The ID Shifts Are Created By Ourselves Now

Georgi Stankov, November 13, 2016

The ID shifts are happening now and they take place simultaneously on numerous timelines. An understanding of the multidimensionality of All-That-Is is the key to a proper understanding what is happening in the illusory linear time of this seemingly continuous holographic reality. That is why such messages from the higher realms that follow the linear 3D narrative as this one are of little value even though they are essentially correct in their assessment.

The American Elections – A Perspective Offering Hope and Excitement from Adamu

Take this initial statement for instance:

“Now please, do not misunderstand me. I am NOT saying that Mr Trump is a light-worker, a saint or an ideal and heroic leader. He is as flawed a human being as any are. He has his strengths and weakness as any do. My perspective today is not so much about what Mr Trump is… as what he is not. And Mr Trump is not a lackey to the Red Shield Illuminati. They did absolutely everything in their power to keep him from winning this race. And while they were working tirelessly to place Mrs Clinton in the White House, their attentions were diverted from some of their other efforts. And so, if you were attentive to world affairs rather than fixated solely on the US elections, you might have noticed during this time that the world inched back from the brink of Armageddon.

Yes, my friends, it is true. The world was careening towards self-destruction at a pace not seen for decades. And the blame for this can be laid squarely at the feet of the Red Shields. Their strategies have become quite unhinged as they strive to bring their hidden prophecies to fruition. They truly were getting ready to provoke thermonuclear war with their nemesis, the Gold and Jade teams of Russia and China. Left unchecked, this is what they would have placed in your near-future time-line!”

Gaia did not avert a thermonuclear war as this source claims – it happened with an unprecedented violence as I reported a week ago  and this catastrophic timeline had to be separated from this ascending uppermost mother planet. Then on November 7th prior to the election day we severed another bunch of lower catastrophic timelines where Hellary won the election as I also announced in due time. Every negative ascension scenario that we do not experience in this ascending timeline which raises its frequency level in leaps and bounds must happen in a parallel timeline as an astral probability alternative. The occurrence of such negative scenarios on separating timelines is the conditio sine qua non for the ascending timeline, and for us, not to experience these negative events in this reality.  This is how ascension happens through selection of the most favorable alternative in a dialectical manner in the End Time. Hence any considerations that are raised within the context of this seamless linear reality are bereft of any true gnostic knowledge and cannot explain the multidimensional complexity of the ascension process – be they channeled (almost all of them) or of personal nature.

As everybody is creating his own ascension process with his thoughts these days, as Rumi’s HS has confirmed today in a new insightful message that I will publish in the coming days when I have the English translation, it is very important to cherish this multidimensional gnostic approach and not to succumb to lower frequency thoughts based on the concept of linear time. This is very serious now and that is why I make you aware of this vulnerability of the human ego-mind.

What we now experience in this rapidly changing and evolving holographic model in which we still dwell, is a marked aggregation, crystalisation and separation of the two portions of humanity – the ascending and the descending one – along a restricted set of collective thought patterns. This can be at best observed in the post-election discussions and analyses. While the pro-Trump MSM, such as Fox news and the overwhelming alternative media were firmly rooted in the proper assessment of the dire economic, financial and societal reality in which the vast majority of the Americans now live after years of disastrous governance by Obama and G. Bush, the pro-Hellary MSM were completely fixated in their blindspot and rejected all the legitimate needs and desires of the “flyover” America. This total denial of the reality by the ruling cabal and their minions in the MSM has come to the fore now and even the most recalcitrant naysayers of Trump must confront the facts on the ground in a unique moment of truthful and painful self-exploration as this video shows:


Of course this can only be done with a lot of humor as the defaults of the pro-Hellary MSM are numerous and the self-inflicted pain acute:

Who Laughs Last, Laughs Best (A Bulgarian saying)


These two examples render you the necessary perspective as to how the wheat is now being separated from the chaff. “Self-introspection” is the key word as all external reality is a mirror image of the ideas that the incarnated humanity develops from within. That we know better than anybody else as we are the real creators of this reality and not the low vibrating masses as Adamu channeled by Zingdad correctly observes:

“That politicians do not hold the answers for your redemption. Neither personally, nor nationally, nor globally. It cannot be up to them to right this world! It must be up to you! You personally and you collectively. And the higher the vibratory frequency of your consciousness, the more powerfully you can create… if you but know how. Those of a higher density of consciousness create exponentially more powerfully than those of a lower density of consciousness. So first you need to work on raising your consciousness. Then you need to remember (or be reminded) how to create your reality. And this is exactly what I will be doing in the following communiqué: reminding you how to create your reality. In this way you can become a co-creator of a future world that is congruent with your most beautiful dreams for yourself, humanity and the planet. And as you enact your inherent creator nature so you will raise your vibration. As you raise your vibration, so you will become an ever more powerful creator. And as you break through into higher densities of consciousness, new, more powerful tools will await your use.

This is nothing new to you but it is worth repeating it again and again as I have the impression that some of you forget this basic truth amidst the current turmoil on this planet.

For instance, this night I had a very important conference with the CEOs of the six corporations that own all the MSM in the west. In their desperation they were planning to merge these six corporations into one NWO conglomerate that will determine the news narrative for the entire world. The six CEOs were, however, clueless as to how one person will be able to assess all the activities around the globe and to prepare the right agenda for them to follow. Essentially they were asking each other how long it would take for a centralized editors briefing to clear all these issues on a daily basis so that they can publish the news in real time.

I was present at the conference as an ascended master and an expert for all future timelines. I made them aware of the fact that their plan to merge all six corporations into one NWO conglomerate of MSM in the West may not be a feasible solution and that they should consider the alternative scenario that their MSM may completely disappear from the scene very soon, as this happened with the entire pharmaceutical industry. They seemed not to be aware of that and I had to explain to them that after ascension we abolished all pharmaceutical drugs as the new advanced energetic treatments of the human bodies forbid the use of chemical moieties that essentially do not belong to organic matter and are deleterious to its natural regulation. They were very interested where I knew all that and I had to explain to them that I have worked for a long time in the pharmaceutical industry in clinical research and that with my new “General Theory of Biological Regulation” based on the discovery of the Universal Law, we have already abolished the pharmaceutical industry in the new worlds. The six CEOs were very confused and fearful but they knew that they have no say on the future of their MSM and that they had to put up with my advice as ascended master, which was essentially a truthful prediction for the abolishment of the current MSM as a source of lies and deceptions and major control system of the ruling cabal over the people.

Another example for our constant creation: I mentioned ahead of the election that our protuberance field which we introduced in this holographic model in August and which contains all the codes and energy patterns for the new ascended worlds where the new Theory of the Universal Law will be fully implemented and understood by the masses, has expanded hugely in September and October and now encompasses the entire North American continent. Within this portuberance field we increased in a meditation with St. Germain on October 7th, a month before the election day, the collective intelligence by 30% and this leap in human awareness was reflected by the clearer political opinions that gained broad support among the US electorate in the days before the election. This was the major energetic prerequisite for Trump to win the election. In the current human dramas we are the actual directors of the plot behind the scene and the protagonists on the stage are the extras that have little or nor influence on the outcome of the events. They are the flotsam and jetsam that is carried by the huge waves from the source which flow through our fields and are transmitted by us as Logos Gods to Gaia and humanity.

In his email today Rumi confirms this fact:

“Gestern entfaltete sich folgende Vision in meinem Bewusstsein. Ich sah Trump auf einer lichtvollen, rechteckigen Plattform stehen. Diese Plattform schwebte hoch erhoben über Nordamerika. Ganz Nordamerika bestand aus einem lichtvollen, kristallinen Fundament. Trump überschaute Amerika, konnte aber nur zuschauen. Jemand anders verrichtete das lichtvolle Werk der Traumzeitgestaltung der Neuen Erde.”

 Yesterday, the following vision unfolded in my consciousness. I saw Trump standing on a light, rectangular platform. This platform floated high above North America. All of North America consisted of a bright, crystalline foundation (the new protuberance field, note George). Trump oversaw America, but could only watch. Someone else did the light work of the dream-time design of the New Earth.”

And with this positive note I end for today.

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