The Matrix as a Consensual Reality

Carla Thompson, June 21, 2018


Georgi Stankov, June 22, 2018

I wrote this foreword yesterday evening until late in the night. Around 04.15 CET both Carla and I woke up all of a sudden to experience the moment when the earth stood still after the summer solstice.

This message which Carla received piece by piece over a period of several months at the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 is one of the most important ever published by us. At the same time it affirms what we have known all along as it also explains the huge cleansing work we have been doing for so many years as the designated Planetary Ascension Team of Gaia and humanity – the PAT. The membrane of dark, chaotic, discordant collective thoughtforms that have been emanated by innumerous lost incarnated human personalities in eons of time under unimaginable energetic and physical oppression by the former ruling cabal and their no longer existing despicable “masterminds” from the Orion/Reptilian empire had encased like a shroud the entire earth and its human population and created the most impenetrable barrier to the Source and the higher dimensions of Creation in the entire multiverse.

I remember vividly the most dark days of our heroic cleansing of Gaia and mankind in 2012 and 2013 when we, the few defenders of this planet and the light, were “drilling through the thickest goo” and our bodies were aching and dying under the interminable processing of such inhuman negativity that virtually eviscerated our bodies similar to the ones photographed in piles by the Allied Forces in Nazi concentration camps as to prove optically the cruelty of the German race. This most fierce and darkest battle ever conducted in this multiverse did prove to us how cruel and savage the human race is, independently of nationality, creed and skin colour. Go back and read one more time our reports from these years as to feel again the desperation and the disgust which the best and most courageous souls on this planet and the entire universe felt when confronted with this thickest layer of darkest human thoughtforms.

Looking back from our current ascended 5D and higher dimensional platform, it seems to us more than a miracle that we have survived this onslaught of constant dark attacks from the archons and other demons from the astral plane and that we have come this far. This evening the Blue Crystalline Beings of light came personally to us and bowed in front of us for the incredible endurance we have shown throughout all these years in this incessant battle and having been able to bring humanity to the light – an achievement that was considered by most evolved sentient beings throughout the multiverse as “mission impossible”. This is what they had to say to us at this summer solstice:

Blue Crystalline Beings of Light:  ” We are here to say to you that all is well; you have successfully moved forward into a key position from which you shall easily expand into a new awareness.  We congratulate you on such a beautiful result!  Rest now – You deserve it!  Use the meditation you shared today (the Gold/Pink meditation from the Divine Mind) – it shall be of great benefit for your light body and ascension corridor!  We love you!”

It is a great pity and a poor personal reference (Leumundszeugnis) that the entire New Age community failed to appreciate our sacrifice for them, essentially, so that they could finally understand and accept ascension and then for the rest of the slumbering humanity. We were even subjected to some very heinous attacks by these “love and light” illusionists at the beginning of this website before they bowed to our light power and sanctioned us with a deliberate silence and neglect that is so inherent to spiritual cowards. This will not pay off as the coming events will show and the key to this conclusion lies in Carla’s message below.

While there should be no doubt that Gaia could ascend only thanks to the unprecedented sacrifice and light work of the PAT, since this group came together in the summer of 2011 to open the stargate 11.11.11, our heroic light work does not guarantee the ascension of a single individual unless he does his own inner work. Only those humans who were courageous enough to confront this human goo of thoughtforms and associated darkest emotions, in which this planet and humanity have been shrouded for eons of time, and were able to transcend it by incorporating and neutralizing (harmonizing) this collective darkness into their personal fields, will raise their personal vibrations sufficiently enough as to overcome this dense membrane of dark thoughtforms and ascend as we have done it this month.

All those light workers who have painstakingly evaded any form of darkness so far due to their deep unprocessed fears and have instead worshiped the light as a kind of a “Golden calf” and not as a means to combative evolution from the position of maximal darkness, will have to deal with their inner, hidden from the light worker’s ego-mind, darkness before they can ascend in the distant future. Hence the very term “light worker” is an oxymoron that only highlights all the deceptions of the New Age; a more proper term would be “light proles

Essentially the light warriors of the first and the last hour have overcome the consensual reality of collective thoughtforms, no matter how dark or dark-light they still are. From now on every incarnated individual is fully responsible for his/her own destiny and reality in which he/she will live.

While we, the first ascended masters are still unconditionally supporting humanity to overcome their old chaotic and dark thoughtforms and are sharing our experience with the rest of humanity as to motivate them to follow our example – ultimately the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law is the only and universal means to achieve this end, no matter how much it is rejected or phased out by the scientists and the light proles at this point in time – we cannot take any guarantee for their success. Only yesterday Carla received another oral message from our higher selves Astraea et Amora that highlighted this crucial aspect in the ascension process:

You will be able to share your experiences of living in this refined reality, however you will not be able to expect humanity to lift themselves to this level of creation because the overall frequency of humanity is lower and therefore the overall expansion into the light is at a different level”

And now read very carefully this message from Carla and try to attune to its eternal wisdom, in and between the lines, that sums up perfectly the entire work of light we have accomplished on behalf of humanity in our last incarnation as human beings.

Carla’s Message

This discussion was written several months ago but the Elohim told me then that it wasn’t the right time to publish it because there were energetic events that would unfold in the course of this year that would lend an understanding to these concepts. Today I came upon it again and had the knowing that it is now time to publish the discussion because the God Consciousness has now been introduced into this reality where one is now uniquely connected to the highest level of consciousness within All-That-Is.  Through this divine connection we are then able to clearly understand the effect that thoughtforms have on our daily creations and now we are by divine grace being given the gift of the ability to immediately choose to wipe out all old thoughtforms that no longer serve us and replace them wholly and forever with those that support the highest expression of our own Soul, in order to enjoy a “Sacred Land” where only the purest of thoughts create the perfect reality in which our souls will then thrive!  

With love to All, Carla

We are at a time now when we will each experience a massive inner shift and the nature of the inner shift will be based upon one’s own level of consciousness. This is not really an event where mass consciousness as we know it will decide the outcome of the event. And why is this? Because Saint Germain and the White Brotherhood, the Elohim, the Blue Crystalline Beings of Light and the energy we call “Divine Mind of God”  have shared with us a number of messages that ultimately focus on a discussion surrounding the issue of random thoughtforms that contribute to consensual reality.

We have often thought (as a random habitual thought!) that this reality can never be changed because there is some kind of power in the concept of the term “consensual reality” and that we are all here forever until the last person decides they want to ascend. This concept in and of itself has been given way too much power but in recent days it has been made clear that weare able to break the mould we call “consensual reality” and thus create for ourselves our own new field of experience, in the Now.

Following the several messages and connections that we have made over the past months, I decided to present it all together because it easily highlights an issue that is probably the most important issue of our time now, during this current phase of accelerated ascension. It has been brought to our attention that there is a net or a membrane, for lack of a better description, that surrounds the earth at the etheric level. This net is made up of thoughtforms or patterns of thoughts that have been created by each one of us in human form. For the most part these thoughtforms are negative, disjointed chaotic thoughts and disassociated habitual patterns of thinking that are often fueled by fear-based emotions including judgement, scorn, hearsay, gossip, unqualified judgements, unkind and unreflective thoughts, debased and primitive thoughts, thoughts that occur over and over without qualification as to what they actually mean, savagely unkind and shallow in thinking. These thoughts are, for the most part, polluting the upper atmosphere, in a continuous blanket around the planet, like an inversion of smog above a large city. The power of emotion consolidates the thoughts into an immovable creation and that is why it has been so successful in its disconnection of humanity from higher guidance, and having access to the greater infinite reality beyond the net.


We are at a powerful moment where we can all assist in neutralizing this reality-encompassing field of thought, by sweeping it clear with the help of the light rays that are being sent to the third dimensional Earth reality in this final phase of ascension. The Divine Mind of God shared that in this powerful moment, we can sweep away humanity’s addiction to unclarified thought with an alchemical reaction that was shared with us, and which I will describe below. This alchemical neutralization will be humanity’s salvation.  By clearing out this membrane we will effectively be redirecting the mental circuitry of humanity so that those of higher vibrational level of consciousness will literally morph out of this field of reality and into a new human experience. Indeed, every being will benefit from this re-set, as it shall open their minds to the Reflection Pause that Georgi refers to in his literary masterpiece Gnosis as a Personal Experience.  Once we are able to each embrace this Reflection Pause, we are then empowered to create anew, in every single moment.


The Divine Mind of God showed us that our strongest allies had planted roots all throughout Gaia eons ago and they are now being activated by Divine Mind to assist us with the inactivation of this net of thoughtforms.  Our allies includes the Christ Consciousness, the Buddha Consciousness, the Blue Crystalline Beings, Conte St. Germain, the Mountain Consciousness, the Crystal Kingdom consciousness, and the Tree Consciousness. Let’s remember the magnetic energies of the new red giant sun and the arrival of the Great God’s Consciousness on June 17th, the codes of which are still being downloaded into our fields and bodies in this very moment.

The process of neutralizing the net was shared as a gift from Divine Mind, and referred to as the “Crown of Infinite Glory“.  It begins by visualizing a braided light of Gold-Yellow Christ consciousness/Illumination Flame wrapped with the Pink Ray of Unconditional love.  As these flames are brought into your crown chakra you will have feelings of calmness, clarity, being centred, love and compassion. Move deeply into a state of meditation in order to receive these Flames. We were told: “This is a gift of Nous on a carrier wave of Love” (For a full and exact definition of the central term “Nous” in Neoplatonism read Georgi Stankov’s gnostic book “Neoplatonism and Christianity“. Note, Carla). As these flames come into your crown chakra, hold them there briefly as you enter into a state of peace; then visualize these rays moving out into the net of thoughtforms, first into your own net and then expand the light beyond it to flood the net around the globe. We were told that this meditation activates our crystalline light body as it creates a huge halo around us and that it actually feeds our own ascension portal. As the Mind of God feeds the energy to us, we shall ultimately transcend this reality completely.

Meditation Tool courtesy of Lux

As of June and the posting of this discussion, it is now a real possibility to assist in the creation of a fifth dimensional platform which resembles the higher realms, a Sacred Land where all negative thoughtforms no longer exist and only the purest of realities surround us!

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