Basic Scientific and Gnostic Ideas Revisited

Georgi Stankov, December 24, 2016

A Few Frank and Unpleasant Observations

In order to progress humanity has to change profoundly its thinking and its world view. Currently even the brightest minds in the West are completely lost in the maze of conflicting facts, unprocessed cognitive perceptions, wrong semantics and inadequate use of human language and only perpetuate their perennial state of separation from the Source.

Ascension is all about human consciousness, not only with regard to its expansion in the process of transfiguration from carbon-based mind into crystalline mind, but first and foremost with respect to coherent, congruent, logical, in other words, axiomatic thinking at the ego-mind level up and down the scale of human abstraction. At the end, it is all about the full comprehension and application of the new Axiomatics of the Universal Law that departs from the primary term of our consciousness and integrates the entire scientific, philosophical and gnostic knowledge of this human civilisation.

As long as this intellectual leap is not done, humans will remain stuck in their mental deficiencies which are the same for the agnostic scientists and the average Joe as well as for all the more gnostic orientated New Agers, who accept the existence of higher dimensions and realms being instrumental in the creation of this reality. They are the few who believe firmly in the existence of the soul and its omnipresent power and try to identify more or less with their I AM Presence. Nonetheless, the latter ignore profoundly the role of the human mind in this transcendental identification and how important it is to educate their minds in a stringent and coherent abstract thinking in order to achieve this desired spiritual and cognitive cohesion with the all-knowing soul.

As the human mind lacks the inner ability to expand and evolve on its own when it is content with the external conditions and his quest for security is appeased, a true awakening of the human mind can only effectively be induced if the current living conditions fully crumble and the people lose the ground under their feet and all the material play toys they have considered worth worshiping and begin to streamline their thoughts in a logical and axiomatic manner as to survive. Danger and peril are still the best teachers of this human race void of inner insight, while ascension will be the natural progression to more knowledge only after the individual has achieved a sound gnostic and intellectual foundation at the ego-mind level.

This fundamental gnostic truth is well documented in the bible in the famous Jesus’ parable of the talents (Matthew 25: 14 -30). I will not quote this parable here as the dark Christian cabal clergy has forged it to justify their fraudulent Orion monetary system, in particular the existence of interest. Initially this parable dealt with the spiritual treasures which each incarnated human being should collect throughout one’s life and as is given to him by the master and then try to expand them on his own. Because when the Second Coming of Christ will happen, they will be judged only by how much knowledge they have acquired on their own. Those who have more, will be given even more, and those who have not progressed will be taken away the little they have:

So take the talent from him, and give it to the one with the ten talents. 29 For to all those who have, more will be given, and they will have an abundance; but from those who have nothing, even what they have will be taken away. 30 As for this worthless slave, throw him into the outer darkness, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

This is a very precise description of the current End Time scenario where those incarnated souls who have not learned their spiritual lessons will be thrown on lower timelines and will proceed with their karmic lessons amidst “weeping and gnashing of teeth”, while those who have learned their spiritual and intellectual lessons will ascend and will be given much more. Heaven has nothing to do with socialist distribution of wealth, but each individual achievement is assessed individually and honoured accordingly.

Although as old as Christianity, this is a damning verdict on humanity and the small light workers community on the eve of our ascension and appearance as ascended masters and Logos Gods, and I express it, in accordance with Jesus, aka Apollonius of Tyana, with a lot of regret as I must at the same time admit that all my pedagogical efforts as a teacher in the last 20 years, since the first volume on the new Theory of the Universal Law was published, have also failed. The intellectual progress of this humanity has always been in homeopathic dosages, so miniscule for the most time and deplorably retrograde since the 90s, that we as the incumbent Logos Gods of this planet and humanity must start from scratch to awaken and educate this recalcitrant and very lazy species next year after the final ID shift has taken place.

This problem is now more acute than ever, while watching the total collapse of the old Orion illusion and dark narrative of the ruling cabal and the hapless inability of the few critical and half-awakened experts to offer a new, all-encompassing perspective and way of thinking that can lead humanity out of its self-inflicted maze of total separation from the Source and almost incurable mental confusion. I have led quite a few discussions with such experts on this topic and have published a sample of them on this website. The gnostic ignorance and limited world view of these experts and thinkers, who belong to the best part of humanity, are well documented and support my pessimistic argumentation in real time.

Following the ancient Latin saying “repetitio est mater studiorum” (repetition is the mother of learning), I am republishing here the short introduction of the new Physical and Mathematical Axiomatics of the Universal Law, which is the foundation of the new unified theory of physics and mathematics, the new General Theory of Biological Regulation and the New Gnosis, and is indispensable to any congruent thinking and approach regarding any aspect of human or other sentient existence in All-That-Is that can be captured in human language.

The New Integrated Physical and Mathematical Axiomatics of the Universal Law

by Georgi Stankov, Copyright 1999, 52 pages


In 1995, I discovered the Universal Law (the Law) of Nature: I proved that all known physical laws and their appli­cations can be derived from this one law within mathe­matical forma­lism and can be explained for the first time from an epis­te­mo­­logical and cog­nitive point of view. The discovery of the Law is the logical result of the consistent implementation of the principles of mathe­ma­tical for­ma­­lism to the structu­re of present-day physics. This endea­vour has led to the develop­ment of a unified theo­ry of physics and cos­mology, which is a full axioma­tisa­tion (axio­ma­tics) of phy­sics. It could be shown that physics is applied mathe­matics to the physical world. The major results of the new theo­ry are: All terms, quan­ti­ties, constants, and other physical magnitudes can be axio­ma­ti­cal­ly deri­­ved from the pri­mary term, energy = space-time, which is the primary term of human conscious­ness. The pri­mary axiom of the new axiomatics estab­lishes the semantic and ma­the­­matical equi­va­­lence between all words or abstract symbols that can be arbitra­rily used for the prima­ry term. This is called the „principle of last equivalence“; it is the first and only a priori axiom of the new integ­rated physical and mathe­ma­tical axio­ma­tics. According to it, energy (spa­ce-time) is closed, infinite, con­ti­­nuous, inho­mo­ge­neous (dis­crete), and con­stant; it is in a state of permanent ener­gy ex­chan­ge. It can be proven that the conti­nuum (the set of all num­­­bers) is equivalent to the pri­­ma­ry term. There­fore, it is the common basis of both physics and mathe­matics. The new axiomatics is veri­fied by all mathe­matical (nume­ri­cal) results that have been theo­retically or ex­pe­­rimentally obtained in physics so far. However, it eli­mi­nates so­me fun­da­men­tal forma­lis­tic blun­ders that have been intro­du­ced in this natural science through­­out its history by implementing the prin­cip­les of mathe­matical forma­­lism in an inconsistent, and hence, wrong manner. In this way, the va­li­dity of mathe­ma­tics as chal­lenged by Gö­del’s theo­rem can be proven in the real world (proof of exis­ten­ce). This eli­mi­nates the con­ti­nu­um hypo­thesis and the on­go­ing foun­dation crisis of ma­­thematics as artefacts that are based on wrong assump­tions.

The Uni­ver­sal Law descri­bes spa­ce-ti­me in ma­the­­ma­tical terms. The uni­ver­­­­sal equa­­tion is E = EAf, whe­re E is energy ex­chan­ge, EA is a speci­fic constant amount (quan­tum) of ex­chan­ged energy, cal­led “action po­tential“, and f = E/EA is cal­led „ab­­so­lute time“. The latter is a dimen­sion­less quotient. The Uni­versal Law is a law of ener­gy. Energy (space-time) is the only real thing. All physi­cal quan­tities such as mass, char­ge, force, and momentum are abstract sub­sets of space-time that are first de­fined within ma­the­ma­tics (objects of thought) and are then mea­su­red in the real world. They are dimen­sion­less numbers that be­long to the conti­nuum. Since they contain space-ti­me as an ele­ment (U-sub­sets), they can be axioma­ti­cally derived from the pri­mary term. For instan­ce, it can be proven in an irrevocable man­ner that mass, as it is currently defi­ned in physics, is actually a sy­nonym for energy (space-time) rela­tion­ship, and charge is a synonym for area (two-dimensional space), that is, the SI unit 1 coulomb is equi­va­lent to 1m2. There­fore, photons are not mass­-less par­tic­les, as is believed in physics today, but exhibit energy relation­ships (masses), just as all other material systems, such as gravitational objects. By eliminating such fundamental for­ma­listic blunders in physics, gravi­tation can be integ­­­rated for the first time with the other three fundamental forces. At the same time, it can be cogently proven that the big-bang-hypothesis, and hence all the basic con­cepts of modern cos­mo­logy, are entirely wrong. The new theory is outlined in two com­prehensive volu­mes of more than 1000 pa­ges and encom­pas­ses the full axiomatic pre­sen­­tation of the fundamental phy­­­sical disciplines. The present pub­lication sum­ma­rizes the basic axioms and con­clusions of the new integrated physical and mathematical theory of the Law.

 Key words: Universal Law, universal equation, pri­mary term, space-ti­me, energy, integrated physical and ma­­the­­­ma­tical axioma­tics, mathema­tical formalism, space, absolute time f, primary axiom, continuum, pro­ba­bility set, epistemology of mathematical equations.


Since Einstein, it has been the dream of many physicists to dis­cover the „universal field equation“ and derive all known laws from same. Contrary to this endeavour, mo­dern physics teaches that nature is re­gu­lated by many distinct physical laws. They are products of various dis­ciplines, such as clas­sical mechanics, ther­mo­­­dy­na­mics, wave theo­ry, electromagnetism, quan­tum mecha­nics, theory of rela­tivity, QED, QCD, etc. We encounter various laws, the most prominent of which are: Newton’s axioms of clas­sical me­chanics, his law on gravity, Kep­ler’s laws, the first and second law of thermodynamics, Boltzmann’s law, laws of radia­tion (Wien’s displacement law, Stefan-Boltz­mann’s law), clas­sical wave equation, va­rious laws of electricity and magne­tism, which can be regarded as precursors of Maxwell’s four equa­tions of electro­magnetism, Schrödinger wave equation of quantum mecha­nics, etc. Unfortu­na­tely, physicists have failed to explain why Natu­re needs so many laws, and how it co-ordi­nates them in a simulta­neous manner, so that it functions as an ordered whole. The new axiomatic ap­proach in phy­sics proves that these diffe­rent laws are, from an ontolo­gical point of view, equivalent ma­the­­matical presen­tations of one single law of nature – they are derivations of the Uni­versal Law for specific energy inter­actions. This exten­sive proof forms the basis of the new unified theory of physics and cosmology, which adheres to the prin­ciples of mathematical formalism (see Tables 1 & 2).

Although the necessity of axiomatizing physics on the basis of ma­­the­matical forma­lism was postulated some time ago (1), this tar­get has not yet been achieved. The dis­covery of the Universal Law of Na­tu­­re has led to the estab­lishment of a general theory of physics and cos­­­mology, which is an axiomati­zation of physics on the basis of mathe­matical formalism (2-5). It confirms without any excep­tion all the mathe­ma­tical (theoretical) and experimental results ob­tai­ned in phy­sics so far. At the same time, it reveals that some basic verbal inter­pre­tations of the­­se results are essen­tially wrong from an epis­temological point of view. Such mistaken con­clusions have pre­cluded the unifi­ca­tion of phy­sics. The major re­sults of the new integ­rated physical and mathematical axiomatics can be sum­ma­rized as follows:

 1.  Energy (space-time) has only two dimensions (con­­sti­tuents), spa­­ce and abso­lute time. They are canonically conjugated recipro­cal mag­ni­­tudes that can be expressed as nume­rical, dimensionless relationships. All phy­si­cal quan­tities as mea­sured by the SI sys­tem can be derived from these two quantities (see Table 2). This pro­ves that the SI system is an anthropocentric surrogate and should be abolished from theoretical physics.

 2.  There is no va­cuum. There are instead photons (pho­ton level) percei­­ved as space (ex­tent). The photon le­vel has the same pro­per­ties as mat­ter, for instance, it can be asses­sed in terms of mass (space-time relationship) and char­ge (area). Two new fundamental constants have been deri­ved: mass m= 0.737´10-50 kg and char­ge qp=1.29669´10-39m2 of the basic pho­ton h, also known as Planck’s constant.

 3.  All known physical con­stants can be derived from these two constants by ap­ply­ing the uni­ver­sal equation (see Table 1). Thus the energy (space-time) of the basic photon h is the hidden real reference system of the SI system, from which all other SI units and quantities are obtained in a secondary manner according to the prin­ciple of circular argument. This is a basic proof that the phy­sical world is a uni­ty.

 4.  A no­vel method has been developed, which enables the deri­vation of many new phy­sical constants within mathematical for­ma­lism and their empirical verification by various well known experiments. All na­tural constants are dimensionless num­bers – their magnitudes are in­­­de­pen­dent of the choice of the surrogate reference system such as SI system – therefore, the SI system should be eliminated from theoretical physics.

 5Charge is a sy­no­­nym for geometric area: 1 coulomb = 1 squa­re meter.

 6.  The basic terms – time, temperature, and relativistic mass – are di­mensionless num­­bers (quotients), the definition of which is ma­the­matics. They are physical sets of the probability set (0£P(A)£1) as intro­du­ced by Kolmo­go­­­roff in his theo­ry of pro­ba­­bilities. The probability set is equivalent to the primary term P(A) == space-time = energy.

 7.  The standard model of cos­mo­lo­gy (the hot big bang hypo­thesis) must be refuted – the uni­verse does not expand. Instead, there is an in­ces­sant exchange of energy (and mass) between pho­­tons and mat­ter. This ex­change is responsible for gra­vitation, as has been con­fir­med by the dis­co­very of many new cos­­­mo­logical cons­tants. With the help of these new constants gravitation can be integ­rated for the first time with elec­tro­­magnetism and the other two funda­mental forces. These con­­stants build a nu­merical input-out­­put mo­del of the universe. This model is equi­valent to the con­­ti­nuum.

 8.  The standard mo­del of phy­sics must be refu­ted in its reduc­tional attempt to ex­plain na­ture on the basis of a few ele­­­men­ta­ry particles. At the same time, the new theory confirms all the ma­­the­matical re­sults ob­tained in QED and QCD.

 9.  Although the various ma­the­matical expressions of the se­cond law of ther­­­­mo­­dyna­mics are deri­va­tions of the universal equa­tion, the notion of growing en­tropy in the universe as stated by this law must be rejected.


The extensive mathematical proofs of these results are given in volumes I and II (2-4), which take due account of the basis of mo­dern phy­sics and cosmology. The new inte­grated phy­sical and mathe­ma­tical axiomatics fol­lows the prin­ciple of inner con­sis­tency and lack of contra­dictions. There­fore, it would be suf­ficient to reject only one of the afo­re­mentioned re­sults to renounce the existence of the Law.  However, this is not possible.

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