Who is Georgi Stankov? Ascension of Earth & a Portion of Humanity

Kari, the Sunshine Girl, September 30, 2018


We all love Kari, our Sunshine Girl! – George

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Dear Kari,

I am deeply moved and was wonderfully surprised by your video of which I was made aware by Patrick as it was published on the PAT Facebook website by Rosita from Holland, who is another young PAT member. I am not using Facebook myself.

Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

My dear, why didn’t you tell me immediately about the existence of this video? I love the way you presented me and the PAT, it is so sincere and touching. There is no one else who has gone through all the ordeals but you and you know the PAT and me very well and what has happened on this planet all these years and be able to give a truthful testimony on our mission of which you are an integral part.

Of course I will publish your video and would love if you could make a comment what moved you to do this video and how you see the whole situation around ascension now at this auspicious time when we are on the cusp of our ID shift and the energies are off the scale one more time.

With love and light




I am so sorry I wasn’t able to write a proper email last Wednesday. I am traveling with a dear friend who is going through a very intense awakening/healing process. I hadn’t told you I made the video because I wanted to send you a donation at the same time as emailing you. I value your time and energy so much that I just want to be efficient in contacting you.

Simply, I was very moved by UV Indigo’s video. I could tell she put her heart into it! I had intended on making some videos about you and the Universal Law, but I was waiting for the consciousness level to rise a bit more first. I have posted other videos in the past regarding ascension and they didn’t seem to get much attention. When I saw Auracles’ video, I knew it was time to join with her efforts as this will cause a chain reaction of events. After all, we have already ascended and are simply leaving a trail of crumbs for others to follow now.

The way that I see the ascension process at this time is that more people are beginning to have a heart chakra opening and are able to feel on a deeper level many emotions by which they may have been surprised until now. Almost everyone around me seems to be dealing with a sort of crisis which is ultimately triggering their Awakening. I have been very busy assisting others and answering the questions which I am sincerely asked. I see some people emerging from a sort of “fog” and suddenly wondering what all of this is really about. It gives me hope and great excitement to be at the helm of this most significant time of Earths’ history.

I can feel we are on the brink of monumental changes at the societal level. I have personally felt many internal shifts just since this past Equinox. I eagerly await our final shift into our new reality which I do feel is upon us NOW. Of course you may publish my video if you feel inclined to do so.

Sending you much Love and Light and sending you a donation once I return back home.

Love, Kari

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