How Immediate Karma Destroys the Old Matrix and Leads to Ascension

Trump – the Catalyst of Destruction

Georgi Stankov, April 15, 2017

Karma is an aspect of the harmony in All-That-Is. Harmony is a popular description of constructive interference of all systems within the Whole. It is the only method of creation. As All-That-Is is a closed system we have conservation of energy – energy cannot be lost but only transformed from one form into another (1st law of thermodynamics). Hence in order to create something new one must destroy existing forms, release the energy stored in them and then use it for a new creation. The destruction of forms takes place according to the principle of destructive interference. Both

–  constructive interference and

–  destructive interference

is the only operative principle of creation and destruction in All-That-Is. The reason for that is that all its systems and levels are superimposed rotational systems that obey this principle. The latter is an aspect of the Universal Law and follow from the universal property of energy = space-time – the reciprocity of space and time. All-That-Is is an elastic entity and its two constituents, space and time, are canonically conjugated entities.

This is the mechanism of creation of waves and as all systems and levels of the Whole are wave systems, they follow the principle of constructive and destructive interference that is precisely described in the new wave theory of the Universal Law and is also properly acknowledged in conventional wave theory and physics. All 3D forms in the current reality can be considered standing waves created by the superposition of infinite underlying wave systems and corresponding levels that stand in constructive interference. When the parameters are slightly altered, this energetic state of balance, equilibrium and harmony, name it as you will, can suddenly turn into a state of destructive interference and the standing wave system dissipates. This is how 3D forms are created and destructed in any 3D holographic model. All-That-Is is constant creation and destruction as energy must flow in order to keep the systems alive. For instance, all cells of the human body are renewed approximately every seven years, some much more often.

While constructive and destructive interference occurs normally simultaneously and this is how all elementary particles are created and destroyed as wave systems in the physical 3D universe, this principle has been modified in the current 3D holographic model of human incarnation with respect to karma. The two aspects of being are separated for the sake of preserving the stability of this illusory reality.

This is done in the first place by the creation of the illusion of linear time which is a product of limited human senses. In fact linear time does not exist but is an aspect of space (distance), which is another illusion. Actually both space (distance) and linear (conventional) time are one and the same and are only perceived as distinct entities by limited human senses. This has been extensively elaborated in the new Gnosis.

The creation of illusory space and time in the current holographic model is the foundation of matter that appears as solid, immovable entity. Matter, the way it is currently perceived by humans, is entirely an illusion of limited human senses, and this includes its manipulation with all kinds of instruments in the form of new technologies. This deliberate deception created by the incarnated souls is indispensable for the preservation of the illusion of space-time in this 3D holographic reality.

In the greater reality of All-That-Is all forms of matter are in a state of constant fluctuations and energy exchange. I can see for instance these fluctuations and moving geometric patterns based on peaks and troughs of constructive and destructive interference all the time for more that 17 years since I entered the LBP and my third eye fully opened. This is true for all ascended masters currently still in human body on this planet as many members of the PAT.

Human vision has the inner propensity to “iron” these fluctuations and to present them to the human brain and mind as stable, immovable objects with fixed surface and form. This illusion is the actual creation of 3D space-time as a holographic image, which is an U-subset of All-That-Is as it is embedded in the higher dimensions and energies of the multiverse that create it and keep it alive. This explains the numerous channellings that say that the higher realms are within us and we need not actually ascend anywhere but only raise sufficiently our frequencies to reach 5D and higher dimensions.

While this is true, we still need to undergo a phase transition that will transform the limited, slow operating carbon-based human brain and mind into a superconductive crystalline-light brain aligned to a multidimensional awareness. This is the prerequisite of true ascension from a physical point of view and all other esoteric descriptions are more or less human fictions because excarnated sources can only channel what is already in the mind of the human channeller and, as we all know, most New Ages do not have much knowledge in their heads, unfortunately…

So far I have not said anything which I have not iterated in infinite variations in my previous articles but it is important to sum up these basic truths here one more time so that you can follow my subsequent argumentation.

In order to keep the illusion of space-time as an entity composed of solid, material forms, including the human physical bodies, even though the latter undergo a biological transformation within one life while seemingly preserving the individual identity, the energetic state of constructive and destructive interference must be neatly separated within one incarnation. Otherwise the incarnated personality may easily discern the deliberate fraud behind this artificial construction and realize that she is an immortal multidimensional entity that exists simultaneously in different incarnations in different worlds and holographic realities, such as alternative parallel earths and the uniqueness of this incarnation experiment would be lost. All the dramas that can be staged only when the human awareness is limited by an almost total separation from the multidimensional omniscience of the soul would not be possible.

That is why the incarnated personality may appear in one incarnation as perpetrator and villain and commit crimes in service-to-self and then in the next incarnation balance this karmic debt by being a victim or having some negative experiences as a compensation for previous crimes. This was the rule of the game as long as the illusion of separation from the source was total and even for enlightened people, such as most New Agers, the human incarnation cycle appeared to be a chronological event of past, present and future lives. In this way the incarnation experiment on earth could be repeated each time in a state of total amnesia about the original higher dimensional realms of the soul in infinite variations again and again.

As all variations were exhausted on earth in the meantime, which means the entire spectrum of all possible negative human experiences was repeated infinite times and nothing new could be learnt by the incarnated fragments anymore, our souls decided to leave this unyielding 3D holographic model and enter again the 5th and higher dimensions of unity and simultaneity, that is to say, to come back home, from where most of the soul fragments incarnate on this planet. This is the eschatological background of the current ascension process for which the PAT is mainly responsible.

A major aspect of the ascension process is the acceleration of time until its total elimination in the moment of the final ID shift (phase transition) into the simultaneity of 5D. This acceleration is an aspect of the significant and constant increase in frequencies of all 3D forms, such as human and animal bodies, inanimate matter, and Gaia as a whole that began with the first harmonic convergence in 1987 which many of us personally felt. It was a call to come back home and our hearts began to beat with joy. Little did we know at that time about the daily cricifixions that were awaiting us in the following time. This should be a common knowledge to all my readers, as otherwise I must have totally failed as an educator.

The contraction of linear time is a central piece in the theory of relativity as first developed by Lorentz and other physicists in electromagnetism and only then plagiarized by Einstein and applied to the entire space-time of the visible universe. I have discussed this topic in detail in volume II and will not elaborate on it here. As linear time is identical to space (distance), when the reciprocal constituent of space-time, time = frequency (see for definition of time in the new physical and mathematical axiomatics of the Universal Law) increases in the process of ascension, both space and linear (conventional) time must contract until the zero point is reached. This term is very popular among esotericists although they have no clue what it means from a physical point of view. Actually there is no such thing as zero point as when linear time contracts to a minimal threshold level a phase transition of this holographic model takes place and we have the ID shift, about which I am writing repeatedly since the opening of this website. This is what we are waiting for and this is what will happen this year, hopefully very soon.

The contraction of linear time leads to introduction of immediate karma.

Although this term has also been extensively discussed by us on this website I have never put it properly in its physical context. Immediate karma means that the two dialectical states of constructive and destructive interference are not separated for the sake of preserving the illusion of this 3D holographic reality as ascension is per definition the elimination of this illusion. In the current end phase of ascension both states exist simultaneously in the Now and any situation can immediately flip-flop from constructive into destructive interference and affect its creator and perpetrator. This is how this old 3D matrix with all its manifestations and institutions at the societal levels is now being dissolved with exponentially increasing speed. Please observe that speed is a quantity of space and time and when the two contract, that is to say when the frequencies increase, the speed also increases in a relativistic manner. This observation is another ubiquitous proof for the validity of the new theory of the Universal Law.

Since spring equinox we have entered the final most accelerated phase of creation and destruction in the ascension process when the matrix will be dissolved within a few days and at the same time the new reality of the 5D in form of cities of light will manifest.

Therefore I can only advise my readers to focus on the creative aspects during this last phase in the ascension process and when observing the collapse of the old matrix with all its despicable and dreadful events to do this in a dispassionate manner and only with the goal of gauging the speed of transformation. As we are the creators of this change, the quicker we destroy this old reality with our thoughts, the quicker we create the new 5D and higher dimensional reality and manifest it in this rapidly changing holographic model. This may sound very abstract but it has some very real and practical consequences.

Let us discuss them on the aforementioned energetic background as the energetic dynamics behind the ascension process is currently as abstract and elusive to most human minds as simple as it is in terms of true axiomatics (logic) which humanity has still to learn. Here I will discuss the manifestation of immediate karma and how it occurs at the societal level, in politics, economics and social life.

Essentially we have two factions of humanity that are now being energetically separated and highly polarised (crystalized) in service-to-self and service-to-other people in preparation for the final ID shift. The first group are the so-called dark ones who will not ascend and will not actively participate in all the impending changes before, during and after the ID shift. They will continue with their incarnation cycle on a lower 3D or 4D timeline after they have ended this incarnation with a physical death. This automatically presupposes that many people will have to die in the coming events that will lead to the ID shift and final ascension of Gaia and part of humanity.

This must be said crystal-clear and likewise understood by all those who will be the spearhead of ascension as they are the only representatives of humanity that undergo this process in a conscious manner. Needless to say that I am speaking here in the first place of the PAT and the first wave of ascended masters. Therefore you must respond in a very detached and enlightened manner when the negative events begin to stipulate on this uppermost mother planet in the coming days.

These events will be triggered entirely by the service-to-self people that work in state institutions and big corporations as they still have the power to manipulate this reality. Or so they believe at least. As we now have immediate karma, none of these events will harm or even touch the service-to-other people that have made up their mind to leave this reality and ascend. Instead every heinous act the dark ones will unleash will immediately backlash and will hit the perpetrators. In other words no matter what they do, it will be to their immediate detriment.

If for instance Trump decides to bomb North Korea as to get rid of its government, he may indeed cause great destruction and kill thousands or even hundreds of thousands of North Korean citizens. But as this country is a total dictatorship, this will not destabilize the country or weaken the grip of the government over its people. At the same time, no matter how massive the first US strike would be, it will not cripple the ability of North Korea to retaliate and destroy much of South Korea, part of Japan and the US bases in South Korea and even Guam.

Trump and the US will be powerless to prevent this outcome of their aggression and this will cause an utter shock in the USA and the western world. China has already warned the USA about this possible outcome and has put unequivocally the historical blame on the USA. The North Korean government has done the same.

One must bear in mind that North Korea can only survive as a state the menace of the American military occupation in South Korea and its massive presence on its south border if it is able to strike back. If this country will be attacked by the USA first as an aggressor, it has the legal right according to current international law to respond and defend itself. Let us keep in mind that North Korea has not attacked anybody since the Korean war when the USA killed more than one million North Koreans and separated this country into two artificial entities.

There are some very serious leaks that suggest that this may happen as early as this weekend. I refer to this video below that indicates the imminent danger: 

and this latest article in Sputnik:

Below I will publish my and Patrick’s assessment on the current, very dangerous world situation that supports my theoretical disquisition here.

Let us assume that Trump and the USA will start a war with North Korea this weekend, which is highly likely as this sociopath has no reservations and no moral and ethical standards and so do all his neocon advisers as this video confirms:

What will happen next? North Korea will destroy at least a substantial part of South Korea as it will still continue to exist after the first US strike because the regime is very powerful and controls the population with an iron fist. They will then continue to attack South Korea and possibly Japan and some other US bases. The USA is not prepared for such a war and this will shock the Americans and the west and throw them into an unseen moral and political crisis.

Until now the USA has only fought against weak third world countries and it has still not won a single war, including WW2, which was won by the Russians. The USA only participated in this war at the end and was declared a winner, symbolically like France, which was defeated and occupied for the most part by Germany. What a joke!

Actually the USA started truly with its hegemonic foreign policy of war and destruction against the rest of the world after the end of WW2 with the Korean war. It is the first war I consciously remember when I was two years old and listened to the radio news. There is a huge portion of cosmic sarcasm in this event, but this is how the circle is closed and the USA will pay its huge karmic debt which it has amassed in the last several centuries beginning with the extermination of the native population in North America. Since WW2 the USA  has unleashed more than 200 local wars and is responsible for the death of millions of innocent people throughout the world.

In order for immediate karma to occur in this end phase of the ascension process, there must be an act of crime first done by the service-to-self faction. As this faction is the strongest in the US deep state which has now taken full control over Trump’s administration, they will be the leading war criminals in this end time drama.

The karmic response will be immediate and merciless. It will lead to the collapse of the empire of evil. It will be aggravated by the fact that the US state is broke and also that the dollar will crash. As I have discussed many possible scenarios in this respect I will not elaborate on this aspect at this place and refer to my discussion with Patrick below.

The wild card is how China will react. If it feels threatened it may enter the war and strike back at the US navy and army. They have tried to avoid this moment or postponed it as long as possible but they know that in the long run it is inevitable and have been preparing for it since many years.

The Russians are so far out of the equation, but they are even better prepared for war than the Chinese and have the power to obliterate the entire USA. It can happen very quickly if the USA decides that their losses are too big after the first strike on North Korea and its retaliatory response and may use intercontinental ballistic nuclear missiles (ICBM). This will immediately affect China and the Russians will not hesitate to strike at the USA before they hit them. The problem with a nuclear war is that you cannot contain it – it is an all-out war from the very beginning and the annihilation will be total.

Therefore I do not consider this negative scenario on this uppermost mother planet, but I know that it has happened numerous times on lower timelines which we have separated since May 2013 (see the articles from that time). This would say that the conflict will remain local with terrible losses for the USA forces in South Korea and near-by countries as Japan and Guam, and with the massive destruction of South Korea and large parts of Japan. China will not be affected but its huge army on the border may enter North Korea as a peace keeping force. Instead of establishing their supremacy in the Pacific region, Trump and the USA will lose everything. And it will happen very quickly.

Just as the Americans have lost the war in the Middle East to the Russians and their allies Iran, Hezbollah and Syria (see below). What will happen with the crumbling empire of evil will be very exciting to see in the coming days. I only know one thing for sure, which the Elohim have confirmed to us several times. In the end phase there will be a cascade, an avalanche of events that will trigger in a domino-like effect the collapse of the entire Orion matrix in the western world from where the NWO was planned to be installed worldwide.

I cannot predict at this moment when the ID shift will happen and the two final timelines will be separated, but I know that the ascending portion of humanity will not suffer under these tragic and dramatic events as they have decided to leave this reality. After all we are the creators of our reality and experience only what we consciously want. This is the privilege of being enlightened and having accomplished the LBP.

How easy it is to leave this reality I have experienced first hand when I was bilocated in 2014 in West Vancouver on a lower timeline, for the third time in a conscious manner within several months in that year, and saw how a huge tsunami of more than 500 m height destroyed Downtown and was on the way to the North shore. The people in the park where I stood began to run up the hill but I shouted after them that it was in vain as they had no time to escape the tsunami. I told them to do like myself and change the timelines. Then I bilocated to a higher timeline and found myself amidst the most beautiful and peaceful mountain meadow. When I looked around I was the only survivor.

I am telling you about this energetic experience only to illustrate how easy it is to change the timelines and enter the new world. The most difficult part is already behind us – to stay so long in this toxic world and be crucified every day anew.


Dear Georgi,

I know that you and I have on occasion discussed the extreme nature of the American psyche in that it is manifestly obvious to an ascended master that this most debased of nation-states primarily consists of young souls reared in a never-ending falsity of American exceptionalism. To give you an eyewitness account of what it is like to find oneself in the midst of what could pass as very typical of this cretin-like American propensity to engage in non-thinking, I would like to relate to you my observations at a local coffee shop regarding a conversation among men of my generation that I witnessed earlier this morning.

Having dropped off my automobile for the replacement of the rear tires in addition to a needed inspection sticker, I walked a half mile to a commercial area and seated myself at a local coffee shop. This particular shop is a meeting ground for a group of retired males who meet there every morning on a daily basis throughout the year. One is a boisterous and rather consistent braggart who more often than not wears his USMC, Marine Corps hat and or jacket while others are sidekicks who generally remain in the background all the while allowing this man center stage. Well, I thought to myself, ‘what can we expect today’? It wasn’t long before I heard the announcement that we dropped a MOAB yesterday and it’s ten years too late? I fine-tuned my listening capacity to see where this extolling of a destructive commodity might further lead. I was not to be disappointed as this exercise in braggadocio was soon followed by a further embellishment alluding to a nonsensical conclusion.”Imagine if we had that in Vietnam “. Now to be sure, he is singing to the choir, an American idiom whereby the audience is already predetermined and essentially held hostage to such ranting. I had all I could do not to stand up and announce to this assembly of protoplasm and one vacant between the ears that the United States dropped an accumulation of ordinance tonnage on the nations of Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos that exceeded all of same dropped in WW2 which resulted in the deaths of millions of Asians. Furthermore, these were agrarian societies where napalm, Agent Orange and other toxic chemical and carcinogenic constituents forever altered the natural landscape of these respective countries and continues to kill to this very day.

My point here Georgi is this. This morning experience of mine is an example at what passes for normal conversation for American citizens of my generation to a predominate majority and is carried on across the vast American landscape 24×7, continuously. Furthermore, the unequivocal fact this nation is morally and karmically responsible for war crimes of staggering proportions is not even considered. Americans, by and large are unable to fathom what is done in their name. Such callous indifference extends well beyond ignorance. There is a willingness to whatever constitutes their limited perception that can only be explained by a nation of amoral cretins who are unable to confront the evil in their midst which makes them truly reprehensible.

No better portrayal of such insanity can be presented than what President Trump reveals in this video:

” There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there has always been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge. “

Issac Asimov, Russian-born American author, professor of biochemistry and author. He is considered the most prolific writer of all time, having written or edited more than 500 books, and an estimated 90,000 letters and postcards.

I suspect that the US will strike on the Korean peninsula before the morning light.

With love and light,


Dear Patrick,

it is a gloomy picture you describe of the American society but it is not surprising to us. Obviously you have bilocated to a lower timeline where these individuals will go. The only question is when the final ID shift will happen.

Issac Asimov was one of my favorite science fiction writers when I was young and he very well describes the kind of false democracy that is preached in the USA, but also elsewhere in the western world.

One should not be discouraged by such conversations “am Stammtisch” as the German say. This is a “regular table” where the Dorftrottel (the village cretins) come to discuss politics which is the vomiting of their limited dark prejudices. In Bavaria this is done in a terrible dialect which even I could barely understand after living 30 years there and it is not possible to bear it for more than five minutes. I think that you have the same situation everywhere and this is what has kept the dark cabal in power for so long.

I still think that we are on the cusp of a massive change and the reason is that Trump is under huge pressure and all his military escapades in the last few days are fear-driven. End of April the debt ceiling will be reached and the US government will be shut down. He knows that and intends to blackmail the senators by creating a critical military conflict and to blame them for lack of patriotism if they do not pass the next spending bill and allow the military to be also shut down. He does not want, or believe to be able, to solve any diplomatic or political issue at all but to cover his ass when the government will be shut down on Day 100 of his presidency and then all of his plans will fail. This is what I got from my HS yesterday.

However acting from the position of fear is the worst thing to do especially nowadays under these energies. The karmic debt will hit him immediately back. If he makes a mistake with North Korea there will be terrible consequences which he will not be able to address and properly respond and the blame will fall entirely on him. From there his impeachment is more than sure as he has already broken the constitution going to war with Syria and now with North Korea without asking the congress for permission. Although some of the senators now applaud him for his rabid aggression, they will stab him in the back as soon as he fails or makes a serious mistake.

He is taking now the entire blame onto himself because he is so stupid to believe that he will succeed only if he is more pushy than Obama. He forgets that there is a price to pay in politics and that when fortuna turns her back onto him the downfall will be terrible. In this respect he is very spoiled by his business success so far and is very arrogant and does not listen to anybody, but only pretends so. That is why I do not buy the story that he is under the spell of the neocons who had turned him 180. In his hubris he is rather like an unguided missile and you never know where it will fall and what kind of damage it will wreak. He is addicted to success and defines success as action and him being in the centre of interest. This will be his downfall. Just wait and see. I see it coming sooner than most people believe.

In Syria he has already lost – the Russians have closed the airspace in most Syria with the exception of the northeastern part where the Kurds and the American troops are and have cancelled the cooperation agreement with the US army. Even the US MSM have admitted that the US pilots are now afraid to fly over Syria as not to be shot down by the Russians who have said they will do it if they feel threatened and this is a very bad situation for Trump and the USA.

Trump achieved exactly the opposite of what he intended strategically and has in addition behaved like an elephant in a porcelain store on the diplomatic parquet. Tillerson was to be pitied when Lavrov gave him an hour lecture in politics and history at their joint press conference in Moscow. You must watch it.

The information I have is that he and the USA have gotten nothing from Russia and all the empty blackmail attempts were crashed by the Russians. I still believe that the Russians shot down the first 36 Tomahawk missiles from the one ship and let the second package damage a little bit the Syrian airport as to have a case, but can’t prove it although there were such articles on the Internet coming from FARS.

They refer to Nezavisimaja Gazeta (independent newspaper) in Russian language. I checked it but could not find this article so it is obviously a canard. But if you watch the press conference of the Russian ministry of defense on this issue

you will immediately see that the Russians know much more about the destiny of the 36 cruise missiles that vanished in Syria than they admit. I know it as I understand Russian and can feel the sarcasm in the words of this professional spokesman especially when compared to the past US spokesman of the Pentagon during Obama who was a real joke.

The Russians have shown the Americans who is the master in Syria and have de facto declared a no fly zone over this country. Putin has said to Tillerson that they will not tolerate any further attacks and I can imagine the inner satisfaction when he and Lavrov have shown him pictures of the 36 Tomahawk missiles they have shot down with their weapons. This must have been a shock to the Americans and since then they are in retreat, with the less informed in the administration like Nikki Haley in the UN still demanding that Assad must go, while Trump declaring in his interview with Bartiromo that he will not invade Syria and that this was a single attack.

That is why Tillerson was so meek and depressed in the press conference in Moscow and was repeating the same BS like a broken disk. But the Russians will never brag like the Americans with their success. They will never tell you like the Americans – I may come and kill you – they just come and kill you and then deny it. This is their understanding of manhood which the West does not comprehend and regularly underestimates the Russians – much to their advantage. It is not that Putin is very clever – he is telling openly everything what he thinks about the West in his speeches, but the West simply does not listen as these morons are so much enamoured in their own voices and only listen to themselves like inmates confined to their private psychiatric asylum.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

My focus is on the Korean situation. This is really about China. The US cannot possibly compete against the Asian giant so they will initiate as much chaos on their borders as they can. The American Trump and his rat-pack general staff are literally insane and are quite willing and able to throw an entire region into chaos in order to stop the emergence of the middle kingdom. Geopolitically, they are without any clout in Asia without their continued presence in both Japan and South Korea, two nations held hostage and for all practical purposes, vassal states of the US hegemon. This is the stuff of real war. Russia has a flagship visiting South Korea.  They must have a significant portion of their Pacific fleet submarine forces in the immediate area as well as China. Trump trumps his aircraft carrier which for all practical purposes is a floating casket. Any surface to surface sea skimming like the Chinese silkworm or the far more penetrating and stealthy Russia submarine launched missiles could easily take a carrier to Davy Jone’s locker.

You are quite correct in that the American cabal is frantic and cornered like a rabid dog. Don’t expect a last minute rash of rationality to assuage their evil machinations. Trump, as shown in the chocolate cake video is a pathetic, moronic demented, and narcissistic psychopath who only understands immediate gratification which in this case is unleashing the ‘dogs of war’. The American flag-ranked officer corps are dupes of their own hubris and inability to counter illegal  and unconstitutional orders regardless of whether the entire world is put at risk. As to the higher realms stake in this cauldron of existential possibilities, it appears that as I recently have concluded, ascension will be brought to fruition by humanity looking into the abyss of their own extinction.

With love and light,



Dear Patrick,

you are absolutely correct and I am now writing an article on this topic. I have to finish it tomorrow as the events are stipulating now and I would like to publish it tomorrow and may add our discussion as an appendix.


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