The Great Unification – Watch the World Bloom!

A Message from Astraea and Amora for All Lightbearers

Carla Thompson, December 30th, 2018


The History of This Message

Georgi Stankov, December 31, 2018

Yesterday I wrote to Carla who is currently in Vancouver to expand the new spiritual paradigm of unity consciousness in North America in preparation for the final shift as follows:

“Polarity Will Bring You Together ∞The 9th Dimensional Arcturian Council

This message announces  “a gigantic movement towards the unity consciousness”, now that humans are fed up with their polarity and fights. I have always said and written that this can happen very easily when the new theory and axiomatics of the UL (Universal Law) is introduced as then it will become evident that all human ideas have their origin in the primary term of human consciousness and only lead to different conclusions if they do not use the axiomatic method of building categorical systems of knowledge, such as current fake science or all religions that misinterpret the God’s concept in false, inadequate interpretations of the primary term. This is pure logic and its introduction can easily happen under the current energetic conditions before the shift will occur as this previous message of the Arcturians says because we have already reached the tipping point:

“We have noticed that the trend on planet Earth right now is to look for ways to create a better planet for everyone. You have reached a tipping point in your evolution, and there is no stopping the energetic momentum that you have going towards actualizing that world, even before the shift is completed.”

As this holographic model is characterized by linear evolution because humans can digest only so much at a time, it is logical that the big movement of unification can only begin when the mental work of unification of the collective world views is first achieved at the intellectual level before other more sweeping energetic changes can occur. The introduction of the UL demands though that I must ascend first and appear as an ascended master in order to focus the attention of humanity on this discovery as the level of rejection is still very high and one can only overcome this threshold by visible and palpable miracles. As people tend to be very easily distracted and this will interfere with the quick adoption of the new theory, I do not see it as a good idea that other ascended masters will swirl around at the beginning and dilute the message. But they may ascend shortly thereafter as soon as the news of the existence of one law and one theory of Ascension is preliminary accepted by the world community as a confirmation of its validity and a motivation for others to learn the theory as to be also able to ascend.

I give a penny for your thoughts.”

At that time we both were hit by a massive download of source energies and were trying to find out what is happening energetically with us and Gaia. Carla felt very sick and I had a severe headache the whole night and morning, stomach crisis and joint pain in my whole body. It was obvious that we experienced a huge wave from the Source which we expected to arrive around New Year in preparation for the final shift. This is what I wrote then late in the afternoon, CET (early morning Pacific time) to Carla that ultimately lead to the transmission of this message from our HS, the Elohim Astraea et Amora:

“I just came back from the city. There were a lot of people on the streets as it is Sunday. Some old men, somewhat more corpulent and with more bacon around the waist than me were swimming in the sea and when I checked the temperature of the water it was quite warm for this time of the year – around 16-17 degree Celsius estimated.

Now I have had the whole night a cc-wave with a headache and it continues this morning and is hitting my stomach also very hard. My body is a wreck and I have pain everywhere and am very stiff and also very confused. This is what you also sense and it has nothing to do with your physiological well-being. You are divinely protected and you are so precious that nothing can happen to you anymore. Do not worry about anything at all.

Let me now tell you what I did. While walking along the sea promenade I had a conversation with the Arcturians and through them with all ascended souls on this planet. I was talking loudly to them in German and English alternating and here in Italy nobody cares when one speaks to himself on the street. Essentially, I asked them for permission to begin with the paradigm shift while still in this reality immediately after New Year (see my previous email), that is to say, I and you will ascend and introduce first the UL. 

I put forward all the arguments on behalf of this scenario and told them that it is in their best interest and that there is no need to wait anymore. If we want to introduce the unity consciousness, we must introduce first the new theory and abolish present-day false science and all religions that create this separation. All current systems of knowledge, including all social sciences, politics, economics, national state, etc. are systems of separation because they do not consider the axiomatics of the UL. The achievement of unity consciousness should be an active endeavour at the intellectual level and, when it is acquired, then the rest will come very smoothly and harmoniously. 

Then I asked the Arcturians to take all these suggestions and thoughts on the optimal ascension scenario and with respect to the aspirations of all incarnated human souls and build a new energetic pattern and send back all these codes into our common protuberance field. This new pattern will include also the permission of all souls for us to ascend first and begin with the propagation of the UL for their benefit. If it is a unity consciousness, all souls must agree to it and be part of it – carry this decision. 

This is the first time that I have made such a personal invocation and it was very solemn and elevated. I talked to the Arcturians and all other souls and forces of light for more than half an hour and asked them to send back this energetic pattern amplified into our protuberance field, so that we can use this energetic consensus and be more successful in overcoming the current rejection and disinterest in the UL. There is no other way how it will work in the unity field. Maybe I was already inspired by my HS, or the Arcturians, to do this personal invocation and ask for permission from all other participating souls in this experiment as this is a planet of free will.

That is why you were hit by this wave as during this conversation the cc-wave and downloads peaked significantly, Now that I am writing to you it has calmed down as the transmission is finished. I am sorry if you were hit by this wave, but I had to trigger it on the eve of the New Year if we want to ascend and start with our mission in January. I also said that you must ascend with me as I need your feminine energies to mitigate the masculine power of change of the new theory of the UL.  

I hope this explains what you have just experienced and please do not worry about anything – you are divinely protected and I need you for this mission, the universe needs you, and nothing bad can happen to you anymore.”

And here is the message from Astraea and Amora, which Carla described in the following way: “The message was very powerful and beautiful and it is a time to choose how we to move into the unity field, by eliminating all energy of separation from both our thoughts and emotions,  — step away from the energy of the status quo, the status quo being almost completely rooted in principles of separation.They want us above all to be Strong!  To have Courage! and do the right thing!  They were quite emphatic.“:

By the grace of God – You are a chosen one!  By the grace of God – You are deemed perfection in human form!

This alignment of deep cosmic forces creates a gateway to the field of Unity Consciousness that is in-flowing, a gateway to the source of infinite light, a light-frequency that moves aside all energy founded in separation, where thought has created judgement and emotional separation.  The gift of this alignment comes in the form of great beauty, love, and harmony for All in this expression of Creation. 

Primarily, this gateway brings with it infinite balance. What is required of you is primarily the balance of the feminine to the masculine expression.  We have not spoken of this directly before, but it is now time to do so, as there is an opportunity to embrace one’s movement into the unity field through a recalibration of ones inner thought and emotion surrounding the concepts of feminine and masculine. 

This means that one should no longer qualify the friend, the neighbor, the teacher, whomever, as man or woman, as they are both!  For this here, now, is the moment of Unification. Separation in thought, emotion, existence, physical expression, is no longer supported!

Separation consciousness ends now with a new directive and this new directive is Inclusion through infinite and unconditional love.  Inclusion through adopting principles of harmonious balance of every dualistic expression.  On a personal level bring forth acceptance of the others path, the others role, the others journey, the others Being! There is no need to think about these ideas any more!  Move now to support everyone in your life with whom you interact: Support them with your unconditional acceptance!  Support them with your unconditional love! Support them with unconditional kindness! 

As you each move to include those around you through love and unconditional acceptance you will bear the fruit of an inspired humanity to live cooperatively once again, to create a clear vision of a new world in which you all wish to live, a new world that is full of compassion for each other and that spills over into societal structures that reflect, for All: the vision of health, harmony, abundance and freedom that each of you yearn for at your core. 

This is a moment of grand expansion of consciousness that is activated through the infinite grace of patience and acceptance for each and every lightbearer taking part in this ascension, as well as those who are not aware of the event, nor their role.  As you accept responsibility for these actions you will see the power of your choices reflected back to you in others who will admire your position and eventually adopt it, since courage is contagious. The energy of inclusion will take your world by storm.  Do it now and Watch The World Bloom!

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