Finalizing the Optimal Ascension Scenario – Part II

Discussions in the PAT and with the Higher Realms prior to the Shift

January 20, 2019

Hello Georgi!

Happy new year! (Is it too late to wish you that? :P )

I truly feel like it’s a new year, a new cycle, a new beginning, call it what you will…

Have the energies been pumping up?! Yes I feel it. Crazy things, synchronicities, emotions, thoughts, experiences running wild, you name it, it’s constant now as reality changes from one minute to the next. For the first time since I can remember (and I have had intense metaphysical experiences since I was a child, but nothing like this) I really feel the difference in energy all around. Last Sunday I had an experience that I only have had in dream state.

The back door to the garden was open as my mother went outside to water the garden and a rush of warm (soft glowing energy, explaining it doesn’t really do the moment justice) swept into the house and as I looked outside everything was of a soft orange texture. I proceeded to go the front garden as my mother had moved on to water the plants there and an emotion swept over me and I was so overjoyed that I couldn’t contain myself as the energies outside intensified. It all looked/felt different. I made my mother aware of this and she also felt the same and we were both in a place that didn’t feel like Earth anymore. My body was vibrating and this continued throughout the day.

I’d also like to comment on your recent article (which is brilliant as always :)) and lately I have been thinking the same thing, a shock to humanity cannot only entail bringing in truths of the past as they will only go into a state of rage and as you said ‘only paralyses the people and they are unable to create anything new and positive… make the people feel guilty, mad, insignificant – in other words, like shit. Not to mention that they would continue to call it ‘conspiracy theories’.

I’m guilty of actually voicing my annoyance at the same exact Arcturian message and demanding that our involvement in the matter needs to include also our past abilities, knowledge and powers in order to help humanity transition positively through the coming change they will face, as I ranted on ‘otherwise what are we doing here!?‘. Funny typing it down doesn’t give the same meaning of what I actually meant and felt. I know, I know, it was the wrong thing to do and I wasn’t angry I went into a place of frustration as I can sense and see what I could do more but I’m limited. Stupid thing to rant about as I’m not limited when I meditate, in dream state and often (more so these days) visualise powerful changes, I just went into a stage of emotion overdrive. I know all this, but nevertheless.. So it was no surprise to read in Daniel’s channelled message today titled YOU RECEIVE BECAUSE YOU FEEL, ‘and then we receive your more specific requests as well…Therefore, we need your help in reaching the humans that we can’t‘. Yeah, kind of made me feel guilty of my rant.

As ever I’m riding the wave (I did dream a few weeks ago that a wave threw me high into the air and kept me there in an intense energy before crashing down) and will continue to ready myself for whatever needs to be done. Always in service to the light and whomever needs me, this is what I’m here for.

Have a lovely weekend and much light and love to you all. Continue the good work as hard as it is! We’ve got this.



Dear Dalila,

thank you so much for your comprehensive energy report. These are very special days and we are well advised to expect all kinds of miracles. Especially after this weekend when the full lunar eclipse portal opens. At the same time we are well advised to develop our own ideas as to how the revelations should be presented to humanity based on what we expect to achieve. Very few light workers are doing this constructive intellectual work and that is why humanity has not been moving fast forward in the past. Now the course of the events has accelerated as we can’t wait anymore.

The problems with such messages is that the higher realms can transmit only so much as the channeller is capable of comprehending and delivering. I know Daniel Scranton – he is a good boy, but not very intellectual and surely not very curious to learn more. And this holds true for most people of his kind. That is why the level of such messages is limited and it is natural that one gets exasperated with them. This makes it even more important to develop our own ideas and to know that they are coming true.

If you go back to the early days of our website, I have written quite a few comments on GB and you as a resident of this country has also confirmed my assessments on many occasions. I have predicted from the very beginning a terrible collapse of GB which is firmly in the hands of the dark cabal and is the darkest place in Europe and probably in the world. Little did I know at that time that there will be a Brexit, the result of which by the way I predicted more precisely than the fake BBC in real time, although I used their data. At that time Michael Farage had already given up on the success of his Brexit campaign as documented in a BBC interview one day prior to the referendum.

Now GB is in a free fall and the ruling elite has been exposed for its total ineptitude and failure. All the people are disgusted by the backdoor intrigues of the MPs and the confidence in the parliament and democracy has hit its lowest level. This is the perfect recipe for the collapse of this former Empire of evil, which has been now substituted in this function by the USA. I have made even more predictions about the USA, at a time when the people thought I was a crazy extremist, but they are also being fulfilled now in all details.

What I want to say with that is that it is worth developing clear ideas about the desired future based on an objective and stringent analysis of the actual situation. In this respect I profit greatly from the strict application of the new axiomatics of the UL that enables me to grasp correctly each, no matter how complicated, situation or topic immediately. This is what should become the norm very soon if humanity is capable of understanding its past and true nature. Actually understanding the past is only a convenient pathway of understanding our true nature as multidimensional beings as we create our past, present and future at the same time in the Now. It is a closed circle as All-That-Is is also closed (primary axiom).

We are now gratified and vindicated for all past accusations concerning what we have predicted, and thus created these years, as everything is now happening as we have foreseen it and considered it to be important. The introduction of the UL before all these revelations can begin is thus a conditio sine qua non as it eliminates two basic categorical systems of human knowledge, or rather of false beliefs  – science and religion – that have shaped the collective world view of humanity more than anything else. Current political and economic ideologies are instead rather new – less that a century old – and are not so deeply ingrained in the human minds and mentality.

On the other hand, how would the people understand their history that has been shaped decisively by religion, religious philosophy, and less so by true gnosis, and since 4 centuries by science if they have not understood these systems of knowledge first, and why they are wrong. Just learning about how much humanity has been enslaved by the PTW in the past will not do it for them to really awaken. They will only remain stuck in the numerous facts and from the many trees will not see the forest. There is no way how the people will come out of the woods with this educational strategy. Then the upcoming revelations will be first and foremost a very intense education of the masses towards real knowledge, which they do not have now.

I am just sharing my views with you as by doing so we connect and co-create the most favourable scenario for humanity. And, according to my conviction, any revelations must begin with the introduction of the UL and implementation of the new axiomatic method of thinking as this will be the methodology how after that all the other hidden facts from the past cosmic history of humanity can be analysed, interpreted and accepted by the human minds, so that humanity can progress to a transgalactic civilisation.

Thank you for allowing me to share these ideas with you and for your patience.

With love and light



Good morning Georgi,

Your ideas are so much appreciated at this moment as I have been recently feeling that things are unravelling, but there doesn’t seem to be a ‘what next’ scenario. This is why I jump with joy when I see that you have posted on your website (also Carla’s messages) as you are one of the very few people that actually make full sense of what is happening.

My frustration is exactly that, the fact that I have to co-create in the now with the free fall of this country and the world. Which, the good news is that I am encountering more and more people that are making more sense than the jibberish they all come up with and act like uneducated fools, so I agree they need to know the REAL truth to move on even if it shocks their socks off.

Nigel Farage unfortunately looked as though he had the balls to fight for Brexit but all I see him doing is giving interviews on ‘lamestream media’ and playing his usual show in the European parliament. He doesn’t actively do anything, but I guess he started this whole show and to be honest it’s very amusing as these MPs are just showing us all that they are, an incompetent bunch, and at the same time I can’t help feel sorry for them as they can’t think and act any other way under the circumstances.

I will re-read your response as many times over  as I need to so that I can start to get a sense of the next coming months and my/our role in all of this. I hope all the other PAT members are well and are not struggling with these new energy waves. As much as they are exciting, they can get a little confusing!

UL is the only way to go and there is a strong reason why you are so passionate about it and I hope we can all get achieve your level of understanding to help humanity. As I’m typing to you my dream of implementing the astral currency just after you posted it online just keeps running in my head. Even though that may be a long shot event for now, it gives me a deeper insight of how communication will be in a transgalatic society. As I mentioned before I know all of this, and I’m itching to get it out there. Looks like I need to work on my patience .

We are all in this together and all our efforts have really got things moving, we should be proud of ourselves

Much love and light.



Dear Dalila,

thank you so much for your valuable thoughts – they are much appreciated. I am confident that the new astral currency will be introduced very quickly and I intend to use all the riches of the Vatican and the Church for it as collaterals when we take over the Vatican and Rome becomes the new world spiritual centre. After that we will no longer need any  collaterals as we will be also the source of all new technologies.

Two  days ago Carla  and I had independently the vision that very soon we will be bilocating around the world and create, manifest, together with other light workers’ communities small cities of light around the globe that will be connected by a network of light. This will be the new mission of the PAT when the shift comes.

And with this beautiful vision I wish you a very interesting weekend that may change the world.

With love and light


PS: Immediately after our exchange of ideas regarding the optimal ascension scenario, Daniel Scranton has published his today’s message that is a direct response/ answer of the Arcturians to our just considerations and objections:

That is why it is so important to lead such discussions – between us and with the higher realms in a conscious manner as ultimately we are the ones who decide about the future of humanity.

Simultaneously to these events, Daniela has just received a message from her spiritual guides on the same topic. She will write it down in the course of the day and then I will publish her message and our discussion as to further highlight the impending ascension scenario after this full moon, full eclipse portal from our perspective. These assessments will surely flow into the meetings the Arcturians are planning to organize in the astral realm with some leading incarnated souls, which surely include all the PAT members, and will determine decisively the final strategy how to awaken the people.


Lieber Georg,

vielen herzlichen Dank für deine ausführliche Mail. Ich anerkenne es sehr, wenn du mich an deinen (euren) Erlebnissen, Gedanken und Begegnungen teilhaben läßt – das befruchtet meine Kreativität.

Ich “arbeite” an zwei Artikeln, die ich dir zukommen lassen werde, wenn sie fertig sind. Es ist jetzt wirklich wichtig, dass wir positive, konstruktive Akzente setzen, die das Einheitsbewusstsein fördern, das ja ein wichtiger Bestandteil des UG darstellt. Es ist auch wichtig, immer daran zu denken, dass das UG nicht nur die Physik betrifft, sondern ALLES-DAS-IST beinhaltet – eben auch Philosophie und Religion (oder besser Spiritualität).

Auch ist ja die GNOSTIK im Herzen des UG!  Deshalb können wir auch hier ansetzen – eine der vielen Möglichkeiten. Die meisten Menschen haben ja Berührungsängste bezüglich der Mathematik.

Viele liebe Grüße an euch beide von Otfried

English translation

Dear George,

Many thanks for your detailed mail. I appreciate it very much, when you let me share in your experiences, thoughts and encounters – that fertilizes my creativity.

I “work” on two articles that I will send you when they are done. It is now really important that we set positive, constructive accents that promote the unity of consciousness, which is indeed an important part of the UL. It is also important to keep in mind that the UL not only concerns physics, but includes ALL-THAT-IS – that is to say, philosophy and religion (or better spirituality).

Also, yes, the GNOSIS is in the heart of the UL! That’s why we can start here – one of the many possibilities. Most people have reservations about mathematics.

Many greetings to you both from Otfried


Lieber Otfried,

ich stimme mit deinen Ansichten voll überein. Heute morgen erhielt Daniela eine mündliche Botschaft von ihren geistigen Führern, die genau in die selbe Richtung geht wie auch deine Gedanken. Sie wird sie heute nieder schreiben und dann werde ich sie publizieren, wahrscheinlich mit unseren anderen Diskussionen.

Alles ist jetzt wichtig und notwendig, um den Einstieg in die neue Theorie des UG zu erleichtern, insbesondere die gnostischen Büchern. Nicht zuletzt deswegen drängten die Elohim im Sommer 2017, das Buch “Gnosis als persönliches Erlebnis” ins Englisch zu übersetzen und zu aktualisieren. Man kann über das Persönliche viel einfacher zum abstrakten Inhalt des UG gelangen. Auch werden unsere Energieberichte und Diskussionen auf der Webseite seit 2011 sehr viel dazu beitragen, denn sie bilden eine lückenlose Chronik des Aufstiegsprozesses aus der Sicht des PAT und das ist bereits Weltgeschichte. Vergleiche es mit den dürftigen naiven Geschichtchen der Apostel in der Bibel.

Wie wichtig es ist, dass wir Information austauschen, wurde sofort und ohne wenn und aber von den Arkturiern heute demonstriert. Es war eine direkte Antwort auf die Fragen, die wir gestern und heute aufgeworfen haben:

Wenn sich die Synchronizität der Ereignisse derart zuspitzt, dann weiss ich auf eine untrügliche Weise, dass wir sehr nah an die Auflösung heran kommen.

Viele liebe Grüße


English translation

Dear Otfried,

I fully agree with your views. This morning, Daniela received a verbal message from her spiritual guides that goes in exactly the same direction as your thoughts. She will write it down today and then I will publish it, probably with our other discussions.

Everything is now important and necessary to facilitate the introduction into the new theory of the UL, especially the Gnostic books. Not least because of this, the Elohim urged me in the summer of 2017 to translate the book “Gnosis as a personal experience” into English and to update it. It is much easier to get to the abstract content of the UL via the personal. Also, our energy reports and discussions on the website since 2011 will do a lot to help, because they form a seamless chronicle of the ascension process from the point of view of the PAT and this is already world history. Compare it with the flat, naive stories of the apostles in the Bible.

The importance of sharing information has been demonstrated immediately and without ifs and buts by the Arcturians today. It was a direct answer to the questions we raised yesterday and today:

When the synchronicity of events becomes so obvious, I know in an infallible manner that we are getting very close to the final resolution.

With loving greetings



Dear George

This is the decisive moment for PAT to create for humanity out of our love once again. I was thrilled by your insight of prevalence of Universal Law (UL) in the time of wide spread depression when true history of earth and humanity will be disclosed to public and at quantum shift. It is such a blessing that we are well informed and guided by our Arcturians, Andromedans, Agarthans brothers on daily basis through messages from you, Carla, Daniela and Daniel Scranton which bring us all together.

The process in which ascending humanity will experience soon has no strange to us. We have been through every stage of it personally. Thanks to the inspiration of our HS and activation of our own divinity, we survived, were resurrected and now are manifested as Ascended Master in front of humanity. The Gnostic knowledge and experience we gained first hand are unique and priceless, which will serve once again for the humanity in a way that UL will be applied as we are embodiment of UL and forerunners of Ascension. The contrast between depressed situation and brilliant UL manifested as Ascended Masters when the moment comes will serve as a natural guidance for public to choose.

My vision of difference in awaking process between ascending humanity and us as PAT is that the healing centre in the City of Light in Italy will play a pivotal role in aiding them in the time of crisis. This is a blessing for humanity as it is created as multidimensional centre for the purpose of receiving wider range of people. In my vision, UL will be a main instrumental as a healing education alongside with other technologies. People are healed as a result of receiving knowledge of UL.

May we contribute lovingly towards our final goal and see humanity enjoying a blissful moment!

With love and light



Finally, I do except a dramatic shift /expansion of our consciousness after the full moon eclipse portal tomorrow, at least for us, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, as the human realty can only change from within and it has to change at some point in time so that there will be a visible evolution of the humankind – George

Read alsoThe Incoming Shift…

Remember, when your conscious awareness shifts, so does the outcome.” ~ Creator


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