What is Going on in the World? – The People Begin to Awaken

Georgi Stankov, April 11, 2017


We should be very attentive and alert about signs in daily life and on the political stage that document the rapid shift in the collective mindset towards more truth and clarity of human thinking. This process is fueled by the energies of the excarnated souls and the source that flow like cascades into the fields of the incarnated personalities and open them for what was only recently beyond their mental, emotional and perceptive horizon. It is a true spiritual revolution that prepares the final ID shift and we are well advised to read these signs properly as they herald our imminent ascension. After all we are the only ones who give testimony to the Whole about this unique experiment in a conscious and enlightened manner as we are driving force behind the ascension process from its inception.

In the last days I have published a few articles dealing with the latest political developments contrary to my decision to detach from this earthly 3D charade. The reason is always of a higher order and my only intention is to demonstrate how rapidly the process of awakening and ascension now progresses under the surface and increasingly so for every one to see. After all earth is a school, or rather a kindergarten, where the incarnated soul fragments learn to live with extreme polarities and contradictions and assess them with a very limited awareness. In this state of perceptive fragmentation the ego-mind is fully separated from the omniscience of the source and the higher realms, so that the incarnated soul fragments can learn to become conscious creators of their reality under extremely difficult energetic conditions – from the position of rigorously refuting their creationary potential as multidimensional personalities until they know it better. This is essentially the purpose of karma.

Today Patrick, who seems to be very active these days, forwarded to me an email exchange with a lady that is paradigmatic for what is happening in the mental space of each and every individual who is a potential candidate for ascension. But before I publish this email exchange, I would like to publish this latest CrossTalk at RT which I follow regularly for many years.


I highly value the discussions with Peter Lavalle as they exert a very benevolent effect on my yearning for logical and rational conversations which you cannot find in the western MSM and unfortunately not even in most alt-media who are still deeply mired in the false narrative of the dark cabal, even when they are against it, be it Alex Jones or David Icke, to name only two.

I have entered quite a few times in discussions with such critical thinkers who publish on the Internet and are deemed to be spiritual leaders of humanity and it has always been a very unyielding endeavour as my exchange of ideas with them posted on this website documents. Human intransigence to defy any expansion of awareness and intelligence amazes me again and again and only the rare examples of the opposite make me hopeful that this species is not entirely lost.

The latest CrossTalk discussion is remarkable not so much for the facts presented, which we all know, but for the attitude and approach of the participants who expose the deceptive and criminal nature of the political elite in the west and their absolute lack of logical, intellectual thinking, not to speak of any moral and ethical standards. And that these monsters are not even ashamed of that, but that is, after all, the make-up of a true human monster. This is definitely a new and much more enlightened approach to the illusory reality we live in and this testifies the rapid progression of the awakening of humanity which is an indispensable prerequisite for the final ID shift.

As we live in the End Time of energetic truth, where all human vices and dark features are immediately exposed, the eschatological purpose of such criminal acts as Trump’s bombing of Syria have exclusively the pedagogical function to present a mirror image to humanity and in particular to the western populations and show how debased and debauched their minds and deeds still are and how much more inner spiritual work they need to do in order to cleanse their fields and psycho-mental bodies before they can be considered candidates for ascension.

I say this deliberately as very soon, when the first ascended masters appear in this or in a vastly improved higher frequency reality after the ID shift, the people will realize that the purpose of their existence on this planet is not to be in competition with others to amass more transient material wealth but to accumulate eternal spiritual treasures which they can find only within their inner-soul space in order to move higher on the evolution ladder. As humans are like parrots and are driven entirely by their herd instinct, they will headlessly and heedlessly rush into the ascension only to wreak a terrible stampede at the stairway to heaven.

That is why we need to be prepared for this eventuality and make these people aware that naked ambition is the opposite to true spiritual evolution and that there is no way to cheat and surpass the others on the wrong lane as many will try to do. Human existence, including ascension, is not a highway without speed limitations as many would like to believe.

I am urged to issue this warning at this point in time as I already envision how humanity will rush from one illusion into the next one. We as Logos Gods and the custodians of this mankind should be prepared for this critical moment and must develop the appropriate pedagogical tactics how to guide these people gently onto the right pathway leading to a new and better world that can only come from within.

And here is Patrick’s correspondence with a newly awakening person:


This morning, one of my readers reached out to me and wanted to know everything about this spiritual understanding. I referred her to your website after she wrote the following and I replied. I daresay, Georgi, people are beginning to wake up.

Hi Patrick.

I am very interested in following your group and would love to meet to get more understanding. I have known in my soul that there is more than meets the eye in contacting the spiritual realm and been lead to discover the nuances of our spirituality. Please help me move on to a more enlightened realization of my spiritual abilities. My spirit, I believe is pushing me to gain the truth. I am open and ready for the next phase and growth of my Spirit.



Hello N.,

Thank you again for your kind remarks. Well, where to start? Firstly, the group or association that I adhere to is international in scope and whose only means of interaction is the internet and email communications through the website at:


It has an extensive library of search topics that one can link to in addition to text downloads. It is published by Dr. Georgi Stankov. I suggest your read his biography at the site. To sum it up in laymen terms, Dr. Stankov has compiled research on esoteric (hidden) manuscripts and spiritual treatises from throughout the last 2,000 years in the church libraries and museums all across Europe. He presents a field of study which can be termed as gnosis, or what the ancient Greeks termed as knowledge, or knowing. That divine knowledge is within each of us and as the great philosophers of old including Plato, Aristotle including the Neo-platonists during the early Christian era in the likes of Origenes, Marcion, Plotinus and others, who were in direct contrast to the ecclesiastical church and its stringent control. This story has never been told and purposely hidden by all church denominations throughout the ages.

Fast forward …. today on the earth there are a remnant of old souls who have incarnated into human form at this time and is known collectively as the PAT… Planetary Ascension Team, termed by Dr. Stankov. We have undergone spiritual transcendence at great cost, both physically, financially and socially and having done so entered into an arduous and exhaustive spiritual-physical process termed the LBP, or Light Body Process. It is too complex to explain but I assure you that it is very real. It has nothing to do with superiority or privilege but is reserved for those who are in their last incarnation cycle. Eventually, all will go through such a transformation.

I have given you enough to consider at this time. My advice is to navigate through the search topic region site at www.stankovuniversallaw.com. Also, Dr. Stankov is a scientist and has essentially compiled true science and spiritual gnostic understanding together in one complete thesis of gnosis. He has discovered the Universal Law. Do not be intimidated by its abstract reasoning as eventually, all this will be explained in full measure in the world to come. All you really need to understand at this time is that true science and true spirituality are one in the same. The sublime and transcendent energetic force of creation or god , termed “ All That Is” cannot be claimed in partial, anthropocentric terms which is what religion has erroneously done for the last two thousand years.

I hope this suffices. You have my permission to share this with anyone you choose. I caution that you should use wise discretion.

Thank you again,



Dear Patrick,

this is excellent – the opening of the people gives us hope, we have been waiting for it for so long. Unfortunately there are so many rat catchers (pied pipers, Rattenfaenger) in the New Age and the people cannot discern the truth from compilations and esoteric garbage, so they must be guided. She can contact me anytime if she has questions and refer to you so that I know.

Your presentation of my work is very flattering and informative at the same time and I thank you for that. Let us hope that the lady will not be intimidated. She should at best begin with the book “Evolutionary Leap of Mankind” for introduction.

I watched a few days ago videos with Trump meeting Xi and was surprised to see how tense Trump was and how relaxed Xi was. I could not figure it but I was telepathically connected to Trump and knew that he was in trouble. Now I assume that shortly before he met Xi he was informed about how the missile strike had gone and that many missiles were intercepted by the Syrian air defense. The Russians knew that as well and I even assume that they have informed their Chinese friends immediately. Hence if Trump intended to intimidate Xi as some commentators assumed, the opposite has happened. Watch this video and you can find some more videos where the expression of the two leaders tells more than thousand words.


With love and light



Dear Georgi,

I will present your very warm welcoming to this person and also advise that she can directly contact you.

Xi is one cool Asian and I perceive him to be cautious in his approach to the Empire of Evil, yet meticulously astute in what he is dealing with. His father suffered under the Maoist Red Guard Revolution so he is no stranger to conflict. China is undergoing a Renaissance as they are migrating back to their 6,000 year-old history and culture of antiquity. I watch it daily and it is truly fascinating to observe both from being a PAT member and a student of Asian culture and history.

Something is stirring on the Jordanian-Syrian border. Trump met with the King of Jordan last week also. Both appeared as smug as two rats .


I just received this reply from my contact:

“Thank you so much for all of this enlightenment. I am not surprised by what you have said and knew that something like this existed. I am hopefully an old soul and this is my last entry into the physical realm. I always thought traditional religion had held us back and only a few had figured out the truth. At what cost have you experienced a great cost for LBP. Or should I read about it first? Are you a PAT. I am thrilled that I will finally get answers to my wondering what is going on in the spirit world.

Thank you so much.

N. C.”

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