When Dreams Come True

Dalila de Caires and Georgi Stankov, May 11, 2017


Dear Georgi

I know you don’t need me to confirm this but Charlotte’s latest emails resonate with me too and I am grateful to have come across your website and have the grace to be a part of it. For me the good thing is that most of these ‘wanna be gurus’ are sounding and acting so irrational and at times very aggressive in the way they portray their ideas and beliefs that their energy just doesn’t serve those who are awakening. Not many follow them now as they would ‘back in the day’.

The most interesting thing is that from all the quotes and outside information Charlotte and yourself have included in your e-mails I have read every single one of them. Synchronicity at its best as this hasn’t happened to me before in such an intense way.

Things are certainly changing in a way that not even I knew was possible. From dreams to the awakened state I find myself. I don’t feel time, my head seems like it’s floating most of the time and I feel like if I fell off a cliff I would survive, maybe that sounded a bit silly but I’m not very good at describing feelings because they are so intense and hardly relate to what others whom I meet are feeling. So I can relate to what Charlotte mentioned,

When certain truths make them uncomfortable, they say, “Oh, that doesn’t matter” so that they can avoid the reality of that particular truth because it is so different than what we’ve been programmed to believe”

You are our driving force and we all work as one, hence the reason your work gets noticed whether or not humanity is reading and absorbing it correctly. Just know that many are and we all signed up for this together, it’s an amazing feeling.

Love and light to all,



Dear Dalila,

thank you for your moral support and for confirming our observations of the latest behaviour of humanity. It has become increasingly irrational not only because most people have entered their dark night of the soul, which by the way was a topic of another message I read after I published this discussion with Charlotte, but because we are drifting energetically so far away from this reality that we can no longer resonate with it at all. I have just woken up and my body vibrates like a powerful field and there is nothing human in this sensation. I wonder each morning how my soul manages to keep me still here in a physical vessel with these energies.

This night I had a lengthy conference with Trump with his administration and advised them what to do next. I learnt that Trump is no longer listening to his war mongering generals and has taken a more independent course. This was not a dream but a very realistic meeting at the soul level as I was in lucid consciousness. The background is that several days before Trump gave order to bomb Syria, I had a telepathic knowing that something terrible happened to his family and him in the WH. We assume that he or his daughter was murdered and replaced with clones. Then he dropped the MOAB in Afghanistan and started the crisis with North Korea. The latter was a farce as we know in the meantime as the USA only wanted to install their anti-missile system in South Korea before the democratic candidate won the elections yesterday. He is advocating better relations with North Korea and considers the current policy of confrontation failed. Also there is a broad resistance among the South Korean population against the THAAD anti-missile system, which is actually against China as the same anti-missile system in Romania and Poland is not against Iran that does not have such weapons as the USA claimed but against Russia as Putin has stated many times. This is what hurts the two countries.

Now that Trump has ousted FBI swamp creature Comey, he has killed finally the Russiagate hysteria and now can turn towards better relations with Russia. It is remarkable that only the next day he dismissed Comey he met with Lavrov and they must have had a good discussion and want to improve the sour relations with Russia. With this in mind in my dream this night, I knew that we have moved to a new timeline and that Trump was killed on a lower timeline when he started with his military escapades and that this Trump is now probably a new walk-in of an old transliminal soul and has decided to fight the deep state back. I had similar pivotal dreams with Putin years ago and they were proven to be true by the subsequent events.

It will be interesting what Trump will do in the coming days after my conference with him and his administration in Washington. This dream encounter was given to me for purpose as always to show me in which direction the political events will now go. This happened at Wesak Day, May 10th and there is a huge shift again the last five days towards full moon. It may be that the events will now begin to stipulate.

France is in big troubles as Macron has no chance to resolve any of the numerous problems of this country. His movement is not even a party and it is unlikely he will get much seats in the parliament elections next month. The political landscape in France is split in five blocks which guarantees a total lack of governance. Whether the young people will participate in 68-like revolts against the government as they said in their majority in a recent poll remains to be seen, but the downfall of France is now palpable, just as GB goes under the waves of corruption, lies, financial fraud and huge economic crisis. It is so embroiled in the Brexit negotiation, which the EU intends to make to a nasty divorce, that GB is fully neutralized for the next two-three years and cannot spread its notorious darkness and intrigues around the world, and who knows what will happen in the coming elections. The western transatlantic system is falling apart now so quickly that it reminds me of the fall of the communist empire in 1989.

Although I am still reading superficially what is happening the world over I can no longer relate to it and have no inner impulse to write anything as everything seems so irrelevant now. As you say we are drifting very rapidly away from this reality energetically and this is the ID shift how it happens in the Now. But I still expect a final sudden phase transition and it feels very close now.

With love and light


PS: Check what I read today after I wrote about my dream encounter with Trump:


Excellent, I was contemplating what had happened to Trump and had a positive wave come over me when I heard he had spoken to Lavrov. I can see the shift and agree that an old transliminal soul has decided to take on the deep state.

Yes, yet another election here. As you rightly said I don’t even comment on such things unless I’m speaking to someone about it. I must say that it’s quite eventful seeing the French confused as most voted for Macron because they didn’t want Le Pen in power yet they know Macron is not the right candidate. He’s only a year older than me, what a fool he is and all who surround him. They’re all looking more and more like clowns each day and are losing relevance. Rather than explaining to humanity over and over again, as these events are always the same and getting quite boring and predictable, I leave them always with something to think about and leave them to it. We’re here if and when they need us.

I dreamt of being with my soul family and they healed me of my exhaustion as in the dream I couldn’t keep my eyes open. They showed me a very bleak scenario through a window of the ship I was on of people struggling against a strong wind. They were all wearing black and it was very depressing, lucky I wasn’t physically in that timeline and was seeing it from above. I awoke that morning feeling cleansed and VERY POSITIVE. Each day since I’ve felt my head vibrate and occasionally my body will tremble. This is happening quite frequently during the day also.

We have all been through so much hardship soulwise in so many ways and we’re still going strong and are stronger than ever. These world events have been for a while now a stage show that the curtain is slowly dropping obliterating the old structure as it goes down waiting for the clapping and cheering to happen.

Love and light to all.


Dear Dalila,

we had around Wesak, which is the feast of the ascended masters in the higher realms, another massive influx of old transliminal souls as walk-ins on the earth. This is how currently the ascension process is fueled from within in a very effective, though invisible manner. These souls incarnate on the higher vibrating ascending timelines and each influx is preceded by a massive ID shift and separation of low catastrophic timelines. There is no such thing as linear continuity – this world is created each moment anew and we are not the same we were several days ago. Pantarei, as the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus, the founder of modern western philosophy, used to say.

We can only properly evaluate the current change that happens almost instantaneously in front of our eyes if we consider the multidimensional character of All-That-Is and also the constant fluctuations of soul essence in form of newly incarnated walk-in souls. One might as well describe these fluctuations as our subjective experience while we move to higher timelines where the percentage of such old transliminal souls is much higher and accordingly the events are more light-filled. Actually this is the proper presentation and this leads me to the conclusion that we are now moving so rapidly to higher and higher timelines that our reality will begin to change in an unprecedented malleable way in front of our eyes while losing its solidity and adopting the fluidity of energetic fields. One must postulate that at the same time also the structure of matter is being transformed at the quantum level and that this will allow the occurrence of immediate creation in form of miracles for the external observer.

I am having in mind an acute case that was presented to us yesterday where we were urged to act as healers and heal an invasive irreversible cancer in a person who was told by the doctors that they cannot do anything for him anymore. If we manage to reverse the tumor growth and save the life of this person in the coming weeks, then this will be the proof that the energetic conditions of immediate creation, including spontaneous miraculous healings in abject defiance of school medicine, have already been established on this timeline and we must only believe in it and actively employ them for our personal creation for the highest good of all. This is a very fascinating idea and it came to us, no coincidence, on Wesak day with full force as our next duty.

It is very important now for the entire PAT to consider these rapidly changing energetic conditions that allow for our active intervention and immediate creation of a better reality or personal more favourable situation and I am sure that we shall hear in the coming days more such stories from the PAT members. The key to success is to believe firmly that it is possible to create anything  – to have faith in the creative universe and to discard the old human notion that we are pitiful vulnerable biological creatures exposed to a merciless nature and society and incapable of influencing anything, not even our destiny.

This is the old victimhood syndrome that surged very high these last few days as to be released as useless old psycho-mental ballast so that we rediscover our true nature as creator gods in every moment in the Now. After all we created this incarnation experiment to see how it feels if one loses the ability to create anything through his imagination, how it feels to be the opposite of God – be a human being.

Now that we are returning back to our God’s status it is quite logical that we can begin with our immediate creation. It is not so that we have not done this in the past as we are constantly creating the new 5D and higher realities, especially in the dream state. But this time we have raised our vibrations so high and the energetic texture of these highest timelines has been transformed by the recent powerful source energies to such an extent that we are beginning to experience immediate creation in our personal environment in a very palpable manner. But only if our mindset allows for this to happen and that is why this discussion is so important and I will make it available to the PAT so that they consider it and begin seriously with their first conscious steps in immediate creation.

With respect to France and Macron, there are two articles that highlight the big problems that this country is now being confronted with. The first one is from an excellent thinker whom I highly value and the other one is of more scandalous nature about the psychopathic nature of Macron as representative of the dying ruling cabal that cannot survive the current energies.



This all adds up to the overall very gloomy picture of the collapsing old Orion order from the ashes of which the new worlds are beginning to emerge.

With love and light



As I predicted in my previous article today, May 11th, we experience another huge shift due to a massive wave from the Source. It is of pure ascension character though burning the body from within and without and affecting the third chakra of bilocation. It also causes sneezing and phlagm and a split head with deafening high pitched tone on the left side.

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