Energy Report of the PAT – April 28, 2017

On the Earth’s Split and Old Matrix Replacement on April 26, 2017


Thanks for the confirmation of the current environment and what occurred last 48 hours. About two days ago I was suddenly hit with great anxiety concerning finances. This is totally unlike me because of my simple lifestyle, few obligations, and fewer desires and the ability to make part-time income. I always have enough. This has not always been the case and I well remember the fear of past years of becoming homeless with a sick wife to care for. The fear this time was different more overwhelming and totally irrational. I couldn’t stop myself from checking several times to make sure I had enough money for this month’s bills, enough food etc. I even checked craigslist for jobs knowing I would not be able to meet their demands. This lasted at least two days and I felt helpless to reverse my fear thoughts.

I have suffered physical symptoms on a daily basis for so long that the only way I can distinguish a heightened download is by the intensity not the occurrence. And intense they lately have been. Loud ringing in ears which still persists. Alternating diarrhea and constipation, hot flashes, vertigo. Anyone hearing this would think “poor thing he is to kick the bucket soon.” But no, today I felt better and hiked four miles before another wave has just started for me but this time no fear just headache, ringing ears and fatigue.

What does this mean? I am sure as you have concluded we have made another significant timeline split. But our service is not over yet. The beautiful blue skies of Arizona were heavily chemtrailed today.

I agree with you concerning the economy. Years ago I was given the message that the economy, not war, is what will bring down this matrix and will herald our arrival as Logos gods. We are not quite there. There are a few more knots to work thru as our higher selves are not in a hurry because they see the big picture. We are close and we will know we are at the doorstep when the economy begins to crumble. This ascension process has produced such as wide array of ideas and movements. There are the political pundits who set their hopes on Trump, the disaster preppers who hoard,  the implant removers who sell their services, but only your articles and some of other PAT have managed to see the complete picture. We do not know all the answers but we do know there is something wonderful coming there is no disaster to prep, no implant to remove except by our service, only an ascended world that PAT has prepped for a very long time which is a crucifixion to a Heart of Gold. We will be there soon. We are really there now in spirit and only our willingness to serve keeps our tired physical bodies here a bit longer.



Dear Jerry,

I am very thankful that you addressed the wave of pecuniary fears, the angst of impoverishment, as this was the prevailing quality of the fear wave yesterday morning before it turned even more dreadful when it was imbued with, as you say, “irrational” animalistic fear of naked survival. Indeed I know this fear since many years of cleansing and it does not particularly impress me but I had not had it in this intensity as of lately and was surprised that it came so suddenly.

Indeed we have all the signs that the financial crash is in the making – the biggest mortgage lender in Canada is now officially bankrupt and was bailout today by the health workers pension fund of Ontario which means all the savings of these about 400 000 workers were spent to fill in the financial holes of this lender in the craziest real estate market in the world where the house prices almost quadrupled in ten years, while this country has absolutely no producing industry that generates real income especially after the commodity slump happened two years ago.

And on top of it today we have another test run here in Canada for the coming “shock and awe wave” when Shaw communications went  dark after this same event happened in the three major metropolitan areas in the USA five days ago:

Canada Hit By Countrywide Internet, TV And Phone Outage As Shaw Goes Dark

I think that the signs for the ultimate collapse of the old matrix will begin to culminate.

With love and light


Further comments on the Earth’s rift which is actually a replacement of the old matrix with the new crystalline one:

After I wrote this response to Jerry, Carla began to receive preliminary information from the Elohim and then discussed it with me. Essentially the split of Gaia in two halves which we experienced on Wednesday, April 26th was the replacement of the old matrix with the new crystalline matrix of the new world. Here I need to specify a little bit.

We have the crystalline grid of Gaia which we are building since many years and constantly raise its frequencies. This grid is neutral in itself as it renders the energetic structure to create anything within it according to the primary ideas and feelings of humanity. It is the vital force of All-That-Is. Then we have the matrix of this planet as an incarnation reality which is the collective creation of all the people’s thoughts, beliefs, emotions, fears, prejudices, projections, etc.

The old Orion matrix was created to a vast extent on financial, pecuniary fears, beliefs, and a few inconsistent and contradictory ideas how to organize life and the economy based on the current fraudulent fiat currencies and corrupt, dysfunctional, debt-driven banking. This has been extensively discussed on this website. The matrix is, so to say, the software program used by every individual and humanity as a whole to create the reality according to their ideas and expectations. It is a collective dream that has turned into a nightmare on this planet. It is of course based on the crystalline grid as the underlying energetic structure that can enable the manifestation of any human dream or nightmare.

In order to create a new reality, the old matrix of the earth had to be dismantled, disintegrated first and the new matrix which has been in the making for many years had to be anchored in this reality. The replacement takes place from within, through energetic manifestation, while the old matrix crumbles in front of our eyes. In order this to happen humanity must reach a threshold of dissatisfaction with the current reality and its matrix. This happened on April 26th after the central sun is flooding earth and humanity with high frequency energies and powerful proton streams since many months and years. Since last year we have constantly big coronal holes in the sun that are portals for the central sun and keep its activity on a very high level. Other parameters such as the Schumann’s frequency also point to this high activity.

Before the old matrix could be abolished all dark energetic human patterns that pertained to it had to surge high and be processed and released through our expanded personal fields. After all we are the planetary ascension team. That is why we all felt so depressed and overwhelmed by the collective human fears the days prior to the replacement of the old matrix on April 26th.

In the meantime the vibration of Gaia and part of humanity (the ascending candidates of the three waves) have been raised so high in the course of the LBP that the old matrix, which is very low vibrating as it is built mainly around financial fears, can no longer function within the new crystalline grid and had to be replaced. Indeed, on April 26th humanity reached this threshold that allowed for the replacement of the old matrix with the new crystalline matrix of the emerging new 5D worlds to which we are now ascending. The reason for that is that sufficient number of people began to be dissatisfied with this reality, to see through the lies and inequalities, the fears that drive human behaviour, the atrocities and disastrous wars, etc. and simply said – at the ego-mind and the soul level – “Enough is enough. We want a better and more fair life, more joy, more meaningful existence, more love and harmony etc.” These are the aspirations we the PAT always carry with us when we express our dissatisfaction with this reality.

On April 26th finally this threshold was reached and a phase transition took place. The old matrix was dismantled and began immediately to dissolve and the new higher vibrating matrix was put into place. However, as we deal with a very sluggish 3D holographic model, it still takes some linear time till the old matrix fully vanishes from our sight and the new matrix, including the cities of light which we have already created can manifest. It is important to stress that we, the PAT, have been the forerunners and the main creators of the new matrix since many years as we have rejected this reality long time ago and have always endeavoured to establish a new more light-filled world.

We have created this new matrix essentially in the 6th dimension of creation and refinement in close cooperation with the source and higher dimensions where the blueprints for the new Gaia were first created. Then we began to descend this new matrix to 5D and upper 4D through our expanded personal fields that are in the meantime of global proportions. The creation of New Lemuria here on the West coast of Canada and Washington state, USA and New Raetia in Central Europe, Germany and other neighbouring countries is one such example. There are of course much more cities of light that belong to the new matrix that has been now firmly anchored on the planet but these two will be the major centres of light from where all spiritual impulses and new technologies will come, so that humanity can continue building and refining the new crystalline matrix of human existence as a multidimensional civilisation in future incarnations.

The new matrix is 5D and higher dimensional and very soon will allow immediate creation for all human individuals who have raised their frequencies that high – have actually ascended.

Carla had another vision in this respect. She saw the old matrix now existing as a decrepit and rotten scaffolding in the landscape that can crumble any time under the slightest wind breeze and definitely under the relentless impact of the incoming source energies. This old scaffolding is embedded in the crystalline structure of the new grid and matrix which we already saw on April 26 as physical geometric structures. But for it to fully manifest, some more visible collapses of the old matrix at the political, economic and societal level must occur.

The most efficient and bloodless way to crumble the old matrix without disastrous wars is to unleash a global financial crush. Given the fact that the financial system in the west is entirely based on debt and fraud by printing worthless paper money out of thin air without any sound economic foundation, the crash is inevitable. It is a miracle that it had not happened much earlier.

If it was postponed that long, the only reason was that humanity was not ready yet for the shift. Now on April 26th it has reached this penultimate threshold and the old matrix was energetically dismantled from the crystalline grid and has already began to crumble. In the eternal Now of All-That-Is it has actually already crumbled and disappeared for ever, as Carla saw it in her vision, but it may still take some more days and weeks before we see this happening on the ground. However, everything points to a very quick and swift collapse of the financial system as when it starts once, there is no stopping as it is hollow from within. The deleveraging of the gargantuan debt worldwide will happen like an avalanche. Canada with its huge state and private debt is an ideal candidate to start the roundel of bankruptcies.

I hope this additional explanation helps you better understand the significance of the earth’s split and the replacement of the old matrix with the new crystalline one that happened on April 26. It is the vade mecum for what will occur in the next days and weeks on the ground before the new matrix can fully manifest and we can transfigure with it as to begin with our true mission as Logos Gods.


Dear Georgi,

I just want to confirm what happened last night which your latest article relates to.

At probably 3 pm I’ve been ripped out of sleep only so experience the most severe cold ever. I’ve been totally paralyzed and couldn’t even get an additional blanket. During the cold I was half asleep and had a dream being at our country house where everything was covered by snow and I had only slippers on my feet. There seemed to be a total havoc next to our country house and a girl who was present in the dream told me there are Russians roughly interrogating someone, meanwhile our property was peaceful. Later I went inside to get my feet warm and to my surprise there was already fire lit in the fireplace and one of my friends greet me with a smile and love.

I got out of bed at late noon and I was never so wrecked my entire life like today. I think we shall reach the threshold very very soon.

with regards,

J. Fleischman


Dear Pepe,

your dream is indicative of the two earths that now split – one dreadful and the other one rising into bliss.  I am sure after April 26th a lot of changes will come in a very short period of time for everyone to see as the old consensual reality has been ripped apart.

With love and light



Hello Georgi,

Excellent news about the shift. Tuesday morning a few hours before the alarm went off I dreamt that you and I and a large group of people were at this massive gathering. You weren’t saying much, you were just observing as so was I. I can’t put feelings into words but it was a powerful occasion and so was the event itself.

That same morning I was catching the bus to work and I don’t usually go to the location I went to on Tuesday, which is a blessing otherwise I’d be looking at that ugly building everyday, the bank of England. A few moments before the bus arrived I had a good look at the walls of the bank of England and I had a small vision of the walls looking rugged and falling apart. I muttered to myself, ‘looks like you’re literally falling to bits, isn’t that a shame’.  I looked further up and the sun was shinning almost blindingly, a gold warmth against the angel that is directly above these walls. As shown here:


The first thought was, wow that’s so bright and…it felt different. I proceeded to go to the top deck of the bus when it arrived and went directly onto your website and read Morgana Morgaine’s channeling. Everything just seemed to fit into place that morning. I agree there should be more channelings like Morgana’s!

You’re right,’“New Life”, the beginning of new life…’ Hence my dream of suitcases and finding a place to live with the children, out on the street with nowhere to go, but we were not bothered in the dream.

Let’s see where this takes us once again, but at the moment it feels good and humanity will feel good too, just a lot slower than I ever thought. ;) It’s working progress!

Many blessings,



Dearest Georgi.

The energies are brutal indeed and I witness their impact daily in the heightened reactions of those near to me.

I believe the moment of truth approaches for all of mankind.

Carla’s vision aligns with a final split in consciousness and reality for those who align with the Light of ALL-THAT-IS and it is no coincidence that this vision occurs now, barely 10 days after the Schumann Resonance spiked to 91 on Easter Sunday [I place no importance on this date] and after so much solar activity. Although this height was not sustained we continue to experience sharp spikes in the Schumann Resonance since the first month of this year.

A huge distinction between the parties in the split will be their active involvement in creating the “New Life” and this theme will carry through with free energy devices, 3D printers, and many other “New Life” creations. The difference between the parties will be so stark that a split will not suffice tor description. The old will vanish and go away as those who are blessed to observe the “New Life” (walk-ins) will invariably chose to join the “New Life” and the other side will simply vanish and go away and no longer be remembered.

I have had much transmutation work to do with the tremendous fear in the populace surrounding Korea and the government shut down. Few know that the “Armada” never arrived and many are dependent on the government while remaining “resistant” to alternative options placed before them. But the seeds have been planted.

I too expect great and wonderful events to unfold in the coming days as I already see strange and unusual things that would not normally be seen in the prison planet of the Cabal.

What an exciting time to be incarnate on planet earth!

Peace & Light,



Well George, I am laughing at the iPhone speaking to Carla as that is EXACTLY how it is right now.

The intensity is certainly there and the humanity grief beyond description but also the gifts.

I have been given a free iPhone from the Apple store and free, expensive sandals. Neither should have happened but each did and it was simply too funny and too divine.  Don’t need much more beyond these two manifestations, other than world peace and prosperity.

Love you both.




Yesterday,my roomie and I were headed to Costo when I turned onto hiway 530 .  I did not see the 2 cars that screeched to a halt before they collided with me.  My roomie commented that we created a new timeline with that episode.  The point of this note to you is to confirm that I also felt/experienced a reality shift.  It was exceedingly dark and palpable I also knew it holds no validity in this reality.  Later in the day I was in the garden, the rain stopped and the birds appeared and started singing. (it appeared very Hollywood movieish to me, but was very effective in it’s magic) Whew!



Hello Dr. Stankov.

I wanted to share a heartfelt thank you for posting this today as a huge affirmation of my own experience and a renewed sense of positive expectation for the future.

The night of April 25/26, I too experienced a visceral sense of dread in the form of a dream, in which I was a fugitive from militant agents and had found shelter with an older woman and her many children, who were living in the jungle as a family of freedom fighters. They had a fort-like outpost mid-way between the compound and a local power station, where they were fed power for electricity, so not completely “off grid.”

At some point I was discovered and the military agents came to attack us, however the many children of this family and I fought them off at the power station in a brutal machine-gun battle that left all dead except for me. Exhausted, I returned to the fort to sleep, stricken with grief and despair at the loss of so many beautiful souls. In the morning, I returned to the compound to inform the matriarch that I had been found and had to leave.

She seemed to know the truth, yet was avoiding it by worriedly rushing off to “pay her electric bill” before they shut off the power. I told her not to bother as she got in her truck and that “there was no one alive back there.” With a hollow look she seemed to understand what I was telling her, although neither of us spoke further. The dream ended.

When I awoke, this dream seemed very violent, sad and dark, not the kind of dreams I normally have, and it baffled me somewhat, although it is rich with symbolism about the current state of the outer world.

This morning, however, I awoke feeling as though my whole body was surging with light, literally as if my body was re-forming itself molecule by molecule, and I knew that I had been teleported or otherwise “transferred,” somehow. This was followed my some massive releases and a wave of ecstasy of an intensity that surprised me. This continued throughout the day in spurts and I continued to pack as I am in the process of re-locating. At one point I was so overwhelmed with the intensity of the light pouring through my body outward from every cell that I had to lay down and rest, and quite honestly the last time I felt energy this intense was 12/21/12. I had to go back that far to compare the intensity of it.

Your comment about being awash with ecstatic bliss while simultaneously exhausted and physically overwhelmed, all while people around you seem to be functioning normally and completely unaware, is exactly my experience today (and many times in the past) and has been a source of great confusion for me at times, although thanks to many of your updates I have more clarity about the energies in play and what my body and I are party to in this process.

I am still now feeling intensely charged up and also extremely exhausted and will settle in to rest in order to prepare for my journey on Saturday. The sense of beginning a new life is obviously very resonant for me as well, although I’m not so sure I want to be in the US when the collapse occurs. At the moment, I feel guided to be where I am going, and that is all I really have anymore.

Incidentally, or perhaps not so, when I went to the shipping store near my apartment today, the owner was on an angry phone call with DHL because they said that after 10 years of being their customer, they were sending a package she sent back because she is no longer on the list of “approved” businesses cleared to mail packages to Iraq (there is a large Iraqi population here in San Diego).

She was furious with them and questioned why all of a sudden this would be the case after over ten years of using DHL. They were unable to answer her as to why the current list did not include her, but I couldn’t help feeling this was somehow interesting and a sign of some kind of shift to a new reality where certain adjustments were made. It will be interesting to see what other “glitches” in the matrix become apparent.

Again, thank you for your updates and being so on-the-ball with messages like these even when overwhelmed and exhausted. I have had mixed opinions about some of your messages in all honesty, although there are times where everything you are saying about the energetic shifts completely validates my own personal experiences, and I am humbled by your dedication despite the physical challenges you endure and your ceaseless efforts to inform those of us having similar experiences of what is occurring on the larger stage. I realize you are selective about whom you respond to these days, I simply felt you might find my correlative experiences interesting and helpful.

Many blessings to you and Carla.

Aloha nui loa,

Leo Adonis


Dear Leo,

thank you very much for your comprehensive, very informative and vivid report on how you have experienced the energies in these last few days which is in full coalescence with me and the PAT. I have received some more reports and will publish them tomorrow in the energy report of the PAT.

Both Carla, I and other members of the PAT have experienced similar very vivid dreams as yours, full of war, persecution, death and destruction which definitely happen on lower timelines where we are very active in the dream state. The intensity of these dreams bleeds into our daily consciousness and it has become increasingly difficult to discern between day and night work.

I wish you an easy and swift move and that your expectations are fully satisfied in the new place.

With love and light



Dear Carla,

Your vision of 2 earths, and in particular the blue green and white earth is very compelling to me. On Nov 11/16 I had a vision of 2 earths cleaving. A few weeks ago my favourite blue/green/white pottery mug fell to the floor and broke in two. I was guided to take both halves and put them broke side down in my garden – assisting to ground and manifest this event no doubt.

Only a few days ago, I was guided to randomly open a book (the masters and their retreats) and came on Archangel Raphael’s healing thoughtform, *formulated to restore the inner blueprint and divine wholeness when visualized surrounding and penetrating the cells and atoms of a body or organ.  It (the healing thoughtform) is composed of concentric spheres of white, sapphire blue and emerald green sacred fire*

The text goes on to describe how this healing thoughtform technology is a way to hold and sustain the immaculate concept.  God pure.  May it be so for this New Earth creation.
And today at 444 I awoke in severe womb pain from a dream in which I was pregnant and close to birth.

What spectacular times.  Thank you so much.

In love,



Greetings George and Carla,

I have been quietly following your excellent work for some time now, but have never been prompted to contact you until now.

No that you need any conformation from anyone, but from my personal experience, I can indeed corroborate the fact that the energies where very dark, heavy and fearful.

For days leading up to yesterday I could feel the energy build up. In fact it was psychically perceived by me as a menacing dark mass sometimes energetically almost looking like a man dressed a black cloak and hat.

I feel and sense the energies but generally am not yet skilled enough to discern what is happening very clearly in unseen dimensions and have been on ‘alert’ as it were because I could feel something was coming.

I live in Utah and my only son has traveled to NYC for business and will be there for another 10 days. This concerned me as the cabal is conducting yet another of their bogus terror drills “Operation Gotham Shield”  (gawd I just hate their stupid comic book names for their stupid comic book games!)  so having my son right there during their literal ground zero games is enough to give any parent nightmares.

Yesterday morning was the worst! I actually woke up drenched in sweat (it is 29’ and snowing here) and proceeded to look up the blast radius and subsequent damage of a nuclear bomb. There is a site that lets you do this. (I have never ever felt the need to do this before btw) I also monitored the earthquake sites as I just felt there was something BIG happening or about to happen. I took a long hot bath in an effort to get warm and was unable to eat much of anything but some tea and toast.

Today I received you email update and am so relieved to have you address in detail what I was feeling and articulate what the hell was really going on! I am so grateful to hear that we are on track and continue on our positive timeline.

I’ve never shared this before but as an aside I can indeed confirm at least one jump to a positive timeline. In the fall of 1996 at about 4:30pm MSDT as I was on my way to pick up my then 5-year-old son from a school activity when I saw the SLC Utah valley get nuked. Nuked.

It was broad daylight. I was stone cold sober. It was NOT a vision nor in my mind’s eye but a very real event. I actually clearly saw the unmistakable bright white flash of a nuclear detonation occur in the SLC valley.

I was driving from a side canyon to the valley floor and I watched the mushroom cloud take shape and expand out. This happened in a nano second and then as quickly as it happened it was gone and I was just driving along as though nothing out of the ordinary had happened but I know that what I saw and experienced was real.

About 10 years later at a picnic and just out of the blue an acquaintance of my ex-husband mentioned that he saw the SLC valley get nuked. My idiot ex quickly changed the subject and walked this individual away from me so I was unable to pursue this person observations but it was validation that what I saw was in fact real and did happen but on another time line or another dimension. Otherwise I would not be writing you this lengthy email. Lol.

Anyhow, I just wanted to say thank you to both of you for your excellent work on behalf of so many of us and for putting into words what many of us feel but can’t quite articulate clearly.

Warmest regards and gratitude to you both,


Park city, Utah


Dear Alexis,

thank you so much for contacting me for the first time and for your comprehensive energy report which confirms the incredible darkness based on collective human fears that rose in the last few days before we accomplished this ID rift and got rid of it. I have also other reports that confirm this recent event and will publish them tomorrow in an energy report of the PAT. It was indeed a very dramatic event and today we had a lengthy conversation with our friend Julia who is highly medial and independently of us made exactly the same experience in the last few days. Therefore, there is no doubt as to what happened yesterday and we shall see very soon the ramification of this ID split in politics and at the societal level.

Today while we commented with Carla on the yesterday’s energetic event she received another vision from her HS. She saw a decrepit and rotten scaffolding that symbolized the old matrix and beneath and around it the beautiful crystalline grid of the new earth. It only waits for the old scaffolding to collapse before it fully manifests and this is also true for the cities of light which are ready and only wait to appear in this reality. The scaffolding is now falling apart, piece by piece, and very soon this process will accelerate.

It is amazing that you have seen a nuclear explosion on another timeline already in 1997 as at that time this humanity was so fully isolated from parallel timelines that it was actually impossible to see  them even with the third eye. Now that Gaia has almost ascended to 5D and we are constantly creating new timelines and bilocate all the time, this multidimensional experience is happening on a daily basis.

Anyway, I welcome you to the club of daily crucifixion and you are invited to contribute to our discussions on the ongoing events anytime you feel like.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

The recent wave of what we can infer as the ”  Collective Fear of Humanity ” that you announce on the post of April 27, 2017, may have had in fact a precursor as reported on two days ago:

EXITING THE SOLAR WIND STREAM: Earth is beginning to exit a stream of solar wind that has sparked bright auroras around both poles in recent days.  We’re not out of the stream yet, though. NOAA forecasters estimate a 60% chance of minor G1-class geomagnetic storms on April 25th and 26th as the solar wind pressure slowly subsides. Free: Aurora Alerts

A QUAKE IN EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD: When a CME from the sun struck Earth on April 22nd, our planet’s magnetic field reverberated from the impact. A day later, a stream of solar wind arrived, hit, and had the same effect. In Lancashire, England, a magnetometer operated by Stuart Green captured the quaking of Earth’s magnetic field:

“The data clearly show when the relative calm was shattered on April 21st at around 16:30 (UT) when the CME struck, being quickly followed by fast flowing solar wind from a large and persistent coronal hole,” says Green. “The rumblings have been continuing through the intervening days.”

It is interesting to note that the initial blast of the CME shook the earth’s magnetosphere which we know is weakening. The actual descriptive phrase mentioned is a ‘quaking and rumbling’ ‘that can only metaphorically be envisioned as a hammer striking a bell and then reverberating as the graph above clearly confirms. However, the solar wind on the tail end of the CME induced an additional ‘ quaking which lasted during and into the same time reference that you mentioned in your vision of two halves of earth splitting.

As gnosis transcendentally and purposely presents an intuitive perspective, we can always confirm such anomalies with credible scientific data as the graph above clearly shows.

With love and light,



Watch also this video which repeats all the major arguments put forward in our recent posts:


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