The Situation Is Heating Up and the Collapse of the Matrix Is Imminent

Sitrep of the PAT, April 9, 2017

Dear Georgi,

Your analysis of Trump’s recent actions in Syria, in your letter to The Saker, reflect exactly one of the strategies expressed in Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal”.

Although I have not read this book, I remember some of it being quoted and discussed during the presidential election last year and I have been able to find a summary of its content on the web, which contains this very idea you have raised with the notion,

“Don’t you see the pattern? Trump raises the stakes very high before he sits down with other heads of states to negotiate.”

Here is a link to the article summary of Trump’s book. The part, which confirms your assessment is towards the bottom, directly underneath the picture of Trump with the sub-heading “Fight back.”

With Love and Light to you and Carla,

Henry Bizon, England


Dear Henry,

thank you very much for this information. I did not know about this book and its content, but from what I read it is pretty much how Trump behaves and I noticed this pattern from observing him during the election campaign. I think that it is very foolish of all commentators and so-called experts to assess his decisions in terms of succumbing to the neocons and the deep state as he is much more complex and self-conscious and plays with the scenarios at his will. This is what brought him the victory in the first place. He is now applying the same tactics to the deep state and the paid MSM as he did to the electorate by promising them what they wanted to hear.

I think that he is not particularly upset that Obamacare could not be repealed and he can blame the freedom caucus for that as he knew that a new healthcare system will be even more expensive and will not work as the US medical system is broke from within and must be abolished in toto first. I know what I am talking about as I used to be an expert in healthcare systems when I worked for the pharmaceutical industry. There is no such thing as a fix through legislation, but you have to change the entire structure of the pharmaceutical industries, hospitals, insurances, pension systems, etc., etc., as they are all linked and entirely fraudulent as the underlying Orion monetary system is per se. This would be tantamount to a whole revolution of society, including the collective mindset on health and disease, and I think that Trump knows this instinctively if not in such detail as he is not a medical expert.

That is why he mentioned so often that he had been advised to do nothing for Obamacare and wait till it implodes and then it would be a problem for the democrats. This was already an escape route for him and I knew that he was not particularly adamant to push a new health care reform through congress as he would then carry the responsibility for it. By the way most of the senators have the same attitude, however they are more vulnerable as the people ask them for a solution and would not vote for them next time, which is in two years time. Hence they are under bigger pressure to do something than Trump.

The problem with such erratic decisions as bombing Syria carry however a great potential of being discredited and as a politician Trump must be very careful of that. He is generally despised by the political establishment in the West and mistrusted by the rest of the world. The bombing of Syria has reinforced this attitude – his enemies at home will continue to hate him and will throw him under the bus at the next best opportunity and the Russians and the Chinese will not make any business with him, and even less so politics.

The reason is simple and stands in his book. They are not so desperate to make a deal with the USA as the other way round and can wait. Especially the Chinese are very much offended that he bombed Syria when he hosted their president which is a very bad and primitive hospitality from a Chinese point of view. If he expected to impress the Chinese, who hate surprises, he has achieved the opposite result as they have only caved in.

I read all the major reports on this meeting and obviously it was only small talk and there was no progress in any substantial issue. Especially the crisis in the South China Sea was not tackled at all and there was no progress in the North Korea issue. The Chinese would be adamant to keep this state alive and exerting pressure on the US military base, called South Korea, as they do not want the USA and their missiles on their border if North Korea merges with South Korea as this happened when East Germany was dissolved and NATO expanded to the borders of Russia.

If the bombing of Syria was meant to be a shot across the bow for the Chinese and North Korea to behave better according to the US expectations, as some experts claim without showing any evidence, then this act has achieved the opposite. The Russians have been confirmed in their skepticism and will be even more cautious than they always are. They know that their best tactics is to stay on the sideline and enter no agreements that the USA will not observe as in the past. They will continue to support Assad and Syria as they know that the USA is broke and cannot finance anymore all their military escapades the world over. They know how quickly empires collapse as they have fresh in their memory the collapse of the Soviet Union and see the same symptoms in the USA now. They only need to stick to their proverbial patience and long-term strategy of “wait and see” while make their country strong from within, which is by the way, what the Chinese also do, and pretend that they wanted to be accepted by the Americans as an equal partner, which is the only illusory leverage the West has in dealing with the Russians. In fact, Russia is even less dependent on the USA than China as their trade with America is less than 20 billion dollar, while China is dependent for its economic growth to a large extent on the US market and here is where Trump intends to blackmail the Chinese, but I doubt if he could, and I think that he knows this himself.

The big truth is that the US army is in a horrible state and this even perspires from Trump’s statements. America cannot lead a real war and has lost every war so far since WW2 which also Trump admits. How is he going to win the war in Syria when he already fails in Mosul and Yemen?. Today the USA army has no recruits anymore, half of the airplanes are broke and have no spare parts, the same is true for the navy and even their tanks no longer roll. The Pentagon is missing 9 trillion dollars in its budget that cannot be accounted for and any increase in the budget as Trump has suggested is a drop in the ocean of waste. It has almost 1000 generals or three times more when they won WW2 and none of them has any clue how to win a war. They are all writing desk-stallions (Schreibtischhengste) to quote a German saying.

I can go on an on, but the bottom line is that the USA is a paper tiger in the military area and can only bluff with such spectacular but senseless actions as bombing the Syrian airport with 59 missiles of which 36 “went lost in translation” as the Russian embassy in London mocks them and the airport is functional again and airplanes are starting from it.

Lavrov has demanded yesterday in a serious conversation with Tillerson to investigate the airport by an independent commission as to prove that there were no chemical weapons there, because if they were destroyed by the US missiles as Trump claims, the place would be contaminated and the people cannot use it as we are talking about sarin which the Americans and the West claim to have destroyed with this attack. The Americans want to prevent this as they will be caught in lie but it is surprising how all the western MSM accepted this lie without any due diligence and investigation, even the best among them. Humanity has got mad indeed, or better brain washed and this is a sure sign that something must change radically in the next few days.

With love and light




In light of the total capitulation of the Trump administration to the entrenched NeoCon cabal in his inner circle now calling the shots, so to speak; with Syria, Russia and Iran in the cross-hairs of the Pentagon War Criminals, I am curious as to how you see these confrontations playing out under the broader perspective and comprehension of our ascension.

As you stated yesterday, Putin will have none of this. The Russian Federation must be on a hair -trigger alert. Given the`fact that Trump can be so easily manipulated with the worst of ego-based reactions of a debauched mind already manifest as the unilateral bombing of Syria has shown in spades, Georgi, do you see this volatile situation going to crisis existential showdown and will that by necessity be the catalyst for our appearance as Logos gods and ascended masters ?

I am curious.



Dear Patrick,

this is a good question and I do not have a fixed answer. Henry from England sent me today a link for Trump’s book from 1987 and I have written for him an analysis of the current situation that may answer your question (see above).

When I depart from the latest message of Magenta Pixie, which was a direct answer to my question, the service-to-self people such as the neocons no longer have any influence on the service-to-others people and the institutions in which they work. Depending on where Trump stands, he may use this attack on Syria to liberate himself from the resistance of the deep state and use the crisis to establish better relations with Russia or he may increase the war escalation if he is under the thumb of the neocons and the cabal and then go under very quickly.

What is more interesting is the reaction of his followers. Alex Jones is for instance in a total meltdown and I recommend you to watch his latest videos from a psychological point of view as he has gone so far to denounce Kuchner and Ivanka as enemies of the republic, whatever he means by that, and is on the cusp to also denounce Trump whom he helped and hailed for more than a year now.

Ultimately I believe that Trump cannot do much as the US army is in disarray as I write in my analysis and cannot lead a war and the Russians and the Chinese know that and are not at all impressed by his military escapade. Therefore if he wanted to bluff, he was immediately called a spade a spade by his adversaries, I am not sure if I use this saying correctly, but essentially they know he is bluffing and told him that unequivocally. Therefore I believe that this “wag the dog” action was only meant for home consumption.

I think that independently of what Trump does, the US state is now imploding and I still firmly believe that this will happen through the financial system which is fully under the control of the banksters. Let us see what will happen when the debt ceiling is reached and they have to shut down the government this or next month. After that the USA cannot lead any war and this is actually the case already now. The bombing of the Syrian airport was an act of weakness and not of strength, no matter what the US MSM believe and tout. Everybody is now mired in his own illusion and there are no clear thinkers anymore, not even among the alt-media. This is the devolution of the human mind at the end time as I wrote some time ago.

I still believe that there must be some big collapses of the matrix coming from the financial sector before part of humanity can shift to higher frequencies levels and we can ascend. We cannot do anything within this reality as it is a cul du sac and allows no evolution anymore. There must be a phase transition one way or another, which is a divine intervention. However, it is impossible for me now to tell you when humanity will reach this threshold and how far advanced the collapse of the matrix must be before it comes.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

I concur with your repeated assessments that the US Military is operationally-defunct in the sense that they are unable to sustain any lengthy commitment to engage in another war theater. Their Officer Corps are nothing but ass-kissers of the highest order, intent on furthering their own careers at the expense of truth, allegiance to their oaths and ultimately on the dead bodies of third-world civilians en  masse.  As to the financial implosion on the horizon,  Americans would have to be hit in the place that matters as they are unable to appreciate the immense blood-guilt of their nation’s armed forces and simply turn a blind eye to its continued onslaught against any nation they deem as a threat to their empire of illusion. Metaphorically, I compare the United States to a drunken man with big guns. For me, as a former commissioned officer, this abandonment by the American population to the evil in their midst is mind-boggling and is prima facie evidence that the legacy of this nation as I have mentioned more than once is one of ruinous and murderous destruction. I say this in spades, Georgi, that phrase is an idiom which generally can be construed as meaning without dispute, unequivocal, something that cannot be challenged as it is ” self evident “.

Why the HR are willing to let this death-dealing farce continue apace sometimes escapes my understanding and tries my patience to no end.

With love and light,


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