thus many politicians and news organizations are “owned” and used by a few very wealthy people with self-serving, secret, personal agendas that have been kept hidden from the public view.

Many people are now aware, or are becoming aware of the immense corruption that has been ongoing for a long time worldwide in large organizations, organizations that until recently were thought to be honest and trustworthy – operating in politics, business, education, healthcare, charities, religion, and the media – and a worldwide grassroots movement seeking enormous changes in their management and operations is growing rapidly as more and more shocking but, until now, hidden secret scandals are revealed and brought into the light of the public arena.

If humanity is to avoid self-destruction this powerful and power-hungry elite will have to be totally separated from their financial resources, and from the organizations through which they exercise that power and control.  Then the incredibly damaging activities in which the military-industrial complex has been engaged for decades must be terminated, following from that, quick and positive steps must be taken to start repairing the damage done to the planetary ecosystem.”…

This message actually explains what happened this night in the higher realms and will soon manifest in this reality: we eliminated the banksters from this reality as human shape shifters in order to allow for a smooth transition to take place when the financial system inevitably collapses in the coming days and weeks, also by introducing the new astral currency from the city of light in Italy as I have discussed on numerous occasions. The collapse of this matrix will be triggered by our ascension and appearance in crystalline light bodies as in my previously reported dream, me walking upon the water, that led to the anchoring of the new five crystalline flames of ascended creation building the wheel of light and life.

Exactly two months ago I published an important message by the Arcturians “Lifting the Veil” where I wrote as follows:

“This is the most precise and succinct description of our impending ascension from 4D to 5D that will be accomplished through a phase transition from the current carbon-based body to crystalline light body and a maximal expansion of our current limited 3D linear space-time consciousness due to the slow-functioning human brain to a multidimensional simultaneous awareness based on crystalline plasma superconductivity of the 5D quantum structure without even mentioning the word “ascension”, but only the synonym “shift”. Please observe that our crystalline light bodies are fully built and ready for this phase transition and we only wait for Gaia and humanity to reach the “tipping point” for this to occur.

The shift from 4D to 5D is the ultimate act of liberation from self-imposed limitations to full energetic liberation that will eliminate the current restrictions of gravitation, linear space and time based on the finite speed of light, which are illusions we as souls have deliberately created in the current incarnation experiment in order to experience the artificial condition of not being sovereign creator beings, which is the normal state of existence throughout the multiverse from the 5D and beyond”

I am recording these steps here very precisely as to give you strong evidence of the inner logic and stringency of everything we experience and report on this website – how intimately they are linked and how they build a causal chain of energetic events leading to the final culmination: Our transfiguration into crystalline light bodies and the beginning of our mission as ascended masters. I have to repeat this chronology over and over again as I know how weak the human mind is and how easily it gets distracted by earthly affairs and begins to doubt the irrevocability of the ascension process.

Yesterday we saw a massive spaceship of the Arcturians in the sky at sunset. They showed themselves dancing in joy in a very unusual beautiful cloud and began to send special codes of ascension to us. Daniela made some photos and I leave it up to your imagination to find out what I mean.

And here some more photos revealing the beauty of the sky where we live that harbours the splendid healing centre of light which will be the first one to manifest on the earth and will trigger the shift of humanity and Gaia as the crystalline beings of light announced in their latest message:

These Five Rays form a sacred foundation of the New World arising from the land of Europe.”

After all these experiences in the last 24 hours, I was, therefore, not at all surprised to read today’s message of the Arcturians announcing our impending “shifting to a light body” ( I prefer the term “transfiguration”):

“You are experiencing a wonderful amount of movement forward at this time, and you are handling the changes you’ve been experiencing within you very well. It is a beautiful time to be in a physical body, as you get to experience the best part of shifting your consciousness. As you shift, you become a light-bodied being, and this is a rather extreme change in the way that you will know yourselves physically.

It is exciting to say the least, but there’s also a familiarity that you have with the current physical vehicle, and there is something very comfortable in the familiar. So the transition will always entail a bit of letting go of what you have known, and the more attached you are to your physicality, the harder the transition will be. The more you can see yourselves as consciousness that is having a physical experience, the easier the transition will be. (This is what I am doing since many years and this website is the proof; note, George)

You can love your physical bodies just as they are, and also not be attached to them, just as you could walk into a luxurious home and fall completely in love with it. And then you could go next door to another luxurious home and fall equally in love with that one. You would not feel any attachment to the first home that you explored in this scenario.

(This statement alludes to our future multidimensional life where we can simultaneously experience many realities and enjoy their beauty knowing that we are not attached exclusively to them as all agnostic people believe with respect to this earth and reality and having only one “precious” life, to which they stick with great fear of death; note, George)

And we know that some of you who are receiving this transmission are thinking, ‘I am ready to go, and I have no attachment whatsoever to this physical form.’ And that is all well and good, but until you experience a physical transformation, you cannot know exactly how attached you are.

This is why meditation is so important, and this is why we’re always telling you to go within. To know yourselves as more than just your physical form is going to make the shift to the fifth dimension so much more pleasant and enjoyable, and that is the experience we know you all want.”

Three days ago I had an epiphany – all of a sudden I was struck by a powerful inner knowing that with my ascension and moving to the healing centre nearby, my life on this planet is finished for ever and this brought huge relief for me during the whole day. I knew that with my ascension I will be also relieved from all expectations and actually from all light work as I experience it now in a human body, because when I ascend I do not need to educate the people anymore or introduce the astral currency. I can simply go to timelines where this is already reality as all these alternatives exist in the Now simultaneously and are valid versions of this earth. 

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