“Save the World’! Global Marches for Science Rally Humanity in Support of the New Theory of the Universal Law

Georgi Stankov, April 22, 2017


When shall we see this title in the MSM instead of the current stupid announcements such as this one:

Save the World’! Global Marches for Science Rally Humanity in Support of the Facts

Since when has current science bothered about truth and the real facts if its flagship physics has failed to grasp the basic concepts on which it is founded? What can one expect from this kind of science when it misinterprets geometric area for charge and has no clue what mass is, thus claiming that photons and neutrinos do not have any mass? Instead scientists have drowned in the black holes of their ignorance together with their weird cosmological concept that 95% of all mass in the universe is “dark matter” that is the product of such gargantuan black holes of human imbecility.

Such statements make me speechless as I poignantly realize what profound ignorance has befallen this underdeveloped species called homo (in)sapiens. Especially as is the case today when we are in the midst of another ID shift with numerous MPR and tsunamis on lower timelines that give me terrible chills. I am really about to lose any hope that this insane species would ever come to true awareness and knowledge.

Sorry, but this is my rant for today – on the day of science that is anti-science and insidious Orion invention.

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