Is Janet Yellen Trying to Crash Stocks to Screw Trump?

Georgi Stankov, December 1, 2016

Is Janet Yellen Trying to Crash Stocks to Screw Trump?” – asks the well informed Phoenix capital in his latest of many apocalyptic predictions, which, while essentially correct in their analysis, failed to materialize in this linear time due to rapidly changing timelines on this ascending uppermost mother planet. These scenarios however take place on lower timelines and the same holds true for all my forecasts as I have explained thoroughly in previous articles.

What are the current developments in the financial markets behind this announcement? Since Trump was elected, we witness an unprecedented rally of all equity indices which were already at historical highs. At the same time the GAAP earnings of the companies listed in the broader S&P 500 index have reached their lowest values since the beginning of the 2008 crisis. GAAP stands for “generally accepted accounting principles” which simply means that most of the revenue numbers given by these companies are utter fraud and do not reflect the true financial situation of the US economy.

The reason for that is that the dollar index has climbed to more than 101 points and has become so expensive that there is a massive flight away from the dollar as a currency worldwide.

The diminishing profits of the US companies due to rising dollar are explained by Phoenix Capital with the deliberate intervention of the Fed under Janet Yellen since last year. This is in full synchronicity with the tactics used by the Fed in the past how to burst the actual financial bubble in the year of the US elections which the central banksters and their minions on Wall Street have created with an unprecedented criminal energy in the years of the previous presidency as I have explained in my pivotal article:

The Mother of All Bubbles

“Ever since the $USD began its bull market run in mid-2014, the Fed, lead by Janet Yellen, has intervened whenever the $USD cleared 98. 

The reason for this was the following…

Over 47% of US corporate sales come from abroad. With the $USD spiking, pushing all other major currencies generally lower, US corporate profits began to implode. As we write this today, profits have fallen to 2012 levels (the lowest in the 2008 crisis, note George).

Note when this whole profit massacre began.

Because of this, the Fed has “talked down” the $USD anytime it began to push higher.

Until today…

Since it was announced that Trump won the Presidency, the Fed has allowed the $USD to ramp straight up. It is currently over 101…and the Fed hasn’t said a word.

So we ask again… is Janet Yellen trying to crash stocks to screw Trump?

We all know the Yellen Fed is one of the most political in history with Fed officials openly donating money to the Clinton campaign.

Now Trump has won… the $USD soars to 101… and suddenly the Fed is silent? Not one Fed official has appeared to talk about putting off a rate hike or some other statement that might push the $USD lower…

This could literally crash stocks through any number of means:

1)   China implements a massive one-off devaluation of the Yuan.

2)   The $10 Trillion US Dollar carry trade blows up. (This is already happening now as the dollar is being repatriated after Trump’s victory. Note, George)

3)   The $199 Trillion Bond Bubble implodes as debt deflation ripples through the financial system.

4)   The $555 Trillion derivatives market based on interest rates ignites courtesy of a bon sell-off.

Another Crisis is brewing…”

Here I would like to make you aware of the bond bloodbath that is now unfolding in front of our eyes. It is caused by the expensive dollar that leads to massive sellings of US bonds. As a result of that the interest rates have skyrocketed in the last few days. It has become much more expensive for the US state (Fed) to sell bonds as to finance the huge state, private and corporate debt of the American nation:

As you may remember, we discussed the collapse of the dollar as world currency with Brad extensively in the past. He was expecting the dollar index to crash below 90 points for some time. I was not so convinced as I estimated that the cabal would first try to raise the dollar as high as possible before it disappears from the market. I compared it with a balloon that rises very high where the atmospheric pressure is very low, so that it inflates while rising and then suddenly bursts and vanishes from this reality. This is what we observe currently. Now even the MSM can no longer neglect this latest development as Business Insider writes today “Bonds are getting demolished“:

Global bonds lost $1.7 trillion of value in November, according to Bloomberg, and things aren’t getting any better in December.

Early weakness has US Treasury yields up more than 13 basis points at the long end of the curve as the bond vigilantes remain in control on the assumption Trump’s protectionist trade policy and plan for massive infrastructure spending will bring back inflation in the United States.

Here’s a look at the scoreboard as of 12:48 p.m. ET:

2-year +4.8 bps at 1.163%

5-year +9.6 bps at 1.930%

10-year +11.9 bps at 2.486%

30-year +13.1 bps at 3.149%

Thursday’s selling has the 2-year yield at its highest level since the fourth quarter of 2009 as traders continue to price in a Fed rate hike at the upcoming meeting on December 13/14.”

This is the repetition of the same scenario from December 2015 when the Fed intended to begin with the crashing of the economy in the election year in the full confidence that Hellary would win. When it turned out that Trump was winning, they postponed four announced interest rates hikes in 2016 after the stock markets nose dived in January 2016. I discussed this crash extensively at that time. Now the Fed is determined to raise the interest rates as to crash the economy as predicted by myself for the end of this year notwithstanding the fact that the US and the world economy is now visibly in the Greatest and Longest Depression of all times.

The bond bloodbath, the rising dollar, the new bubble rally in the stock markets all point out to a sudden death by apoptosis of the financial markets now that Trump has been elected. This is the ultimo ratio of the ruling cabal how to save their waning position of power. In vain. After I finished writing this article, ZeroHedge published this latest news:

Party’s Over? Bonds, Stocks, Dollar Dive As VIX Jumps Most In A Month

What will happen is that the banksters cabal will only accelerate their own demise, just as the deceitful MSM already did with their “fake sites” attack on the alternative media that backlashed as now everybody has been sensitized and is closely watching for all the fake news in the MSM. And there is nothing else there. (Remember the Bulgarian joke about the crooked dick who blames the pubis hair for not being able to penetrate. I love this joke as it so well explains the current pathological behaviour of the cabal and their presstitutes.)

Every insidious act the cabal is now performing to preserve their power is immediately turning against them as the hapless green party leader Jill Stein experiences these days with her scam to ask for recounting the votes in three former democratic states that were surprisingly won by Trump. Even her own party members criticized her for this fraudulent extravagance, generously sponsored by the Hellary campaign as to cheer her up in her post-election defeat depression.

From this we can safely conclude that the plot is thickening and the world events are inevitably culminating into the long anticipated ultimate financial collapse that will bury the old 3D Orion matrix underneath. This will be the interception point for us to end with our long incarnation cycle and leave this reality as ascended masters.

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