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Robert de Havilland and Georgi Stankov, February 6, 2019

Dear Georgi,

Good day to you, I have written to you before, a few years ago when I was in a state of confusion, when something deeply changed in me, an awakening, a knock on the door from my soul which led me quite quickly to your writings. To be honest, your work sent me into a vortex of even more confusion, panic, anxiety, fear, depression, I could not believe what I was reading, how can this be true? Why do I not fully grasp the Universal Law? Why does part of me reject the Universal Law? And why does part of me accept the Universal Law? These confusions sent me spinning down into dark holes, every single hole had my name on it, I couldn’t breath, death was imminent and the only thing I was sure of.

The part of me that rejected the Universal Law had me skim the New Age religion and it was that inner feeling, voice, the cold and the heat of something I could not understand deep inside that could see the rot of the whole scene. This was liberating, less confusion, but confusion non the less. All the while reading and re-reading your work. I started to understand portions of your work and it struck me that I will have to understand your work in the way my intuition demanded. Which was not in the order I was attempting to read your works. Dreams came fully on at this point, since I was very young, I was around 6 years old when I stopped remembering dreams. In these dreams I was able to integrate the Universal Law, what frustration I had when I would wake and not fully remember. Full of frustration I entered into a world of awareness and noticed everything, I couldn’t help it, I could see!

In August 2016 a full on moment of clarity in my dreams when I had a memory recall not of this current incarnation, I needed to know more which led me to have a QHHT session in December 2016 with a wonderful woman here in the UK. It has taken me over 2 years to fully understand what happened in that 2 hours of hypnosis, I had to listen to the recording many times. At the end of the session this lady told me that I was the clearest channel she has had the pleasure to work with and that my session had affected her deeply as part of it was about her, I had channeled the Arcturians towards the end and they were there specifically for her. The whole session was magical. The main theme was my soul colour/age and how my soul had changed colour, evolved right here in this incarnation on Gaia. She put me onto Michael Newtons ‘Destiny of souls’, some of it did actually resonate with me but not all. At this point I can confirm the onslaught of the LBP.

I have been de-programming and integrating some pretty crippling energies ever since and have had some of the hardest times of my life, the loss of friends, family, lovers and social meetings ceased. However, what an amazing ride so far!

Keeping an interest in your works, with thanks to the Facebook group, I gain confirmation of what is happening and from December 2018 into the January 2019 the shift has actually been so much different, life takes on a clarity which has allowed me to participate in a new Gaia, a new life. With this the symptoms of the LBP have alleviated a little, the chest doesn’t cause me fear anymore when I’m in physical pain from it, within this shift my heart chakra may have just opened more to allow the energies to move more freely.

Life is getting better every day as that is what I choose, new friends and connections, renewed love and fulfilling social engagements with real people, not the walking dead anymore. What is more fulfilling is that I can actually witness people around me moving towards a new world, momentum of evolution is now in a rush, how heartening to watch.

Soul (once accepted) can evolve to usher a new paradigm (energy exchange). So although I have a long way to go to fully understand the scientific language of the Universal Law, I can be confident that my Soul is actually manifesting it, I’m living it. We all evolve, it’s accepting it in the first place and not feeling like you have missed the boat, because if you do miss the paddle steamer you have to swim the toxic sea.

This is where I am and I realise this is where the PAT are doing the great work, my life jacket has been taken off, I’m struggling in the torrents, but I am surfing from time to time. I am not a member of the PAT, I am an old deep purple soul, who incarnated in the most darkest energy signature on Gaia (UK), who is learning what energy really is and realise that I have to do this on my own.

Thank you, Georgi, for all you have done for pointing the direction and taking the time to read this. I just felt compelled to write to you, because without the Universal Law we’re all fucked!

In love and Light



Dear Rob,

I am happy to hear from you again after a long pause and I am deeply moved by your frank presentation of all the challenges and pain that you have gone through these last years since you fully embraced your divine being and opened to the truth of your soul.

We all have gone through such existential situations and that is why I beg to contradict you that you are not a member of the PAT. Given the extent of collective and personal fear that you have processed all these years, it is obvious that you are part of the team and are actively working on the cleansing, raising the frequency, and the ascension of Gaia and humanity. Ultimately it does not matter to which group one belongs or feels inclination to, as we all belong to the spearhead of light warriors who have come here to break the 3D Orion matrix and lead humanity to a new bright future.

And I am happy, and also proud to announce that we have achieved our goal. We are only here in a physical vessel as we want to experience first hand how the majority of humanity will shift in front of our eyes as a result of our long, huge and ongoing effort and sacrifice. It would be stupid to deprive ourselves of the greatest reward an incarnated soul can experience on the earth – to see this planet and its enslaved population awaken from a terrible and very long quagmire and experience the blissful revelation of human true nature – our multidimensional, immortal existence as powerful creator beings.

This will be the greatest revolution humanity has ever experienced and since we are both the architects and the driving force behind this awakening, there is no way that we shall ascend before that and miss this awesome moment. If we are still here, it is because we have decided so, ascended we have long time ago. And I see the tipping point when humanity is ready to awaken collectively approaching very rapidly as my latest energy reports indicate.

Now to the proper understanding of the Universal Law. There are many levels on which one can gain an intimate access to it. The easiest way is to accept the holistic approach of the new world view as derived from the primary term of human consciousness as explained in the new Axiomatics. Each old soul has this intimate knowing when she incarnates on earth and does not need to study the theory but only open to this familiar vibration.

The written form of the theory of the UL as a scientific categorical system is meant for young and ripe souls who are now building the huge wave of transformation into ripe and old souls. Approximately 65 -75% of the world population constitutes of young and ripe souls on the verge of becoming ripe and old souls and beginning with a new set of incarnation experiences. They will need a lot of time to evolve before they can ascend to 5D fully and during this time they have to understand and incorporate the new written theory of the UL into their new world view and daily life in order to begin preparing for their conscious transition to 5D. After all the new theory of the UL is the theory of ascension.

Old souls like you do not need to understand the theory of the UL as a verbal categorical system of scientific knowledge in this incarnation as you will immediately know it when you ascend. As I have written on numerous occasions, and Daniela has also recently discussed, our souls have all the knowledge and we only need to establish an open contact to our HS to receive this knowledge. That is why currently members of the PAT are beginning to download their I AM Presence in their physical vessels in preparation for this crucial opening to the multidimensional knowledge of the soul and acquiring a direct access to the Divine Mind and the Source. True knowledge is a re-membrance and it can only happen from within.

If you have struggled with the theory of the UL, this was in the first place a battle against your fears which you had to overcome first in order to expand your awareness without any limitations, as this is what the UL is all about. It is a limitless opening of the mind and the heart. Therefore, you did not have any problems with the UL and its theory, but with your old beliefs and prejudices which you have accumulated in young age in, indeed, the darkest place on the earth – GB – and had to release in a short period of time. You have no idea how much collective and personal fears I have experienced in the last 3 decades and there were many occasions when I thought I would not survive. But here I am, though still barely surviving for the most part under the barrage of the incoming source waves.

Which shows you what a powerful soul you are in order to have decided to expose yourself to such a toxic reality in GB and be able to overcome it. There is a stupid German saying from the Nazi time, and probably much earlier: “more enemies, more honour” (mehr Feind, mehr Ehre), which I would like to paraphrase with respect to us old souls: The more challenges and duties we create in this last incarnation and overcome them, the greater our success and gratification in the higher realms will be. We are testing the limits of the soul to an extent that has never been tried before in the entire multiverse. And we have succeeded, believe me…

Let me tell you a story that happened in the summer of 2017, about which I have not reported fully. We were together with Carla and Julia at White Rock and were sitting outside at a fish restaurant on the beach. On that day, August the 3rd, we had a beautiful encounter with the blue crystalline light beings and with Babaji who gave us a message announcing the ultimate Gathering of the 144.000 warrior souls from the Great Oversoul Gateway.

The Gathering of the 144,000 Warrior Souls For the Great Oversoul Gateway on August 3rd, 2017

Please, observe that this event was of such paramount importance that it was explicitly announced in St. John’s Revelations in the bible, actually by Apollonius of Tyana who lived in old age on the island of Patmos and channelled this information for the End Time of humanity 2000 years later. This is what Apollonius says personally in a channelling session from the 19th century which I have published on the website:

“Further, I have this to say, I retired voluntarily, for I was neither ostracised nor banished for anything I had done, said  or written, to the same island to which, as is alleged, the St. John of Revelations went, in the years 69 and 70 A. D. I there wrote what occurred through me in a trance state, not knowing what I wrote, an almost identical story with that attributed to the so-called St. John the Revelator. That story was nothing more than an attempt of the spirit world to give the truth of the spirit life, through a mortal organism, in a day and generation that was not ripe to receive it. That is, the medium chosen for the expression of the teachings of spirits was too much imbued with the mysticism of Judea and neighboring countries to be well suited for that purpose.” 

The Christian Fraud; Message from Apollonius of Tyana

That is why this day was one of the most auspicious days in our lives and we have had many. After this message about the unification of the 144,000 warrior souls was given, Babaji came to us and started a personal conversation. He admitted that he was very curious about my energetic structure and field and that he has never seen anything like that before in his life. He was referring to my active and conscious existence on multiple levels and in human body, and also being able to sustain all the time in a physical vessel an open portal to the Source as part of my mission as the captain of the PAT. In addition he was also mesmerized by the new protuberance field which we anchored on the earth an year earlier in the summer of 2016. This protuberance field, which is the unity field of the Source, was expanded at the time when Babaji visited us in White Rock to the entire North American continent (where it helped Trump win the elections against the massive resistance of the deep state, up to now) and in 2018 to Italy and Europe (where Italy received a new anti-EU government and turned the tide of EU globalism). It was the foundation for the establishment of the new spiritual paradigm on November 12th, 2018 in Rome which since then is transforming humanity beyond recognition as currently everybody can see (e.g. the yellow vests revolt in France that really began after that and what you write as a personal experience in the last several months).

What I want to relay with this story is that Babaji as an ascended master came to me to admire my energetic field and what I have achieved in this incarnation as he has never seen anything like that before. And he is considered to be one of the most powerful ascended masters who is able to materialize in a physical body as an avatar and then disappear again as he did in the last century in India, about which many legends have been created.

I am telling you this story not to overemphasize my energetic achievement in this incarnation but to assure you and all the PAT that you have surpassed yourselves even in your wildest dreams and have achieved more than any other soul in this multiverse has considered possible. All souls in this multiverse are in awe of our achievements.

I know that because when I ascended to the 9th dimension on January 12th this year, they all came to welcome and honour me as the first soul in the history of this multiverse to have managed to ascend from 3D directly to 9D as the Elohim confirmed later to Carla. Initially this event was supposed to happen 10 years later, if ever. I was so deeply moved by this welcome party that I began to cry and could not stop the whole night. Since then I am here only as an avatar to witness the ultimate awakening of humanity, while witnessing myself all the time from the 9th dimension how I witness the world and humanity awakening.

Therefore, one should not despair by small setbacks while in a physical body, but should keep all the time in his mind how great, powerful, beloved and admired we are as creator beings in the entire multiverse.

And with this positive chord I am ending my response to you.

With love and light


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