Cadentia discordiae

All Discord Has an End – We Were Never Separated!

Otfried Weise, January 22, 2019

(Für alle deutsche Leser: die deutsche Übersetzung findet ihr hier:

Separation is an illusion.
It makes us lonely, small and weak.
But all illusions come to an end.
Even the separated hearts – dis corda.
Dis…  expresses a contradiction, a separation.
Cor = the heart, corda = the hearts.

We do not have a heart.
We are the heart.
We are energy – love energy – source energy – All-THAT-Is.
Everything lives out of this energy, everything lives in this energy, everything is this energy.
There is only ONE heart.
In our hearts, in love, we are all ONE.

Cadentia is that, which falls (out).
In music, most pieces end with a cadenza.
And so now the 3D age of the separation of hearts ends. It falls …
Because people rise – expand their consciousness.
In UnityConsciousness all find their common denominator: their heart, their soul.
There is only one soul – and we all share in it.

It’s like the rays of the sun.
They appear to us individually; at least it seems to be so.
In their origin at the source they are all in unison.
The connection to the Source never breaks off.
We all melt together into ONE sun.

Then why should the sunbeams = the people fight with each other? That would be absurd.
Fear eats up soul. Fear destroys logic. Distrust prevents closeness.
Now we realize: we have put up with being educated as lone wolves.
In pain and with tears in our eyes, we now free ourselves from our mistake –
from being separated as our life motto – and realize being one.

Already in kindergarten we were taught that we had to compete against each other.
Who is faster, stronger, better, braver? Who gets more from the cake?
We condition our children in such a way that they unconsciously assume that competition is the natural optimal behaviour.
I am richer, more pious, more humble! The climax of separation.

Not only in sports and economy, even in religion and love relationships we fight against each other. ”These Romans are crazy”, said Asterix
Can we still be saved? No. Nobody must or can save us.
We don’t have to be rescued.
We wake up from this unspeakable, eon-long nightmare.

It’s war, but we don’t go there any longer.
There are elections, but we keep our vote.
Our neighbour is crazy, but we are not calling the police.

Our body hurts because it detoxified itself, but we do not go to the doctor,

we’d rather talk to our cells ourselves.
We’re finally taking our lives into our own hands.
We know that everything that happens to us has to do with us.
We “spoon up our soup ourselves” (1) and cook differently next time.

We talk to the other, not against the other or about the other.
We forget arguing because we listen.
We observe our actions and skip our automatic, conditioned acts against the other.
What does it mean: ‘Love your neighbor? Love your enemies?’
We don’t need to sink into his/her arms.
We don’t have to offer the other cheek either.
We know/feel deep in our hearts that we are ONE.
What you have done into the least of your brothers, you have done unto me …
When we bestow our friend/enemy, we make ourselves happy.
What we take, what we receive, we pass on (in another form), no matter to whom.
We do not criticize ourselves, we exchange ourselves.
We do not discuss, we do not talk at cross purposes, we comment and complement each other.
“As well as” instead of “either or”.

Duality/polarity slide into the pit.
“Black and white” is obsolete. We celebrate unity. The whole rainbow is ours.
The battle is no longer raging, it is coming to an end. We reach out our hands.
It is Christmas on the Western front – over and over and over again.
Thanks to the polarity, we have experienced everything necessary, we now go on without it.
Each for himself, but in the heart together with all people – as a collective.

The discord of the hearts lands on the garbage heap of history.
We are grateful for it, we have learned immensely from it.
But enough is enough.
Unity is our new field.
There we play, laugh, study, explore and create.
A new totally different world opens up: 5D
It has always been our homeland, the source of our being, intuition, truth, bliss.

We no longer have to measure our strengths against each other.
We optimize them together now! Everyone shows what he/she prefers to do … (not what he/she is best at!)
We don’t have to be correct and efficient.
Life is not an achievers society.
It does not depend on the material profit.
It is not even about the employees – we want to live together.
Work does not free us, it degrades us to slaves.
A community that harmonizes together optimally not only survives, it blossoms.

Animals have always done that.

Emperor penguin males, after weeks of practice, take over with their feet the egg at -40 degrees Celsius and icy winds in Antarctica; hungry himself, the male penguin bears responsibility, protects the egg, keeps it warm and hatches it, while the female fetches food and only returns after many weeks. All males join together to form a unit to protect themselves and their unborn against the icy cold. Together they are strong. As a collective they survive, in unity they live. Halleluja!

Man is not born as a fighter, he is brought up to fight.
No group fights against another group, unless it is incited to do so.
Nobody is a terrorist as a lonely individual perpetrator and out of his own inner drive.
It’s the rulers who finance him: State terrorism.
People never go to war against another people, it is always the rulers, it is the government, it is the religious elites, it is the state. The citizens let themselves be manipulated, seduced and forced.
Why is this so easy? Because the foundations have already been laid in kindergartens and schools – see above … perfidious!

All wars are made.
All revolutions are financed.
All important political events are intended.
There is no coincidence.
There is no evil fate at work.
All this does not happen by itself.
According to a wicked plan millions of people suffer from illness, hunger and poverty.
It could have been changed long ago.
There are elites whose separation consciousness = fear is so huge that they think they are superhumans for whom we are just commodities.
The bigger the error, the deeper the fall – the cadenza.
We know that. They know that. Hence the fear.

Performance enhancement through coercion? That I won’t laugh.
Loving behaviour through laws? I think I’m crazy.
Prosperity at the expense of others? The “monkey is suddenly bugging me for lice” (2).
None of that just works anymore.
Do you hear me? You have known it from deep inside yourself for a long time.

The turning point is here!
We are the turning point …
We are responsible for our lives.

As a collective, we bear the responsibility.

We start with ourselves.

We start NOW.


(1) “To spoon up one’s soup” – A German saying meaning that everybody should take the responsibility for his/her own deeds, especially when they are distasteful. Another expression for karma.

(2) Another common German saying for a “great surprise” that has no proper translation or equivalent in English: the monkey begins to search, all of a sudden, for lice in one’s hair. At fairs of the last century there were some jugglers who had a monkey with them. The monkey occasionally jumped on the shoulders of spectators and began to pretend that he was searching for lice in their hairs – much to the surprise of the spectator. I agree, it is a far-fetched saying, but that is why such sayings are so expressive. This saying also implies what a monkey (ape) circus life on earth is; note, George.



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