The Love of Truth in Reflection

Daniël Akkerman, February 22, 2019

Dear George and Carla,

The time has come to break my silence, which arose from the sudden extremely powerful and synchronous stream of events that shined upon me very soon after my last mail last spring. If life is seen as a balance between two sides, then these events are the very center tipping point, the point where a tree emerges above the ground to stretch out for the sun after a long time of deep seeding.

The decree regarding Luis and Venezuela which I read this morning (a few weeks ago by now) was the very last drop which catalysed me to report back to all of you now in this form.

Superconductivity of my very being is reaching new heights. Always I have been able to look into a being, to experience their very essence, or at least a part of it, if only for an infinitely small yet infinitely long moment. But the distance which was always imposed by the human brain, the slow energetic conditions are forever changed, and the connection I felt when I read this, with first the specific person, then those who are close to him, and expanding like this as a flower to each being, is all-encompassing.

This state, the superconductivity of a being, it is the thing of miracles. In that very moment, a unified energetic impulse went through all of my field, and a few tears dropped. Not of sadness, not of joy, but an emotion which goes beyond all human emotion. A spark of light through the web of this reality, each being, all-that-is. This is the gift which I offer.

On how to make everything we have dreamed and created a reality

From one side, it is tempting to see everything as a grand cosmic process with infinite facets and complexities, with the culmination of this reality and its ascension being forever held hostage by the patience of the universe. After so much work, a lot remains a tease of some sort, and a human life appears to be just a short moment in a much longer course of reality. Indeed so many sources always speak about this patience, demand this patience and complacency while communicating some specific detailed information distracting from the very core of the matter.

But what if everything is possible? What if, it is only one realization, which must be had, which will tie everything together and generate the needed escape velocity. We have been refining the keys for a long time, and now it is time to open the door.

How to re-unify the conflicting primary forces which constitute this reality?

The seeming paradox, in which unity and individuality co-exist is the key from which this understanding can arise.

To say that All-That-Is is not unified, to say that separation truly exists, is an obvious mistake. Yet to deny the feeling of separation and associated suffering which is experienced to great degrees on this planet, to deny that with the warm blanket of statements about unity and how everything is so One, is also a dis-service.

The Unity always seeks to en-rich itself, it is always richer and richer. Breathing out crystallize new aspects of individuality, different rays, aspects, colors, tones, tastes. These have a true individuality, yet all these pieces are always at the same time integrated with each other, Breathing in.

Just speaking about unity is not enough, the individuality of the unity, which it crystallizes into expansion, and which then must be returned to it, is a vital component of any balanced view and quest of understanding existence.

This seeming duality of individuality and unity, the line and the circle, are the two forces which show their face everywhere. In the Universal Law they are the two components which multiply with each other to form E = Energy (as a rule of three). In the basic masculine and feminine energies which we all have inside us they are the patterns – the (upwards) line and the circle – which together form the upwards spiral, or double upwards spiral (double helix = DNA).

When to give detail, to nourish and expand like the circle, and when to anchor a new or additional seed, like the line. When to stay and when to move. When to speak and when to listen. These are the questions which, if answered correctly, can bring balance to any action, situation or matter. Bringing detail to the wrong thing, or at the wrong moment, is just as much an imbalance as anchoring the wrong thing, at the wrong moment. The imbalance of the circle and imbalance of the line express themselves with slightly different characteristics, but they are intrinsically linked. One of the primary reasons for the state of enslavement in which many beings live is that humanity has allowed itself to be manipulated: to focus on the wrong things, and to give too much detail to them. Both the imbalances are present hand in hand.

As a good example is my path as a musician. Without any grounding and anchoring, there is just a chaos of incoherent notes. Indeed some kind of system, some kind of logos or axiom is needed at first.

In current human society this anchoring is performed in the wrong way – by tedious repetition and imitation of the transcribed works of famous past composers. Many aspiring musicians soon discover that creativity is a goal perhaps never to be reached, paralysed by the tediousness of robotic demands imposed on them by methods based on failure. The line, in this case, has a forceful and demanding character; the circle, never allowed to do its proper job.

On my path of improvisation the game is different. Music sings to us from our very soul and it is simply about manifesting into this reality, what we hear in our inner reality. Basic understanding of the nature of reality, and how each note is a reflection of that is the beginning. The study of how each frequency interacts with every other frequency is the very core element which returns everywhere. If you can understand the relation between one note and another on an intuitive level, you could as well understand the relation between one human or another, one color or another, humanity and this planet, or whatever you wish. Everything we learn about anything is applicable to everything else, magnified by our ability of abstraction.

At this point the field is open, the improvisation a constant dance. A logic must be established to sound coherent – but as soon as we hold on to our rules and logic for too long without changing them, without variations, we begin to sound boring and forceful. Create a rule to break a rule. Expand to new ventures, new systems, which in their turn are again expanded upon. Detail too much and too far, and coherency is lost again. This is the balance of circles and lines, of rules and variations. If we get lost in our details and are threatened to become unstable, with a stable grounding we can simply return to the logic beneath our feet – like a mountain climber trying to reach the next platform, but being safely anchored to the current base platform in case of a fall.

These forces, in perfect harmony with god’s will, are what can cut through all these distractions. In balance it realigns everything in such a way that the outer world cannot stop it or resist effectively. The only thing needed is to be aware of this energy, in order to anchor it. It is my invitation to everyone (yes, I am talking to you!) to try to observe these concepts discussed above in their reality, and to see how they integrate with one another.

Pragmatic idealism in the context of this balance is a powerful idea. How to create a more balanced society? To look for answers within the system, would be a wrong anchoring – if the imbalance is made at step 1, there is no need to try to fix things at step 3; after all, after the mistake at step 1, everything that follows is corrupted. Idealism is much needed. The pragmatic aspect, is that every step which brings the reality closer to those ideals should be accepted. Create an ideal and then go towards it in digestible steps, which are practically possible – not too small, not too big, at least for the physical world.

And so, if we look at the world these days, many echoes are visible – the world and structures of the slow 3D reality are (increasingly quickly) moving towards the idealistic world which we have created in higher dimensions, which harbour the mental energies which create this physical reality over and over and over every tiny fraction of a moment. Some echoes seem far away from those ideals, some closer, but that they are coming is undeniable.

Some words on the physical

Now, imagine the entire physical body and experience as a single seed, a single rule. And a person’s life, or even incarnation cycle as the circle which gives detail to this seed. Just before new year I anchored the “blue-green observer state codes”. This happened on a nice tropical island with abundant sun assistance. These energies essentially create a variation on this single rule of the physical reality and experience for many beings. They deliver the next seed, by causing a being to flicker between itself, and observing itself – making it bigger than itself. It works on all levels: the ego personality sees itself from another level, just as the soul sees itself from a higher soul level. The blue component generally to generate the “bigger than oneself” effect, the green component generally to heal what this process makes visible. Although many may not be totally consciously aware this is happening, the effects are clear and include increased willingness to let go of dogma and old patterns, and in exchange more openness to glide on the new wave. For example to learn to understand and accept the Universal Law.

In a continuing search for truth, reconnection with the body is one very important aspect. In this journey there is one thing which has come to my attention: the desire of our bodies. Does every body wish to create children? These days I am thinking the matter of children might be the greatest cliff between our bodies, the part of us which anchors us to this physical reality, and the mind. In a more natural state, is it not what would happen, at a young age? In our rebellion against birth, has a mistake been made? Would relationships have so many fights and imbalances in that more natural state? In our very nature we seem so very similar to birds – we wish to build a nest, and then to create from that safe heaven.

Society seems to be designed to not allow us to create a nest: go live somewhere in the nature and build something, and if ‘they’ know about it, police will come and evict you. Yes, it is possible of course to go out there and do it, but it is not what most people even realize is possible. Either way we are not meant to be solitary and reject the rest of society completely. We are made to live with a community of mutually supportive people. Instead, go to school, go to high school, study, become an intern, create a career, get a mortgage – your nest is never safe, always under threat, and it arrives way too late. Our bodies feel the call to reproduce, but at the same time we are afraid because we do not have the nest which is natural to us and which our ancestors did have. This confusion is extremely harmful to our system and must be a major factor to all kinds of imbalance, especially on the level of sex and the relationship between men and women. On a hormonal level, we are simply kept stuck at the same phase without being able to move on. I am sure these ideas may not be new, but they are a part of recent clear thoughts which keep coming in, and the personal life themes which I deal with these days.

An infinitely accurate mirror to my roots accompanies life Now. At the same time the lightwork of these days is some of the most challenging. My final words for now are a request to all of you. The particular challenge which I am in now is of such ridiculous proportions, it has the potential of greatest human suffering, but also it has the potential of greatest human bliss. With this great challenge comes great responsibility and potential for healing. Failure is not an option. All your decrees, all your energetic support, everything is of great help to me in these moments. Whatever comes. May we all succeed unambiguously in all the moments that remain, empowered by our soul family which walks with us in each one of our bodies.

Love & Light,


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